I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Game Difficulty Adjustment!

In the sky.

The sky was blue and the clouds were so close that they could be touched just by stretching out one’s hand.

With her body leaning to the side, Dong Shanshan had already fallen asleep.

Zhang Ye looked out of the window with narrow eyes. He was feeling some sense of regret. He felt some longing for this city that he had lived for almost 20 years having left it. But so what if he felt some longing for it? The path of a celebrity was destined to be lonely. It was cold up at the top!

The journey was more than halfway done.

The stewardess pushed a cart of beverages over. Alas, that was all the treatment they received in economy cla.s.s.

Zhang Ye did not let the stewardess bother Dong Shanshan. He knew that the school belle was tired. Hence, he requested for a gla.s.s of fruit juice to be placed on his tray table. He asked for a gla.s.s of Coca-Cola, and began gulping it down.

So bored.

What should I do?

The road ahead in Shanghai would be fraught with difficulties. That place was inferior to Beijing. Zhang Ye’s popularity there was low and even when he walked on the street without sungla.s.ses, there will probably be less than half a person who could recognize him amongst a thousand people. This was new ground. He had to begin all over again. Therefore, Zhang Ye definitely needed the help from the game ring. Only then could he absolutely shock everyone in his new position as a web host.

Let’s play the lottery.

He looked at his Reputation points. It was about 700,000 points.

Zhang Ye sighed. This amount of Reputation was too pathetic. He could not even buy one Taiji fist skillbook. These were obtained from his “Zhang Ye’s Compilation” book and movie’s publicity. Of course, it also came from the sales of his “Ghost Blows Out the Light” book and the “Lecture Room” videos on the web. Although it had been a while since these productions were made, they were still cla.s.sic. They kept providing him a stream of reputation. There were new people, who previously did not know him, getting to know him everyday. Uh, just that those numbers were decreasing by the day.

The lottery interface appeared.

He clicked to buy and did not look forward to it. It was after all just for fun. He did not mind choosing something he did not need. If he managed to draw a useful item or skill, he would have made it big.


The lottery began!

The needle quickly rotated!

Zhang Ye stared at a few large regions on the wheel. Although he wished to obtain something from the special region, it was just a dream. He had gotten lucky previously by obtaining the right to buy the Taiji fist skill books; now, it was unlikely he would be that lucky.

The needle stopped.

It stopped on a consumable item region.

Zhang Ye was neither sad nor happy. He reduced his range of motion to prevent others from noticing. He slowly took out the Treasure Chest (Small) from his inventory. He opened it!

There was a small dice inside!

It was six-sided, no different from an ordinary dice!

[Difficulty Adjustment Die] : After it is thrown, it will randomly change the player's difficulty. The period of its effects are random.

Zhang Ye was surprised. Difficulty adjustment? It was not something unfamiliar to people who played games. For example in a single-player game, upon entering the game, it would allow you to choose the difficulty. Such as “easy” difficulty, etc. This dice also had such an effect? But it was by random chance? If he were to really obtain a “very-easy” difficulty, and the period lasted a year, then wouldn’t his work for the next year be many times easier than normal? Difficulty can be reduced? Zhang Ye looked at the great school belle beside him. He was guessing that pus.h.i.+ng her onto a bed would also not be a dream?

This is a good thing!

It is a heaven-defying divine item!

Zhang Ye quickly took out the dice from the treasure chest. The treasure chest automatically disappeared after s.h.i.+mmering with light. Zhang Ye looked all over the dice. There were words on the six sides of the dice. They were, Decreasing Difficulty By 10x, Decreasing Difficulty By 5x, Decreasing Difficulty By 1x, Increasing Difficulty By 1x, Increasing Difficulty By 5x, Increasing Difficulty By 10x. The first one was naturally the difficulty of “very-easy” in those games. One could pick up money even with their eyes closed. As for the last difficulty, it was most likely the legendary “ludicrous difficult”, where calamities befell one.

Let’s risk it!

Demacia! (Bravery here we go!)

The chance of reducing the difficulty was equal to the chance of increasing the difficulty. They both had a 50% chance. Zhang Ye did not believe his luck was that bad. Hence, without much thought, he grabbed the dice and threw it up gently. The dice drew a beautiful arc in the air and it flew and flew. It finally stopped before it began to slowly drop down!


The dice fell to the floor!

It rolled around a few times on the plane before firmly staying put. Zhang Ye looked at it with excitement. On the “Difficulty Adjustment Die” wrote a few words.

Increasing Difficulty By 10x!

Zhang Ye nearly fainted as he almost vomited blood!

What the f**k! Can we stop messing around!? Stop messing around!

The game system indication appeared:

[ Difficulty has been adjusted. 10x difficulty. Lasting for 52 minutes! ]

The time had also randomly appeared to be more than 50 minutes? Zhang Ye was scared out of his wits. He felt that he was not just unlucky today. All the bad luck in his past eight lives had fallen unto him!

Curse my hand!

My hand is cursed!

Why did I draw a prize just because I was too free!? What do I do now? Will this bro suddenly suffer a heart attack? Or would the luggage from the bins suddenly crash down, killing him?

[Countdown Begins.]



Zhang Ye immediately went on full alert. It was more than 50 minutes. This time was filled with danger. No, he could not drink water. Who knows if he would suddenly choke to death!

But nothing seemed to happen after about 10 seconds.

The plane was still floating in the sky. The pa.s.sengers were doing their own things. Dong Shanshan was still sleeping. Everything was still normal.

Zhang Ye blinked with suspicion. That’s not right. I didn’t feel any increase in difficulty, what more 10 times? I can’t even feel it doubling!


Drank too much water!

Drank too much alcohol also!

Zhang Ye suddenly strongly felt the urge to use the lavatory. It was not too far away from reaching his destination and would soon land, but he could not endure any further. He unfastened his seatbelt and quickly moved towards the lavatory.

“Oh?” Dong Shanshan was awoken by him. Her eyes sleepily looked at him, “Going out?”

Zhang Ye clasped his legs and nodded, “Going to the lavatory.”

Dong Shanshan yawned and adjusted her legs, allowing Zhang Ye to pa.s.s.

By the aisle was an old granny. She slowly gave way to let Zhang Ye pa.s.s.

“Thank you.” After politely saying that, Zhang Ye rushed to the lavatory. There were only a few lavatories on the plane.

He headed backwards and the lavatories there were occupied. He waited for a while, and still no one came out. Again he walked to the front of the economy cla.s.s, but the lavatory was also occupied. His clasped his legs as he breathed in deeply. After he waited for more than ten seconds without seeing the person exit, he could not help but knock on the door.

“Occupied.” A youth’s voice came out from inside.

F**k! Was this the legendary “Ludicrous difficulty”?

After the difficulty was increased ten times, it made him unable to find a lavatory, causing him to die from holding onto his pee? How could this f**king Difficulty Adjustment Die be so wicked!?

Zhang Ye had no choice. He turned around and went straight for business cla.s.s.

Between economy cla.s.s and business cla.s.s was a corridor that had seats specially for the stewardesses. A slightly plump stewardess was resting there and when she noticed Zhang Ye approaching, she rose up and said, “Sir, can I help you?”

Zhang Ye quickly said, “I need to go there for a while.”

The fat stewardess said, “It’s business cla.s.s over there.”

“I know, but all the lavatories here are full.” Zhang Ye said.

The stewardess stared blankly, “Going to the lavatory? Just wait a while. It should be very fast.”

Zhang Ye turned angry, “It’s the same plane, why can’t I go there?” He really could not hold on anymore!

The stewardess smiled, “I don’t mean that. Alright, go on ahead. Go straight ahead.” Saying that, she pulled open the part.i.tioning curtain to give him pa.s.sage.

Zhang Ye said in his mind that this was more like it.

But upon pulling open the curtain, Zhang Ye and the fat stewardess were stunned!

This small plane did not have first cla.s.s. Just past business cla.s.s was the c.o.c.kpit. There was also a curtain that separated the c.o.c.kpit door that could not be seen. Yet, he could hear the sound of the door opening. He did not know if the pilot or the co-pilot was coming out, nor did he know if that person was going to the lavatory or to find someone. But Zhang Ye and the fat stewardess only saw a bearded middle-aged man charge forward from the aisle seat. He was in the first few rows and could reach the door in a few steps The bearded man slapped open the curtain and faced the security officer standing there. Zhang Ye had previously met this person. He was the person he crashed into when he entered the airport. They had even scolded each other. Later the nervous middle-aged man left in a hurry after receiving a phone call! He held a knife in his hand. It was not made of steel but an improvised knife that had been reported on TV. It usually would look like a card, but after folding it a few times, it would become a sharp non-metallic knife. It was small, but it was very sharp!

“What are you doing?” The security officer did not have time to react.

“Out of my way!” The bearded man had good skills as if he was previously trained.

The security officer cried out, “No good! Quickly close the c.o.c.kpit doors! Don’t let him…”

After exchanging two blows with the bearded man, the knife was stabbed right into the security officer’s stomach!

The pilot who had just come out was greatly alarmed. He quickly turned around, hoping to close the c.o.c.kpit door, but the bearded man’s speed was extremely fast. He pulled out the knife and stabbed the pilot, then he quickly entered the c.o.c.kpit and closed the c.o.c.kpit door with a slam. This series of actions was so fluid that it was clearly premeditated!

The fat stewardess was dumbfounded as she looked back at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye took a deep breath through his dry throat and stared back at the fat stewardess with blinking eyes, “About that, I think I can endure a little longer.”

Fat stewardess, “…”

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 206

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