I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Using the Red String of Fate!

Everyone was listening in with curiosity. It was not surprising that the two of them were previously cla.s.smates since they were both broadcasting professionals. Most of them were schoolmates at least, so knowing each other was normal. What they were more concerned about were Zhang Ye’s past deeds. Already angered a teacher in his freshman year? F**k, this person was different from the others. No wonder he had cursed the Human Resource staff away earlier. This was his temperament all along!

Was it really okay like this?

Such a person can be a broadcasting host?

Everyone had their doubts of the newly arrived Teacher Zhang Ye’s temperament and nature. He was indeed a wonder of this industry!

“Luckily I didn’t greet him just now.”

“Yea, this Teacher Zhang Ye does not seem easy to talk to.”

“Such a temper is really too much.”

“His program has not been set yet, so his program team probably has no one yet? d.a.m.n, please don’t transfer me over.”

They were whispering about how their first impressions of Zhang Ye could only be described as a “wonder”. A few people, who had wanted to greet Zhang Ye, had now dismissed the idea.

Dong Shanshan spoke with Zhang Ye for a while before walking over to the desk beside Zhang Ye. She put down her doc.u.ments and pulled out the chair, pressed down her skirt and sat down. She was wearing a darker than royal blue mini skirt that felt quite matured. She had black stockings and black high heels of around 12cm high, paired with a black lady’s suit and bundled hair. She was dressed with the looks of a professional. If it were other pretty women who dressed the same, they could only be described as pretty, matured and able. But on Dong Shanshan, there was an additional description of “s.e.xy”, because of her figure. She wore the suit very tightly, especially at the back of her hips and chest. As such, she was more enchanting than the others.

“You’re seated here?” Zhang Ye asked.

Dong Shanshan laughed, “Yes, all the rookies sit around here.”

Zhang Ye looked at the adjacent table, “You reported for work after leaving the hotel yesterday?”

Dong Shanshan nodded, “If I knew you were invited too, I would have come along with you. Things between us sure were good, we were chatting for so long on the plane yet none of us knew that we were going to report to the same unit.”

Zhang Ye was speechless, “Who asked that mouth of yours to always not speak the truth.”

Dong Shanshan gave him a glance, “You did not tell me you were coming to apply as a web host either.”

“You did not ask. Alright, I won’t keep you from your work.” He could see that the school belle had some work to do, so he did not carry on chatting but busied himself.


It was now lunchtime.

Zhang Ye had been looking at the computer screen the whole morning and felt a little dizzy. He rubbed his eyes and then looked sideways at Dong Shanshan, wanting to ask her to lunch together at the canteen. But before he could open his mouth, a few guys had already come up to her.

“Teacher Dong, let’s have lunch together?”

“Do we have the honor of inviting Teacher Dong for lunch?”

“Yea, we could also discuss about the program together.”

“The program planning for you is almost done, let’s chat while we eat?”

About five to six guys had come up to her at once. They were tall, short, fat and thin, each one more enthusiastic than the other.

Dong Shanshan smiled at them, “Discuss about the program? Hmm…Alright then, let’s go together.” So she headed to the canteen together with the few of them.

Zhang Ye thought to himself: Sure, this bro will have his own lunch.

When he got up, he realised that he did not know the way to the canteen. He wanted to find a colleague to go together and also to have a chat with in order find out more about the company and the people there. But when he tried looking for someone, everyone had already left. It was like they avoided Zhang Ye on purpose and it made him at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Your sister! From the television station to the WebTV station, is this bro so unpopular?

Heading out to look for the canteen himself, Zhang Ye applied for a meal card and then queued for a simple meal of rice and fried vegetables which he took back to the office to eat.

Just before 1 P.M.

Dong Shanshan and the others had returned.

“Teacher Dong, where did you stay last night?”

“I found an express hotel nearby. I had previously believed that our company had staff quarters.”

“There isn’t any. We all have to get our own rental apartments. Yea, you are still unfamiliar with this place, why don’t I bring you to a residential property intermediary after work tonight.”

“But won’t that trouble you, Ah Qian?”

“That’s not troublesome, no trouble at all. It’s along the way.”

“Sure, then thank you.”

“You are too polite, it’s just simple help.”

With the appointment to go apartment hunting decided, Ah Qian became very excited.

Little Yu who was seated beside him could only look on at him in envy. You were still saying that you weren’t good enough for her this morning. And now you are already going after her in the afternoon? Deceitful!

Dong Shanshan mood was not affected as she went back to her work.

Zhang Ye saw this, and could only feel the exasperation one could feel if they competed against others. He could tell that there were at least ten people in the entire office who had their sights on Dong Shanshan. Some showed it on their faces, while others hid it in their hearts. They would glance at Dong Shanshan every now and then, but not make a move.

“You seem really popular.” Zhang Ye said in a laughing voice that only the two of them could hear. There were only the two of them on this side of their work area, so as long as they spoke softly, no one else could hear them.

Dong Shanshan glanced, “Is that so?”

Zhang Ye shrugged, “At least more popular than me.”

“Hur Hur Hur.” Dong Shanshan was tickled, “Why did you curse at people when you just got the job? Composing poetry that scolds people and making trouble during a live broadcast. Everyone already knows that you are not easy to get along with, so who would bother to make conversation with you? At lunch just now, some of them asked me about you, do you know what’s their impression of you? They said that you are a ‘wonder’ of the industry!”

They are the wonders!

Your whole d.a.m.ned family are wonders!

Zhang Ye was speechless for a long while.

With a sudden thought, Dong Shanshan asked, “Oh right, did you find an apartment yet? If not, why don’t we go together tonight? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to stay here for the long term.”

Zhang Ye replied, “I’ve already found one yesterday and moved in.”

“So fast? Where is it at?” Dong Shanshan asked curiously.

Zhang Ye laughingly answered, “It’s near the Bund. I forgot which road, but it’s a normal two bedroom apartment.”

Dong Shanshan said, “The rental over there is so expensive, looks like you’ve got quite some money. Oh right, the China Airlines reward was already a million. Alright, tomorrow or the day after, I must have a treat from you.”

“No problem.” Zhang Ye said without hesitating while waving his hands. But with this wave, he knocked a pen off from his desk. It landed right beside Dong Shanshan’s leg.

Dong Shanshan lowered her head to pick it up for him.

But Zhang Ye said, “Let me do it, you are wearing a skirt. It’s not convenient.”

Dong Shanshan did not insist. They were already cla.s.smates of four years. With the added incident on the plane and as old friends meeting again at work, their relations.h.i.+p had already become a lot closer.

Zhang Ye bent over his waist towards the school belle’s legs. With her legs that were covered by black silk stockings getting closer and closer to his face, it was getting too tempting. Zhang Ye’s mind suddenly thought of something. He remembered the items that he drew from the Consumption Category earlier – Red String of Fate. The instructions were rather clear, but he wouldn’t know what the effect really was if he did not use it.


He had to try!

Dong Shanshan did not pay attention to him as she was busy clearing the doc.u.ments on her desk.

Zhang Ye opened his game ring’s inventory and took out a Red String of Fate. As he was picking up the pen beside her leg, he took the Red String of Fate and rounded it around her ankle. Then, he pretended to not have picked up the pen the first time and with a quick flick of his finger, made the Red String of Fate into a knot. With a pull, the Red String of Fate was now tied to Dong Shanshan’s ankle.

Zhang Ye could feel and see the Red String of Fate.

However, Dong Shanshan could not see it nor feel it. She did look at him with her peripheral vision, maybe annoyed at why he was taking so long.

Zhang Ye had by now already picked up the pen and got back up.

Dong Shanshan returned her gaze back onto her computer, as she typed and did work.

Zhang Ye heaved a sigh of relief that he wasn’t discovered. He crossed his right leg up as he looked down at it and proceeded to tie the Red String of Fate around his own ankle too. The material of the Red String of Fate was very special as it could extend at will. When it was tied onto Dong Shanshan’s ankle, it did not have much length, but as he pulled it, he discovered that it could be extended indefinitely and that was how he managed to tie it to his own ankle. The moment it was tied, Zhang Ye felt a numbness in his ankle. It felt like pins and needles though it disappeared very quickly. He looked to his side and saw Dong Shanshan’s brows flinching and then curiously bending down to scratch her ankle.

“Red String of Fate is in effect!”

“Marriage Affinity is now linked!”

That’s it? What kind of effect will it have?

Zhang Ye had familiarized himself with his work and had nothing else to do, so he started waiting to see the effect.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed.

There was no changes of any sort.

Zhang Ye looked over to Dong Shanshan frequently but did not see how their Marriage Affinity had been linked.

At this moment, Dong Shanshan suddenly put down her mouse and stood up. She took her cellphone and a tissue pack with only two tissues in it, then walked out slowly. Judging by the direction, she was probably headed for the bathroom.

After a long while, Dong Shanshan still had not returned.

Zhang Ye looked at his watch hoping to leave work earlier. The Red String of Fate’s effect was likely to be slower, unlike the Cupid Sachet which was almost immediate. The effect experiment was probably not going to have any results today?

As he was thinking, his cellphone vibrated!

Zzi, zzi. It was a message from the school belle!

Dong Shanshan: Zhang Ye, are you busy?

Zhang Ye replied: No, what’s the matter?

Translator’s Notes: By the way, if you guys are offended by the “white overlords” translation from the previous chapter, here’s some clarification. The Chinese phrased used is 崇洋媚外, which means

be crazy about foreign things and obsequious to foreigners; be subservient to foreigners; have a servile att.i.tude to foreign things; trumpet servility to things foreign; wors.h.i.+p (things foreign) and fawn on [upon] foreigners

The full sentence was: 你愿意崇洋媚外你自己去

An alternative translation is: If you wish to adore the foreigners, do it yourself.

As it is him cursing his colleague, the tone that I chose to translate was a little bit more harsh than the above dictionary meaning. I have since changed the translation also.

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 225

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