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In the recording studio.

The program team hammered out some details regarding the tiebreaker match.

Then, Dong Shanshan received the information through her earpiece and announced the rules for the tiebreaker with a perfect smile on her pretty face, "The tiebreaker match will begin soon. Due to the show's time constraint, each contestant will have two minutes of performance time. After they finish performing, six of the judges on the guessing panel will vote to choose this episode's Masked King."

The judges could vote?

Have the rules changed?

Chen Guang said with a laugh, "We hold the authority today."

Amy was also quite happy since they did not used to have the right to vote.

They understood the program team's intentions. The team must have wanted to prevent the show from progressing too monotonously, always following the same rules. Otherwise, the audience would get sick of watching it. They could make use of this tiebreaker match to make an adjustment and let it become a rule to follow in the future. If a tie happened again, they could use today's rules to decide on a winner.

Dong Shanshan looked at The Clown and Sunset Glow. "Our two singers?"

Sunset Glow said, "OK."

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "I understand."

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, "Then would the two of you please start prepping now."

The two of them nodded and left the stage.

The cameras stopped rolling.

Dong Shanshan told the audience, "We break for 15 minutes."

Although the actual broadcast would seamlessly continue into the tiebreaker, at the live recording, there would definitely be a need to allocate some time for the contestants. As they had only prepared two songs today, and the need for a third song was due to unexpected circumstances, it was absolutely necessary to give The Clown and Sunset Glow some buffer time. It was easier for Sunset Glow as most mainstream songs would not be a problem for the band. They could easily play her accompaniment without much practice. But as The Clown's song selections were a little more troublesome since he was always singing originals, the tiebreaker match presented more difficulties for him.

Zhang Ye did not seem to mind as he was prepared to give up the title of Masked King.

Perhaps Sunset Glow could already see it. She suddenly stopped in her tracks in the corridor and turned around to look at him. "You don't seem too keen on winning today."

Zhang Ye said, "That's not true."

Sunset Glow said seriously, "I can sense it."

Zhang Ye felt a little embarrassed. A woman's intuition was really not something that should be trifled with. In truth, he did not treat the tiebreaker too seriously and was planning to just sing a random song. After all, Sunset Glow was probably someone he knew personally. Since she was in excellent shape today, he did not wish to compete against her for the title of Masked King.

Sunset Glow said, "I want a fair and square match. Can you oblige?"

Zhang Ye did not say anything.

Sunset Glow looked into his eyes and said, "Don't you concede to me."

Zhang Ye gave a wry smile. "I would never."

"Good." Sunset Glow nodded. "See you onstage."

Zhang Ye replied, "Yeah. I'll give it my best shot!"

Sunset Glow was happy. "I hope you'll walk the walk. I don't care for being the Masked King if you just hand it on a platter to me." Then she went to find Music Director Bai Yuanfei to discuss her song for the tiebreaker match.

In The Clown's waiting room.

Walking in, Zhang Ye felt a little embarrassed. Since Sunset Glow had put it so bluntly, what could he say? He also started to feel like he was disrespecting this stage and Sunset Glow!


Go easy?

Actually, were they really any better than each other? Even if he did not hold back, he might not be able to beat Sunset Glow today. The thought he had was already belittling others in and of itself. Zhang Ye was a person who could accept criticism and was also critical of himself. Alright, I'll sing properly this time then. Whoever wants to be crowned Masked King this episode will have to depend on their individual talents!

But which song should he sing?

He had not prepared another song in advance!

Immediately, Zhang Ye turned serious. Giving it some thought, the songs sung in this episode's competition were too impressive and the audience's emotions had been brought to a high by the performances. If he had to choose a song for this tiebreaker match, Zhang Ye would not want to sing a fast song or one with high notes. He'd prefer to sing a rather calm song.

Dong dong.

Someone knocked on the door.

Zhang Ye said to the outside, "Please enter."

Three people came in from outside. They were Han Qi, Hu Fei, and Dong Shanshan.

When he saw Dong Shanshan, Zhang Ye became nervous. Every time he met Dong Shanshan in the program team's workspace as The Clown, his entire person would be wary. Because she was not just anyone, but his university classmate of four years. In addition, after graduation, they had lived and worked together as colleagues, so Dong Shanshan knew Zhang Ye very well. He did not even dare to cross his legs in front of her as he was afraid she would recognize him instantly. As a result, his speech and actions all had to be "uncharacteristic" of him. For example, he folded his arms in a way which he usually did not.

Dong Shanshan said, "Teacher Clown."

The Clown looked at them.

Dong Shanshan asked, "Sunset Glow is just about done preparing and will be ready anytime. If you need more time here, we can still delay a bit more."

Hu Fei said, "If not, we can also leave the tiebreaker match's recording for after the elimination round is done. In any case, we skipped past the elimination round and went straight to recording the battle round just now."

The Clown said calmly, "It's alright."

Dong Shanshan confirmed with him, "Are you sure?"

The Clown nodded.

Dong Shanshan looked at Hu Fei. "Director Hu, shall we proceed as planned?"

"Yes," Hu Fei acknowledged.

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, "Then I'll speak freely later."

Hu Fei said, "Sure. Thanks for the hard work."

Dong Shanshan looked at The Clown as she blinked and said, "You can continue preparing for now. We'll await your word, then?"

Han Qi said, "Teacher, you can do it!"

The Clown nodded and gazed at Dong Shanshan and the others as they left.

As the door was not fully closed yet, he could hear Hu Fei talking to Dong Shanshan. "Teacher Shanshan, I saw the info on your ID card and know that your birthday is next month. What would you like as a present?"

Dong Shanshan replied, "There's no need for that, Brother Hu."

"Then why don't we organize a birthday party for you?"

Dong Shanshan seemed to want to refuse him. "There's really no need to. Actually, my birthday is not—"

"Hur hur, that won't do," Hu Fei interrupted. "This is what our department's usual practice is. You're not exempt."

The door closed.

He could not hear the voices anymore.

Zhang Ye was stunned. Dong Shanshan's birthday? Next month? How could that be?

He immediately looked at the calendar, and then laughed. He facepalmed and silently cursed himself for being so harebrained. It was already that day? He had almost forgotten about it! He even forgot to send her his well-wishes! As her old classmate of many years, an old friend, and an old colleague, he really did not deserve to be called all that!

He was hoping to gift her a song now.

But which song?

Zhang Ye could not think of anything, but he remembered the lottery draw. So he simply opened the game ring's virtual screen and activated the Lucky Halo (Upgraded). In Lottery Draw (One), he added 500 additional stakes!

The wheel began to spin!

Spinning and spinning…

It spun and spun…

Finally, it stopped in the Skills Category region!

Gold Treasure Chests (Small) appeared!

[Guitar Skill Experience Book] × 500: Increases player's guitar skill experience.


How convenient.

Piano? Guitar? He was now equipped with these two performance skills!

After he deactivated the Lucky Halo, he narrowed his eyes to a slit.



Why not that song?

Alright then, that song it is!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 1046

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