Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1069

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Chapter 1069: Chaos Everywhere with One Glance

"Xiao Chen, the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen!"

By now, all the cultivators with any degree of strength in the Heavenly Starry Ocean would have seen this getup and this face in portraits.

This was a person who had killed eight quasi-Emperors in the Cloud Sea Domain before killing two powerful quasi-Emperors of the Southern Sea Divine Dragon Palace.

This was the person who dared to take the pulse of the Lunar Palace's Holy Daughter and abduct her in public. Within the Kunlun Realm, there was only one such person, the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen.

Who here did not know the name of the Azure Dragon King?

Unfortunately, such a person only had twenty years left to live. He was destined to die young. It would be difficult for him to climb onto the great Dao. He was only like a meteor, a quick flash before falling.

However, at this moment, no one dared to underestimate him. No one was willing to go and seek trouble for themselves.

"Xiao Chen! Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, I have heard of you before. You may be famous, but you need to obey the basic rules. According to the rules, as of now, this sword is already mine, Gongshan Yu's."

Gongshan Yu frowned. Someone showed up unexpectedly and disrupted his plan. How unlucky!

After Gongshan Yu spent so much thought and effort, he had managed to reach the last step to s.n.a.t.c.hing the despair sword from the many outstanding talents' hands. No matter what, he would not give it up.

Xiao Chen ignored Gongshan Yu. When he arrived, he swept his gaze over the Sword Mound. Fortunately, the despair sword was still there and had not been taken away yet.

Along the way, while rus.h.i.+ng over, he happened to run into a Superior Grade Profound Beast, something with the strength of a Small Perfection quasi-Emperor. In addition, it possessed a crafty nature, forcing him to waste time.

He had thought that the despair sword would have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away already by the time he arrived. Unexpectedly, it was still there.

"Xiao Chen, are you not going to adhere to even the most basic rules?"

Seeing that Xiao Chen ignored him, Gongshan Yu showed an unhappy expression.

"Rules? What you said can be considered rules?"

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Nothing could be accomplished without rules. However, not everyone could set rules, and not every rule needed to be followed.

At the very least, he did not need to follow the rules that this Gongshan Yu set.


Xiao Chen soared into the air and flew directly towards the Sword Mound. Gongshan Yu shouted, "Stop him!"

Gongshan Yu's two junior brothers immediately took action. They flung out their long and wide sleeves, sending out a large stream of Magic Treasures. Each of these Magic Treasures surging towards Xiao Chen could break mountains and split seas.

There were flying swords flickering with cold light, large seals with mountains and rivers carved on them, metal nets covered in flames, and many others, all looking very mighty.

Xiao Chen did not even bother looking. The Beautiful Mountain and River Painting flew out of his palm. Mountains and rivers gathered into a picture scroll that blocked all the Magic Treasures at once.

Xiao Chen's figure flashed as he launched himself directly towards the despair sword in the Sword Mound.

Seeing Xiao Chen being so impulsive, boldly heading to the Sword Mound, several people could not help but feel tempted. This despair sword was not that easy to obtain.

If Xiao Chen forcibly obtained the sword and got injured, they had a good chance of detaining him here.

The black despair hurricanes howled over the Sword Mound, swirling everywhere.


Xiao Chen threw a punch and struck an incoming hurricane. With a loud sound, this solidified despair hurricane shattered at his blow.

This scene immediately shocked many people. Earlier, those outstanding talents had not even dared to touch these hurricanes, using exquisite Movement Techniques to avoid them.

However, Xiao Chen was extremely domineering. Not having any intention of dodging, he simply punched the despair hurricane into pieces.

After he clashed head-on with the strong shock wave brought on by the state of despair when the hurricane shattered, he acted like nothing had happened, casually walking on the Sword Mound, throwing more punches, and shattering all the incoming black hurricanes.

"How strong is his mental state?!"

The expressions of not only the outstanding talents of the same generation but even the older-generation cultivators changed.

All of these people possessed the ability to shatter the despair hurricane. However, the problem was the state of despair generated when the hurricane shattered.

If one was careless, one might end up in an illusion that they could not extract themselves from.

Earlier, when the shock wave struck the red-clad young master from the Five Poison Sect, he had gotten trapped in an illusion. If not for some external help, he would not have been able to escape it.

However, Xiao Chen endured all these head-on. Ten-odd hurricanes shattered, and the shock waves struck him. Even so, he behaved like they were nothing.

Then, he landed, stretched out his hand, and grasped the sword.

Ten thousand swords buzzed together and formed one sword Qi that was like a meteor chasing the moon as it pierced towards Xiao Chen's back.

The black hurricanes that Xiao Chen shattered earlier reformed the instant he grasped the sword handle. They turned into a ferocious beast that launched itself at him with jaws wide open.

As though pre-arranged, the Cyclic Astral Palace's Chu Yang's chest suddenly gave off a bright light right at this moment, like he was half of a sun radiating bright, golden light.

Each beam of light was blazing hot. The dark s.p.a.ce of Despair City instantly turned into day.

Leng Shaofan's face sank. He slapped his war chariot with his palm, and the four deep-sea flood dragons pulling it roared ferociously. Then, they charged towards Xiao Chen, giving off a boundless Dragon's Might.

The Five Poison Sect's red-clad young master smiled coldly and attacked at the same time. A large snake made of black poison fog moved about and slithered towards Xiao Chen.

Many loose cultivators wanting to try and take advantage of the situation made a move as well.

The instant Xiao Chen grasped the sword handle, attacks filled the air and fell like a torrent, driving towards him like a downpour of hail.

As long as Xiao Chen dared to continue pulling the sword, under the pressure of so many attacks, even the Azure Dragon King would suffer severe injuries.

On the golden war chariot, Yue Bingyun suddenly stood up. Her usually calm face now showed unsteadiness. A crescent moon mark on her forehead glowed as she slowly stored up strong energy.

Yi Ling, who was standing beside her, said, "Miss Bingyun, there is no need to worry. I believe he will retreat in the face of the difficulty. He knows what to choose."

In such a dangerous situation, just when everyone thought that Xiao Chen would give up on pulling out the sword, the white-clad man grasping the despair sword glared. Two beams of light—one white and one golden—flew out of his eyes.

The Origin Flames of the Solar True Flame and Lunar True Flame chased each other, forming a truly perfect Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram. This was the first time Xiao Chen used it in actual battle.


Two attributes of extreme opposites—Yin and Yang. Mixing in the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram, they merged perfectly, forming an extremely fascinating golden diagram.

It seemed like the s.p.a.ce in the area froze, becoming like a world and isolating these two places as two separate worlds.

When all the attacks struck the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram, it reflected the attacks with several times the original strength.

Whoever attacked the heaviest was the most unfortunate now. They got struck by their own attacks, suffering grievous injuries. Many fainted; some even died.

The entire place turned chaotic. All sorts of horrifying shock waves spread out in all directions. Miserable shrieks pierced the air one after another.

The instant the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram vanished, Xiao Chen shouted a war cry and pulled out the despair sword.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Instantly, the shattering of thousands upon thousands of swords resounded. All the swords splintered into shards.

A puissant force surged out into the surroundings. The energy contained within each shard actually equaled that of a great grandmaster-level Martial Sage's full-power strike.

The most horrifying thing was that these shards contained a remnant aura of despair.


The outstanding talents surrounding the Sword Mound, as well as the hundreds of loose cultivators, all had horrified expressions as they fled every which way, trying to dodge in a panic.

The already very chaotic scene immediately turned even more so. Disciples of the same sect got separated.

The eye of a storm was always the calmest area. In this extremely tumultuous scene, its propagator similarly remained calm.

When Xiao Chen looked around, there was not a single person within five kilometers.

His gaze fell on the despair sword. He sized up the sword he held, engrossed as he touched the blade with his right hand.

When Xiao Chen felt the aura of despair lingering on his fingertips, he praised it, not evincing any fear of this aura of despair that so many people feared.

After everything calmed down, all the surviving outstanding talents and loose cultivators were in sorry states. It seemed that no one managed to escape the earlier chaos.

Even Yi Ling and Yue Bingyun, who were on the golden war chariot, had their hands full for a long time. Their clothes were ripped in many places, cut by sword shards.

The cultivators who sneak-attacked Xiao Chen earlier were even more unfortunate. Initially, the rebound from the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram already inflicted severe injuries on them.

However, the subsequent wave of attacks from the shattered swords caught several Small Perfection quasi-Emperors off-guard, and they lost their lives.

"Xiao Chen!"

When Chu Yang and the others saw that Xiao Chen was uninjured and was even just standing there and admiring the sword, rage blazed in them.

Feeling so many hostile gazes, Xiao Chen smiled and carefully put away the despair sword. Then, he said indifferently, "Many thanks to you all for your maturity. This Xiao will go first!"

He had noticed many Great Perfection quasi-Emperors present. Each of the six Immortal Holy Lands had a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor protecting their group.

Most of the loose cultivators were Small Perfection quasi-Emperors. However, there were one or two Great Perfection quasi-Emperors.

Great Perfection quasi-Emperors had not only formed their Heavenly Seal already but had also refined a unique soul. Their Heavenly Seal was no longer just a shape.

These people were a full two grades above Xiao Chen. His dragon-shaped Heavenly Seal was still a silhouette, just spots of light.

If not for rebuilding the origin of his Law Energy after it was broken, bringing the count of his Heavenly Sage Laws to a total of ten thousand, Xiao Chen would not even be able to handle Small Perfection quasi-Emperors.

With the current situation, he was confident of dealing with one Great Perfection quasi-Emperor; however, two would be somewhat problematic.

Xiao Chen could not use the Sea Monarch Crown in Despair City. He needed to go back to the surface of the sea.

This place was rife with Great Perfection quasi-Emperors. Now that Xiao Chen had obtained what he wanted, his trip to Despair City could come to a perfect end.

Fortunately, he did not see any peak Consummation quasi-Emperors. Such people were probably preparing for their tribulations and rarely appeared.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and turned to leave.

"d.a.m.n it! After you took my possession, how can I just let you leave?!"

The one that was the most depressed was naturally the third disciple of Immortal Venerate Yun Chen, Gongshan Yu. Right at the critical moment, someone s.n.a.t.c.hed away the treasure that he thought was already his.

How could Gongshan Yu swallow such frustration?

"Magic Skill, Falling Star!"

Gongshan Yu paled as he flashed hand seals. Suddenly, a mysterious energy turned into a beam of light shooting up to the sky as the hand seals formed.

He had spent a long time preparing this Magic Skill and quickly executed it the instant Xiao Chen turned.

Due to this pull, a star in the distant sky actually fell for real. Starlight poured down and penetrated the seawater, falling into Despair City and landing on Xiao Chen's body.

When Xiao Chen looked up, the ten kilometers of seawater seemed to turn transparent. He could see the Starry Heavens outside the sky, a wondrous sight.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1069

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