I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 897

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"A high fever of 62°C?"

"Pfft! Are you trying to boil an egg or something?"

"They can still fucking train even after suffering a comminuted fracture in both their wrists?"

"Are there 40 hours in a day?"

"How can there be a fucking 30th of February?!"

"Hahahaha! Aiyo, I can't take it anymore!"

"How sarcastic! I'm dying of laughter!"

"This is too fucking wicked!"

The netizens were rolling around in laughter! In an instant, this Weibo post was getting explosively forwarded!

This was quite a well-known insult that the netizens from Zhang Ye's previous world used on EXO. Zhang Ye smoothly used it after making some slight modifications to it. The first impression one would have of it was that he was speaking up for the table tennis team in protest of the injustice they were suffering, but upon closer observation, every part of it was a goddamn insult!

With Zhang Ye's appearance, he had expressed his stand and signal very clearly. It was obviously impossible to make him apologize. Moreover, not only would he not apologize, he even continued to make fun of them happily, utterly ignoring the collective attacks on him from the national table tennis team and the people from the sporting world!

The sporting world was furious!

The table tennis team was furious!

Liu Yifeng, Han Li, Li Qi, and the others almost fainted from anger. They had expected that Zhang Ye might not apologize, but they didn't expect Zhang Ye to be so stubborn!

Zhang Ye's Weibo had once again successfully ignited the flames of war. Countless netizens who supported him were making a huge ruckus online as if they were on steroids. Their voices were again starting to drown out the group of people from the sporting world who had jumped out earlier. There was criticism all around; the troll army was everywhere. Let alone this bunch of people from the sporting world, even Zhang Ye himself also frightened by it!

"Supporting Zhang Ye!"

"Keep up the scolding!"

"Fucking bastards!"

"Let's go, who wants to come with me to flood Liu Yifeng's Weibo?"


"I'll go!"

"Me too!"

"Who wants to come with me to flood Han Li's Weibo?"

"I'll do it!"

"Count me in!"

"I'm coming!"

"Fight it out with them!"

Initially, Zhang Ye just intended to take on this bunch of athletes from the sporting world by himself. But he was not even able to get into battle mode, as after he had just posted the insult and before he got a kick out of it, this bunch of people from the sporting world were already "shattered" by the massive troll army. There wasn't even a chance for Zhang Ye to step in!

The troll army was too overwhelming!

Han Li's blog had already fallen to the troll army!

Liu Yifeng's Weibo was flooded with comments of "idiot" by the troll army!

Several of those athletes and coaches of the sporting world from earlier were not spared either. A badminton athlete who had his own sports brand was even flooded by the troll army on the comments section of his online shop!

The bystanders were dumbfounded by what they saw!

"Holy shit!"

"This bunch of people are too terrifying!"

"How can there be so many people!"

"Those table tennis players too. They've already been slapped in the face by Zhang Ye once on the Spring Festival Gala, so why did they still have to provoke him? Are they trying to find out whose side has more people? Why are you guys so funny? Do you think that by getting a bunch of athletes to support you, your numbers will be 'massive'? Can you see it now?! This is Zhang Ye's main battlefield In the arena of Weibo, even an A-list celebrity might not be a match for Zhang Ye!"

"Zhang Ye's popularity is enormous!"

"He's almost pushing into the A-list already?"

"Judging by the way everything is going today, he shouldn't be far away now!"

"This is already the showing of an A-list celebrity!"

The word "tragic" could be used to describe the current situation. But of course, "tragic" would be referring to that group of people from the sporting world, such as Liu Yifeng, Han Li, a female tennis player, the national soccer team captain, and others who had their faces turn green from all the scolding!

Meanwhile, when many of the current or retired athletes heard about the scolding that the table tennis team was getting, they immediately wanted to come over to help out. However, some of them came a bit earlier while others arrived a little later. When the group that arrived late saw what was happening, they were all dumbfounded!

"The hell?"

"What happened here?"


After hesitating for a moment, the several of them blinked, not knowing what to do. Oh well, forget it, they would just pretend that they were not online!

Why didn't they go forward?

Go forward, their ass!

The main lead with the strongest combat strength did not really make a move and had only posted a ridiculing post on Weibo, but the group of people from the table tennis team, soccer team, and basketball team had already been smashed to pieces by the troll army with no chance of hitting back, so what chance would this later group still have?! Whoever went up against him would surely end up sacrificing themselves for nothing!

Brothers, take care!

We were unable to help much, so we'll be going first!

It wasn't only them. At this moment, a basketball star who was embroiled in the fighting was nearly in tears and intending to back off. But he had already denounced Zhang Ye publicly, so even if he wanted to leave, there was no chance to do so anymore. He was trapped and couldn't leave even if he wanted to! Seeing such a great drop in the number of his Weibo followers, seeing the wave of criticism flooding into his Weibo and personal homepage, and even onto his own basketball team's homepage, he was deeply regretting his actions! Damn! Why did I have to get myself involved in this? What has this matter of the table tennis team got anything to do with me? Why did I rush into this for?! Get Zhang Ye to apologize? But if he doesn't want to apologize, what can we do about it? Can we gobble him up because of that? We are just a group of people from the sporting world, who are we to influence the matters of the entertainment industry?

That badminton athlete who had his own online shop was also exploding with anger. Fuck, you all should just stick to your scolding, why are you all leaving complaints on my online shop?! Fuck, they're even spamming negative reviews! Your sister! I'm gonna fight it out with you people!

The situation was totally one-sided!

Some of the genuine table tennis fans were also scolding them!

A table tennis fan said in disappointment: "@LiuYifeng, just look around you, how many people are helping you guys? How many fans are speaking up for you? Today's table tennis team was really too disappointing. Ignoring the fact that you all performed well below par in the match loss, you even found such a ridiculous reason as an excuse for the loss? Losing the match just because you listened to some song? Pushing the responsibility onto Zhang Ye? Today, you guys have lost the match and your fans!"

He said the words that many fans wanted to say!

Actually, even though Zhang Ye had a massive troll army and fan club behind him, and there was almost nobody who could outfight him on Weibo, the fact of the matter was that there were still many people who disliked Zhang Ye. His popularity was not as good as some might have think, so every time Zhang Ye started a fight with someone, a lot of netizens would come out to scold Zhang Ye and the battle usually involved all those people. However, almost no one stepped forward today. Except for those athletes from the sporting world, there were basically no fans who came to help them. The reason lay in that line—the table tennis team had lost the match and their fans this time!

"That's right!"

"That's how it is!"

"This is not the first time Han Li tried giving excuses like that! We're already tired of hearing them! Blaming the temperature for being too warm two matches ago? Blaming the temperature for being too cold at the last match? Then blaming a song for being terrible to listen to this time?"

"Even if Han Li is always pushing the blame away, why as the national team's head coach are you always speaking up for him? They lost their match just because they listened to Zhang Ye's song? Do you think we're idiots?"

"He's really treating us like idiots!"

"No one is going to help them this time!"

"They played too awful in that match!"

However, even in the face of the fans' doubts, the national team's head coach, Liu Yifeng, was still finding excuses. He replied on Weibo: "I admit that the results of the national team in recent years have not been too ideal. No one's in a good mood after losing today's match and we will take responsibility for it. But a lot of things are not as simple as you think. The outcome of a match is often only a hair's breadth difference. There are many factors that can affect the results. It isn't always an issue of the players' performance. For example, a song, a disturbance in the crowd, or the temperature of a competition arena will all affect the player's performance. Besides, many of these are uncontrollable factors and cannot be mitigated at all! We are denouncing Zhang Ye today not because we have lost of the match, but because of his public insults against table tennis as a sport! That is something we can't accept!"

"You all are still trying to push the blame away?"

"That's really enough, all of you!"

Han Li also spoke up: "We didn't push our blame away! We're improving, but the opponents are improving as well! Nowadays, many of the weaker teams have hired China's coaches and their abilities have significantly improved. This has resulted in others greatly underestimating their abilities!"

Li Qi: "I lost a match today too. It's not that I'm finding excuses, but the stadium overseas was totally different from our country's facilities and the floor's surface was too hard! A lot of the players also encountered this problem and found it difficult to adapt!"

A table tennis player came forward and said: "That's right, the stadium today was very bad and we pointed it out to the organizers before the match! If we go there again next year, their stadium will be rebuilt according to the international requirements. At that time, there won't be any problems anymore!"

The national soccer team captain, Han Zhaoguang, said: "It's the same with soccer. There are many factors contributing to the outcome of a match!"

Following, athletes from tennis, badminton, and a few other sports spoke up for them as well.

But the fans were not convinced!

"Don't even mention soccer, thank you!"

"How many crucial matches have you guys lost in the past few years? In the past, we dominated the world of table tennis. But now? Even though we're still the world #1, we're always getting losses after every few winning games. If you lost, so be it. You should do some self-reflection and analyze the reasons for losing the match. But instead of that, all of you are constantly analyzing how others have affected you and analyzing those so-called unmitigable factors! Scram back to where you came from!"

The fans voiced their opinions in great numbers!

At this moment, Zhang Ye, who had already crawled under his blanket, was starting to find it boring. It was so extremely boring. I haven't even said much yet, but the troll army has already cleared the battlefield? When he saw those people from the sporting world starting to appear again after hiding cowardly for a long time, he knew that he could finally say something!

Zhang Ye posted on Weibo again!

Everyone was stunned and came together to observe!

"There's another post!"

"Zhang Ye is here!"

"Quick, come and see!"

"What did he post this time?"

Zhang Ye was the person in question today. The battle had started because of him. That was why every move of his was rather highly anticipated by everyone.

Zhang Ye posted on Weibo: "On today's live match, I was very honored to be singled out by the table tennis team after the tournament was over. When I saw the reasons explained by so many athletes for losing a match, I was suddenly enlightened and conveniently made an analysis of those reasons for losing a match and the factors beyond their control."

The reasons are as follows:

An analysis of the reasons in the sporting world (including table tennis, soccer, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc.) for losing a match.

A. Grounds factors:

1. The grounds were too hard.

2. The grounds were too soft.

3. The color of the grounds were not suitable.

Reading this, the netizens cramped up with laughter!


"Neither too hard or too soft would do?"

"Han Li has really used this as a reason before in the past! Fuck!"

"It's even the fault of the grounds' color?"

"Aiyo! I have an inexplicable urge to laugh!"

Liu Yifeng was stunned first, then exploded with anger at the next moment!

Han Li, Li Qi, and the rest also started to curse!

Even a fool could see that Zhang Ye was satirizing them!

B. Weather factors:

1. Snow.

2. Rain.

3. Hail.

4. Not enough sunlight.

5. Too much sunlight.

6. Cold.

7. Hot.

8. Neither cold nor hot (enough to inconvenience the opponent).

Reading the second point, the netizens laughed again!

"Aiyo, I can't take it anymore!"


"I'm bursting with laughter!"

"What the hell is neither cold nor hot!"

"It won't do no matter how much sunlight there is?!"

"Teacher Zhang, why are you so funny?!"

"What a classic! This is such a fucking classic!"

"Someone really used that reason two years ago at a match! This was not made up!"

When many of these troll army "soldiers" who were spamming Weibo with criticism learned that Zhang Ye had posted on Weibo, they came over immediately as well. The moment they saw this, all of them burst out laughing!

C. Tournament venue factors:

I. On-field factors:

1. The referee helped the opponents.

2. The referee did not help us.

3. The opponents were too physically strong.

4. The opponent's technique was too good.

5. The goalposts (net, basketball rim) helped them.

6. The opponents performed insanely well.

7. The added time was too short.

8. The added time was too long.


"I'm dying of laughter, aiyo!"

"The referee did not help us? Pfft!"

When the national soccer team captain, Han Zhaoguang, read this, he nearly fainted!

II. Off-field factors:

1. Not on home field, affected by the atmosphere.

2. On home turf, the pressure was too great.

3. The spectators did not cheer for us.

4. The spectators' cheers were too loud.

The netizens were already unable to laugh anymore!

"Aiyo, what the heck!"


"Fuck, I'm dying of laughter!"

"Whatever the case, it's always an issue!"

Everyone from the sporting world exploded with rage!

Zhang Ye!

Fuck your grandpa!

But the posts on Weibo were still coming. As there were too many words to write, Zhang Ye had to separate them into a few segments for posting!

D. A bad lot was drawn:

1. Strong teams were put into the same group, resulting in a group of death.

2. Average teams were put into the same group. The burden of wanting to win was there but the pressure of losing was too heavy.

3. Weak teams were put into the same group. Instead of showing respect to their opponents, they were caught off guard and slipped up.


"Aiyo, that was so fucking well said!"

"I've burst out into laughter! I really did!"

E. Other reasons for losing a match (player's factors):

1. "So and so" went for overseas training, so our key player was kept out of the match.

2. "So and so" returned from overseas training, but was suffering from jet lag.


"I'm dying of laughter!"

"Those reasons for losing a match sound really familiar!"

"Yeah, they're all based on true incidents!"


F. Other reasons for losing a match (overall factors):

1. The was no air conditioning or heating in the hotel room.

2. The air conditioning in the hotel room was too cold.

3. The heating in the hotel room was too warm.

4. The bus seats were not comfortable.

5. The team's medical staff had poor medical skills.

6. Zhang Ye's song was terrible to listen to!

Zhang Ye: "The analysis is complete. Don't thank me, just call me Red Scarf."

With that, the Weibo posting ended.

When the netizens read the last line of the Weibo post, those people who were laughing until they were nearly in tears laughed even harder until they were now in stitches!

Zhang Ye's song was terrible to listen to?!

He was outright insulting them!

These Weibo posts of Zhang Ye had basically scolded all of the sports in the sporting world!

There was no vulgarity used at all!

There wasn't even any harsh vocabulary in it!

The entire post was written in a list format!

But this combat strength had fucking shot through the roof!

I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 897

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