I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: My goal is the Sea of Stars!


It was lunch time at his Aunt's place.

Piping hot dishes were brought over by Zhang Donghua into the living room. "Get ready to eat. Hur Hur."

Zhang Ye went over to help. "Aunt, let me help you. Is there anymore things to bring from the kitchen?"

"All the dishes have been served. Take a seat, I'll go scoop the rice." After Zhang Donghua finished saying that, she looked at Zhang Shuang, who had been busying herself with her computer, urging, "What are you doing?

“Hurry up and have lunch. Move the table to the side a bit with your brother, so that there will be more s.p.a.ce, or else we won't be able to seat four people."

The room was small, and there was a bed there, so it was quite cramped.

Zhang Shuang did not even turn her head. "Give me a bit Mom, I'm busy!"

Zhang Donghua grumbled, "What can you be busy with over? Finish your meal first!"

Zhang Shuang said, "Aiyah, now there's so many people submitting orders and asking about the clothing measurements and stuff like that. That silly girl, Qianqian went out to make a phone call. Now, I'm extremely busy."

Zhang Donghua asked casually, "How many orders are there?"

Zhang Shuang looked at the screen and said, "There are already 180 orders!

“If this carries on, all the stock we have at home won't be enough. I still need to send more orders to the factory so that they can produce more quickly. Aiyah, I can't talk. Just give me another two more minutes. I'll definitely be done in two minutes!"

Almost 200 orders?

Zhang Donghua was quite shocked upon hearing this. Her daughter's blogshop had been open for a year, and had not acc.u.mulated 200 sets of clothing sold in its entire year of business. Little Ye had just helped them model how long ago?

An hour?

One and a half hours?

This was too fast!

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Let my Sis busy herself. I'll move the table. Where should I move it to?"

"Hey! Put it down!" Zhang Donghua tugged at him, refusing his offer. "You just need to sit down and eat. Your Sis will do it in a little bit!"

Zhang Ye refused. "Why are you standing on ceremony with me? You think I can't move this tiny table?" Saying that, he pulled at it, and the table moved over. The dishes and chopsticks placed on the table did not move at all. There was not even a single tremble. This fellow knew kung fu after all.

Zhang Donghua was quite astonished seeing this. "Little Ye, you sure are quite handy?"

"Heh. Just average I guess." Zhang Ye bragged a bit.

At this moment, Liu Qian came back inside. She entered the room after pus.h.i.+ng the door open.

Zhang Donghua immediately greeted her with a smile. "Hurry, Qianqian, it's time to eat."

A few minutes later.

The four people gathered around the dining table to eat.

Zhang Ye wolfed down the food. After taking photos and changing clothes all day, he was quite drained and was very hungry. "Eh, EH, delicious. This fish-flavored pork is very fragrant!"

Zhang Donghua smiled and gave him more. "If it's delicious, then eat some more."

Zhang Ye found the words familiar and subconsciously nodded, "Yea, I can't stop at all!"

Liu Qian did not eat and instead kept staring at Zhang Ye's face. It was the kind of stare that did not even blink.

Zhang Ye got a little creeped out by this. "Uh, what's the matter?"

"Qianqian, hurry up and eat. Eat while it's still hot. It'll turn cold if you don’t." Zhang Donghua served Liu Qian with her chopsticks and happily said, "You'll have more strength if you eat more. From today onwards, I guess you and Little Shuang will be very busy. Just now, Little Shuang said that you already have nearly 200 orders!"

Zhang Shuang was also eating very delightfully and was in a great mood. "This is the effect of a celebrity! In the past I kept hearing this phrase and didn't think too much of it. I believed good wine needs no bush, but now I finally understand the power of celebrities!”

“As expected of my brother's awesome skills!" She then raised her tea cup. "There's no wine at home, and even if there is I don't drink. Bro, Sis will toast you with this tea on behalf of wine. Thanks!"

Zhang Ye clinked with her. His cup was only filled with water. "It's your product that is good. Your brand positioning and fas.h.i.+on design are quite outstanding, so don't think that it was because of me. I just took a few photos."

Zhang Shuang said, "There was also the advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage."

Zhang Donghua said, "Just now I caught a glance at the advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage. It was really very well written. Such a good advertis.e.m.e.nt should be left for yourself. Giving it to your sister is such a waste."

Liu Qian also sighed, "We shouldn't have posted that advertis.e.m.e.nt!"

Zhang Donghua looked at her daughter and said, "That's right. It was you. You even went and used it without any thought. Now everything sure is fine and dandy. There's no way to take it down since it's already been revealed!"

Zhang Shuang stuck out her tongue.

Liu Qian sighed again. "That's right!"

Zhang Donghua and Liu Qian were actually thinking about two different matters. Liu Qian was thinking of how the advertis.e.m.e.nt should not be posted. If it was left to her, she would have sold it to an advertising company. A million! It was a million bucks! When the time came, she and Zhang Shuang could get 500,000 each. Wouldn't that be great!?

Of course, that was just wishful thinking. Their careers were now dependent on their blogshop and their fas.h.i.+on brand. If they wanted to have a future, naturally this situation was the best. If not it was essentially killing the goose that laid golden eggs!

After taking her friend's call, Liu Qian now understood how much she and Zhang Shuang owed Zhang Ye!

She also knew what Zhang Ye's position in the entertainment industry and the advertising world was!

C-list celebrity!

The youngest Peking University lecturer!

Famous television and radio program host!

And a poet, novelist, and literature scholar!

Why would such a G.o.dly person so famous in his field be sitting with them, sharing a meal?

Zhang Shuang kept saying her brother was a big star, and this Sis thought that was just full of hot air?

Holy sh*t!

Now, she's made a spectacle of herself!

Liu Qian stared angrily at Zhang Shuang, and was thinking how bad she was. She had such an awesome brother, but had never mentioned it. She didn't even leak it out. She had hidden it so much!

After eating.

Zhang Shuang and Liu Qian hurriedly sat in front of the computer to busy themselves.

Liu Qian suddenly pointed at the screen. "Hey, our blogshop is now on Weibo news! Hurry up and take a look!"

This was a news article recommended by Weibo. There were five news articles. The news article of theirs did not take up much s.p.a.ce and was quite inconspicuous, but neither was it the smallest. The position was still alright.

The t.i.tle was "Zhang Ye's New Advertis.e.m.e.nt".

The advertis.e.m.e.nt's original text and a link to Zhang Shuang's Astralwolves brand blogshop were both included.

"After reading this advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage, I had mixed feelings. Maybe only those men, who had experienced some setback or experienced some battering by the wind and rain, would like the advertis.e.m.e.nt. Men's troubles, weakness, persistence, and stubbornness were all written in this advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage. For the advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage to be used for men's clothing brand makes it extremely suitable. Here, I can't help but be amazed at Teacher Zhang Ye's advertising brain and literary talent. In here, the line I like the most is 'That is Men! Men with more than one dimension'!”

“Zhang Ye is probably talking about himself. He was previously a radio station jockey and had been a television host. He has taught in a university and loves writing poems, scolding his leaders, and beating other celebrities. To be able to write an advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage that showcases men, it definitely can't be separated from his own experience. Men with more than one dimension—Is there any other man who has more dimensions than Zhang Ye?"

Many people saw the recommended news article.

"Ah ha, Teacher Zhang has a new poem?"

"It's not a poem. It's an advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage."

"Zhang Ye's advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage is as awesome as his poems!"

"That's right. The one that left the deepest impression on me was 'I'll speak for myself'. It was really so well written!

And this 'Men with more than one dimension'. It too is quite lovely!"

"I still like that Brain Gold advertis.e.m.e.nt. That was Teacher Zhang Ye's f**ckin pinnacle piece of work! It’s an epic legend of the advertising world!"

"Pfft, the person upstairs sure has different tastes!"

"Brain Gold is too brainwas.h.i.+ng. At least this advertis.e.m.e.nt is more normal!"

"I also like this men's fas.h.i.+on advertis.e.m.e.nt pa.s.sage. It's empowering!"

"Why are Teacher Zhang Ye's works always so awesome!"


Zhang Shuang exclaimed, "Traffic is soaring again!"

Liu Qian roared with laugher. "Weibo is helping us to advertise! And we didn't even need to pay any advertis.e.m.e.nt or promotion fees!


"Ah? What?" Zhang Shuang asked.

Liu Qian said exasperatedly, "I didn't call you. I was saying it felt great!"

Zhang Donghua was behind them cleaning the table. With her daughter's business improving by leaps and bounds, as her mother, she was naturally happy for her. She did not need to worry about her daughter's work in the future. With Little Ye sacrificing his ideas, paving the way for his sister, her business would definitely not be bad.

To develop into a national or international brand would definitely be impossible. That needed capital injection and a lot of management. However, to become a blogshop with good sales and a good reputation amongst small brand blogshops, it would definitely not be a problem. At least, she didn't need to fret about basic necessities.

Zhang Shuang said with a delightful smile, "I managed to rub off a bit of my brother's halo."

Zhang Ye said with a teasing smile, "I'm the one who rubbed off my Sis' halo. This is the first time since I was born that I was asked to be a fas.h.i.+on model. This experience was quite thrilling. In the future, I can add model to my list of accolades and carry on developing with multi-faceted pathways. If there's any more of such good deals, Sis, you must remember to give me a call." He said this because he was afraid his Aunt and Sis would be overly courteous towards him. Actually to Zhang Ye, this was nothing. It was not like he lacked time. Besides, if he could help a relative out, why not?

As for other celebrities, time was money.


Commercial performances.

And even as escorts.

For example, they may go to a particular company's ribbon-cutting ceremony. Half an hour or an hour, with the snap of the scissors and at most eating a meal, they could receive hundreds of thousands of dollars, and so with this conversion rate, that was the case indeed.

However, Zhang Ye was different. He did not moonlight, nor did he do commercial performances. He did not have any schedules that required the entire day. As this fellow didn't even have a management company or manager, he was truly a free celebrity in the industry that stood out. He was not restricted in any way. He knew very clearly that all the moonlighting, with little true value, was using one's popularity to earn money. However, it did not increase one's popularity at all, and if done too often, it would even hurt it. That was something Zhang Ye refused to do. Hence, he had lots of free time. Don't you see this fellow staying at home going in circles all day?

Zhang Ye only had popularity in his eyes. His dream was not to earn thousands or millions!

His ambition was bigger than this. His goals were even larger, and targeted a greater horizon!

Hence, what he was seeing was different from other celebrities. What he saw was not money, but the entire country, the world, the universe, the Sea of the Stars*!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 454

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