I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Stuck in the Ladies’!

The school belle had encountered a problem!

She actually forgot to take her sanitary pad!

Zhang Ye sat there like a wax figure. He struggled for a long time before replying: Wait a little longer, I’ll see if anyone comes along. I will help you look for someone here.

Dong Shanshan: OK.

Zhang Ye looked all over the place to ensure that no one was looking at him. Luckily, their desks were situated at a corner. Zhang Ye quietly s.h.i.+fted his body sideways and stretched his arm out into Dong Shanshan's bag to take out a sanitary pad. He also took a new pack of tissues before placing her bag back in its original spot. Then, he quickly stuffed the sanitary pad into his pocket.

Look for someone?

But how should he put it?

This issue was a little difficult to handle!

Through some consideration, Zhang Ye believed that this matter was to be kept a secret from the other male colleagues. After all, it didn't sound good. Dong Shanshan wanted her face after all. And if he become a loudmouth, it would cause adverse effects. Hence, he had to consider which of the female colleagues did not find Dong Shanshan a nuisance. She had to be tight-lipped too, and she would not go around spreading "Host Dong didn't bring sanitary pads to the bathroom". With this in mind, Zhang Ye began to size up each and every female colleague.

This woman? No, she looks a little mean. It's not easy to speak to her.

That woman? No too. Looks like a person who likes to gossip.

But somehow, just as Zhang Ye could not decide who to ask for help from, Deputy Director w.a.n.g walked in with a few people, "All our female comrades, please put your work aside. Because there are too many people, tomorrow's medical examination has been brought forward. The vehicle taking us there has already arrived, so please proceed downstairs."

"It's today?"

"Yeah, but we've already had our lunch."

The women muttered some words.

w.a.n.g Xiong said, "It doesn't matter if you've had lunch. It's mainly listening and vision tests. Old Chen, please get the ladies organized and let's go."

A middle aged woman stood up and signalled for everyone to head downstairs.

In the s.p.a.ce of a few minutes, all of the women had cleared the office.

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded. F**k, it can't be so coincidental, right? The school belle was still waiting for help!

Suddenly, he thought of something. Can this be the d.a.m.n Red String of Fate taking effect?  What was marriage affinity? Marriage Affinity basically meant that two people in the world who did not know each other could get to know each other by chance. Then, through a series of incidents, they would become attracted to each other. When people mention things like "the two of us are really fated", that is basically what they mean. So the Red String of Fate's effect was like this as well? It creates some tiny incidents to make two people become closer, this was what's called affinity? Otherwise, how could the incidents happening right now be explained? Your sister, at least leave a female colleague behind for me! There's not even 1!

Di Di.

A message came in again.

Dong Shanshan: There's still no one.

Zhang Ye: There's really no one, even the office is empty. All the women have gone for their medical examination.

Dong Shanshan:… Then, I will thank you first? Please bring it over for me. There's only me in the toilet, so you can come in without worries.

Zhang Ye: Why can’t I leave it at the door for you?

Dong Shanshan: It's already dripping down my legs, I don't even dare to pull my skirt down. How do you expect me to go out to take it myself?

Dripping down her legs? This description left much to his imagination and Zhang Ye nearly had a nosebleed. He snorted a little before replying: Alright then.

Dong Shanshan: Remember not to be seen by others. Thanks, I will buy you a meal sometime.

Keeping his cellphone, Zhang Ye stood up to go to the toilet. He walked out and there was not a sight of a woman. The office staff was reduced by half and all the men were working. No one paid any attention to Zhang Ye.

At the toilet entrance.

Walk straight in, you'd see a mirror. The ladies' was on the left while the gents' on the right.

Zhang Ye being careful, he went into the gents' to take a look first. He was afraid that there was someone inside and if they saw him coming out from the ladies', he would be totally embarra.s.sed. Okay, there was no one inside, so he came out and then, he hesitantly took a few steps back and forth towards the ladies'. He did not have the courage to go in, so he coughed loudly.

Di Di.

Message: Are you here? Was it you coughing?

Zhang Ye replied: I'm here.

Dong Shanshan: Come in. It's the 3rd door from the inside.

Zhang Ye clenched his jaws and looked back once more, making sure there was no one around before he stepping into the ladies'. He quickly walked towards the rows of cubicles.

The 3rd door?

But there are 2 rows! Which 3rd door was it?

"Where are you?" Zhang Ye whispered softly.

"In here… " Dong Shanshan's voice came from behind one of the doors.

"Oh, coming, coming." Zhang Ye quickly went over.

With a creaking sound, the cubicle door opened slightly. Through the gap of the ajar door, Zhang Ye could see one of Dong Shanshan's leg. The lower half of her leg was swathed in black stocking. Her thigh was revealed, showing her milky white skin as the pantyhose was already half off, "Don't look. Pa.s.s it to me."

A hand reached out.

Zhang Ye couldn't help but look, otherwise how was he going to put the thing in her hand? Besides, he couldn't see Dong Shanshan's eyes between the door opening. That meant that she could not see his face either and wouldn't know if he was looking or not. Zhang Ye didn't hold back and looked inside a few times. The view was extremely tempting, but he could not see clearly nor was there much to see. A leg, a half hanging pantyhose and a high heel. That was it.  Zhang Ye took the sanitary pad and pack of tissues out of his pocket and placed them on her outreached hand.

"OK." Zhang Ye said.

"Thanks." Dong Shanshan said.

But at this moment, footsteps could be heard approaching from outside the door. It was the sound of high heels and the footsteps were hastily coming towards the ladies'!

Zhang Ye had gooseb.u.mps all over his body. F**k, don't give me this sh*t! What kind of trouble do you want to get me into!? His face went pale. If he was seen by someone, he wonders what kind of rumours would start flying. Teacher Zhang Ye sneaked into the female toilet? Teacher Dong and Teacher Zhang's secret meeting in the female toilet? Zhang Ye knew his reputation had not been too good anyway, but never for such a wretched deed. And this time, it would even affect Dong Shanshan's reputation!

"Teacher Dong?"

"Teacher Dong, are you in the toilet?"

The woman called out twice, she almost came in by now!

In the nick of time, the 3rd cubicle door opened and a hand reached out to pull Zhang Ye in!

Zhang Ye stumbled not knowing what just happened and he ended up inside!

With a bang, the cubicle door closed and was locked from the inside!

Zhang Ye looked sideways and made eye contact with Dong Shanshan who was half sitting, half squatting. He took a deep breath as his faced turned red. Dong Shanshan was probably embarra.s.sed too, but she did not blush. With a swipe of her hair, she used it to cover her face.


It was the bathroom again!

They were in the same situation as when they were on the plane. So it has happened again? What sort of Fengshui hotspot was a bathroom? Why do we always f**king end up in here!

But regardless of the resentment, Zhang Ye still had a feast for his eyes. He did not need to stare at the school belle deliberately. She was right smack in his field of vision. The toilet bowl was splattered with red liquid, quite a lot in fact. The trash bin was also littered with blood stained tissues. Looking back at Dong Shanshan, because she was in a squatting position, her thighs and hips were together. It squeezed her perky posterior into a fuller shape. A large white area was revealed. The dark blue short skirt was already lifted up to her waist. It did not have the ability to cover her. The black stockings on her legs had also been pulled down her thighs. They were like a wall preventing Zhang Ye from seeing inside.

The two of them were totally embarra.s.sed.

Dong Shanshan coughed continuously to clear her throat.

Zhang Ye flurriedly reacted and turned his head to the side. It was not good to keep looking.

"Teacher Dong, is that you?" The woman had come in.

"It's me. You are... Zhang Han?" Dong Shanshan replied to the outside.

The woman laughed, "You can even recognise me this way? No wonder you are in the hosting line, your memory towards sound is too good. Oh right, you should hurry up. The medical examination has been brought forward, everyone's queuing up to board the vehicle. There's still a few people left so the leader asked me to come look for you."

Dong Shanshan said, "I have an upset stomach, maybe you shouldn't wait for me."

"Don't say that, we all have to do the medical examination somehow. If you don't go today, you will still have to go another time. It will be more difficult to submit your claims if that happens. Don't worry, it's not actually that urgent. I will wait for you here." The woman stood outside waiting.

Dong Shanshan immediately replied, "Don't wait for me, you go ahead. I will be right with you."

"It's fine, we are all colleagues, it's not a big deal." The woman said with a sense of loyalty.

Zhang Ye was on the verge of cursing. He thought to himself; why she did not arrive earlier or later? Why now at this critical time!? If she was here a minute earlier, this bro would not have needed to come into the ladies' and could have just pa.s.sed you the things! Thinking of this, Zhang Ye subconsciously turned around to give Dong Shanshan a signal. But he saw something he shouldn't have seen, so he quickly turned around.

Zhang Han started chatting with her, "Is that Teacher Zhang Ye your cla.s.smate?"

"Yes, we were in the same cla.s.s." Dong Shanshan replied.

Zhang Han said, "Is he really that famous in Beijing? It don't seem so. He doesn't even have the looks of a host. It's the first time I’ve seeing such a hooligan host."

Holy sh*t!

She's now even thras.h.i.+ng my front yard!

You are now even setting me up?

Zhang Ye endured it. There was no other way except enduring it. They were under the same roof, and it was a roof that had quite a stench. The smell in the loo could not be said to be fragrant, but Dong Shanshan's perfume was mixed in it.

Dong Shanshan said to her in a squatting position, "Teacher Zhang Ye has a honest disposition. He dares to say anything on his mind. He also dares to do anything. He was the same back in school. He never schemed, so the people who liked him liked him a lot, while those who hated him would hate him so much that they would ground their teeth whenever they saw him."

Zhang Ye looked up. So the school belle had such an evaluation of him? She sure knows me!

"Is that so? I couldn't tell." Zhang Han said and then pinched her nose. As the deed was a bit odd, she said, "I think I'll wait for you by the bathroom's entrance. Hurry up, would you?"

"Almost done."


The sound of footsteps trailed away and stopped by the bathroom's entrance.

Without her gone, Zhang Ye did not dare to leave. He whispered, "What do we do?"

"I'll go out first. You can leave once we’re gone." Dong Shanshan whispered back. ‘Si!’ The sound of something tearing could be heard. She must have taken out the sanitary pad. "Have some conscience. Don't turn back."

"Okay." Zhang Ye answered.

There was non-stop sounds coming from behind him.

There was the sound of high heels moving around as well as the sounds of the sanitary pad rubbing across a surface.

About half a minute pa.s.sed and then Dong Shanshan said from behind, "I'm done."

Zhang Ye turned back and saw Dong Shanshan adjusting her deep blue colored short skirt. With a press of the flush b.u.t.ton, the water began gus.h.i.+ng out.

The atmosphere was extremely ambiguous.

Zhang Ye looked at her and really wanted to hug her, but he didn't dare to.

Dong Shanshan stared at him with a charming look, "I'm leaving first. Be careful yourself."

"Alright." Watching Dong Shanshan open the stall's door, Zhang Ye took another deep breath. He was afraid that blood would gush out of his nose because he had seen too much today.

"Sorry for the long wait, Zhang Han."

"It's alright. Let's go Teacher Dong."

"Alright. Eh, your clothes are quite pretty. Where did you buy them?"

"Hur Hur, is it so? My boyfriend gave it to me last week."

"You sure are blessed. I don't even know if my other half has been born."

The sounds of their conversation and footsteps faded away.

Zhang Ye heaved a sigh of relief. Sticking his head out to look around, he quickly left the ladies', and returned to his desk to work.

Red String of Fate!

You nearly took away my life!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 226

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