I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: Zhang Ye is Injured!


At his doorstep.

"Go slowly, Teacher Zhang." The female reporter helped him.

"I'm fine." Zhang Ye said as he wobbled with each step.

A male reporter said in horror, "What do you mean you’re fine!? Look at your blood!"

A cameraman said loudly, "Why even go upstairs? I say he should go to the hospital immediately!"

"Teacher Zhang would rather die than go. He refuses to listen." The female reporter said anxiously. "I've really witnessed that legendary stubborn temper of yours!"

Zhang Ye forced a laugh. "I know myself. It's fine. Go back. Thanks, you even sent me up. Go back and busy yourselves."

The female reporter said with her heart aching, "Why do you even thank me? I should be the one thanking you. If not for you blocking it for me, the person quibbling would be me. You have really made me...The first sentence in my interview with you was so unfriendly, and was a bit biting, yet you...Hai, I really do not know how to thank you!" This was her first time interviewing Zhang Ye. She had also seen the reveal of his address on the internet and rushed here. She did not know Zhang Ye, and was here just to get some information for her news article. Just thinking about what happened, she felt indescribably bad. If not for her, Zhang Ye would definitely not have been severely injured!

Zhang Ye did not mind and said, "They were here for me. That stone was also thrown at me, and so it has nothing to do with you, so there’s no need to stand on ceremony."

The female reporter said worriedly, "Are you fine alone?"

Zhang Ye was already much better. "I'll be fine."

"Then, then..." The female reporter did not feel a.s.sured.

Zhang Ye urged, "Hurry up and go back. Hur Hur, don't let this news story be stolen by other reporting agencies or television stations. You'll not even have a place to cry if that happens." He even joked.

In the end, the few reporters and cameramen walked away as they turned back with every step.

Zhang Ye entered his house and saw a clean room. Clearly, the landlady had cleaned his place again. He took of his shoes and closed the door behind him. As he endured the pain, he took two deep breaths while leaning on the door. It was painful. He barely made it to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. The gash on his head was quite large, but as he had been training his body recently in Beijing and had kung fu. The blood had already stopped flowing and had clotted. Hence, he took a deep breath and did not look for help. He took off all his dirty clothes, and he did not have gauze at home. Hence, he could only make do with plasters. He stuck about five on his head and stuck one on his neck. He did not dare take a bath, so he only dampened a towel in warm water to wipe away the remnants of the smelly eggs. There were a few leaves on his shoulder that he removed too.

Why didn't he beat them?

Why didn't he make a move?

Zhang Ye could kick Lee Anson without any fear, but against underaged youths from China, for children who had not fully developed their values and thoughts, he could in no way fight back. Zhang Ye himself could not do such a thing. He was not angry either, just feeling pain in his heart or a form of sorrow. He suddenly felt for the first time that he should be a teacher, and teach lessons and educate children. He did not wish such situations to occur again. He only wished the children of today would have basic respect and awe of their motherland and ties amongst common people.

After a long while.

Zhang Ye finally walked out of the bathroom. Slowly, he walked over and lay down on his bed. He took out his cellphone and saw that the news was already on the web.

"Zhang Ye Injured"!

"Lee Anson's Fans surrounds Zhang Ye's Residential District"!

"Zhang Ye protects female reporter, incurring head injuries, incessant blood flowing"!

A video clip was even published. It was a live video that lasted 1 minute 20 seconds. As the scene was messy, the video was not very clear and the camera kept shaking. They only filmed Zhang Ye's back and flying eggs and apples, as well as the children's cursing! From the video, it could be seen that Zhang Ye did not say a single word. He did not even lay a finger on them. Even when he stood in front of the children, he freely allowed them to attack him without blinking. No one knew what was on Zhang Ye's mind!

After seeing this video, many people turned silent!

"Why are children like this these days?"

"For a Korean star, is it worth it?"

"Is Zhang Ye alright? He looks pretty badly injured!"

"Why do I feel so much pain in my heart!? If I were Zhang Ye, I would definitely have beaten up that bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Zhang Ye can fight Lee Anson and two bodyguards alone! How can he not be able to finish these kids?"

"This is too infuriating!"

"That bunch of little a.s.sholes!"

"It was all instigated by that grandson Lee Anson!"

"That's right!  It was Lee Anson who posted on Weibo to ask his fans to denounce Zhang Ye! This is too despicable! He's at home watching this bustle, and a simple Weibo post from him lets our Chinese people kill each other?"

"F**k you Lee Anson!"

"My rage has. .h.i.t the top! This is so f**king infuriating!"

"That thing, Lee Anson! There are people who would fight for him? Are your brains stuffed with s.h.i.+t!? Open your eyes and see!"

"This bunch of braindead fans!"

"It's really chilling to the heart!"

"Why did Zhang Ye make a move against Lee Anson? Why did he block his path? Wasn't it all for you? Teacher Zhang was full of good intentions, but all of you? Was your conscience eaten up by dogs? You even hurt Teacher Zhang!? Aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning!?"

This video gave many people a great shock!

Not only did it result in societal rage, even the hardcore fans of Lee Anson felt a stir in their hearts!

On Weibo, a fan whose signature included "Lee Anson's Army" spoke.

Xiaoxiao: "Why did this happen? It's too frightening."

AnsonOppa'sLittleCottonPad: "Hai, no matter what, this should not have been done. Are these people from our "Lee Anson Army'? Why do I suddenly find it...a bit terrifying."

LittleQQQBV: "Who told Zhang Ye to beat Anson-oppa! He deserves it!"

Xiaoxiao, "But we were a bit too much doing that."

IHaveALeatherBelt: "The Army has always refused to believe that Anson-oppa remained indifferent after pus.h.i.+ng down a fan. Actually from a friend present at the scene, Anson-oppa was indeed like that. He didn't care about the fan who stood outside in the cold winter for three or four hours. His bodyguard knocked someone down, but he did not express a thing. He just turned around and left. Only for that reason did Zhang Ye block his path, causing the brawl. Although I can't fully believe this to be fact, ...I already plan on leaving the fandom. A few of my friends have already quit. They all say that Anson-oppa doesn't even think anything of us!"

LittleQQQBV: "Don't listen to their nonsense!"

LiZiLi: "Right, those must be rumors. It must be Zhang Ye trying to use this to get famous, and used Anson-oppa for hype! His means are too despicable! He deserves to be beaten to death!"

Xiaoxiao: "Our Army is really changing. I'm quitting too. Actually, after seeing all the societal discussion today, I am beginning to feel that Anson-oppa doesn't deserve us liking him so much. On the contrary, don't you think Zhang Ye is quite manly? To seek justice for us, he did not mind being locked up in a police station. When our Army's fans went to 'denounce' him, he did not fight back, scold, or say a word. I feel quite bad watching that video. I do not know what meaning to continue staying in this Army. I'll need to cool down for a period."

AnsonOppa'sLittleCottonPad: "Ha, a veteran like Xiaoxiao has quit, so I might as well quit. After watching the video, I suddenly feel like I have matured a lot. I now actually want to know if Zhang Ye is fine or if his injuries are severe. In the past, I scolded him too and cursed him, but if something really happens to him, I'll feel bad. I believe many people would find it difficult to bear it on their conscience."

In Lee Anson's internal fan club, there were finally differences and contradictions. Some were still firm supporters, but there were also many people who quit the fandom. The description of many people was actually a very large number. It was so large, that even Lee Anson's manager turned blue seeing this!

"That's right!"

"This sort of person is not worthy of being liked!"

"Our China has so many other stars, can't we like them?"

"Nothing is better than to correct one's mistakes!"

Many netizens who saw this scene felt gratified. They suddenly felt like they could understand these "braindead fans" they previously could not understand. These youths might have been mesmerized by things that matched their thoughts or fantasies from a certain period or stage in the lives, resulting in them unable to extricate themselves. It was not that they did not know right from wrong. They did not lack a conscience!

"So what's the situation with Zhang Ye?"

"Did he go to the hospital?"

"Teacher Zhang is really worrying me!"

"Who has the means of contacting Peking University or Weiwo WebTV station. Ask about Zhang Ye's injuries! I saw him being smashed quite badly!"

"Is Zhang Ye a real fool or not? Why did he walk forward at such a moment. Was he trying to be a live target?"

"If it were me, I would have bashed them no matter who they were!"

"Teacher Zhang, say something! Everyone is worried for you!"

"If I were Zhang Ye, I would have long run when I saw them throw things. Who would stand foolishly in front of them!? Isn't that dumb!?"

"They don't even know how nice you were being to them!"

"Why didn't you dodge, Teacher Zhang?"

Many people did not understand the reason!

But at this moment, Zhang Ye suddenly posted on Weibo!

It was a poem! After seeing the poem, it made them reflect deeply!

Zhang Ye endured a headache and typed word after word on his phone.

The poem was:

"My hallowed heart fails to escape the sacred arrow's aim."

"A rock-like storm is darkening my native land."

"A message via cool stars, the gra.s.s roots don't understand."

"I sacrifice my blood in the... Yellow Emperor's name."

This was a short poem from his world's Lu Xun, "Personally Inscribed on a Small Picture"*.

Zhang Ye's response, Zhang Ye's feelings were all in the poem!

My mind has no wish to avoid the arrows of my motherland. I love the still unawakened home, can no one understand it even if this commitment is handed to the stars in the sky? What should I do? What should I have done? I do not know! I can only devote my warm blood to my motherland!

Why did Zhang Ye not dodge?

Why did Zhang Ye not fight back?

Why did Zhang Ye not retreat despite his bleeding head?

A single line, "I sacrifice my blood in the Yellow Emperor's name", allowed everyone, who saw and understood this poem, to be shocked!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 413

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