I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 447

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Chapter 447: World Hacker Rankings! 

The virus rankings were updated.

Every country's reaction was different.

Panda Burning Incense had managed to get ranked in second place amongst the notorious ranking of dangerous viruses, yet it was congratulated and cheered on by the people of China. This made Zhang Ye at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. However, after thinking about it, wasn't he such a person? He was also an ordinary citizen of China. He did not have such broad horizons, nor was he that refined. He, too, was a Chinese national who loved to see the world burn, and enjoyed watching the bustle, cursing, swearing, and even if provocated, would even beat others. A satisfied balance of grat.i.tude and revenge was a portrayal of them as a people. What about world peace or morality or the meaning of life? He didn't think much about that at all. If he was angry, he would hit back. Who cares about your meaning of life!?


"This virus was very formidable."

"Yes, 77 Virus has been dethroned."


"The hacker ranking hasn't been updated yet?"

"Let's wait a little while longer."

"Right, they always update the dangerous virus and trojan horses first. Next should be the world's hacker rankings."


"'2' should be listed on there."

"There's no need for you to say that. I heard that China has another formidable expert. I heard he is a programmer from the Internet Surveillance Bureau. I wonder if he will get ranked."

Chinese citizens:

"JIN will be taken down."

"A new generation replacing the old."

"Hurry up and update!"

"That's right. I'm antic.i.p.ating the G.o.ds of China to be ranked!"

A typical ranking would be updated in one go after any major international internet security issue or hacker invasion in a hacker war. After the updating of the virus rankings, the hacker rankings and other miscellaneous things would be next. However, what made the world surprised was that although the virus ranking had been updated, but the hacker ranking had not been updated after a long time. It was still the old rankings from the previous month.

Many people left their comments below.

"What happened?"

"Where is the staff?"

"Update please, we are all waiting."

"They must be sleeping."

"It's already midnight over here."

"Haha, I just woke up this morning. There's no rush. I can wait."

Due to the different time zones and different languages, most people communicated in English. There were also many people using Russian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. There were people from all over the world watching.

Zhang Ye was also looking at the website.

About half an hour later.

Someone refreshed the page and immediately shouted, "It's been updated!"

Numerous people hurried over to take a look. It wouldn't have mattered much if they just took a look, but many people were left stunned. Some of the rankings had been guessed, but there were some that far exceeded their expectations!

This was a comprehensive list of hacker rankings. Inside, there were internationally dangerous hackers, as well as programmers from security companies and anti-virus companies!

Korean hacker, JIN's ranking had dropped. He had previously been ranked 45th on the world hacker ranking, but now he had been dropped to 59th. Similarly, the Korean 59-V, who had just resigned from a security company, also dropped in ranking. He went from 89th to below 100th. He did not even appear on the first page. Out of all the Koreans, only "Jen" rose in rankings. The reason why he rose was because as a rookie, he did not have any ranking prior to this. Although the Koreans had suffered a miserable defeat, Jen's programming skills were evident. Hence, this new rookie had left his mark on the world stage of hackers. Jen's ranking was 65, just lower than JIN by a few places. There was a feeling of how each new generation excelled compared to the last one.

What was most worthy of concern was placed on China!

The first shock to the world was FAN's ranking!

The performance of FAN, from the Chinese Internet Surveillance Bureau, had indeed given the hackers, who watched the war, a fright. On the internet battleground, this was a person who fought through all odds. She was good at both offensive and defensive measures, lures, data, ports, loopholes. She was a very well-rounded hacker. In the battle, FAN had faced three top Korean hackers, JIN, Jen, and 59-V alone without any pressure, and even managed to send them packing. Eventually they could only use an encirclement strategy and not clash with FAN directly. Besides, FAN had even managed to pursue one of Korea's top hacker, "Ying". From her technical skill, it could be seen that she was on a completely different level. She was overwhelmingly better than them!

Everyone knew this!

Everyone understood all of this!

However, the ranking of FAN was too f**king high in everyone else’s eyes!

World hacker ranking: FAN — 10th place!

No one knew how a rookie like FAN, a rookie, who had never appeared on the world stage, could enter the top ten!

Was it a mistake?

This ranking must be wrong, right?

YOYOT (USA): "How could this be?"

Fujiwara (j.a.pan): "What's up with this ranking?"

47 (USA): "It can't be a mistake. This is a hacker's heaven. The people making the evaluations are the most professional amongst professionals in the world. Could there be any trick to it?"

Cepera (Russia): "FAN's ranking is so much higher than ours?"

TOM (UK): "It's normal for it to be higher than yours. You are old, and your technological skills have been regressing. However, how can FAN be higher ranking than YOYOT? To enter the top ten?"

On the other side.

JIN said, "This ranking is so unconvincing!"

Jen: "I know FAN is formidable and definitely is more skilled than me, but anyone with eyes wouldn't admit that she can enter the top ten, right? Her true strength can’t even be seen, but whatever that was presented would at best, put her somewhere in the forties."

Everyone was surprised in different ways!

The officials soon published an explanation. Actually, it was not an explanation. It was like everyone else. They had added a piece of information to FAN's personal profile. Some of the people ranked on the world hacker rankings had more complete information. For example, some orthodox anti-virus programmers. They were all working, or they were employees of government-related internet departments. Their personal information was already known and something simple would be written. Things that intruded on personal privacy, or things the person in question did not wish to reveal would not be revealed on the website. There would only be a known label added. These were "White Hats". As for other hackers, most of them had incomplete information. Some of them had nearly zero personal information.

FAN's official profile was written in a long paragraph in English:


s.e.x: Unknown.

Age: Unknown.

Nationality: China.

First appearance in the Sino-Korean Hacker War. Works for China's Internet Surveillance Bureau. However, after repeated a.n.a.lysis and experiments of professionals, we have unanimously come to a conclusion that FAN's operating methods, technological skill, and technological trajectory, as well as some relevant evidence that temporarily will not be disclosed, FAN has a 90% chance of being responsible for the paralysis of all the computers in CPAA Internet Security Company last year. That matter has been labeled as 'Supernatural hacking incident'!

That was all the information there was.

When everyone saw this, they were dumbfounded!

JIN gasped: "FAN is the one who invaded the top American security company last year?"

Jen: "..."

Hyo: "Holy sh*t! So it's him!"

59-V: "F**k! I was wondering why I succ.u.mbed to him! So it was that monster from last year! No wonder his skills are so impressive!"

On the other side.

YOYOT (USA) was enlightened. "No wonder!"

47 (USA) felt a yearning. "Finally found him! That matter caused such a commotion. I was nearly affected by it! So the culprit is here, and even went to work for the Internet Surveillance Bureau?"

Cepera (Russia): "Then there's no surprise regarding this ranking. Let's not even talk about an hour. Even if you give me a year's time, I wouldn't be able to paralyze all the computers that belong to hackers, programmers, and security experts in a top American security company without any detection!"

So for the "Supernatural hacking incident'" back then, many programmers and experts of the world came to a conclusion that not more than ten hackers in this world could do it!

For FAN to be ranked tenth, that was very normal!

The citizens of China went hysterical!


"Tenth place!"

"Heavens, the Internet Surveillance Bureau has someone that awesome!"

"Last year's incident? What happened last year? To even call it a supernatural incident?"

"I don’t know about it. I just know that it definitely has to be very awesome! What is the concept of being the tenth best hacker in the world? When has a hacker from China ever received such a high ranking!?"

"Hahaha, our country is full of such fierce people!"

"Right, who said China's programming skills are weak? We are staying on the down low!"

After Zhang Ye saw this, he blinked his eyes. Oh no, was Fan Yingyun's ident.i.ty revealed? People had guessed her ident.i.ty?  However, now that she was working for the Internet Surveillance Bureau, she should be fine, right?


Internet Surveillance Bureau, First Department.

There were many people working overtime in the office.

Fang Xiaoshui pointed at her computer, stunned. "Sis Fan, you’ve been exposed!"

Meng Yi said with a serious face, "What are we to do now?"

"Things aren't good. Sis Fan, take a look! Stop playing games!" Zhang Er looked at the gaming Fan Yingyun. He was thinking how this was the perfect situation of how he was more worried than the person in question.

But who knew that Fan Yingyun ended saying nonchalantly, "Shut up. It's so trivial, so what if they found out. I've never tried to concealed it anyways!"

When her colleagues heard this, they smiled wryly. They were just reminded that back when Officer Fan was teaching in the People's Public Security University of China, she had used her the computer in her office to intrude into the American security company. She did not even delete any traces or modify any records. She had gone in openly and left openly. When it was time for cla.s.s, she went to teach. She did not conceal herself at all!

That's right!

She didn't even hide!

She was never afraid of being caught to begin with!

Typical thoughts of Meng Yi and company was to do such stuff sneakily. They had to hide for that was an average person's thought process, but today, they finally realized that an expert amongst experts like Officer Fan had a thought process unlike ordinary people, and with that bad temper of hers, she was not the kind of person who would hide. Looking at her, back then, she couldn't even be bothered to clear the records from her computer. Man, such a arrogant and defiant hacker was really seldom seen. She was a wonder of the hacker world!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 447

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