I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 222

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Red String of Fate?

Good stuff!

Zhang Ye was one never to reject. After owning the game ring for such a long period of time, he knew that those special items that did not catch his eye would usually come in handy. For example, that lock-picking skill. Back then, when he received it, he thought it was trash, but what was the outcome? It saved his life! Hence, Zhang Ye was no longer picky. He wanted anything. Naturally, having more items in his inventory was better!

Draw again!

This time he bought another Additional Stake!

The Consumption Category was the biggest region. The needle stopped and landed in this region. Immediately, two Treasure Chests (Small) appeared.

Flipping open the Treasure Chest, out came a die like object.

[Difficulty Adjustment Die] : After it is thrown, it will randomly change the player’s difficulty. The period of its effects are random.

Seeing this item he drew, Zhang Ye, who said he did not reject anything, could not help but curse f**k. Why is it this c.r.a.ppy thing again? He had even bought an Additional Stake to get two of these “Difficulty Adjustment Dice”? Can you stop fooling around? Big Bro! Go back wherever you came from! Zhang Ye really felt like throwing the two dice away. He wanted to throw it as far as he could, but when he recalled that they became effective the moment they were thrown, he abandoned that thought, and was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. For these items, Zhang Ye felt great psychological pressure. If it had not created that perverse difficulty, he would not have encountered the hijacking. If not for the Lucky Bread and the Commercial Airline Piloting Skillbook, he would not have come back alive!

This die was a double-edged sword. It had equal advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages were good, but once he obtained a disadvantage, there was a high chance of him dying!

He was still lucky on the plane. The increase in difficulty by ten times only lasted for about 50 minutes. If it f**king gave me a year of ten times difficulty…Will I f**king be still alive?

A car would smash into me when I’m out?

Just going out for a walk would result in a dog biting me?

When I walk downstairs, a flower pot will come cras.h.i.+ng down at me?

Just those thoughts made Zhang Ye feel a chill. Are you guys trying to kill this bro?

Once bitten, twice shy. Zhang Ye no longer dared to repeat this again. Unless needed as a last resort, he would never use the die. Hence, he quickly and gently picked up the dice from the Treasure Chests and kept it in the inventory, afraid he would drop it, causing it to automatically change the difficulty.

Forget it, let’s not draw anymore.

His luck today wasn’t good.

Past 6 P.M.

He had been having good meals the past two days. The airport and the people from China Airlines kept hosting feasts for him. Anyways, Zhang Ye was not hungry. So he excused himself to not eat with them, saying he was busy. He secretly left the hotel and wore a large pair of dark sungla.s.ses to hide his face, afraid others would recognize him. Actually, this fellow had over-thought it. Although the hijacking incident had made Zhang Ye known around the country, only his fans in Beijing knew what he looked like. In Shanghai, they could not receive “Lecture Room”, and there were only a few pictures of Zhang Ye on the web. Those who did not watch his programs wouldn’t even recognize him even if he walked past them. Few people in Shanghai could recognize him.

On the streets, the lights were bright.

Neon lights flicked in the distance. It was bustling with life.

Zhang Ye indeed had something to do. He did not take the subway and hailed a taxi, and went towards the city center. He already had Weiwo Video Company’s address, as a middle-aged man had contacted him on the phone this afternoon. But of course, Zhang Ye did not plan on going to the office now. It was already late, and they were knocking off soon. He wanted to rent an apartment near to the office. After all, he had to live here for a few months, so he needed to settle his accommodation.

The Bund.

The sound of water could be heard as the wind blew across the river.

Men and women were leaning on the railings. They were either flirting or watching the scenery. The atmosphere was very leisurely. There were also yachts and boats cruising down the river. There were many banks and insurance company advertis.e.m.e.nts pasted on the boats. It was a scene that affected the atmosphere, but it was overall quite a charming place.

There were quite a lot of people, but it was not chaotic. The scenery was very static.

In Beijing, there was no way one could find such a place.

Zhang Ye had deliberately let the taxi driver drop him off here so that he could also take in the scenery. After about a long twenty minutes walk, he finally found a residential property intermediary by an alley. There were not many intermediary companies here. It was not like the intermediary-filled Beijing. After taking a look, only this one in front of him was considered a bigger company. Zhang Ye went in since their lights were still on.

“Sir, how do you do.” There was a young woman with average looks at the front desk. She was dressed in a s.h.i.+rt with a badge and trousers. However, she wore heavy make-up and looked quite bright.

“h.e.l.lo, have you knocked off?”

“Not yet. We only close at 10.”

“I want to rent an apartment. It’s best if I can move in today or tomorrow.”

“Alright, let me check for you. Please take a seat. I will get you some water. What sort of apartment do you need? And roughly where? And at what price?”

Zhang Ye took off his sungla.s.ses and sat in front of a computer with her. There were all sorts of information about apartments on the screen. As expected, the intermediary staff did not know him, “The price doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that it has to be near here. The apartment has to be a bit new and the renovations good. The size doesn’t matter. I will be living alone.”

The woman began to search for him. “This area is mostly a high-end residential district. If you are not price sensitive, there are many apartments available for you. For example, this one. Two bedroom apartment. 90 square meters. They had renovations last year. It is slightly far away. About two kilometers away. What say you?”

Zhang Ye looked at the map and indeed it was a bit far. His ideal residence was somewhere near to Weiwo company, so that he could reach there in ten minutes by taxi. “Let’s try another one.”

After looking at a few, he was unsatisfied with all of them.

Either the renovations did not match his taste or it was too far.

Zhang Ye did not want to waste his money, “Is there a one bedroom? It’s just me alone.”

The woman shook her head, “It’s basically a high-end small district. The smallest apartments are two bedrooms. Why don’t you look at this one. The location is good, the layout is good. Two bedrooms. The renovations are not bad too. It will definitely meet your requirements. However, the apartment is a sublet. The previous renter signed a one year contract with the tenant, but he has already moved out. There’s about three to four months left on the contract.”

Three to four months?

Hey, isn’t that just nice!?

Zhang Ye was also very satisfied with the apartment layout, “I also won’t be staying here for long. I think this will do. Three to four months isn’t a problem too. Then let’s look at the rooms?”

“Alright, I’ll bring you there.” The woman said happily.

“Can I move in today?” Zhang Ye asked.

“Yes, the person has already moved out. I can give him a call to ask him over. If it’s alright, we can even sign the contract today. There won’t be a problem at all.” The woman answered.

This was a high-end residential area.

The room prices for The Bund were all placed there. Other than the old houses which were decades old, the surroundings were all high-end residential buildings. It was easy to see just from the decor and the greenery of the district. There were even artificial lakes and rockery with fountains. Of course, the rent was expensive. This two bedroom apartment was around 90 square meters. The monthly rent was about 11,500 Yuan (US$1,700). The average price in The Bund was about 12,300 Yuan (US$1,850). It really wasn’t cheap.

However, after looking at the apartment, Zhang Ye was quite tempted. He had just received a reward of a million Yuan (US$150,000) from China Airlines, so he was not lacking in cash. After all, he was now a celebrity, he couldn’t live in somewhere too shabby, right? If he squeezed into a small rental house, others would even think he was not famous enough. So he had to use this bit of money. Even if he felt the pinch, and was f**king cheap, Zhang Ye had to be generous for once.

Acting awesome was one of the requirements of being a celebrity!

As a celebrity, if you didn’t act awesome, you wouldn’t even feel right greeting others outside!

“It’s decided. This apartment would do. Please prepare the contract. I’ll go collect my luggage from the hotel.” Zhang Ye very quickly finalized it before taking a taxi back to the hotel to pack his things.

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 222

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