I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: The Applause for Teacher Zhang!

In the c.o.c.kpit.

Hearing the jubilant uproar from the pa.s.sengers, Zhang Ye looked straight ahead in a daze and then to the side. He was covered in sweat after having survived a disaster!

Seven meters!

He was just short of another seven meters before he would have hit that parked pa.s.senger plane!

This seven meters separated him from life and death. Zhang Ye once wondered if he had died himself, because from his angle, he could see if there were dead mosquitoes on the plane across him. It was that close. Zhang Ye had tried singing as a last resort hoping that the plane would stop before colliding. He never expected a miracle to happen. Zhang Ye’s “Let’s meet at the next juncture” was so powerful that it stopped the plane!

It was a divine song!

An absolute divine song!

His entire body went limp on the pilot’s seat. He used his last bit of strength to release the safety and opened the airplane doors, facilitating the disembarkation of the pa.s.sengers. He laid there motionless and rested his head. He didn’t even know what he was feeling. He was terribly frightened! He had nearly died without a proper resting place! Amongst the thousands of phrases available, Zhang Ye only wanted to say one thing, that was: Brother Chun’s song is so f**king useful. Don’t speak about flying a plane in the future, just having Brother Chun’s song will give me the courage to even f**king fly a carrier!

In the back cabin.

The airport staff in charge of the rescue quickly brought a dock ladder over. They connected the cabin doors and the rescue team was the first to rush in!

The old air stewardess interrupted the excited pa.s.sengers and cabin crew, “We need to transport the wounded first.”


There were three heavily injured people on board the plane!

After sharing weal and woe, the pa.s.sengers were extremely cohesive. No one said anything else, and helped the rescue team carry the wounded off the plane. There were even 5 burly pa.s.sengers who pulled the 3 unconscious hijacking terrorists off the plane and pa.s.sed them to the police.

After doing this, everyone disembarked the plane according to instructions.

Seeing the blue sky and white clouds and the familiar ground, many of those who did not shed a tear in the plane nearly wept!

It was great to be alive!

There were a lot of people rus.h.i.+ng over!


“Sis Guo!”

“You’ve scared us to death!”

More than 10 friends and colleagues had been long awaiting for their arrival so they rushed forward!

The fat and thin air stewardesses felt a lump in their throat as they hugged their sisters before they cried!

Even the most calm and composed old air stewardess dropped a few tears from the excitement of seeing her familiar sisters!

The airport’s leaders and China Airlines’ leaders walked over. Seeing the plane’s risky landing angle, and having heard all the experienced professional pilots’ a.n.a.lysis, they never expected the plane to land safe and sound. They were extremely excited and a middle-aged man came forward and said loudly, “Comrades! You did well! You did extremely well! Facing such an emergency and not lose your calm. Being able to suppress the pressure at the critical moment. Minimizing economic and human loss, our China Airlines are extremely proud of you heroes. Thank you for your hard work! Thank you for your hard work!”

“Thank you leader!”

“It was necessary!”

“It was not hard work at all!”

They really did not find it hard, because they had done nothing once the hijacking occurred!

The China Airlines’ leader smiled, “Don’t be modest. We will definitely compliment and award you when we return!”

The old air stewardess immediately said, “Leader, we really did not do anything. This was mainly due to one of our pa.s.senger’s help.” She looked at the plane’s hatch. That person had not disembarked. Truthfully, in response to this incident, they as cabin crew really lacked the composure and experience needed to deal with it. They had panicked themselves, and if not for Teacher Zhang Ye volunteering to risk his life, the outcome would have been unimaginable!

“Pa.s.senger? Which pa.s.senger?” A few leaders asked.

“He is still on the plane.” The old air stewardess said.

“Let’s go, let’s talk only when we get back. There are still a lot of things to do here. The air traffic control needs to be halted too. We can’t stay on the runway.” An airport administrator said.

The leaders immediately led their staff to help and evacuate the pa.s.sengers, allowing the heroic cabin crew’s air stewardesses to quickly rest. But the air stewardesses did not leave. The pa.s.sengers also did not leave. They were all looking firmly at the plane hatch. All of them were waiting for one person.

For some unknown reason, the entire scene fell into silence.

In the cabin.

Zhang Ye was the last person remaining on the plane. After he recovered from his nearly-collapsed state, he unbuckled his seatbelt and his earpiece before pus.h.i.+ng the door to the c*ckpit. He did not alight from the plane but the first thing he did was to clasp his legs while he ran to the lavatory to settle a problem. The huge ups and downs in the crisis had nearly made him pee himself. He had that feeling once again.


His body was lightened.

Only then did Zhang Ye begin walking to the hatch. But at the moment he stood there, he stopped. He was surprised to see the packed crowd below!

“He’s out!”

“It’s Teacher Zhang!”

“Teacher Zhang is coming down!”

Everyone was looking at him. What was this?

One second.

Two seconds.

Suddenly, Dong Shanshan began clapping!

It was followed by a second person, a tenth person and the hundredth person!

The other airport and China Airlines personnel stared with uncomprehending looks at Zhang Ye!

The applause was tumultuous. Everyone was clapping for Zhang Ye. The hundred claps could even drown the noise of the airport. It was like an explosive scene in a live concert!


“You are too awesome!”

“If not for you, we would not have survived!”

“If you are buying a house in the future, look for me! I’ll give you a 20% discount!”

“Teacher little Zhang, when you are free, come to Granny’s place for a meal!”

“Brother Superman, thank you!” The little girl with a childish tone.

Zhang Ye felt flattered as he walked down, “You’re welcome everybody. You’re welcome. I didn’t do anything!”

When he reached the ground, the fat air stewardess took the initiative to step forward, “You saved the lives of everyone on board, how can you say that you didn’t do anything? We really do not know how to thank you, yes.” Saying that the fat air stewardess suddenly kissed Zhang Ye on the cheek, “You were too cool today!”

Zhang Ye nearly choked.

The thin air stewardess did not hold back and shyly kissed Zhang Ye on the other cheek.

The old air stewardess laughed and walked over, giving Zhang Ye a kiss on the forehead, “If this elder sister wasn’t married, I would have gone with you!”

With a face full of lipstick marks, Zhang Ye felt his face go warm, “Ahem, about that…”

“Woo!” Many people shouted again.

Another round of applause rang for Zhang Ye once again! This was what he deserved!

Everyone was sincere in their grat.i.tude. They all knew that without him, they would never have the chance to stand here. He was definitely their savior!

The airport leaders and the surrounding staff looked at Zhang Ye with surprise. This was the person who landed the plane by himself, saving everyone’s lives? He was so young? The person who flew the plan was really a radio host? Even when they saw him in person, they still could not believe it!

On another runway!

The Hainan Airlines plane that was responsible to lead the way landed. The moment the plane stopped, two pilots and a few air stewardesses rushed over angrily!

The old air stewardess looked at them, “Oh? Brother Zhao? It was your plane?”

Although they were not from the same company, they often met, so everyone knew each other. The other Hainan Airlines pilots looked at the old air stewardess, “It was your plane?”

The old air stewardess laughed, “Yes, thank you to all of you.”

The co-pilot did not care and was in rage, “Do you only know to thank us? An emergency situation happened with your plane, so we wouldn’t say anything about it. It was inevitable, but we were f**king guiding you, and even gave you a signal, why did you stick so close to us! Do you know how dangerous that was? Numerous pa.s.sengers on our plane cried due to the fright! Who was the one flying the plane!? Was it old Zhou? Get him out here! I definitely need to say something to him! This, this was absolutely bullying!”

The fat air stewardess answered, “Brother Zhou is seriously injured and has been taken away by the ambulance!”

The Hainan Airlines pilot was shocked, “Then was it flown by the co-pilot? But even a co-pilot wouldn’t have such poor techniques. How can you bite at our plane’s a.s.s so closely! Do you think you guys were car racing!?”

The fat air stewardess said, “The co-pilot is also seriously injured.”

“The person flying the plane…” The old air stewardess pointed in Zhang Ye’s direction, “was Teacher Zhang Ye, a famous radio host from Beijing.”

The Hainan Airlines pilot scoffed, “Come on, who are you bluffing. Are you pus.h.i.+ng the blame all onto a layperson? We don’t really want anything, but want to mention that this matter was too dangerous!”

The thin air stewardess was at a loss on whether to laugh or cry, “But it really was Teacher Zhang flying the plane.”

Seeing all of them looking as if it was only right and proper, the Hainan Airlines pilot and flight attendants were dumbfounded, “Ah? Was it flown by autopilot?”

The China Airlines cabin crew youth said, “It was manually operated!”

The Hainan Airlines people looked at each other and went silent!

F**k! A layman can f**king fly the plane and land? No wonder! No wonder when they were leading the way, they felt that the plane was chasing them without following any flying codes, and it felt like it was driven like a car!

“What is the matter” The airport leader came over. He had only received a general overview of the situation and was lacking in detailed information!

The Public Security department people came. They needed to investigate it thoroughly.

“I’ll give the details.” As they walked towards the terminal, the old air stewardess narrated to the leaders and the Public Security officials, “After the hijacking, one of the criminals was in control of the c*ckpit and the other two criminals were blocking the door outside. They were Muay Thai experts. About ten strong pa.s.sengers went up but were all defeated by them. The pa.s.sengers were not their match at all. They even wanted to kill later on…”

The China Airlines leader gasped, “Then how did you…”

The old air stewardess said appreciatively, “It was Teacher Zhang Ye who blocked them. Later the c*ckpit was locked, and it was Teacher Zhang Ye who used a tool to pry it open. Later he flew the plane and landed us!”

Zhang Ye?

Everything was done for Zhang Ye!

He was that powerful? What the heck! How much stimulants were injected into you!?

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 217

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