Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 599

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Chapter 599: Making the Best Use of Time

The Bai Clan elders gazed at Xiao Chen in a rather hostile manner. They wanted to rush down immediately and force him to tell them where he learned the Four Season Saber Technique.

However, no matter how upset they were, they did not dare to mess around here. In the history of this compet.i.tion, the sects that dared to cause a scene did not have a good end.

After this fight, the remaining matches of the ninety-fifth round all seemed inferior. This made the crowd feel bored. Even the remaining matches of the giants did not seem very interesting. Occasionally, people would cast a glance at Xiao Chen.

The spectators all discussed in soft voices, antic.i.p.ating Xiao Chen's next match. They wondered if Xiao Chen would bring them another pleasant surprise.

When this round ended, only three of the eight giants still maintained a winning streak: Xiao Chen, Sima Lingxuan, and Chu Chaoyun. The number of people who could climb to the peak had been reduced again.

The champion of this Five Nation Youth Compet.i.tion would definitely be one of these three. As for Bai Qi, the person that the crowd had placed their hopes on, he was no longer qualified to fight for the peak.

In the remaining five rounds of this compet.i.tion, these three people would meet each other in battle sooner or later. They just did not know who would meet whom first.

"Next match: Xiao Chen versus Xuanyuan Zhantian!"

Once again, it was Xiao Chen's turn to fight. The somewhat subdued atmosphere immediately became lively. All sorts of discussion rang out.

Although Xuanyuan Zhantian lost to Chu Chaoyun and could no longer compete for the top rank, his strength was still clear for all to see; no one dared to doubt him.

Be it Xuanyuan Zhantian's state of kings.h.i.+p, his Ancient and Unending until the End of Time, or his mysterious Martial Technique that allowed him to advance time by ten thousand years, he definitely had the strength to rank within the top three of the younger generation.

The crowd was of the opinion that if Xuanyuan Zhantian's opponent was not Chu Chaoyun, even if his opponent was Bai Qi, he would have a high chance of victory.

If his opponent was Xiao Chen, Xuanyuan Zhantian might even be able to suppress him, allowing the crowd to discern Xiao Chen's strength.


Up on the Wind Cloud Platform, Xuanyuan Zhantian did not hold back at all. At the very start of the match, he pushed off the stage heavily. The vast state of kings.h.i.+p spread out like it was a boundless sea.

"Point at Heaven, Stamping on Earth!"

The sea surged and eighty-one waves surged out as Xuanyuan Zhantian pointed at the sky and stomped on the floor. Then, he attacked with a berserk aura.

Xiao Chen instantly merged his two states together and infused his sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent before executing Wukui Breaks the Heavens. A long beam of light elongated and smashed into Xuanyuan Zhantian, who was in midair.

Using technique to break force was the specialty of Wukui Breaks the Heavens. When the might of Point at Heaven, Stamping on Earth and its aura had peaked, Wukui Breaks the Heavens broke it.

Xiao Chen had never been a cultivator who only knew how to meet force with force. In terms of his insights and technique, he was inferior to no one.

Having the advantage now, Xiao Chen used his stored-up momentum to execute the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique continuously.

Xiao Chen began an intense battle over the undulating sea. One side used the four seas' state of kings.h.i.+p, the other used a sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, state of thunder, and state of ma.s.sacre.

It became hard for the people to differentiate the two on the Wind Cloud Platform. Waves splashed and strong explosions rang out. Thunder rumbled without end and a scarlet killing Qi spread everywhere.


Xiao Chen summoned the Divine Lightning Tribulation and knocked Xuanyuan Zhantian back. Xiao Chen stood in midair, holding his saber with one hand, his clothes fluttering in the wind.

Xuanyuan Zhantian performed a somersault and stabilized himself. He wiped off the blood from the corner of his lips and smiled. "It looks like my other Martial Techniques do not pose a threat to you. Be careful, I am going to execute my best move.

"Purely in terms of offensive power, the Ancient and Unending until the End of Time is stronger than the first three moves of the Four Season Saber Technique. I really want to see how you will deal with it."

Right after Xuanyuan Zhantian spoke, the boundless sea behind him started to turn into farmland. Time was merciless. In the blink of an eye, ten thousand years pa.s.sed. Ancient and unending, only the state of kings.h.i.+p remained everlasting, never forgotten for ten thousand years.

Within one breath, the strong mysterious phenomenon quickly finished. The state of kings.h.i.+p around the Heavenly War Halberd gave off an ancient and solemn aura.

Xiao Chen shook his head. This move was indeed strong, but to him, its openings were obvious. Time moved by ten thousand years in the blink of an eye. In that case, what if one launched an attack within half a blink? The opponent's mysterious phenomenon would collapse on its own without any extra effort needed.

A fierce purple fire burned in Xiao Chen's right eye, forming a purple arrow. The arrow quickly elongated. This move was called the Purple Thunder Arrow—Xiao Chen's fastest Martial Technique. After the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation advanced to the sixth layer, its speed surpa.s.sed the limits of a Martial King.

It did not have a strong explosive power or a strong offensive power. It only had a horrifying penetrating power and an even more horrifying speed.


In the time it took to take a quick glance, the Purple Thunder Arrow fired out. Instantly, a finger-sized hole appeared in Xuanyuan Zhantian's chest, destabilizing the state of until-the-end-of-time.

Xiao Chen seized this opportunity to rush forward and execute the first move of the Four Season Saber Technique. Thunder rumbled and the power of the seasons caused Xuanyuan Zhantian to vomit a large mouthful of blood.

The so-called "until the end of time" functioned to temper the state of kings.h.i.+p by ten thousand years. Before the crowd's shocked gazes, it was broken within a minute.

Ten thousand years is too long. I will make the best use of my time!

After defeating Xuanyuan Zhantian, Xiao Chen's golden dragon, which was already twenty-nine meters long, took a bite out of Xuanyuan Zhantian's golden dragon. However, there did not seem to be any changes.

Xiao Chen's golden dragon was already too large. Furthermore, Xuanyuan Zhantian's golden dragon was much weaker. If one really had to find a change, it would be that Xiao Chen's golden dragon became somewhat brighter.

The golden dragon's golden eyes glistened and dazzled. It looked very spiritual, like a real, living creature.

In this round of compet.i.tion. Sima Lingxuan's opponent was w.a.n.g Quan and Chu Chaoyun's opponent was Li Tianhua. Unsurprisingly, the two of them obtained victory easily.

While the ninety-seventh round began and all the cultivators in the spectator stands were admiring the fantastic Martial Techniques, the City Lord's Residence's people were anxiously discussing the order of the matches.

Three cards sat on the main table. These cards had the names of three people written in black ink: Sima Lingxuan, Chu Chaoyun, and Xiao Chen.

If nothing unexpected happened, the champion of this Five Nation Youth Compet.i.tion would be one of them.

After this round, this compet.i.tion would only have three rounds left. Currently, these people were discussing which of the two they should match up first.

Dragon Sealing City's City Lord, Zong Liang, held the three cards in his hand, swapping them around continuously. Clearly, this was not an easy decision to make.

No matter which two fought first, the remaining person would definitely gain some benefits.

Zong Liang set down the cards and said to the people beside him, "Have you all come to a conclusion yet? Let us hear it."

A gray-robed old man said, "In reply to City Lord, we feel that Sima Lingxuan definitely has to be one of the first to fight. From the start of the compet.i.tion, he is the person who has revealed the fewest trump cards."

Someone else continued, "Xiao Chen revealed his sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, Four Season Saber Technique, Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique, state of ma.s.sacre, and state of thunder. Chu Chaoyun revealed his fifty-percent-comprehended sword intent, peak state of light, Life-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Blood-Reversing Swordplay, and his sure-kill technique, the Eternal Light.

"As for Sima Lingxuan, from the start up to now, he has only revealed the Emperor's Swordplay, sixty-percent-comprehended sword intent, and the state of kings.h.i.+p. These are things that he already had in the previous compet.i.tion. He cannot have improved so little since then."

Zong Liang thought for a while and took out Sima Lingxuan's card, which was in the middle. Then, he asked, "What about the remaining person? Xiao Chen or Chu Chaoyun?"

"I feel that it should be Xiao Chen. He seemed to have defeated Bai Qi too easily."

"I feel that it should be Chu Chaoyun. He dared to clash head-on against Xuanyuan Zhantian's spear. Even Xiao Chen only used technique to break this move."

As to whether Sima Lingxuan's opponent should be Chu Chaoyun or Xiao Chen, the people in the grandstand were split into two factions and argued without pause.

Zong Liang frowned and said unhappily, "Let's stop here. We will decide this by voting. Those who think that Xiao Chen should fight first, raise your hand."

The eight elders each made up their minds and immediately, four elders raised their hands. It was still a stalemate. When Zong Liang saw this, he said, "In that case, I shall vote as well. Xiao Chen will fight Sima Lingxuan."

After Zong Liang said that, he placed Xiao Chen's card together with Sima Lingxuan's. A serious look flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Zong Liang said impa.s.sively, "Consider it as us wronging you. However, there is no such thing as absolute fairness in this world. The truly strong would not bother with such details; they would simply keep winning."

At this moment, Xiao Chen, who had just mounted the Wind Cloud Platform, did not know that the City Lord's Residence had made a decision that was disadvantageous to him. However, had he known, he would not have minded. Just like Zong Liang said, all he had to do was to keep winning.

When he looked at his opponent, Xiao Chen's delicate face relaxed somewhat. This was because he was facing another old friend.

Yue Chenxi was dressed in pink, looking very pretty as she stood on the Wind Cloud Platform. Her extremely charming eyes looked at Xiao Chen and she could not help but feel some regrets.

The affairs of the world changed constantly; the future was hard to predict. There were some things that one could not antic.i.p.ate. There was also some people that one would feel unfathomable.

Two years ago, when Yue Chenxi faced Xiao Chen, she did not even need to use her state to achieve a draw. Now, even if she used her full power, using it better than she did before, she would not be a match for her opponent.

Yue Chenxi recovered her wits and smiled. "Now that I meet with you again, I still cannot use my full power. Let's hold back and stop when appropriate."

Whether Yue Chenxi used her full power or not, she would lose. Naturally, given that, she did not need to use her full power.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and said, "As you please. You may make the first move."

Jumping up gently, Yue Chenxi punched out, sending out a cool breeze as she did so. However, she did not use her state of light and cloud. She attacked using only her Movement Technique and Morning Sun Fist.


Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber and casually tossed it to the floor. The scabbard immediately sank into the tough Wind Cloud Platform like it was tofu.

Since Yue Chenxi was not using her state, Xiao Chen did not intend to use his saber. His figure flickered as he executed the Dragon Claw Fist to welcome his opponent.

"Berserk Dragon!"

Xiao Chen's Vital Qi moved through his bones and he clenched his right hand. An azure dragon head roared ferociously and clashed with Yue Chenxi.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Fists clashed as the two fought with each other. A berserk dragon roared and light flashed. Soon, the two had exchanged several dozen moves.

Yue Chenxi was shocked to discover that when relying only on close combat techniques, without her state, she could not take Xiao Chen down in a short period.

After another hundred moves, when Yue Chenxi saw that she could not do anything to Xiao Chen, she unleashed her state of light and cloud. A morning sun rose from the clouds as she sent out a fist wind, knocking Xiao Chen back by a hundred meters.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 599

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