I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 231

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Chapter 231 - I am Zhang Ye, I speak for myself!


At the unit's canteen.

During the meal, groups of two or three people from the WebTV department would eat together. During this lunch break, they would discuss Zhang Ye's new program.

"Hey, did you hear about it?"

"About what?"

"About Zhang Ye's new program!"

"Heh, I was just about to bring that up. I heard about it, too!"

"What's the situation? What's up with the newcomer, Teacher Zhang?"

"He submitted a new program proposal. All of you know that he's different from a typical host. The Leader has already granted him the right to plan his own program. But guess what program he came up with in the end? Don't even try to guess, for you would never get it because it doesn't exist in the country, no, the whole world.

Zhang Ye came up with something called a 'talk show', where he stands on stage and speaks to the audience. I was wondering, just anyone with some intelligence would know that such a program would not be interesting, right? Just like those interviewing programs, there would at least have to be a guest. It seems like he doesn't even plan on having guests and will be speaking by himself!"

"Come on, stop bullsh*tting."

"What do you mean, bullsh*tting? It's true."

"Zhang Ye was involved in the planning of 'Lecture Room', right? That program was good in quality. How can an experienced planner make such a low-level mistake?"

"You really don't believe it?"

"Old Zhang, I can bear witness. It's true."

"That's right. Many people now know of this so-called 'talk show', and what is unbelievable is that the Leader has approved it. It seems like they are letting Zhang Ye try out one episode. If the hits do not reach the required amount, it will be axed. I'm really wondering why the Leaders allowed him to create such a mess."

"Just letting him try an episode already ill.u.s.trates the Leaders' att.i.tude. They definitely aren't optimistic about it, or they would at least let it broadcast for more than ten episodes. You can't axe a program so quickly."

"Hur hur. I really wonder what Zhang Ye is thinking."

"He's finished. Once the program is released, all the reputation that he had acc.u.mulated in the past will vanish."

"That's right. How is he going to maintain his viewers.h.i.+p legend? After the program is broadcast, I even wonder if he can keep his job."

"I could already tell that he was an imposter without any real abilities."

There was no stop to these discussions. People used the term "talk show" as a topic of discussion during meals.

Office area.

Zhang Ye returned from lunch.

Dong Shanshan was already seated at her desk. After seeing her old cla.s.smate, she looked up and said, "You are really planning on doing that talk show?"

Zhang Ye said, "Yes, of course."

Ah Qian came over out of concern. He said, as if he was at a loss whether to laugh or cry, "Teacher Zhang, what is that program of yours actually? It's… It's too innovative, isn’t it?" He tried to be tactful with his words.

Zhang Ye had already responded to this question too many times today. He did not explain and just smiled, "You will know when you see it."

Dong Shanshan asked, "The program has been decided upon?"

Zhang Ye said, "It's decided. It will be recorded and broadcast next week. The site requirements and related stuff have all been requested."

Ah Qian and Little Yu looked at each other and did not speak another word. They too were not optimistic about Zhang Ye's program. Talk show? What the heck was that!?

Dong Shanshan glanced at him, "Zhang Ye, look at the internet."

"On the internet? What's that supposed to mean?" Zhang Ye asked.

"You'll know once you get online." Dong Shanshan pointed to her computer screen.

Zhang Ye sat at his computer and moved the mouse. He understood the moment that he took a look. It seemed like there was a leak in the news. Several media ent.i.ties had already reported on the matter on the internet.

"Zhang Ye—A person whose fame got to his head! "

"Weiwo's bad move, Zhang Ye's utterly terrible move! "

"What a pity. I have always been optimistic about Zhang Ye; however, according to insider sources, Zhang Ye's new program is an original program—a talk show. As for what a talk show is, I'm not very sure. According to the informant, Zhang Ye's program is for him to tell jokes on stage alone, while the audience listens. I can't help but ask, what's wrong with Zhang Ye? Have his past accomplishments gone to his head? Why would there be such a bizarre idea!? Would anyone watch such a program? It is actually being broadcast next week?"

A few news articles had been published, and immediately the people who were keeping Zhang Ye on their radar erupted into an uproar!

"It can't be?"

"It must be fake news, right?"

"With so many people breaking the news, it has to be real."

"F**k, history lecturing is fine, but why is Zhang Ye telling jokes?"

"I can finally tell that Zhang Ye became famous all because of luck. He doesn't know a thing. He's finished. His reputation is completely ruined."

"He's too young."

"Not only is he young, he's arrogant!"

"The entire world doesn't have such programs, but you have to do it? Isn't this a joke? Only you are smart, while others are fools? Why didn't others do such a program if it was so good?"

They were full of criticism and doubts online!

Even Zhang Ye's fan club was the same!

A newcomer who had just joined the fanclub said, "You guys have fun here. I'm leaving the fanclub. If I want to hear jokes, can't I go to a joke website? Must I listen to you?"

Another newcomer said, "If this is what Z is going to do, then I'm dropping out, too."

"What jokes are there to say? And it's a program done by himself? Is there such a need? Teacher Zhang, I still support you, but can you change programs!?" a fan said.

A junior moderator said without much confidence, "Teacher Zhang definitely has something hidden up his sleeves."

The person responded, "What something? This program is completely meaningless. I don't even want to watch it. Talk show? I'm speechless!"

Everyone was full of doubts!

There were others who had always been against Zhang Ye that did not sit idle. They took the opportunity to curse and it was the kind of curse that flooded the screen!

Closing the webpage, Zhang Ye laughed. Maybe he had not clearly demonstrated the true value of a talk show. Telling jokes? If it were that simple, talk shows would not have been so popular all over the world. How could it be so simple? However, Zhang Ye did not explain. It was too late to explain already. What he needed to do was produce good results to let everyone know the true charm of a talk show!

Dong Shanshan looked sideways, "Feeling the pressure?"

"Pressure?" Zhang Ye shrugged, "Not at all. They can keep cursing if they wish to. I don't plan on explaining. We'll exchange blows through my program."

Dong Shanshan blinked, "You’re so confident?"

Zhang Ye smiled without speaking a word. The answer was a resounding “yes”!

Was "Lecture Room" good? Was the program excellent? When Central TV broadcast it throughout the country by satellite, the highest rating it got for an episode was 0.5% or so. As the coverage was wide, it was definitely completely different from a provincial station's 8-9% ratings. If one could get a national coverage with 0.5% ratings, then that was already an amazing rating. However, compared to the talk show programs of his world, "Lecture Room"'s ratings could not compare. Amongst the top two talk show programs in the country, the highest rated talk show's average ratings was already more than twice "Lecture Room"'s highest rating. As for the second-ranked talk show program, "Lecture Room"'s highest rating could only barely compete with the program's average ratings!

The difference was this great!

Since Lecture Room could become popular in this world, was there any reason talk shows would not be successful? For this, Zhang Ye never had a doubt!


A woman walked over, "Teacher Zhang Ye, Teacher Dong Shanshan. Your programs have been confirmed. The Leaders have instructed that the both of you should record a promotional clip that lasts about twenty seconds today. Follow me."

Dong Shanshan said, "Alright."

Ah Qian said, "I'll go, too."

Little Yu volunteered, "I'll also come help."

Zhang Ye followed, "Promotional clip? The program isn't done yet. How are we to do a promotional clip?"

"You might not understand," Little Yu explained, "Our WebTV's promotional clips are mainly to introduce our main hosts. Then we will mention the program's name. It's to get people to know the main host and the time of the program's broadcast. It's not a detailed introduction to programs as on television stations. Typically, the promotional clip will be aired after one of our WebTV programs finishes its broadcast. According to past practices, they will invite a few web hosts from our department to record the promotional clip together. Then they will broadcast it after their programs. It's also a way of building up recognition. If one has good social ties, it's even possible to invite every web host from our company. In this industry, we call this process endors.e.m.e.nt."

Zhang Ye was stunned, "One needs to have good social ties?"

Little Yu smiled wryly, "That's right. As it's a free promotional clip, it's basically a friends.h.i.+p endors.e.m.e.nt. Hence, if someone has bad social abilities with others, there might be fewer people willing to help endorse their program."

Zhang Ye knew that he was unpopular, so he did not have much hope for it.

There were not many people who paid him a lot of attention in the company. Now, there was unanimous criticism and doubts both online and internally in the company. None of them were optimistic about his new program, so who would help endorse him?

Two youths walked over. They were both very handsome.

"Eh? Teacher Shanshan, what are you doing?" a youth asked with a smile.

Dong Shanshan revealed a s.e.xy smile and said, "Teacher Han, Teacher Gong, did you just came back from lunch? I'm going to record a promotional clip. It seems that I need to finish it by today."

Teacher Gong was momentarily surprised before he smiled, "Heh, why didn't you tell me earlier. It’s no problem. Since it's not too late, I'll help endorse you."

Dong Shanshan said, "Will it be too much trouble?"

Zhang Ye could tell at a glance that these two people were web hosts from the company.

Teacher Han waved his hand, "No trouble at all. It's easy. We will definitely help you. Don't worry about it. I'll get a few other hosting friends. They will definitely support you!"

Dong Shanshan said with appreciation, "Then I'll thank you. I was just worrying about this matter."

Teacher Gong also laughed, "No worries. It's rare for new hosts to join our department. And what more, a beautiful host. Everyone will definitely be glad to endorse you."

Beauties were popular.

Bas.e.m.e.nt 1.

Recording Studio.

In order to have better sound isolation, the recording studios were built underground.

The moment they entered Recording Studio 3, Zhang Ye realized the facilities here were no different from a television station's. It was very luxurious, grand and professional. The was no lack to the equipment.

The middle-aged woman was likely in charge of promotional clips in the department. She invited everyone in and gave Dong Shanshan a script, "You'll record first?"

"Sure. I just need to read from this, right?" Dong Shanshan asked.

The middle-aged woman laughed, "Yes, just those promotional phrases."

Teacher Gong and Teacher Han came in after a while. They might have made a few phone calls. After that, three or four web hosts came over in droves. There were three men and a woman. They were in the same office, but seated at different spots, so Zhang Ye had met them before. They were not unfamiliar.

Dong Shanshan quickly thanked them.

"You're welcome. It's nothing."

"Right, we must definitely help Teacher Dong."

"We are all colleagues. It's only right to help take care of each other. When I first came, everyone also helped me promote. We are a family after all."

The three web hosts spoke very nicely.

There were seven to eight other employees in the room. Some of them were handling the lighting, while others were fiddling with the cameras.

Seeing that all the staff was here, the middle-aged woman said, "Let's begin then."

A woman went over to touch up Dong Shanshan's makeup. Then the recording of her promotional clip began. After the lines were read and her program was introduced, the few web hosts went forward in an experienced manner. Some introduced Dong Shanshan, some praised her and some expressed appreciation for her program's effects. Actually, the program had just been decided upon and had not been recorded, so how could the effects of the program be seen? However, it was just a promotional endors.e.m.e.nt. Everything said had to be good.

It was finally over after an hour.

Dong Shanshan was covered in sweat as the lighting was very warm. "Thank you, everyone. Zhang Ye and I will treat your to dinner tonight. Everyone must show me face."

Zhang Ye?

You are treating us together with him?

Then Dong Shanshan tried to take the opportunity, "Teacher Zhang Ye is a college cla.s.smate of mine. We were in the same cla.s.s, so our relations.h.i.+p is particularly good. Zhang Ye is also here to record a promotional clip. Can everyone endorse him, too?"

Zhang Ye finally understood that the school belle knew that he wasn’t popular and would fail at inviting others to help him. She wanted to help him and this touched him.

The others realized why Dong Shanshan had said she and Zhang Ye would treat them. However, they really did not want to help Zhang Ye. No, it should be said that they could not help! They had also heard about the matter regarding the talk show. If not for that matter, giving Dong Shanshan and Zhang Ye some face was no big deal. After all, they were colleagues in the same unit. What harm was there in helping him?

However, the talk show had already been criticized to be a junk program by others. Now everyone in the unit, as well as netizens, was cursing it. Who would dare to help endorse Zhang Ye at this moment? Praise him? Praise his program? Wasn't this digging one's own grave!? They were certainly afraid that they would end up being buried instead. Once "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" was aired, or there might be no need to wait for it to be aired, the condemnation would spread to them as well, so who would dare to endorse him!

Teacher Gong said with some hesitation, "This... I have some work to do. I've been here for an hour, so I need to go back. I'm still rus.h.i.+ng a new episode today."

"Me, too."

"There's no need for a treat. It's nothing. I'm leaving first."

"Teacher Zhang, sorry about that. I have some work to do."

A few people politely turned down the request.

The middle-aged woman who was in charge of this looked at them with worry, "Teachers, can't you help a bit? How are we to record if there are no endors.e.m.e.nts?"

The few people remained speechless.

Dong Shanshan helplessly glanced at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye smiled at her and then said to the woman, "Big Sis, I don't need others to endorse me." Then he strode up to the lights. He did not need makeup and immediately said, "Let's begin recording."

The woman was stunned, "You are recording it yourself?"

Zhang Ye nodded, "That's right. I don't need any endorsing."

At this moment, w.a.n.g Xiong came in from outside. Maybe he was here to inspect. When he heard Zhang Ye's words, he pushed the door open with interest.


"Director w.a.n.g."

"Director w.a.n.g."

8-9 people greeted him.

w.a.n.g Xiong smiled, "Busy yourselves. I'm just looking."

The woman looked towards Zhang Ye and her questioning gaze was filled with wryness. Only when she confirmed it from Zhang Ye's eyes did she say to the camera man, "Then let's begin."

Dong Shanshan was also worried.

The other web hosts did not leave either. They wanted to see how he recorded a promotional clip that usually had others to endorse the program. Since he was so heavily criticized, and with no one endorsing or giving him publicity, how were you to do a program?

Zhang Ye was not angry and in fact appeared very calm. His colleagues were shunning him? They felt that his program was so terrible that they did not want to involve themselves with it? The netizens were cursing him? They were saying how he was young, how he was ruined and how he knew nothing? They felt that he would end up in a terrible state due to the talk show? Against all the doubts and criticism, Zhang Ye had not responded to any of them. Clearly, not responding was not his style!

"Three...two...one… Action!" the woman said.

As for the endors.e.m.e.nt?

Do I need your endors.e.m.e.nts?

Do I need you!?

Zhang Ye scanned his hosting peers and then looked at the camera and narrowed his eyes and said softly, "You only smell my cologne, but don't see my sweat. You have your rules, I have my choices. You deny my existence, I decide my future. You mock at me having nothing, I pity how you always keep yearning. You show contempt for my young age, I will prove whose era this is. Dreams are paths destined to be forged alone, filled with doubts and mockery, but so what? Even if I'm all black and blue all over, I will also want to live beautifully!"

Everyone was stunned!

Dong Shanshan was stunned. w.a.n.g Xiong was stunned. That woman and the other web hosts felt a their gooseb.u.mps rise up when they heard his words!

Zhang Ye adjusted his necktie.

"I am Zhang Ye!"

"I'll speak for myself!"

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 231

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