I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Living with the School belle!

The program format was decided.

Then what program should it be?

A foreign one? One from domestic television? Or the ones on the internet?

There were too many Talk Show programs in Zhang Ye's world. A few years before the world was changed, this type of program was too popular. There were many choices, but from the popularity and particular content of the programs, there were very few choices. He was thinking of a broadcasting format that suited web video. Also considering that he would be the first person to suggest a Talk Show, he had to try his best to choose a traditional Talk Show format that suited the tastes of the locals. He could not choose those pseudo Talk Shows as the precedent. In that case, there was only one option that was the best.

When he thought of this, Zhang Ye had already opened the interface to the game ring. Looking at his overall Reputation points, he was counting his blessings that after obtaining the "Difficulty Adjustment Dice", he stopped using his Reputation points. They could finally be put to use. He used the remaining Reputation points, as well as the Reputation points he gained from the past two days, to buy a total of ten "Memory Search Capsules". He wanted to remember more at one go!

He threw the capsules into his mouth.

He began searching his memory.

Zhang Ye recalled the date and time when he watched those programs himself. His consciousness was naturally brought back to that period under the help of the capsule.

One episode...

Ten episodes...

Twenty episodes...

Why did he need to remember so many at a go?

The reason was that many of the segments that were specific to his world could not be used. He could only use segments that were universal. Hence, he could not just follow the order from his world. He had to delete some and add some, so there was definitely no harm in recalling more episodes. When there wasn't enough segments for one episode, the other segments could be used to supplement the gaps. As long as the connections were done properly, there would not be a jarring feeling.


It was nearly 9.

Zhang Ye also regained consciousness after he had finished using the Memory Search Capsules. With a probe of his mind, he could recall a total of more than twenty episodes. Not one word was missing, as they were clearly embedded in his mind. He could even recite it backwards ad verbatim.


His stomach began to protest.

Zhang Ye rubbed his belly and felt his hunger. He had not eaten ever since he returned home. He had even had his blood drawn at the hospital. And with the program decided on, his body and mind had completely relaxed, hence his hunger was even more p.r.o.nounced. There wasn't much at home. Did he have to go out to eat something? Eh, wait a moment. What's happening to the Red String of Fate? Zhang Ye had his head down while looking for shoes to go downstairs. However, he saw the Red String of Fate at his ankle slowly changing in direction. Previously, it was pointing West all along. Clearly, Dong Shanshan was looking for a rental apartment in that direction. But now, the Red String of Fate was pointing directly downwards. As the Red String of Fate could penetrate anything, he could see it embedded in the floor tiles of his house.

It was pointing downwards?

What was this supposed to mean?

Soon, the Red String of Fate changed again. It started pointing a bit East and then slowly raised upwards. Shortly after that, the Red String of Fate turned parallel to the floor and pointed towards the door.

Ding Dong.

Ding Dong.

The doorbell sounded.

Zhang Ye went over and opened the door with his head filled with questions, "Ah, Dong Shanshan?"

The school belle was standing outside the door with the clothes she was wearing during the day. However, she was holding onto two luggage bags that Zhang Ye had seen her use at the airport.

Dong Shanshan flicked her hair charmingly, "Why? We haven't seen each other for only two or three hours, right? Why are you staring so widely? Don't you even recognize your old cla.s.smate?"

Zhang Ye said, "That's not it; I'm wondering about the reason why you are here? You know my address?"

Dong Shanshan winked, "Weren't your address and telephone number recorded by the company? My memory is pretty good, so before it was shelved away, I had scanned and remembered it." Saying that, she patted her luggage, "So? Are you letting your old cla.s.smate stand at the door? You aren't inviting me in?"

"Please enter." Zhang Ye moved sideways to let her in.

Dong Shanshan walked in and looked around, "Oh, your house is pretty big?"

Zhang Ye helped her carry the luggage in, "It's not bad. It's just an ordinary two bedroom apartment."

"It’s in such a good spot in downtown, and the apartment is pretty big. It must at least be more than 10,000 Yuan a month, right? Hur hur. You sure are rich." Dong Shanshan praised him.

Zhang Ye was still puzzled, "Didn't you go apartment searching?"

"I didn't find a good one." Dong Shanshan sighed and said, "Those that are near to the company are too expensive, nor are there one bedroom apartments. The cheapest two bedroom is already around 8,000 to 9,000. Those that are 4,000-5,000 are co-rental with other people. I even went to look at apartments that were farther away. There were one bedroom apartments for 3,000-4,000, but they are too far away. There will be traffic jams just commuting to work. It would take more than an hour, and up to two hours commuting to and fro. And in this line of work, it is inevitable to work overtime. If I get off work late in the night, how am I to go home? Without a car, it's also unsafe. So it definitely wouldn't do."

Zhang Ye smiled, "To think you are lacking in cash?"

Dong Shanshan rolled her eyes at him, and pulled out a napkin to wipe her forehead of the fine fragrant sweat. She had been tired out dragging her luggage all the way here, "I'm really lacking in cash. The money I saved up working in the Xishan province has been given to my parents, so as to let them lead a better life. So I didn't bring a lot of money for my trip to Shanghai. How can I compare to a rich guy like you? You should know about my family conditions, right?"

Zhang Ye had heard about it back in school. He knew that her family's financial condition was average. She wasn't much different from him. They were not from rich families, but their situations had not been as bad as going hungry, "Do you want to get some money from me to tide you over?"

Dong Shanshan chuckled, "You know I never borrow money from others. I'll spend how much I have. That has been my guiding principle. However...I really need help from you."

"Say it, please." Zhang Ye immediately said.

Dong Shanshan smiled slightly and pointed to her luggage, "Yesterday, I lived in a motel, but the motels around here are quite expensive. It's more than 300 a night. When I went to work, I did not carry on my stay at the motel. My luggage was stored at the front desk. I wanted to stay another night after I finished looking at apartments, but there were no more rooms. They had all been taken. After looking around all day, I didn't find any cheap hotels either. So, I came to disturb you." After saying all this, she stood up and sized up the luxuriously renovated apartment. "Actually, I wanted to disturb you for a night, but your house looks pretty good. The renovations and the floor area are excellent. Isn't it a waste to live alone in a two bedroom apartment?"

Zhang Ye was stunned, "Ah? Ah, yes, it's quite a waste."

Dong Shanshan s.e.xily pursed her lips to reveal a smile, "Then let's be housemates. You don't mind your old cla.s.smate staying here, right? Of course, I would not be staying here for free. How much is your rent? We can split the rent."

Zhang Ye subconsciously said, "It's 12,000 a month."

"So expensive?" Dong Shanshan smacked her lips, "Let's do it this way. I'll pay 4,000, and then, you can throw your clothes at me; I'll wash them for you."

Zhang Ye immediately said, "How can I agree to that? If you agree to stay, feel free to stay. It's nothing. There's no need for you to wash my clothes or pay."

Dong Shanshan pouted, "Then I'm leaving?"

"Heh, look at you. Do you need to go this far?" Zhang Ye said helplessly.

Dong Shanshan insisted, "I know you mean well, but..."

Zhang Ye was also insistent, "We have been old cla.s.smates for so many years; why stand on ceremony with me? Anyway, I will definitely not want your money." Knowing that the school belle was a bit tight on money, he naturally wanted to help her. Besides, Zhang Ye was dying to live with Dong Shanshan together. He would be living with a beauty together!

Dong Shanshan frowned, "You are so unthoughtful."

"It's you who are unthoughtful." Zhang Ye moved her luggage to the second bedroom, "Let's go."

"This definitely will not do."

Zhang Ye smiled with his eyebrows ticking upwards, "Do you know how to cook?"

Dong Shanshan was amused, "You are looking down on me? Then I must let you try it."

"That's good then. I'm starving now. I haven't eaten yet." Zhang Ye somewhat agreed to her suggestion of doing laundry and cooking. However, he naturally did not plan on letting her do the laundry.

"Sure, what do you want to eat?"

"Just something to fill the stomach. I'm not picky with food."

"Then help me move my luggage. I'll go downstairs to the supermarket to buy some food."

9:30 A.M.

Dong Shanshan did not change after coming back with food. She grabbed and wore an ap.r.o.n from her luggage bags. She rushed into the kitchen and closed the door. When she came out, there were already two dishes in her hands. One of them was fried chicken wings, sprinkled with some spices. The other plate was oil-dipped shrimp. No water was used; it was stewed in oil. It was extremely fragrant and it looked very good.

"Have a taste." Dong Shanshan said confidently.

Zhang Ye was starving so he quickly picked up a pair of chopsticks and began eating, "Wow! Yes, yes, it's delicious!"

Ring, ring, ring. Dong Shanshan's phone rang. She turned her head sideways to Zhang Ye, "Don't talk." Then she picked it up with a smile, "h.e.l.lo, Mom."

On the other side, Mother Dong said, "Are you asleep yet?"

Dong Shanshan said, "Not yet. How is dad?"

"He will be discharged from hospital tomorrow. It's just pneumonia, so it’s nothing much." Mother Dong said, "How's your work over there? Did you find a place to stay?"

Dong Shanshan smiled, "I found it. It's near the Bund and close to the company."

Mother Dong exclaimed, "The houses there are expensive. How can you be so wasteful?"

Dong Shanshan pointed at the fried chicken wings, motioning for Zhang Ye to try that dish. She said into the phone, "No, I'm living at an old cla.s.smate's house. I don't have to pay."

Mother Dong said attentively, "A man or woman?"

"Of course it's a woman." Dong Shanshan could lie at a moment's notice.

Mother Dong acknowledged and said, "That's good. Remember to thank her."

Dong Shanshan leisurely said, "I've already thanked her. We are eating supper now. She has a morning s.h.i.+ft tomorrow, so she has to sleep early today. So I won't be talking anymore. Bye, Mom."

Seeing her hang up the phone, Zhang Ye sweated. He was wondering why all the beauties he met had something with their words. The Heavenly Queen's mouth was filled with daggers. She was completely different to different people. The landlady's mouth was venomous. She could be as damaging as she wanted with her words. As for the school belle's mouth, nothing she spoke was the truth!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 228

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