I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: Aunt's Family has a Problem

Translated by: Legge & CKtalon

Edited by: Based Jessica

A few days later.

The new year festival finally came to a conclusion. The sound of firecrackers could no longer be heard on the streets.

As for the discussion about the Panda Burning Incense both domestically and internationally, be it the media or the common people, it gradually began to calm down. No matter how hot a topic was, it would eventually cool down. Everyone still had to work, and return to their normal daily lives. Zhang Ye was one of these people. The injuries on his face and neck had already recovered. The scabs had fallen off, and could not be seen on the surface. Hence, he returned to his parents' home.


By the time he arrived home, it was already 6:30 AM.

Using his key to open the door, he pushed the door open. His parents were already up. Dad was was.h.i.+ng his face in the bathroom, while Mom was preparing breakfast. There was a pot of congee boiling on the stove.

Zhang Ye said in amus.e.m.e.nt, "Dad, Mom, did you just wake up?"

Mom looked at him and stared. "You actually know how to come back home?"

"Hey, didn't I say that I had to do some things these past few days?" Zhang Ye hurriedly gave a placating smile, and went to the kitchen to help. "Just ignore it. Let me do it. You’re cooking three eggs, right?"

Mom held in her anger and said, "No matter what you have to do, you should come home to pa.s.s the new year. Count how many days you spent here since the new year? Not a single day! First you were busy with the Spring Festival Gala. On new year's eve, you weren’t at home, and even went to the police station! I only caught a glance of you after you came out, then you left. On the 5th, you didn't even come back to eat dumplings. Kid, are you crazy?"

Zhang Ye said, "Aiyah, what can I be crazy over? I really had urgent matters and couldn't take time off."

Dad walked out the bathroom after was.h.i.+ng up. He said to his wife, "Enough. You always have so much to say. Hurry and wash up."

Mom indignantly reprimanded her son a few more times before putting the things in her hands down before going to wash up.

The moment she left, Dad leered at his son. "Have you recovered from your injuries?"

"Oh, what?" Zhang Ye quickly feigned ignorance. "I'm not injured."

Dad lifted his chin. "That c.o.c.k and bull story of yours can only fool your Mother. It was all over the news."

Zhang Ye made a placating smile once more. "You knew about it all along?"

Dad did not speak further. "Enough. As long as you’ve recovered. A true man shouldn't care so much about such tiny injuries. You did well. You did not throw our face as party members."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "That's true. They were just a bunch of children. I couldn't dodge, nor could I retaliate, so that was all I could do. As expected of an old party member like Dad to be so perceptive. The reason why I didn't dare to tell the two of you about my injuries was because I'm afraid Mom will bear a grudge, and even seek them out for revenge."

Dad said, "Yea, she is a reflection of governmental policies, so she won't understand any of this. Not telling her was the right thing to do, or we would hear no end from her."

The father and son duo spoke in whispers.

After Mom was done was.h.i.+ng up. "What were you two talking about?"

Zhang Ye immediately turned his head over. "Nothing much. The congee is done. Let me scoop it for you."

"I want a big bowl and give me some salted vegetables!" Mom sat down comfortably and began commanding. "Don't let the fire for the eggs be too weak or they won't cook properly."

Zhang Ye responded, "Alright."

Dad secretly pursed his lips at his son.

Zhang Ye chuckled.

During the meal, Dad asked, "Will you be alone at home in the day? Or are you going out?"

Zhang Ye spoke as he ate, "You are going to work with Mom, right? No problem. I'll be home then. If there's nothing, I won't be going out. I've nothing on my hands to do these two days."

Mom asked, "When are you returning to Shanghai? Are you doing a new program?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "The talk show just finished, so no matter what, I'll take a few more days of break. I only came home after all these days, so I won't be going anywhere for the next few days and I’ll just stay at home."

Mom pursed her lips, "Enough of that. Every time you say that, something unexpected happens. Right, your Aunt called yesterday and asked about you. She asked what you were doing. I didn't know and didn't say much to her. I think your Aunt needs you for something."

Zhang Ye blinked, "What?"

Mom said, "How would I know?"

Dad said, "Give your Aunt a call in a bit."

"Alright, I got it." Zhang Ye carried on eating. "In a while, you can go to work directly. I'll do the dishes. Hur Hur. Mom, how is that?"

Mom tsk’ed, "I'll make do with that."

After a while, the old couple left for work.

Zhang Ye began to wash the dishes along at home. After he was done, he sat on the couch in the living room and lit up a cigarette... Oh right, now the SARFT doesn't allow smoking. This paragraph will deleted!

As he watched TV, his cellphone rang.

From the display, it was his Aunt's home number.

Only then did Zhang Ye recall the matter. He did not expect his Aunt to call him already. He then pressed the answer key. "h.e.l.lo, Aunt. I just heard from my parents that you were looking for me for something. I was just about to call you back."

Zhang Donghua said: "You are home?"

Zhang Ye said, "Yea, I just returned home this morning."

Zhang Donghua asked with concern, "How are you? Are you busy with work recently?"

"Hai, I don't have any work anymore. I'm currently resting." Zhang Ye said.

Zhang Donghua responded, "Oh. Hur Hur. That's nice."

Zhang Ye blinked his eyes. "Is there something you need me for?"

Zhang Donghua then said, "Actually it's nothing serious. Well, erh.. it's this. I'll let your elder sister talk to you about it. She has something for you..."

Zhang Ye said, "Sure."

He could hear Zhang Donghua call her daughter over the phone, "Little Shuang, it's your brother's call...Little Shuang. Hey, you finally came over...Hurry..."

A very soft female voice said from the other side, "You do the talking, Mom."

Zhang Donghua said in a speechless manner, "This child."

Zhang Ye made a wry smile. "Aunt, tell me then. I'm still so confused about what's going on. We are family, so what can't you tell me about?"

Zhang Donghua said, "I'm not very sure about the matter too. It's your elder sister's blogshop. She's not working now, right? She and her friend formed a partners.h.i.+p to set up a blogshop and were designing clothes themselves, or find others to design. It's considered their own brand, then they would get a factory to produce the clothes and sell them on the web, but now, the business isn't doing too well, and nothing spectacular has happened. They have been losing money all this time."

Zhang Ye did not know of this matter. "My Sis opened a Taobao?"

When Zhang Donghua heard this, she was confused. "What's Taobao?"

"Cough Cough. Nothing, my bad." Zhang Ye smacked himself on the lips and just realized that this world no longer had Alibaba. "Tell me, what do you need me for?"

Zhang Donghua said, "Your Sis is a bit thin-skinned. She long wanted to get your help, but kept feeling that it wasn't appropriate. Now she has no job and income..."

Zhang Ye was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. "Aunt, Aiyah, just tell me. I'm getting dizzy hearing all this."

Zhang Donghua coughed, "Your Sis, she wants to...get you to be a model. They sell male clothing, but do not know anything about celebrity endors.e.m.e.nt, or if there are any restrictions from your company. If it's too much trouble or violates your company's contract, then forget it. It's alright."


Just this?

Zhang Ye immediately said, "Is my Sis also at home?"

Zhang Donghua said, "She's here."

"Then I'll come over now. It's not easy to talk about such things over the phone." Zhang Ye really could not stand his Aunt's beating around the bush. It was too confusing.

"Now? Aren't you busy?" Zhang Donghua said, "I heard from my siblings, that you have really been busy recently over some random stuff. You haven't been home the past few days and even went to the Internet Surveillance Bureau."

Zhang Ye said with a frivolous smiles. "Not busy at all. Even if I were busy, it can't be more important than something my Aunt and Sis need me for. I'll be over shortly."

Zhang Donghua said with a laugh, "Our Little Ye is so obedient. Aunt will wait here for you. Don't worry about lunch. I'll settle it for you."

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 449

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