I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: School Belle!

Such a coincidence!

It was really Dong Shanshan!

He never expected to meet an old friend!

Of course, that was in his previous world. Although the game ring changed the world, Zhang Ye managed to realize that his life history and his friends from his past did not change. This was why Dong Shanshan was able to recognize him. In this world, they were still cla.s.smates for four years, and they were from the same major, so they took the same cla.s.ses everyday, big or small.

The school’s belle!

She was absolutely their school’s belle!

As someone who was borned after the 1980s, there was no such label of “school belles” back when he first entered middle school. People did not make such distinguishment, but by the time he entered university, the Internet created lists of school belles such as the school belle pageants, etc. This wave had infected his media college that even the males created a pageant. Dong Shanshan was chosen as one of the school belles. One had to know that their media college was a prestigious school, and with the broadcasting and acting majors, it was filled with beauties. Beauties and G.o.ddesses may be few in number in other colleges, but they were common in their media college. To stand out amongst all those beauties indicated how good Dong Shanshan’s looks and body were. Even amongst all the ma.s.s numbers of school belles in their school, Dong Shanshan was chosen as number one by all the broadcasting male animals. As the media college’s most outstanding major was broadcast hosting and not acting, by being chosen as number one for the broadcasting hosting major made Dong Shanshan the best in the entire school. Besides the denial from the people in the acting majors, all other majors agreed through silence.

As most people did not stay in school for their fourth year, Zhang Ye had almost not seen her for a year!

“How could it be you?” Dong Shanshan gave a charming smile.

“I was just about to ask that.” Zhang Ye had not expected to see the school belle from back then. “You are also going to Shanghai? What a coincidence? And we are sitting together?”

Dong Shanshan laughed, “Not only sitting together, you even slept on my legs.”

Zhang Ye coughed and said, “My bad, my bad.”

Dong Shanshan sized him up and said, “Not bad, you are really doing well these days. You are completely different from when you were in school. Look, even your eyes are emitting electricity. Your voice is also more magnetic than compared to when we were in school. If not for being so close, I might not even recognize you.”

Of course Zhang Ye did not tell her that he had eaten Fruits of Charm, “You’ve watched my program?”

“I’ve watched it.” Dong Shanshan leaned slightly towards Zhang Ye and crossed her legs, “Actually before graduating in our fourth year, I had gone to the Xishan province. The provincial broadcasting corporation had roped me in early, so I did not return to the capital after that. I did not know much, but we had a female cla.s.smate gathering last month, and everyone was talking about you while we ate. They said that amongst our broadcasting batch of people, you were doing the best. I heard you are even heading up the 4th ranked celebrities list. I did not believe initially and checked when I got home. I also watched your program and those poems of yours.” She stared at him, “Well done Cla.s.smate Zhang Ye. I never noticed that you were that talented back when we were in school?”

Zhang Ye humbly said, “Just average.”

“You have really changed too much.” Dong Shanshan sighed.

“On the other hand, you have not changed. You still look as beautiful as ever,” Zhang Ye complimented her.

Dong Shanshan blinked her long eyelashes, “What use is that? Let’s not talk about our own cla.s.s, but even in the entire school’s graduating cla.s.s, no one is doing better than you.”

Zhang Ye did not believe her and said, “It can’t be. What are you doing now?”

“I was a host previously, doing a variety program in one of the broadcasting companies in the Xishan province. It is only broadcast there, and cannot be received in Beijing.” Dong Shanshan said.

Zhang Ye had really not paid attention to this, “How were the ratings like?”

“It was okay.” Dong Shanshan laughed, “About 9+%.”

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “That’s higher than me. And you said you aren’t doing as well as me?”

Dong Shanshan rubbed her wavy hair and said, “It’s not the same. What does it mean to be in the capital? The quality is completely different. BTV’s Arts Channel is much bigger than ours. Uh, but that was all in the past. After that variety show ended, I did not have any more programs. I wanted to go on a provincial satellite TV company, but my leader did not approve it. I was unhappy about it so I quit. Now, I’m going to Shanghai to seek a living, and find some random place.”

Zhang Ye asked, “You are going onto a Shanghai television station?”

“Why are you so worried about me?” Dong Shanshan flashed her big eyes.

“We are old cla.s.smates, so I’m just asking. Is this some trade secret?” Zhang Ye said.

Dong Shanshan smiled charmingly, “Going there to film a movie or a TV series would be good too. If there’s anything that suits me, I’ll accept it as long as they give some money. I’m so poor that I can’t even eat.” It was unclear if she was speaking the truth.

Zhang Ye nodded, “With your image, being the main lead would not be a problem.”

Dong Shanshan laughed, “I think so too. If they don’t give me the lead, I’ll make sure they will have it coming!”

Zhang Ye said, “Our relations.h.i.+p isn’t too bad, but you are much better than me. You still have a choice, and you resigned by your own choice. I was fired. Now any television media that mentions me will have a headache. Who do you say I offended? Anyways, I can only find another path in Shanghai.”

Dong Shanshan joyfully said, “Who asked you to mess up the live recording. I watched the video of that live footage. You insisted on killing yourself, creating such a huge incident. Who can deal with you?”

As they were old cla.s.smates and in the same line, they had plenty of topics to talk about.

Actually Zhang Ye did not know much about Dong Shanshan. In college, Dong Shanshan was the school belle and the top girl of the school. Everyone around her placed her on a pedestal. Zhang Ye was lacking in looks and was inconspicuous in cla.s.s. In the four years, he only spoke a few words with Dong Shanshan.

“How’s Liuzi?”

“Man, I don’t know either.”

“You and those guys don’t keep in contact?”

“Many people have changed phones and are busy with their own things so it’s hard to catch up with them. What about those female friends of yours?”

“One of them is also in the broadcasting industry, doing radio. Another is an a.s.sistant in a television station, working hard to get experience. Probably next year, she will be given a program to try out. And there are a few who aren’t in this industry. Some of them went to other industries, and some went into banking. All those years of broadcasting studying wasted. As for our cla.s.s who are hosts that I know of, hehe, there’s probably only the two of us.”

“It is hard to get a job.”

“Right, the compet.i.tion in our line is too great.”

Suddenly, people around them recognized them after they had taken off their sungla.s.ses!

An old man who was sitting in front turned around and immediately said, “Heh! Isn’t this Teacher Zhang Ye? Why are you sitting in economy cla.s.s?”

“Zhang Ye? Where, where?”

“Aiyah! It’s really Teacher Zhang!”

“Zhang Ye, please give me your signature. My whole family likes you!”

The surrounding men and women were extremely happy finding this out. They quickly brought books to get him to sign.

Of course, Zhang Ye did not reject them. As he was signing, the people who were sitting diagonally across him were alarmed! They seemed to also be from the Xishan province.

“Dong Shanshan!”

“Is what I’m seeing right?”

“It’s Teacher Dong! It can’t be wrong!”

“The G.o.ddess of the Xishan province public channel!”

A few young and middle-aged men left their seats to obtain her signature.

One could see the difference here. Those who liked Zhang Ye were mixed. There were men and women of all ages, even including children. After all, Zhang Ye had previously done fairy tales for children. But those who liked Dong Shanshan were only males. They were also very pa.s.sionate. If not for the flight attendant advising everyone to return to their seats, these men would not have left. It was no wonder. According to the ratings, Dong Shanshan’s popularity in the Xishan province was much higher than Zhang Ye’s popularity in Beijing. But in terms of overall popularity and reputation, Dong Shanshan was most likely far worse than Zhang Ye.

Finally, Zhang Ye and Dong Shanshan looked at each other and wore their sungla.s.ses at the same time.

“We are reaching soon. I’ll lie down for a while.” Dong Shanshan tightened her black trench coat. “Are you sleeping?”

“You go ahead and sleep, I’ve slept my fill.” Zhang Ye said in a gentlemanly manner. “If your legs are cold, you can use my coat to cover it?”

“There’s no need. I’m not cold.” Dong Shanshan smiled. After adjusting her body, she tilt her head and slept while resting to the side.

Her hair came down like a waterfall.

Her head was leaning towards Zhang Ye’s seat and some strands of hair fell on Zhang Ye’s shoulders. But clearly, Dong Shanshan did not care.

Zhang Ye noticed that many of the pa.s.sengers around him had went back to their seats and stopped focusing on them. As such, he slanted his eyes to look at his old cla.s.smate. It could be seen that Dong Shanshan would go on the path of s.e.xiness in her job. This path had both its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage was that she would be easily criticized. The type of her fans would also be very uniform. At least most females would not fall for her. Her path was much narrower than Zhang Ye’s. It could not target men and women of all ages. But there were advantages going down the path of s.e.xiness. It also meant her position was more firm. She could attract a large number of men. One could tell just by looking at those fans of hers. The people who liked Dong Shanshan would be more pa.s.sionate. On this point, Zhang Ye’s fans were far inferior to hers.

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 205

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