I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: Extermination! 

At the Korean Malware Protection Center, many programmers and computer virus experts witnessed the spread of all these new variants of the Panda Burning Incense. Their hearts turned cold and they felt totally helpless at this point. They finally understood what kind of a G.o.d their country had offended. They finally understood just what kind of virus the Panda Burning Incense had turned out to be!

The original source code was simple?

It's concept was not complex?

This virus was no big threat?

Looking back now, they felt that those words of theirs were a joke. Those words had turned into the hands of '2' which smacked them in their faces, hard!

The terrifying thing about the Panda Burning Incense was not its sudden appearance or the lack of preparedness by the anti-virus companies, but its variants!


"Four variants!"

"What do we do?"

"Quickly crack them! Hurry!"

"There are four variants, how can we crack them? We don’t have enough manpower!"

"We used a whole night to crack the original version of Panda Burning Incense, but now there are four variants. This....."

"d.a.m.n that '2'!" 

"c.r.a.p! This time, we're done for!"

"We can't stop the spread of this virus!"

"Quickly send out an alert!"

"That '2' is really going all out to get us!"

The Korean Malware Protection Center issued four red alerts as the alarm rang out one after another to warn the public. It felt very pathetic!

When the Korean citizens heard that the Panda Burning Incense virus was wreaking havoc again, they immediately thought about the kill tool that the Malware Protection Center had spent an entire night developing. It was useless now? Four different variants appeared at once? The citizens were thrown into a panic as they completely turned pale!


"My anti-virus has been disabled!"

"My firewall is useless! It’s been deactivated by the Panda Burning Incense!"

Sounds of wailing could be heard all throughout Korea. These sounds signaled that the panda has once again struck!

1.2 million!

1.3 million!

The number of infected systems continued to rise!

At this moment, the Korean internet was in a frenzy!

The Americans fell silent!

The Russians fell silent!

The whole world fell silent!

At this point, many networking and computer experts expressed concern regarding the situation. Seeing how new variants of Panda Burning Incense constantly appeared left and right caused everyone to become speechless!

YOYOT (USA): "Never forget this '2'. This person is crazy! Even if you are a genius in computer viruses, do not ever mess with him unless it’s a last resort!"

47 (USA): "Mess with him? I know it now that towards such a G.o.d, I will never mess with him. That person's too merciless! He has ruthless skills, but his personality is even more ruthless!"

TOM (UK): "What the f**k! Quickly go and see, there's another new variant. That’s already the fifth one! Although the one's source code looks similar to the second one, it's still a new variant!"

Fujiwara (j.a.pan): "He still has more variants??"

Cepera (Russia): "I really cannot imagine how many variants this Panda Burning Incense virus has! Is that '2' really going to go all out? The way he's going, is he really intending to destroy all the computers in Korea?"

47 (USA): "G.o.d d.a.m.n it! The sixth and seventh variants have appeared as well!"

TOM (UK): "That's crazy! '2' really wants to make Korea beg for mercy in a single breath!"

YOYOT (USA): "Korea's done for. There are too many variants to the point that  even if all the countries' Malware Protection Centers and anti-virus companies work together to crack them, they would not be able to keep up with the variant viruses that '2' is releasing. Korea has met a catastrophe!" 

Fujiwara (j.a.pan): "Crazy! This is really the craziest of crazies! I don't wish to meet someone like that ever, it's a nightmare!"

TOM (UK): "Yea, no one would be able to bear such a ma.s.sive bombardment of variant viruses. Those Koreans were really too c.o.c.ky this time. If only they had admitted defeat during the first attack by the Panda Burning Incense or just kept quiet and faded away, then this might not have happened! Those Koreans were too full of themselves! And now they're paying for it!"

Who could '2' be?

At this time, the whole world was asking the same question!


JIN: "Get '2'! Expose his ident.i.ty! Do whatever it takes! ”

Jen: "We can't get him. He hasn't even shown himself!"

Hyo: "The eighth variant has appeared! It's over! This time it's really over!"

A hacker said: "Go take a look at the internet, quick! This eighth variant will redirect your browser to a webpage, it's a homepage!"

Everyone could see it!

Computers that were infected by the eighth variant would attempt to redirect to a specific website on their browsers every ten seconds. The webpage displayed some Korean and Chinese characters:

[We will not attack!

Unless we are attacked!

If we are attacked, we will certainly counterattack!]

JIN cursed: "The variants are actually all different! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just how many cards does he have left! He's still hiding so many of them?"

Jen: "How can one person come up with so many variants of a virus? Even for an extremely skilled programmer or highly experienced virus coder, they couldn't possibly get so many out in such a short amount of time, right?"

Many of the Korean hackers had fallen silent by now!

It was scary!

This was such a scary hacker!

A really scary family of viruses!

59-V appeared online again, possibly after restoring his computer, "JIN! The Malware Protection Center said that to crack these eight virus variants, it will probably take them one or even two days time! What should we do?"

Hyo: "Son of a b.i.t.c.h! This time we've lost miserably!"

A Korean hacker said: "If we knew that there was such a dangerous hacker in China, we would not have attacked them. Now......."

It was too late to say anything! 

Right now, Korea was faced with the most destructive network infiltration and infection in its entire history. Looking at the situation, it seemed like they had been completely annihilated!

JIN: "Stop. As long as we have some programmers, we can help to crack the virus variants! Let's not waste any time in creating a kill tool! That '2' is a human being too, so he can't possibly have three heads and six arms! The worm virus' eight variants all use different source codes, so it’s already its limit. As long as we can crack them all, '2' will lose all his trump cards! We can still gain back what we lost and more! We can still win!"

Jen: "Let me help!"

Hyo: "I'm already beginning to study the variants!"


Somewhere in the Internet Surveillance Bureau.

Fang Xiaoshui exclaimed, "That's already the eighth variant!"

Meng Yi also said incredulously, "Do you think that '2' has more variants up his sleeve?"

"Eight should be the limit already, right?" Zhang Er said excitedly as this virus attack had widened his horizons. It was too exciting!

Fang Xiaoshui sighed "I must have been really ignorant in the past. Only now do I know that we have such an awesome hacker in China!"


That's really a lot!

Those who were tech savvy all felt the same.

Only Fan Yingyun squinted her eyes, deep in thought and said, "That's not necessarily true." 

Dong Zhiqiang was stunned, "You're saying that '2' has even more variant viruses up his sleeve? Eight variants, wasn't that enough to turn Korea upside down? Isn't that enough?"

Fan Yingyun smiled, "Somehow, I feel like this is just the beginning."

Fang Xiaoshui shook her head, "Korea has over a million computers infected already. How could this just be the beginning? He couldn't possibly go that far. Besides, the variants are already very complicated, each of them...."

Before she could complete her sentence!

A ninth variant had appeared!

Then followed by the tenth!





Seeing those rampaging variants, the Koreans were scared silly. The Malware Protection Center's programmers put down their mice, completely demoralized. They stared blankly at their computer screens and could no longer find the motivation to work any longer!

What was there to do?

What could they do?

Even if they tried to crack the viruses now, it was of no use anymore!

Too many variants had appeared! The speed at which variants were appearing was too fast!

But this was still not the end. Just like Fan Yingyun had predicted, it had only just begun!

The thirtieth variant!

The fortieth variant!

The fiftieth variant!

The Korean Malware Protection Center was now as silent as the grave!

The whole Korean internet was totally immobilized!

Their last bit of hope had now been totally crushed! Crack the virus? Make a kill tool? No one mentioned this anymore! Their manpower and technical resources could not support the need to crack the virus in a short amount of time. To be able to crack all fifty variants? They might need up to a week's time! It might even be longer than that! And they would have to work tirelessly without rest!

But what they did not expect was that this was still truly not the end yet!

The 51st variant appeared!

The 60th!

The 70th!

Up until the 90th variant!

At this moment!

Korea was silent!

The world also became silent!

Everyone was just staring at their screens in which the Panda Burning Incense kept appearing over and over again, their brains were numb and they did not feel a single feeling!

— Korea was finished!

When the 90+th of the Panda Burning Incense virus appeared, those who had concerned themselves with this matter realized the truth. More and more people turned silent!

On the Korean internet, there was no one left to scold the people of China!

It was not that they didn't hate them, nor that their hearts had made peace with the matter. It was because the Panda Burning Incense and all of its variants had literally left everyone unable to connect to the internet anymore!

Dead systems!


Auto restarts!

Paralyzed systems!

Korea had fallen!

Under the rampage of over 90 variants, Korea's number of infected systems had exploded!

3 million!

5 million!

10 million!

The numbers was already uncountable!

Zhang Ye did not rest the whole day as he had been typing until his fingers were sore. He had really given his all this time and did not hold back. He had transferred about a hundred of those variants, which had rampaged across his world, and brought them all into this world!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 443

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