Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Killing Gao Yangyu

A loud dragon roar resounded over the lake as a dragon head appeared in front of Xiao Chen’s fist.

“You overestimate yourself. You really dared to attack me first!”

Gao Yangyu did not appear to be in a panic. He split his attention and moved his Essence to send out another palm strike.

The dragon head scattered and Xiao Chen tumbled over three times in the air, dissipating the force from the palm strike. He turned his left hand into a claw. An azure dragon claw appeared and there was another resounding dragon roar.

Gao Yangyu tilted his body to dodge, and then his figure flashed and arrived to the left of Xiao Chen. He moved forward and sent over a palm strike.


The dragon roar continued to resound without end. Xiao Chen clenched his right hand into a fist and merged his Vital Qi and Essence together, clashing head-on against Gao Yangyu.


Fist and palm clashed and the originally calm lake became agitated. Waves soared over a hundred meters high from the lake, filling the air with water before falling back down like rain.

The previously immovable Gao Yangyu finally moved three steps back after this attack.

However, Xiao Chen was in an even more miserable state than him. He moved back ten steps before he could stand stably on the water.


Before Gao Yangyu found his footing, Bai Lixi quickly rushed over on the water. Every step he took contained raw power; when his foot landed, a water pillar would shoot up.

Gao Yangyu had a grim expression as he forcibly suppressed the fluctuations in his blood and Qi. He sent out two palm strikes in rapid succession; the winds howled and the sound of waterfalls roared continuously.

The force of the two attacks instantly dissipated Bai Lixi’s surging attack.

Bai Lixi took two steps back on the water. He chuckled and said, “Old man, why do you seem weak? Come, receive an attack from my axe!”

When a tiger comes down to the plains, it would be bullied by dogs. Gao Yangyu raged in his heart. Normally, these two people were no match for him. However, when they worked together, there was no time for him to breathe. Instead, he felt a sense of helplessness. He had to deal with one of them first.

[TL note: When a tiger comes down to the plains, it would be bullied by dogs: This is a Chinese proverb meaning a man who loses position and influence may be subjected to much indignity.]

Gao Yangyu looked around and made up his mind. He pushed heavily off the water and the lake parted.

With air beneath Bai Lixi’s feet, he immediately fell downwards, making him feel very depressed.

Gao Yangyu ignored what happened to Bai Lixi; he simply snortly coldly and rushed at Xiao Chen with lightning speed.

I was just waiting for you! A dragon head appeared over Xiao Chen’s right fist and a dragon claw appeared over his spread left hand. Then, the illusion of an Azure Dragon appeared behind him.

“Merge!” Xiao Chen shouted and the image of a dragon behind him attained consummation. Then, he punched at the approaching Gao Yangyu with his right fist.


The ear-splitting dragon roar resounded throughout the lake. The Azure Dragon left Xiao Chen and a supreme Dragon’s Might spread over the surface of the lake.

Ripples appeared on the lake and turned into huge waves.

Gao Yangyu’s expression immediately changed as he quickly formed hand seals. Following that, the lake water below him rose into a shield in front of him.

The dragon head crashed into the water shield and split it apart. The dragon tail swept across and slammed into Gao Yangyu, sending him flying.

“You bastard! How dare you soak this old man in water!”

Bai Lixi, who had sunk to the bottom of the lake, broke through the surface of the water and rushed at Gao Yangyu. The black gloves Bai Lixi wore lit up with a blue light, causing an explosive increase in the might of his axe.


Gao Yangyu, who had just suffered an attack, was caught off-guard. Bai Lixi’s axe slammed him into the water and made him tumble for a long distance before he came to a stop.

“Did you really think that I would seek you out if I was only slightly confident?” Xiao Chen said expressionlessly to Gao Yangyu as he walked over to him on the water.

When Gao Yangyu sought trouble for Xiao Chen over and over again in Wrestling City, he probably had not expected this sort of a situation to befall him today.

Gao Yangyu stood up somewhat miserably and looked at the two approaching people. He roared ferociously and rushed at them.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The three started fighting again. There was no doubt that Gao Yangyu was stronger than either of the two.

However, Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi were very patient. They did not make any mistakes in their moves as they worked together to wear him down.

After one person finished his move, the other person would immediately follow up. They did not give Gao Yangyu any time to catch his breath.

As time slowly went by, the internal injuries that Gao Yangyu suppressed grew increasingly severe; pressure built up inside him. If he could not suppress the internal injuries and let them spurt out, he would be in danger.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi had the opportunity to take breathers; they did not suffer from any internal injuries in their bodies. As the battle grew fiercer, they pressed Gao Yangyu even more closely.

No, I cannot let this continue to drag out. Otherwise, this is where I will meet my end. I really did not expect this brat to be able to grow to such a level within a short two months.

Gao Yangyu did his best to execute a huge move that caused the waves to surge strongly, knocking the two back.

Gao Yangyu wiped blood off the corner of his lips. Then, he smiled coldly, “I am indeed not a match for the two of you when you work together. However, you will not be able to stop me from leaving, either. Just wait to suffer my wrath!”

As long as the green hills are there, one need not worry about firewood. Gao Yangyu was a pragmatic person; he understood that if he left first and worked together with Qin Yu, he would not need to fear the two.

[TL note: As long as the green hills are there, one need not worry about firewood: This is a Chinese proverb for while there is life, there is hope.]

This was indeed the case. Given the two’s strength, it would be easy for them to defeat Gao Yangyu. However, it would be rather hard for them to kill him.

Unless there was a suppressive advantage in terms of strength, it would be very hard to keep Gao Yangyu here.

When Xiao Chen saw Gao Yangyu trying to leave, he did not panic. He casually tossed a wooden sculpture into the lake and formed hand seals.

“Life Bestowal Spell!”


Xiao Chen shouted and a huge whirlpool appeared in the center of the lake. All the water in the lake poured towards the whirlpool. A dragon roar came from within the whirlpool as a flood dragon broke through the water.

A waterspout soared up together with the flood dragon. At this moment, Gao Yangyu sensed that something was wrong. So, he turned back to take a look.

Gao Yangyu saw a two-hundred-meter-long Frost Flood Dragon barely a meter behind him. Its huge dragon head was right before him.


Before Gao Yangyu could react, the Frost Flood Dragon shot out a strand of cold Qi at him.

The cold Qi caused ice to visibly form as it traveled through the air before crashing into Gao Yangyu’s chest. All the internal injuries he had been suppressing erupted out.

“Pu ci!”

Gao Yangyu vomited a large mouthful of blood as he crashed on the water like a broken kite.

After the Frost Flood Dragon sent out the attack, Xiao Chen quickly cancelled the Spell. A wooden sculpture fell down and he pulled it over with a suction force.

Cracks appeared on the wooden sculpture; it looked like it would shatter at any moment. Xiao Chen frowned and said, “It seems that using the Wutong Spiritual Wood to create a Rank 10 Flood Dragon was expecting too much. I can probably use this only one more time.”

“Xiao Chen, how should we deal with this fellow?” Bai Lixi asked as he picked up the heavily injured Gao Yangyu like a toy and walked over to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen put away the wooden sculpture. Then, he glanced at Gao Yangyu’s horrified expression before pointing at Gao Yangyu’s forehead.

A clump of purple flames shot out and a bloody hole appeared in Gao Yangyu’s head. Then, his body turned limp and fell down.

Xiao Chen extracted Gao Yangyu’s spatial ring and tossed it to Bai Lixi before casually saying, “Let’s go. Let’s head for the Holy Fire Manor’s branch.”


The Holy Fire Manor was considered a strong power in the southern islands. It had two Martial Monarchs—the Manor Lord and a Supreme Elder—there.

With two bona fide Martial Monarchs holding down the fort, plus twelve half-step Martial Monarchs, they were indeed a rather strong faction within the southern islands.

However, against the backdrop of the entire Ancient Desolate Land, this small amount of strength did not amount to much. This was quite clear from the Holy Fire Manor’s Desolate City branch.

When comparing the land occupied by the Desolate City branches of the Holy Fire Manor and the Thousand Sword Pavilion, the Holy Fire Manor’s was inferior.

Although the Holy Fire Manor had all the necessities and facilities like water features, fake mountains, pavilions, gazebos, and flower gardens, they were much smaller in size. When seen from the sky, all these buildings and features looked cramped.

At a quiet side hall with plain decorations in the courtyard, Leng Yun and Qin Yu sat at a tea table, idly playing chess.

There were a total of fifteen lamps at the side. The fifteen flames swayed gently, illuminating the hall brightly.

“Uncle Qin, that fellow has been hiding in the restaurant. Is he not thinking of leaving Desolate City?”

Old Qin smiled faintly as he made his move on the chess board. Then, he said, “Xiao Yun, be more patient. Although we have the Shrouding Cloud Talisman and can avoid the attention of Martial Sages, it is still too eye-catching if we make a move in Desolate City. We will let him live for a few more days.”

Leng Yun glanced at the chaotic chess board and said frustratedly, “This fellow snatched away my Extreme Yin Origin Flame. If Father hears about it, he will strip me of my status as heir. Every day that I do not retrieve my Origin Flame is a day I cannot rest in peace.

However, Qin Yu laughed coldly in his heart. Who asked you to get so greedy over the peak high-ranked Demon Core? If you do not have the capability to do so, then don’t interfere.

This is called retribution; this serves you right!

Even though Qin Yu thought all these, his expression did not change. He smiled and said, “Young Manor Lord, rest assured. If Xiao Chen does not leave the city in another half month, we will contact Gao Yangyu and forcibly kill him. Given our strengths, it should not be difficult for us to deal with him if we work together.”

“Is that so?”

Suddenly, cold laughter resounded in the hall. The flames in the fifteen lamps flickered wildly as killing Qi appeared.

Qin Yu’s expression changed as he looked outside the door. He said, “Don’t you know where this is? How dare you cause trouble here?!”

At the same time, Qin Yu used his right hand to instruct Leng Yun to go out the back door to call the others over.

“Don’t bother calling the others. You are the only two left in this courtyard.”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Bodies flew over with a surging force, smashing the doors of the side hall into dust before landing heavily in front of the two.

These bodies seemed to be dead; there were bloody holes in their foreheads and their eyes remained opened. They died without knowing why.

When Leng Yun and Qin Yu saw the familiar corpses on the ground, their hearts immediately sank.

Who was this powerful? Unexpectedly, that person was able to quietly kill all the guards in the courtyard in a short period of time.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi walked in with high spirits. They glared coldly at the two.

“It’s you!”

Qin Yu’s pupils contracted in extreme shock. He had not expected Xiao Chen to take the initiative to come to him even though he had not sought Xiao Chen out.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Old Qin, we meet again.”

Qin Yu remained expressionless as he said, “Good. Instead of living well for another few days, you dared to deliver yourself to me. This saves me the trouble of going to you.”

Bai Lixi tossed out Gao Yangyu’s corpse and said, “Gao Yangyu also said the same thing earlier. Unfortunately, he is now dead.”

The moment Gao Yangyu’s corpse appeared, Leng Yun’s complexion paled. Even the previously calm Qin Yu had an unnatural expression.

“Uncle Qin, hold the fort for a while. I’ll go and look for help.”

When Leng Yun saw that the situation was bad, he tried to slip away. He quickly headed for the back door.


Just as Leng Yun arrived before the door, a stout figure blocked his way. Bai Lixi smiled and said, “Why are you running away? Let me exchange a few moves with you first.”

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