I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: Teacher Zhang Ye, I love you to death!

Two people!

Zhang Ye felt the pressure immediately!

Previously on the small mountain, Zhang Ye had fought one against four. Those monks were quite skilled and and was trained in foundational skills since they were young. But it was different. Monks only trained in foundational skills and only used punches, kicks and staff attacks. They did not know many moves and were not considered martial artists. Besides, they were always chanting, so how could they have any battle experience? So back then, Zhang Ye could easily defeat the four of them, but today it was different. The two of them were clearly experts in Muay Thai. To dare to hijack a plane, they were likely battle-hardened people. Those monks who stayed indoors all day could not compare with them!

A punch came flying over!

Zhang Ye blocked!

A kick came flying over!

Zhang Ye dodged to the side!

Quickly, the three of them had fought about eight or nine rounds!

Zhang Ye could not do anything to them and could barely defend. He could not counter attack much. His Taiji Fist worked only at times. When it didn’t worked, Zhang Ye would use his Taekwondo to block the attacks, but as he had eaten too few Taekwondo skillbooks, he was clearly not the two people’s match. So he had to mainly rely on his Taiji Fist. It was his greatest trump card in martial arts, but it was f**king not usable according to his wishes. If he met an average fighter, it was fine. But against a good fighter, all his weaknesses were exposed. This intermittent ability could cost him his life! Zhang Ye had decided that if he were to land on the ground alive, he would eat tens of Taiji Fist skillbook properly. If not, he might not be able to handle the dangerous situations he would face in the future!

Zhang Ye could do nothing!

But similarly, the criminals could do nothing to Zhang Ye!

The two of them kept looking at each other in dismay. There was less than 100 people on this plane and they had planned it early on. They never expected that the plane really had hidden dragons and crouching tigers. This was really an expert! The two of them could not do anything to their opponent?

It was unexpected!

Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!

But it was after all two against one. Be it stamina or body count, they had the advantage. And in the narrow cabin s.p.a.ce, this made it very inconvenient for Zhang Ye. The two criminals believed that they would hold the advantage in less than 20 rounds, and definitely taken him down!

The situation became tense!

“Zhang Ye go for it!”

“Teacher Zhang! **** them!”

“Teacher Zhang, kick his pants! Kick!”

“Break his leg! Go for it! We are rooting for you!”

The pa.s.sengers began to cheer for Zhang Ye and screamed loudly!

But only Zhang Ye himself knew that he was disadvantaged. He could not hold on any much longer and his stamina was lacking. He could not compare to those who had trained since they were young. He was completely a person who started midway. His physical fitness was his greatest flaw, let alone fighting against two people!

At this moment, Zhang Ye could only use his trump card. He trapped them and yelled to the back, “My brothers and sisters! Everyone take something and f**k them!” You think two against one is a lot? We have a f**king hundred people here!” Zhang Ye was vicious as he said wickedly, “I’ll hold on to them! You guys take things and smash them! The harder you smash, the better! “F**k! I don’t believe we can’t kill them!”

Yan Hui also saw the looming crisis, “Quick, let’s help Teacher Zhang!”

The old granny who had stood forward pa.s.sed her walking stick to her son, “Little Wei! Go on up for me! Band together!”

The middle-aged man s.h.i.+vered upon receiving the walking stick but hardened his heart and practically charged forward with his eyes closed, “I’ll f**king go all out against you!”

Zhang Ye exclaimed, “Big Bro! Open your eyes bigger! F**k! Don’t hit the wrong person, you!”

Another youth who did not dare step forward previously rushed out, “Whatever! Give me something! Are there any weapons!? I’m going all out too!”

An air stewardess gave him a kettle.

The youth took the kettle and ran over with a warcry!

Many of the pa.s.sengers began retrieving their suitcases. No matter whose it was, the luggage was rummaged and items were pa.s.sed to the surrounding people. All of their minds were as one!

“There’s a phone here! Give it to me!”

“A phone is too small!”

“It’s a ‘Big Brother Big’ mobile phone. It’s comparable to a brick!”

“What the f**k, what year is it that someone still uses a ‘Big Brother Big’ mobile phone? Great! Give it to me!”

“Give me too. Is there any good thing to wield? d.a.m.n…Lady, why did you give me a box of sanitary pads!? Do you want me to stick it over their eyes to blind them or something?”

On the other side.

While in battle, Zhang Ye suddenly took a step and using the Taiji Fist’s basic steps, he circled around to the back of the two of them and moved to the c.o.c.kpit door, revealing them to the pa.s.sengers!


“Smash them!”

“F**k you bas**rds!”

Kettle! Big Brother Big! Vanity mirror! Cosmetic bottle! And the sanitary towels, etc…All sorts of weird things were used to hit the two people!

After one of the criminal’s neck was. .h.i.t by the Big Brother Big, “Ouch!”

Zhang Ye took advantage of the chaos to punch the man in the face. And with that, the man’s nose started spouting blood as he took two steps backward before falling to the ground. And at that moment, behind him was the middle-aged man who was holding on to the old granny’s walking stick. That middle-aged man was also fierce. He whacked at him without hesitation! His partner wanted to help but without paying attention, a kettle flew and hit him in the head. He stopped moving and stared at the youth who had thrown the kettle. After looking for two seconds, he fainted to the ground! The criminal that had been beaten by the stick was now alone. Zhang Ye rushed up with a sneak attack and stomped on his face!

“Ah!” The criminal’s eyes rolled as he fainted.

The two criminals were finally taken care of, but the excited crowd did not leave them alone. More people came forward as their courage increased. They brutally punched the two of them till they became conscious again, and then…they fainted again!

“Zhang Ye wiped his sweat, “Stop it. Tie them up first!”

“Right, let’s listen to Teacher Zhang. Listen to Teacher Zhang!” An elderly air stewardess said loudly.

At the moment when everyone was facing great peril, Zhang Ye had stepped forward to block the two criminals and saved everyone. The words he said was definitely heeded by everyone.

After everyone calmed down, people felt relieved. It was so dangerous. If not for Zhang Ye, the two of them would have gone on a killing spree, and they would…

“Thank you Teacher Zhang!”

“Are you really an expert?”

“Teacher Zhang, you’re my idol!”

“You were so cool just now! Wait till I…slim down, will you marry me?” A fat girl said fatuously.

Even Dong Shanshan joined in. She gave a flirtatious look, touched her s.e.xy lips and sent a flying kiss, “Teacher Zhang Ye, I also love you to death!”

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 209

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