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Chapter 448: Wanted Globally!


Dong Zhiqiang entered.

"Leader." Fang Xiaoshui immediately reported, "Sis Fan seems to have been exposed. She has been found out by the experts on the other side. For this matter, will..."

Fan Yingyun did not leave her name back then. A year had pa.s.sed since the matter, yet those people managed to go connect FAN and last year's supernatural hacking incident together through observation and data a.n.a.lysis. It might seem almost magical, but it was not magical in any way. Every hacker had their own operating method and technological techniques. For example, the before and after of an intrusion, the speed at which commands were issued and the time in between them or things like a familiar tool or software. These were the "trademarks" and "names" of a hacker. Be it FAN or that Supernatural hacker, they were just aliases. A hacker's true alias was actually his skill. Just like a singer, everyone had different voices. There were differences and even if they changed their stage name, they were still the same person.

Hence, despite the placing of the name, having appeared on the world stage twice, with so many expert hackers in the world, it was not surprising for them to have realized Fan Yingyun's ident.i.ty.

Dong Zhiqiang also appeared calm. With a wave of his arms, he said, "It's fine. Go busy yourselves." After saying that, he walked towards Fan Yingyun and said to her, "The American security company has issued a denouncement and demand for compensation. The higher-ups have handled the matter for you. Relevant personnel will negotiate with them. In the future, even if this matter were to be revealed, you don't have to worry."

From black hat to white hat.

That was probably what it meant.

Fan Yingyun carried on gaming and acknowledged tersely. She didn't even look worried. She didn't care about this at all, and focused on her game.


The internet continued discussing!

"G.o.d FAN is an almighty G.o.d!"

"Seeing a world-cla.s.s top ten hacker enter our country's Internet Surveillance Bureau's mysterious cyber-police, I have an inexplicable sense of excitement. In future hacker wars, China finally has someone to take the lead."

"That person is a civil servant, can he even partic.i.p.ate?"

"I'm talking about an orthodox hacker war. It is considered an exchange between technological skills. As long as it’s legal, FAN can partic.i.p.ate in it, and lead our country's hackers. Of course, he can't do it representing the Internet Surveillance Bureau. FAN can only use his personal capacity to raise the flag. When that happens, it will be like a pillar of support. If not, even if our country's hackers are technologically proficient and experts exist, they would fail to unite. They would do things themselves. Look at the Sino-Korean war, none of our hacker experts stepped  forward. It was just a pile of loose sand. Now that FAN has appeared, and with that incident from last year, he will definitely stand out. No one can lead the team better than him."

"Hey, hey. Did you all forgot about '2'?"

"I didn't forget about '2', but think about it. With that G.o.d's formidable and bold style, which of you would dare let him take the lead? How much audacity would you have to have!?"

"Man, that's true."

"This G.o.d is too dangerous!"

"That's right, once G.o.d '2' makes his move, that would be the f**king end of the world!"

"However, I still like '2'. Look at those tricks G.o.d '2' employed. What Song Jimi's uncensored nudes, or pictures of Chen Quan's fatal accident, or Lee Anson's pre-surgery bare face pictures. Back when I saw it, I nearly p.i.s.sed myself from laughing. Those Koreans actually fell for it and swarmed towards it to download it. Hahahaha, G.o.d '2' is too wretched! Right up my alley!"

"That's right, that's right. I almost forgot to take a look. What's '2''s ranking?"

On the World hacker ranking, other than "FAN" in the top ten, "2"'s name was also there!



Age: Unknown.

s.e.x: Unknown.

Country: China (Unconfirmed).

Summary: Panda Burning Incense's creator and distributor.

Information about "2" is extremely scarce. Even the nationality being China was written by the officials has not yet been confirmed. It was equivalent to him being completely unknown, but despite this hacker being completely unknown, a rookie that appeared for the first time on the world stage, he had squeezed past thousands of hacker experts and clinched third place!

It was not any ordinary third place!

It was third in the world!


"Haha, top three!"

"Raising the magnificence of China!"

"A single move and he entered top three?"

The Chinese citizens, who were paying attention to this matter, erupted fervently!

When Zhang Ye saw his own ranking, he did not have much thought about. He only smiled. Third in the world? Ha, was this bro so powerful?

Then, he couldn't laugh any longer!

Suddenly, hacker heaven's official website included a string of red English text behind #3 hacker in the world, "2"!

[ Reward: US$ 50,000,000! ] 

This was clearly not a statistics produced by the hackers heaven website, but a notice for arrest from a relevant international organization!

The only country that could afford that much seemed to be only one—America had made its move!

It was nothing new when it came to bounty rewards for hackers. It was commonly seen. For example, the hackers on the world hacker ranking, the bounty on JIN's head was US$ 100,000. as he had committed multiple internet crimes. After FAN caused a world shocking incident last year, her bounty was US$ 500,000. Now that she was not a "black hat", the bounty might even be removed. There were also famous hackers with misdeeds and their bounties were not low. Even the lowest one seen was US$ 10,000. As for those higher ones, it was possible to be hundreds of thousands to millions!

The world number one hacker, "Leon", was the only person in the world who managed to steal 200 million British pounds from the Swiss Bank using the internet. Although many forces around the world spent great effort over a span of two years, they eventually managed to take back 190 million British pounds, that case had shocked the world. At that point, every bank in the world felt anxious for their own safety, but even so, "Leon"'s arrest warrant was only 20 million American dollars!

And “2”?

50 million?

And this was in f**king American dollars!?

This was an astronomical number. It caused another sensation around the world!

A Chinese hacker: "Is this madness? To pay that much?"

Another Chinese hacker: "It seems Korea is bent on capturing '2'. They want to wipe this disgrace away and also rid themselves of any further repercussions."

A Chinese programmer: "Without any news, who can capture him?"

"That's why the reward is so high. There would definitely be bounty hunters after such high rewards."

"For China to produce a hacker with such a high reward for his arrest, I'm really unsure if I should feel honored or give a wry smile."

A Russian security expert: "Korea has truly felt pain this time."

A British programmer: "That reward is too high. Only 20 million dollars was offered for the serious crime that 'Leon' committed. It's not even half of '2''s, and if you do some calculations, amongst the top 100 hackers in the world, if you were to add up all the rewards for them, it's still less than '2'!"

A j.a.panese hacker: "Holy sh*t! That's true. The bounty on '2''s head nearly matches all the rewards offered for hacker suspects around the world!"

A Korean programmer said, "Compared to our country's losses, that reward is nothing! If revenge is not sought! We will not give up to our death!"

A Chinese hacker harrumphed: "Blame yourselves on being inferior to others. You already lost, yet you don't admit your faults?"

That Korean programmer was angered. "What did you say?"

A Chinese anti-virus company's security expert said: "Why? Do you want to fight it out?"


There was a sensation everywhere!

Numerous people were shocked!

This reward far exceeded everyone's understanding. For such a huge reward, that was almost equivalent to that offered for a terrorist! A hacker could be worth this much? Just thinking of the previous terrorist attack in Russia, 17 people were killed and more than 200 had been injured. A building was blown up, and the leader of the terrorist organization had only a bounty of 60 million American dollars!

“2” was almost on par with him?

The bounty on his head was almost the same as a head of a terrorist organization?

Everyone could not help but shout out in shock. How much economical damage did the Panda Burning Incense cause Korea? Could the figures and data regarding the losses previously announced by Korea be just the tip of the iceberg? Not everything had been released? Or else why were they so h.e.l.lbent on arresting him?

A Russian expert said, "The Koreans and United States are making a fuss over a molehill. They have complicated the problem. Actually this virus infection sounded an alarm for the world. In the future, anti-virus companies and operating systems would release precautionary measures against such viruses. There is no way to avoid some losses. Besides, '2' did not have have his eyes on any economic gain on this matter, so there is no way of understanding that 50 million bounty."

However, a Korean expert refuted. "This bounty is nothing compared to the economic damage and effects on society '2' dealt to our country, and it can be seen that '2' is filled with animosity for Korea. Sino-Korean relations are a bit more delicate, so if this 'bomb' is ignored, it might cause another round of destruction to our country. Having five days of darkness once is more than enough. None of you experienced those five days yourselves, so you have no way of understanding how Korea spent those five days!  I support my country in offering 50 million American dollars for '2''s arrest! Even if it were 100 million American dollars, compared to the danger that '2' poses, I think it's not much, let alone 50 million!"

An American expert also expressed, "From a certain angle, '2' is much more dangerous than 'Leon'. 'Leon' had economical interests and did things low-key. He never revealed himself. However, '2' did not have economical interests. From Panda Burning Incense and usage and procedure of having so many variants, this virus could definitely control a user's computer on a large-scale basis. He could have used the 'transfer flow' and obtained great economical gains, but '2' did not do so. What he valued was destruction. Such a person is undoubtedly more dangerous. Evaluating him as the greatest terrorist in the field of computers wouldn’t be too much. Hence, this person has to be arrested, or else he will be a disaster and nightmare for the entire world. Several experts and I believe this deeply!"

There were people for it.

There were also people against it.

Anyway, there were all sorts of thoughts on it!

The large reward internationally also caused a huge uproar around the world. Even if the discussion of whether such a large reward was necessary was ignored. The entire world understood the danger that “2" posed. There was no doubt about that. Now, the dispute was about how dangerous "2" was. If every country were to strengthen their anti-virus tools, would "2" be able to stir up another storm. Would these precautionary measures be able to prevent "2" from attacking with his virus?

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 448

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