Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: Bleak Outlook

“Another person suffered consecutive defeats again?! How many were there already?”

“Adding in Yun Ping and Pei Shaoxuan, there are ten already. The people who came out today are really strong.”

“Indeed, our intentions have been seen through. Damn it, at this rate, it will be impossible for anyone to obtain sixty consecutive victories.”

As the matches went on, aside from some cultivators who still had trump cards, the other outstanding talents ended in tragedy.

There were people who could not get even ten consecutive victories. There were even people who got eighteen consecutive defeats.

The atmosphere of the place became horrifying.

The grey-robed old man said expressionlessly, “Number 56, Ding Fengchou.”

Ding Fengchou jumped gently and floated down to the wrestling ring. He cupped his hands, bowed to the surrounding spectator stands and said, “I am Heavenly Sword Gate’s Ding Fengchou. Please provide me with your guidance.”

“It is finally Ding Fengchou’s turn. I hope he does not get defeated. I bet about sixty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones on him.”

“Me too. I hope he will not end up like Pei Shaoxuan. Otherwise, I would not even be able to produce tears when I cry.”

“That should not happen. The Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing does not have any obvious weaknesses. Furthermore, Ding Fengchou has grasped Using Qi as Swords.”

Seeing Ding Fengshou step up, the spectator stands erupted in debates again. After all, there were much more people who bet on him compared to Pei Shaoxuan.


A middle-aged cultivator wearing Battle Armor landed firmly on the ground. He waved and three palm-sized tower shields instantly flew out and rapidly positioned themselves around him.

“I am Mo Yan. I hope to experience your exquisite techniques.”

Ding Fengchou looked at the three small tower shields and frowned slightly. Based on the aura of the tower shields, they seemed to be defensive Medial Grade Secret Treasures.

“Using Qi as Swords!”

Ding Fengchou shouted. He had decided to test his opponent out first. Eighteen Qi swords appeared behind him. He suddenly extended two fingers and pointed forward.

“Ding dang! Ding Dang!”

Clanging sounds rang out as the three palm-sized tower shields flew around continuously. The shields blocked all the Qi swords before they managed to get within one meter of Mo Yan.

Ding Fengchou’s expression turned sullen—he could not help but increase his speed. The angles at which the Qi swords attacked at became more tricky. However, the tower shields seemed to be able to detect danger automatically.

No matter what directions the Qi swords came from: up, down, left, right, or even in a curve, the tower shields were able to block them at the critical moment.

“Since I cannot find a weak point, then I will make a weak point. Using Qi as Swords, merge!” After attacking for a long time, Ding Fengchou could not help but feel frustrated.

A surging sword intent poured out from Ding Fengchou. The sound of countless swords humming resounded in the air, creating a strong wind.

The eighteen Qi swords merged into one and thrusted towards Mo Yan.

“Dang! Dang!”

With just one thought, one of the palm-sized tower shields instantly became two meters tall and one meter wide, covering Mo Yan entirely.

The Qi sword loudly struck the tower shield. Sparks flew out as the surging sword intent clashed with it.

Mo Yan, who was one meter behind the tower shield, was ardently forming seals with his hands. He had an uneasy expression on his face as his feet rooted themselves into the ground.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

The surging, vast sword intent fused with the Qi sword. Ding Fengchou directed the Qi sword towards the tower shield. The two clashed time after time.

Every time the Qi sword clashed with the tower shield, a strong wind blew in the air.

The strong sword intent seemed very solid as it tried to merge into the wind. It seemed like it wanted to push itself in front of Mo Yan.

However, the sword intent got blocked by the other two palm-sized tower shields.

“Interesting, it is still not breaking? State of massacre, merge!”

Ding Fengchou snorted coldly and the Qi sword instantly turned red. An aura of massacre spread throughout the place.

In an instant, the air seemed to turn solid. Ding Fengchou’s aura surged again.


The red Qi sword thrust towards the tower shield and a loud sound rang out. Mo Yan, together with the tower shield, got knocked back a hundred meters.


After Mo Yan landed, the energy on the Qi sword was directed to the ground, blasting a large pit in it. Mo Yan’s complexion paled but he did not suffer from much damage.

Gao Yangyu looked at all this and smiled faintly, “It is useless. An ordinary Medial Grade Secret Treasure might not be able to block your sword. However, when the Mo Clan’s secret technique is in use, it is extremely difficult to break past its defense.”

When the spectators outside saw the stalemate situation, they started to get worried.

The normally impassioned drum sounds also felt jittery at the moment.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ding Fengchou used all sorts of killing moves, raining down a torrent of attacks on Mo Yan, making him retreat non-stop. A horrifying sword intent spread out.

This made the might of the sword strikes increase by at least twenty percent. Mo Yan could not do anything but defend like a turtle.

The three tower shields danced around and alternated between big and small. They blocked all of Ding Fengchou’s attacks.

“Ka ca!”

Ding Fengchou returned his sword to the sheath and sighed slightly. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead and said, “Never mind, you can go back. Let’s consider this a draw.”

Ding Fengchou had already attacked continuously for four hours. However, his opponent’s defense was astonishing. If this continued, he would exhaust too much Essence and he would have to give up on his next seventeen matches.

Thus, Ding Fengchou had no other choice than to opt for a draw. His opponent was a measure created specially to go against his Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing and was difficult to deal with.


“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu started to laugh heartily. After Ding Fengshou said that, he earned another six million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

“Congratulations, City Lord. You earned another six million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.” The few old men around stood up and congratulated him.

Gao Yangyu’s smile did not fade away and he maintained his happy mood. In high spirits, he said, “The next person with all consecutive victories seems to be Jiang Zimo. How much has been betted on him?”

“Less than on Ding Fengchou. However, there are still about three million.”

Gao Yangyu said sullenly, “The Non-Mutual Miracle Technique is rather hard to deal with. However, there should not be any problems if I invest some resources into tiring him out over several fights.”

Ding Fengchou’s consecutive victories ended but he still won his other seventeen matches. He had already gained a total of 63 victories.

Thus, without having to care about the results of the next two days’ matches, Ding Fengchou had already met the requirements for the first round of selection.

The crowd in the spectator stands all felt it to be very unfortunate. If Ding Fengchou had not been forced to draw in the first round, he might have been the first person to break the record of sixty consecutive victories.

The cursing in the crowd was even more intense than when Pei Shaoxuan lost, As many more people had betted on Ding Fengchou.

In the end, Ding Fengchou did not even obtain fifty consecutive victories—he had fallen on the 47th match. The people who bet on him had lost everything.

When Ding Fengchou walked past Jiang Zimo, he said, “Breaking the record of sixty consecutive victories will depend on you now. The endurance of your Non-Mutual Miracle Technique is sufficient for you to last all the way.”

Jiang Zimo shook his head and smiled, “It is difficult. My Non-Mutual Miracle Technique may last very long, but the down time is long as well.”

After a few matches, it became Jiang Zimo’s turn. His first opponent was an old man who was at least a hundred years old, with extremely thick Essence.

When Jiang Zimo felt that person’s aura, his heart sank a little. His biggest advantage was that every one of his strikes could maintain full power at a ten percent expenditure.

For a normal person, if they fought at full strength for a long time, their Essence would be exhausted. However, Jiang Zimo’s Essence would still be flourishing.

This was one of the strange things about this Non-Mutual Miracle Technique—one of the Myriad Fiend Palace’s three Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Cultivation Techniques.

However, this old man, who had lived for an unknown period of time, would be problematic for him to deal with.

After tempering himself for so long, the old man would definitely not lack in Essence.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

After the two bowed to each other, they started fighting head-on. They exchanged blow for blow, fighting with their full strength.

A strong Essence reverberated around the place. Every time their attacks clashed, a large pit would appear in the wrestling ring.

The intense explosions rang in everyone’s ears. Even the sound of the drums got drowned in it.

The two continued to fight like this tirelessly. The might of the two’s attacks was about equal. Now, they competed in whose Essence could last the longest.

After a thousand moves, the fight of the two resulted the huge wrestling ring becoming so scarred, that there was no intact place left.

The old man’s face started to pale, and his strikes started to weaken.

As for Jiang Zimo, he still looked at ease—no changes could be seen in his demeanor. His attacks made the air tremble and buzz, and their might did not seem to diminish.


The two exchanged attacks again. However, this time, they were no longer equal. The old man got knocked back by several dozen steps, but Jiang Zimo only moved back three steps.

“You can no longer hold on? Again!”

Jiang Zimo smiled gently and flew forward, sending a palm strike at the old man’s chest.

Jiang Zimo’s palm wind was as strong as it was before—its might had not diminish at all. His palm landed on the old man, making him vomit blood and admit defeat.

Then, he continued onto the second match. In the end, another old man more than a hundred years old stepped up. Jiang Zimo smiled bitterly.

After the two exchanged a thousand moves, Jiang Zimo’s opponent’s Essence dried up. He finally could not keep up with the might of Jiang Zimo’s attacks and was defeated with one move.

Than the third match came and the one to fight against him was also an old man above a hundred years old. His aura was deep and drawn out. With one look, one could tell that he was a cultivator with especially thick Essence.

Jiang Zimo exchange more than a thousand moves with this old man as well. When the old man could no longer keep up, he was defeated by Jiang Zimo as well.

The fourth match…another old man above a hundred years old appeared again.

Jiang Zimo’s seemingly relaxed face twitched slightly. He felt extremely depressed.

Although Jiang Zimo expected for many cultivator with thick Essence to show up today, fighting a battle of attrition, he did not expected Gao Yangyu to be so vicious. He unexpectedly looked for so many old men over a hundred years old to fight him. Each fight lasted for at least a thousand moves.

No matter how powerful the Non-Mutual Miracle Technique was, Jiang Zimo would still tire out eventually.

Jiang Zimo waved his hand helplessly. He said, “You can go back, I admit defeat.”

When the old man heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, “Many thanks little friend. It is even more unbearable for my weary old body to fight a thousand moves than for you, youths.”

49 consecutive victories…Jiang Zimo did not reach fifty consecutive victories in the end. Mourning resounded in the crowd. 

As long as Jiang Zimo won fifty consecutive victories, the people who bet on him could still earn some money, just that the payout would be low. Who knew, Jiang Zimo managed to get so close but did not manage to make the final step in the end.

After that, it was Mu Xinya’s turn. The hearts of the crowd lit up with one final hope. She was as famous as Jiang Zimo. Maybe she could win fifty consecutive victories or even sixty.

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