I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Most Raffish Host in History!

The dinner ended at 9PM.

The guests included the leaders, stewardesses and the plane pa.s.sengers.

These days, it’s all about being thrifty, so the dinner was not as extravagant as expected. The alcohol was not expensive. They served a rather well known wine called “s.h.i.+k.u.men”, which was a type of rice wine. There was a similar brand of rice wine back in Zhang Ye’s previous world, he remembered that a cla.s.smate from Shanghai had brought this for them to drink during their university days.

“Here, let’s have a toast.”

“I represent China Airlines Headquarters and thank everyone.”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, drink up. You cannot refuse!”

“Teacher Dong Shanshan, I’ve seen your programs on the internet. They are really good, cheers!”

Zhang Ye could no longer take another drink. He already had a few rounds earlier in the afternoon before the flight with the crew members of “The Great Pugilistic World”. But with the everyone being so pa.s.sionate and the China Airlines leader and those pa.s.sengers he saved toasting him, Zhang Ye could not refuse them.

“I can’t hold my drink well.” Zhang Ye said beforehand.

“It’s alright.” The China Airlines leader said, “Haha, we will not drink past the limits.”

And so Zhang Ye stood up and drank with them. Rice wine gets to your head very quickly, so he didn’t dare to drink too much.

Dong Shanshan was also drawing a circle of admirers around her. When she sat at the table, a few of the beautiful air stewardesses immediately lost their l.u.s.ter. Beauties were always noticed no matter where. Dong Shanshan was naturally toasted several times. However, Dong Shanshan only had a cup before rejecting the rest. Her face was flushed as she held her forehead saying, “I can’t have anymore, I can’t withstand the alcohol. I really can’t drink anymore.” as her body swayed.

Someone toasted her again.

Dong Shanshan refused to drink.

After dinner, Zhang Ye helped Dong Shanshan out.

Everyone was gone by now. They knew that Dong Shanshan and Zhang Ye were university cla.s.smates, so they were not worried.

Taking the lift up, Dong Shanshan kept swaying and holding her head. Zhang Ye dragged her towards her room.

As Zhang Ye walked, he grumbled, “Can’t even have a peaceful dinner these days, everything must include drinking and drinking more, will they die if they don’t drink? This issue is really not something that our country should let others know!”

They reached the room.

“Can you go in by yourself? Can you walk?” Zhang Ye asked. It was already very late and it wasn’t very convenient for him to go into a female comrade’s room. But Dong Shanshan kept leaning onto Zhang Ye. Her alluring perfume flowed towards him and as she got closer, the fragrance of her lipstick shot up Zhang Ye’s nose. She was very close. Dong Shanshan’s hair was all over Zhang Ye’s shoulder and neck, and now, Zhang Ye’s heart was fluttering. He somewhat wished that he could go with Dong Shanshan into her room since no one was watching.

Seems like there was really no one in the corridor watching.

Zhang Ye was fighting against his urges.

Dong Shanshan suddenly straightened up and flipped open her purse for the key card. She swiped it cleanly and pushed the door open and placed the key card in the slot to turn the electricity on. She looked at Zhang Ye with her clear eyes and smiled, “Alright, here will do. Thank you. You should rest early too, we’re leaving tomorrow. Let’s have a meal together when you are free.”

Which part of her looked drunk?

Zhang Ye eyes widen and was tongue tied, “F**k, you were just putting on an act just now?”

“Who asked them to keep toasting me!? I can’t possibly drink that much.” Dong Shanshan explained logically.

Zhang Ye slapped his thighs, “Sigh, if I knew you were putting on an act, I would have done the same! I had too much to drink in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to drink again at night.”

Dong Shanshan smiled, “It wouldn’t work. This is a special skill of women. Time to sleep.”

‘Boom!’ The door closed.

Back at his own room.

Zhang Ye was left with a deep impression again by the character of his old cla.s.smate. He would never believe her words again in the future. Look at how correct Zhang Wuji‘s mother’s saying was — The more beautiful a woman, the harder she lies. This was indeed a wise saying.

He couldn’t sleep.

Let’s take a look online.

Zhang Ye had brought his notebook computer along, but he did not use it. The suite had a tablet computer of a foreign brand which he used instead. He browsed through the Celebrity Rankings website first. This was the most authoritative reference for a celebrity’s influence and fame. It was also a reference for a celebrity’s endors.e.m.e.nt or appearance fees

When he saw it, Zhang Ye whistled!

D-List Celebrity! He had really made it into the D-List rankings!

Back when Zhang Ye lost his job, he had been hovering in the first few spots of the E-List rankings. He barely solidified his standings within the top five places where he hovered for a bit, he was still far from first place. This was not a position that he could a.s.sume in a short moment. Even if he did, to keep his placing would have taken Zhang Ye a great deal of effort by filming or publis.h.i.+ng books. But now, just because he had gotten onto Central TV news and mentioned in name by the hosts, he had jumped out of the E-List and promoted into the D-List rankings. Although he was in last place of the D-List, it was still a commendable leap!

The netizens had also noticed it.

“Eh, why did Zhang Ye get into the D-List rankings?”

“Surely not? Isn’t he jobless now? His popularity should have fallen quite a bit, how could it have risen? And it even rose by so much?”

“It’s fake?”

“F**k, it’s real! He really got into the D-List!”

“Teacher Zhang has just debuted for a few month and he’s already a D-List celebrity?”

“The few jokers upstairs, did you all just get online?”

“Hey, why are you scolding us, did something happened? What is it that we do not know about?”

“Didn’t you watch the news? A China Airlines plane had an incident, a hijacking.”

“I know, the papers reported it, what about it?”

“Then you surely did not know that the mortal situation where there was no pilot, with an imminent crash and loss of life, it was Teacher Zhang Ye who took control of the plane and recovered it safely!”


“What the heck!?”

“Are you guys bulls.h.i.+tting?”

“Bro, are you a scriptwriter?”

“Go online to check if you don’t believe me! Only the few of you do not know!”

As mentioned, the internet was littered with news of Zhang Ye. Many discussion forums and web portals had put this news on their front page. It was also heatedly discussed on Weibo and it received unprecedented attention. That Weibo post had already been b.u.mped to the top page in 2nd position. The first post was about a male Korean celebrity, the number 1 Asian Heavenly King, who announced his wedding. This post was already firmly in first position since afternoon as numerous teenage girls posted congratulatory messages or curses. It was a post that made many people who saw it speechless. But Zhang Ye was not surprised. Because in China, many people loved the Koreans more than their own countrymen. A hijacking incident that hasn’t happened in over 10 years was still incomparable to a Korean celebrity’s wedding.

Let’s not talk about this.

In any case, Zhang Ye was once again the topic of discussion on the internet!

“It’s Teacher Zhang again!”

“h.e.l.lo, Teacher Zhang. Goodbye, Teacher Zhang!”

“Zhang Ye, do you need to be so savage!?”

“He can even pilot a plane? Are you sure that you’re a broadcast host? Are you sure that you are the most talented broadcast major graduate in the nation?”

“My adoration for you is like the never-ending continuous surge of water in a river!”

“Teacher Zhang, do you know how to pilot an aircraft carrier? The country needs someone who is multi-talented like you!”

“Fierce, Teacher Zhang heroics and disregard for his own life makes him a role model to me!”

“Hahahaha, I ROFL-ed when I watched the news, it’s Teacher Zhang once again! What did I say again? Those who know Teacher Zhang would understand!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye, you really can’t give it a rest just for a day!”

“Right, I was wondering why wherever Teacher Zhang goes, trouble follows!”

“Why did Teacher Zhang go to Shanghai? Does he have a new job now? The People of Beijing send their congratulations. Teacher Zhang is not causing calamities on his Beijing counterparts now. But as a young pioneer, I need to alert the people in the media and literary scholars in Shanghai, please take care of yourselves! Teacher Zhang Ye has gone to your place!”

“Pfft! G.o.dly reply from the one upstairs!”

“I’m dying from laughter! Hahaha!”

“Shanghai counterparts! You better take care!”

All of these comments were from old fans of Zhang Ye. They were saying some strange things that some people could not understand. There were some people who had heard of Zhang Ye’s name for the first time, like the citizens of Shanghai. They didn’t even know who he was.

“Who is Zhang Ye?”

“Why would you ask our media counterparts to take care?”

“A host can fly a plane? So cool!”

“Although I don’t know him, I will still give Zhang Ye a Like and pay attention to him from now on.”

“What an amazing person! Single handedly dealing with the criminals? Piloted the plane and turned the tide around? I need to do some research about him… ‘Lecture Room’? What kind of a program is this? I’ve never watched it before. I’ve read this person’s poems before! What the heck!? ‘Flying bird and fish’ was written by him! I’ve only just realized it now!”

Actually, many people were familiar with Zhang Ye’s works. But as most people did not have the habit of looking at the author’s name. Even if they saw it, they did not pay much attention to it. After all, he was still a rookie. In literature… it usually took a long time to become well-known. In Zhang Ye’s previous world, this theory has been proven multiple times. Like Van Gogh or Hans Christian Andersen. Even for a great writer like Lu Xun or n.o.bel Prize winner, Mo Yan, their early works did not garner much attention. It required time to build up.

A heated discussion exploded!

This incident was pretty scary and bizarre after all!

Naturally, Zhang Ye’s past was dug out by numerous people!

Finally, a comment by someone made Zhang Ye be at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

That person posted on Weibo, “Are you all not familiar with Zhang Ye? Never mind. After my introduction, everyone will know. Regarding Teacher Zhang Ye, many of us Beijing fans know him as the Most Raffish Host in History’. When he first started out as a radio host, he was doing his job prim and properly, but then, he had to partic.i.p.ate in some Mid-Autumn Festival Poetry Meet. He actually won first place there. Later on at the Silver Microphone Awards, if you win an award, then do it properly. But Teacher Zhang Ye did not conform to standards and he created a hooha by using a poem to scold his leader and unit. Then after, he went on to work at the Beijing television station as a TV host. By right, he should have done his program properly, right? But no! Teacher Zhang created a public service advertis.e.m.e.nt and set off a new wave of creative advertising. Then, you would expect him to go back and do his job with TV programs properly right? You are wrong again! Teacher Zhang joined the Beijing Couplet Compet.i.tion and took first place there as well. Moreover, there was no 2nd or 3rd place, not even a top 10 placing. Because all the questions had been answered fully by Zhang Ye alone. Then, when ‘Lecture Room’ was broadcasted on television, you think Teacher Zhang Ye would settle down properly once and for all, right? You guys think too straight! He then went on to write a song for a Heavenly Queen. And after the song writing? You people are too naive! Teacher Zhang Ye went on to publish a book and film a movie… And then today, we were still busy with b.u.mping the Weibo ‘Help Zhang Ye find a job!’ post to the top and thinking of ways to help him with his future. He sure was fine because he went to f**king fly a plane!”


“Aiyo, my jaw is hurting from all this laughing!”

All the netizens had such a good laugh!

The person who posted said, “So tell me, if he isn’t the most f**king raffish host in history, then who is?”

“I Agree!”


“Haha, Teacher Zhang is really not f**king doing his job!”

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 220

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