I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

The crisis came too fast!

It was so fast that no one had have time to react!


“A killer!”

“Someone is hijacking the plane!”

The business cla.s.s pa.s.sengers screamed!

The flight attendants were all shocked. No one had expected this turn of events. A few beautiful stewardess turned pale as they rushed to check on the security officer and the pilot’s injuries. The security officer was fine. Although he had been stabbed in the stomach, he was still conscious. But the pilot was in a more dire state. He had been stabbed through the side and had collapsed on the floor after pa.s.sing out. The floor was covered in blood!

“Brother Zhou, wake up!”

“Old Liu! Hold on!”

“Hold on! Hold on!”

“Little Min! Quickly get a first aid kit! Hurry!”

A thin stewardess cried from the stress as she covered her mouth!

It was a complete mess. The cabin turned into chaos, as if a pot of porridge had been messed up!

The pa.s.sengers did not know what to do. They did not even have the ability to cry. It can’t be? They were actually experiencing a hijacking? This was too unlucky!

Probably only Zhang Ye knew what was going on. Firstly, that bearded man had really been planning on hijacking the plane. Secondly, this situation was caused by the Difficulty Adjustment Die. It was 10x difficulty! This really is mother-f**king ten times difficulty! He now understood that the Difficulty Adjustment Die was not lying! To cause Zhang Ye to die from not being able to relieve himself of his pee was not considered 10x difficulty! It’s a hijack! This was sending them to their deaths!

“What to do!?”

“We’re finished, we’re finished! We are dead!”

“*sob*, Mom, Mom, I’m scared!”

Just as a few pa.s.sengers were at a loss on what to do, a young man stood up. He was about 20 plus years old, and about the same age as Zhang Ye. His body did not seem very stout and was a little thin. His name was Yan Hui and he shouted, “Do not panic! Everyone stay calm! Bring the wounded to the back first! Are there any doctors or nurses amongst the pa.s.sengers? Is there a doctor?”

Someone responded after he shouted a few times.

A middle-aged woman in her 40s gritted her teeth and came forward. She said nervously, “I’m a doctor, but I’m just a physician, I can’t do surgery.”

A boy beside her pulled on to the woman, “Mom! Don’t go!”

The middle-aged woman looked at her son and touched his head, “Mom is a doctor. It is my duty to save lives. Hide behind and don’t come over.”

“Mom!” Her son did not leave as he was extremely worried. Who knew if there were other accomplices in the cabin!

“Quickly go! Leave me alone!” The middle-aged woman turned serious. She was not pretty, but at this moment, the pa.s.sengers found her most beautiful.

Behind, a little old man walked over from economy cla.s.s. He looked frail and he wobbled with each step, “Little Juan, you have grown up.”

The woman turned around and was stunned, “Professor! Why are you on the plane too?”

The little old man had already reached the wounded, “There’s no time for c.r.a.p. You stop the bleeding, I’ll treat the wound!”

The woman exclaimed, “It will be easy with you around!”

The thin air stewardess cried, “I’ll leave it up to you! Please save them!”

A few children and timid women were crying from the fright. A few men, under the cabin crew’s instructions managed to stabilize the situation as they carried the wounded to the back.

The two doctors began their rescue!

On another side, the sound of exchanging blows rang within the plane!

The young man who stood up first grabbed an air stewardess, “Open the door!”

Just as he said that, two large men suddenly stood up from the front seats of business cla.s.s. One of the men’s face was very black. He wore a hat which concealed his expressions. He held a simple knife like the bearded man from before. The other man had retrieved a metal stick. It was unknown if he had opened his luggage to retrieve it, but it was most likely hidden in his luggage!


There were a total of three hijackers!

“Get lost!” The man on the left swung his steel stock and hit the neck of a pa.s.senger that was closest to him.

The pa.s.senger shouted as he clutched his neck. After he fell to the ground, he quickly rushed to the back!

“I warn all of you! None of you are to come over! If you want your lives, get the f**k away!” The other man threw his hat and revealed a fierce-looking face that had a scar across it.



“There are others!”

The pa.s.sengers screamed once again!

With a commotion, almost all the business cla.s.s pa.s.sengers had run into economy cla.s.s. They wished to run to the tail of the plane, hoping to get as far away as possible.

The situation was in chaos!

People squeezed against each other, and there was even trampling of others!

Business cla.s.s was almost empty. There was only one man left. It was that young man named Yan Hui.

Yan Hui shouted towards the back with a solemn face, “What are you all running for! They have two people now! Behind me are the wounded, women, old people and children. With you running away! Who is to protect them? If you are a man, stand here! Don’t f**king be a p*ssy! We have so many people so why must we be afraid of them? A steel stick is a blunt weapon, there is nothing to worry about! The knife is an improvised one! It has limited destructive power! I will take on the one using the knife! I won’t be able to handle the other person! I need helpers!”

No one came out.

The fat stewardess yelled, “Is there anyone else!?”

An old lady squeezed herself out from the crowd. She slammed her walking stick to the ground, “If there’s no one else, I will do it!”

An old person!

An old woman had stood forward!

Many of the men turned red from embarra.s.sment. They felt ashamed!

“I’ll do it!”

“I’ll help you!”

“F**k! Count me in!”

“Me too! F**k, let’s go all out!”

“We don’t know what they are doing hijacking the plane! We can’t be sitting ducks! We need to recover the c.o.c.kpit! If not, none of us will live!”


“Don’t be afraid of them!”

At this moment, 8-9 men stood forward!

This angered the two men. They sneered and with that, both sides started fighting as sounds of metal rang!

Of course that did not include Zhang Ye. He was squeezing back at this moment, “Make way, let me pa.s.s first!”

The fat stewardess who had been arguing with Zhang Ye before immediately showed scorn towards him upon seeing this. The other pa.s.sengers also looked down on him.

“Isn’t he Teacher Zhang?”

“Right, the one on TV!”

“Teacher Zhang, what are you running behind for!?”

“They are already fighting. If you are a man, you should be helping!”

“Forget it, who isn’t afraid of death. Every man for himself I guess.”

Those words fell on deaf ears nor did Zhang Ye notice the looks of contempt from the surrounding people. He only had one thought in mind–to the toilet!

He was still holding on to his pee!

He could not even stand straight, what the f**k could he help with!?

Zhang Ye was of course anxious, so he had to first resolve his biological needs. He finally squeezed to the lavatory’s door and when he tried opening it, it was locked!

“Open the door!” Zhang Ye shouted!

A soft female voice said, “You, who are you?”

“I’m a pa.s.senger. Open the door!” Zhang Ye’s face had turned green from holding it in!

The girl said with fear, “Not opening. Who knows if you are the criminal!”

It seemed liked there were many people inside. He suddenly heard Dong Shanshan’s voice, “Open the door. This person is an old cla.s.smate of mine. I know him.”

A few seconds pa.s.sed.

The door creaked open.

There were 7 people hiding in the small lavatory. There were four women, two children and an old man. They were hiding in there, afraid of the criminal.

Zhang Ye could not be bothered and rushed inside. “I need to use the toilet!”

“Aiyah, don’t squeeze. It can’t take so many people!” A woman shouted.

A little boy said with fright, “Quickly close the door, quickly close the door!”

With an awkward position, the old man within the lavatory closed the door.

After squeezing through one person after another, Zhang Ye finally arrived at the toilet. Beside it was Dong Shanshan. This old cla.s.smate of his sure was alert. By standing right inside, it was highly likely that she was the first person to hide in here at the first notice of danger.

The small lavatory was stuffy.

“Are you alright?” Zhang Ye asked with concern.

Dong Shanshan said bitterly, “It’s alright. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.”

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 207

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