I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: "I'll Speak for Myself" Released on the Web!

In the Recording Studio.

Zhang Ye had finished his introduction.

The cameraman looked at the calm Zhang Ye through the camera lens, dazed. All he heard were echos that reverberated in his ears. He had even forgotten to stop the recording!



"This endors.e.m.e.nt..."

One second, ten seconds!

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Xiong from behind took the lead to clap. Then, very quickly, there was more and more applause, "Nice! Well said!"

With the Leader clapping, the rest snapped out of their daze. The middle-aged woman, who was in charge of this, began applauding. Dong Shanshan also began applauding. Even the filming crew also began applauding. The way they looked at Teacher Zhang Ye, who was being illuminated by the lighting, changed!

What a great Zhang Ye!

What a great “I'll speak for myself”!

Be it w.a.n.g Xiong or the other web hosts, they were sure that a newcomer like Zhang Ye, who had just come, did not know anything about endors.e.m.e.nt promotion. He was pulled here and placed in the limelight immediately. He would never have expected that no one wanted to help endorse him. Hence, without a doubt, Zhang Ye's pa.s.sage just now was clearly improvised on the spot! This amount of eloquence shocked everyone there! They suddenly recalled the comments made by people familiar with Zhang Ye on the web! He was not only a broadcasting host! He was also someone who did literature! This endors.e.m.e.nt that caused the blood of people to boil..! Probably only Zhang Ye, amongst all the broadcasting hosts in the country, was able to say such a thing! Ignoring the hosts, even those literary professionals or those professional in planning would not be able to come up with that!

Zhang Ye nodded at the people who applauded him, "Thank you."

The middle-aged woman was full of admiration as she gave him a big thumbs up, "Teacher Zhang, I have filmed so many years of endors.e.m.e.nt promotions, but the promotional pa.s.sage you just said is the best I've ever heard! There have never been any that I’ve seen like it!" She was the one in charge of finalizing and producing the promotional pa.s.sages. She also did not take into account the opinions of the web hosts. She always believed that in this aspect, she and her team were the most professional producers. However, when she heard Zhang Ye's "I'll speak for myself", she was completely convinced. He indeed lived up to his name. Zhang Ye was indeed as talented as the rumors said he was. Just that promotional pa.s.sage alone was something that she would not be able to match her entire life!

Compared to the promotions she did in the past?

No way of comparing! That was the difference between heaven and earth!

The middle-aged woman looked towards w.a.n.g Xiong, "Director w.a.n.g, then it's decided?"

"Wait," w.a.n.g Xiong surprisingly did not agree. "Put it on hold. Wait for me for a while." After saying that, he turned and left. It appeared that he went outside.


Such a good promotional pa.s.sage wasn't good enough?

Everyone had puzzled looks on their faces. Only about more ten minutes later when w.a.n.g Xiong returned were they enlightened. It was because accompanying him was the WebTV department's head, Feng Guiqin!

The moment Feng Guiqin came in, she said, "Where's Little Zhang's recording? Let me see."

"Over here." The middle-aged woman quickly rewound the footage to show the Leader.

Feng Guiqin and w.a.n.g Xiong went over and watched the entire footage.

After it finished playing, w.a.n.g Xiong chuckled, "Director, it's okay, right?"

Feng Guiqin remained silent for a few seconds before revealing a satisfied smile. She looked amiably at Zhang Ye, "It is far more than okay? It's extremely good!" Then she looked towards the middle-aged woman, "You must do this promotional clip of Zhang Ye's well. It cannot be so simple. Some change of clothes and background is needed. Increasing the budget for it is fine. Anyway, you must ensure the quality. It's best if it can be finished by today."

The middle-aged woman was stunned, "You mean..."

Feng Guiqin smiled, "We plan on promoting Little Zhang's 'I'll speak for myself' not only on our WebTV's website, we also plan to have it on other video website partners we have. It will be a form of advertising, so as to promote Zhang Ye's new program. It is also a form of promoting our WebTV!"

The other web hosts exclaimed upon hearing this.

Ignoring the site-wide promotion, they were even planning on spending money to advertise for Zhang Ye on various sites on the internet?

Weiwo Video was definitely not isolated. It would frequently advertise elsewhere. Most of the video advertis.e.m.e.nts were usually about the entire website; seldom were they focused on an individual host. Furthermore, it was given to Zhang Ye? Wasn't his program badly regarded by everyone? Even our staff and the Leaders lacked the confidence? Why were such good resources given to Zhang Ye?

However, upon careful thought, everyone figured it out. It was not that the Leaders suddenly had confidence in Zhang Ye's baffling talk show, but it was because Zhang Ye was particularly topical. Be it the plane hijacking or the criticism he faced on the web this time, he was a person of controversy. Criticism also meant exposure. Be it good or bad, it could increase attention and attract people. Hence, the Leaders came up with this decision. Furthermore, Zhang Ye's promotional pa.s.sage, "I'll speak for myself", was extremely hot-blooded. It was even a strong response to the people who criticized and doubted him. If it was advertised on several websites, the effects would likely be good. It was likely that many people, who were focusing on Zhang Ye and his "I'll speak for myself", would end up focusing on their Weiwo WebTV. In that case, then the maximum value of this advertis.e.m.e.nts could be seen!

It was a very good strategic move!

Even if Zhang Ye's Talk Show was a complete disaster, it was no problem at all. The focus was on them and the talk show would be axed. However, the other programs would benefit from it.

The middle-aged woman immediately said, "I got it!"

Feng Guiqin said, "Alright, work on it," before she left.

w.a.n.g Xiong also exhorted a few words and chased after Feng Guiqin. He said with some regret, "Little Zhang's talent is really not bad. It's such a pity regarding that new program. Why did he want to make such a program?"

Feng Guiqin smiled, "I'm actually somewhat looking forward to it now. I really want to see the outcome of that talk show."

w.a.n.g Xiong blinked, "You think that it will succeed?"

"I don't think so." Feng Guiqin's footsteps were slow as she looked sideways to w.a.n.g Xiong, "But I think Little Zhang is quite interesting. His character and style are completely not a match for this industry, yet he can reach this stage today. His popularity is increasing by the day. Hur hur. This is a host with a lot of personal charm. So some of the things he does cannot be understood through common sense. At least, it cannot be understood by the common sense of our standards!"

Zhang Ye spent the entire afternoon recording the promotional clip.

This promotional pa.s.sage was actually from Jumei.com's commercial from Zhang Ye's world. The last line, "I am Zhang Ye", was originally "I am Chen Ou", the founder of Jumei.com. Back then, this commercial had caused a sensation in the advertising world. It was even more sensational online. Numerous people forwarded and revised it, with various versions of "I am XX, I'll speak for myself".

The effect of the publicity was surprisingly an astounding success. It could be said to be a miracle in the advertising industry and was extremely famous. With such a milestone in advertising, it was also the reason why Zhang Ye thought of the promotional pa.s.sage of "I'll speak for myself" when he heard no one was going to endorse for him. He never expected that the company would sponsor such a large-scale promotion as a result of it. It was a pleasant surprise!

Actually, Zhang Ye was planning to experiment with one episode of the talk show. Although he was confident, it was still a format that had never been seen in this world before. Hence, he did not know if the first episode's artistic form of a talk show would be accepted by everyone. However, with the company fully supporting it through large-scale promotions, the first episode would definitely receive a lot of attention. It was basically giving Zhang Ye a form of insurance!

It took nearly four hours before it was done.

The director-in-charge was the middle-aged woman, but the promotional clip's production was delegated to Zhang Ye. This was because everyone looked up to Zhang Ye's ability in this field. So no one in the team treated him as an ordinary host, but treated him as an internal planner who was more experienced and capable than them. They sought his views regarding most of the shooting.

Zhang Ye had seen the original Jumei.com's commercial, so he knew that the advertising used to promote a product was not suitable for this setting. However, he could receive pointers from that and with his own opinions, he could execute it. The quality of the clip was very high. After the final cut was vetted by Feng Guiqin, w.a.n.g Xiong and the other Leaders, they were all very satisfied. There was even a Leader who made the decision to begin promoting it widely from today!


This was because they wanted to borrow the momentum of netizens' criticism of Zhang Ye!

If the criticism turned cold, with people forgetting about this matter, releasing "I'll speak for myself" would no longer have any meaning!

Office area.

It was almost time to knock off.

Zhang Ye released his necktie as he walked in from outside. The moment he walked in, many envious and jealous gazes darted at him. Probably everyone knew that the company was going to enter wide-scale promotions using Zhang Ye's promotional clip. This was a treatment only the especially famous web hosts could receive. Zhang Ye was not a famous web host, so this naturally gave rise to a lot of criticism!

"Is he the Leader's relative?"

"I think so. Why is the company supporting him this much?"

"What do you mean, ‘support’? If they really support him, would they only run his program for one episode? And they demand at least 500,000 hits for the first episode? There are less than seven programs in our company's entire WebTV platform that can have an average hit of 500,000 in a single episode. It would be a wonder if he can achieve that. That talk show will definitely be axed."

"Then why are they promoting it throughout the web?"

A female host who had seen the entire recording process said, "Hai, you will understand when you see that promotional clip. If others can make a clip of that standard, the company would definitely widely promote it, too!"


"So awesome?"

"What sort of clip is it? That can't be necessary, right?"
"It should be aired tonight. We'll see. I really don't believe it!"

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 232

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