Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 770

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Chapter 770: Entering the Forbidden Land

If Xiao Chen had not had any fortuitous encounters, this pressure would be too much for him. His expression turned somewhat grave. Martial Sages could not be underestimated, no matter who was it—at least, for now, he could not do that.

He circulated his Heavenly Sage Laws, and all the pressure instantly disappeared.

Xiao Chen watched without drawing his saber as the Xuan Clan Senior Elder sent out his palm strike. Holding his scabbard with his right hand, he also infused thirty Heavenly Sage Laws into it.


The tip of Xiao Chen's scabbard instantly met with the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's palm. Vast energy immediately surged out in every direction from the point of collision.

Resounding booms rang out, flattening the area within five kilometers of the two. The strong winds picked up an immense amount of yellow sand, forming hundreds of sandstorms hundreds of meters wide all around. The clear day suddenly turned dark.

Pure electrical light flickered nonstop on the scabbard. The Xuan Clan Senior Elder's palm was ice cold.

In this exchange of attacks, the two were equal, neither gaining an advantage over the other.

Clearly, this standoff was not the result the Xuan Clan Senior Elder wanted to see. His face sank, and he immediately infused another thirty Heavenly Sage Laws into his palm.

However, Xiao Chen could not do the same thing as the Xuan Clan Senior Elder, who had released his Heavenly Sage Laws outside the body. In terms of moving energy around, he could not keep up. Xiao Chen's body trembled, and the Xuan Clan Senior Elder, who had doubled his power, knocked him back.

However, Xiao Chen's body was a Rank 2 Sage Body. Before the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's astonished gaze, he performed two somersaults and dissipated the surging force in his body.

Xiao Chen pushed off in the air and used Azure Dragon Tail Whip. He immediately arrived before the Xuan Clan Senior Elder and sent out an attack.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A relentless chain of attacks rang out. The fight between the two created numerous chasms all over the boundless desert.

Xiao Chen relied on the advantage of his physical body to fight with the Xuan Clan Senior Elder without drawing his saber. Even so, he did not end up at a disadvantage.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder felt extremely frustrated. Originally, he believed that he had merely been careless when Xiao Chen knocked him back.

He thought that when he turned serious, killing Xiao Chen would be easy. However, when he actually fought the battle, he discovered that Xiao Chen was hard to handle.

Xiao Chen's strong physical body was not weaker than the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's Heavenly Sage Laws. Xiao Chen's mysterious Movement Technique was like the wind, which also meant that he could easily escape the strikes sent at him.

Despite the variety of Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques the Xuan Clan Senior Elder had, Xiao Chen had a corresponding counter. This standoff made him, a bona fide Martial Sage, very sullen.

Forced into ineffectuality, the Xuan Clan Senior Elder could only take out his killing move to attempt to end the battle in one go. Just thinking about it made him feel very humiliated and depressed. A bona fide Martial Sage was forced into using his killing move to deal with a half-Sage.

Suddenly, the hundred and fifty Heavenly Sage Laws behind the Xuan Clan Senior Elder vanished with a wave of his hand. Then, the ambient temperature dropped rapidly.

Unexpectedly, it felt cold in the blazing hot desert.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Everything was within his expectations. Despite being so old already, this Sage's cultivation had not advanced any further. If the Xuan Clan Senior Elder did not practice one or two killing moves, it would be too unbecoming of him.

This was the moment Xiao Chen had been waiting for!

In midair, he suddenly squinted. Then, he executed the Azure Emperor's Drawing the Saber. Holding his scabbard at his waist, he gripped the hilt with his right hand.

Xiao Chen took a step forward in the air, quickly rus.h.i.+ng towards the Xuan Clan Senior Elder.

The Martial Sage's face filled with shock. While charging at him, Xiao Chen turned into three; then three turned into six; eventually, there were eighty-odd Xiao Chens.

Furthermore, everywhere around the Xuan Clan Senior Elder, up, down left, right, was covered with figures of Xiao Chen gripping his saber hilt, all staring at him with a cold, emotionless gaze.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder's pupils constricted. The eighty-odd figures turned back into one. However, the feeling of being watched from all directions persisted. This attention felt very piercing, and he could not shake it off.

"What is this Martial Technique? It is not a Cloning Technique, a drawing technique, or a Mental Energy Martial Technique. Why does it feel unfathomable? It's like he can attack eighty-odd times with just one attack."

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder could not understand despite thinking about it. As he watched Xiao Chen approach, his heart filled with doubts. Finally, he clenched his teeth and cut short his killing move, quickly retreating backwards.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen scared a bona fide Martial Sage into canceling his own killing move.

However, the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's decision to give up on attacking was evidently right. In the next moment, a saber light lit up, and there were indeed eighty-odd saber Qi flying at him.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder moved around quickly, dodging the fatal saber Qi, one after another. However, the non-lethal saber Qi inflicted b.l.o.o.d.y wounds all over his body.

Electric light leaped around the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's wounds and lingered. Even if he had a Rank 1 Sage Body, he would not be able to recover from these wounds so quickly.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and sheathed it. Then he looked calmly at the Xuan Clan Senior Elder. "Even if you are a Martial Sage, you are unable to do anything to me!"

Xiao Chen's words might have been indifferent, but they sounded like thunder, echoing endlessly in the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's mind. These words made the Xuan Clan Senior Elder morose; they were hard to bear, but the Xuan Clan Senior Elder could do nothing about it, either.

Feeling very frustrated, the Xuan Clan Senior Elder shouted, "You are seeking death!"

Then, one hundred and fifty Heavenly Sage Laws instantly poured into his body as he revealed his true form, turning into an enormous Spirit Fox charging at Xiao Chen.

As the Spirit Fox ran, the ground trembled without end. It felt like the sky would fall at any moment as he erupted forth with an incomparable aura.

"Competing in explosive power? You are not comparable to me in this area!"

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. Then, he executed Myriad Heaven Divine Fist, Deities Descending, instantly increasing his combat prowess tenfold.


An intense rush of power surged out. Despite the might displayed by the enormous Spirit Fox, Xiao Chen's punch still sent him tumbling back.

When the Fiend Race transformed into their true form, unless they were Spirit Fiends, they could only triple their combat prowess at most. However, Xiao Chen's Deities Descending could actually increase his combat prowess tenfold.

On cras.h.i.+ng to the ground ten kilometers away, the Spirit Fox smashed open a bottomless pit.

Xiao Chen gave the Xuan Clan Senior Elder a final glance and ignored him. Then he turned around and headed for Misleading Fog Lake.

Continuously using Deities Descending would require a horrendous expenditure of Mental Energy. He would not be able to kill the Xuan Clan Senior Elder for sure, so there was no need for him to waste his time.

However, the Xuan Clan Senior Elder could forget about doing anything to Xiao Chen as well. Xiao Chen was no longer like when he was in the Sky Dome Realm, easily suppressed by a Martial Sage.

Five days later:

"Ao Jiao, that fellow is still following me. Letting this continue is not a solution."

Don't. You are thinking about using the Strength Character Formula, right? Although you will be able to kill him with the Strength Character Formula, you will likely fall unconscious and be totally defenseless. Any pa.s.sing Spirit Beast would be able to kill you.

Xiao Chen rode an Azure Dragon image right above a desolate plain. He moved quickly at almost ground level, crossing five kilometers in an instant each time the Azure Dragon image went up and down.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder followed at an unhurried pace behind Xiao Chen. No matter what Xiao Chen did, he could not shake off the Xuan Clan Senior Elder.

Xiao Chen thought about it and could only sigh. The Strength Character Formula was boundlessly powerful, containing a strong might. When attacking with thirty-threefold combat prowess, he would be able to kill anyone in the same generation.

However, the world naturally had its own laws. Executing such a heaven-defying Martial Technique was not so easy.

Not only would such a technique exhaust a lot of energy, but it was also difficult to comprehend. With Xiao Chen's current cultivation or worldview, what he grasped was merely the tip of the iceberg.

It felt very stifling not to be able to use such a powerful tool as he pleased.

Ao Jiao smiled gently and said, It's fine. After arriving at Misleading Fog Lake, he will not dare to act rashly. That is a famous forbidden land of the Fiend Domain. Once, a Martial Emperor entered, and he was lost in there ever since.

Even a Martial Emperor got lost in that. What about me? Can I really survive in there?

Xiao Chen revealed surprise on his face. He asked in disbelief, "Really?"

Of course. Why else would the Misleading Fog Lake have such a bad reputation? However, you don't have to worry. Back then, Sang Mu already unraveled the mysteries behind it. As long as you follow my directions, you will not get lost.

After receiving Ao Jiao's rea.s.surance again, Xiao Chen relaxed slightly. Then he glanced at the Xuan Clan Senior Elder behind him and continued on his way at full speed.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder, who had a hostile expression on his face, said with some doubt, "Why does it seem like this brat is heading towards Misleading Fog Lake?

"Could it be that he found out that I already used a secret method to send word back to the Silver Moon Spirit Fox Race's headquarters, and knowing that he cannot survive, he chose to flee to Misleading Fog Lake?"

Naturally, the killing of the heir that the Xuan Clan's Clan Head favored was a shocking matter.

Being in the service of the Clan Head, the Xuan Clan Senior Elder had to send word of this. However, he also held back some information. He did not say anything about how Xiao Chen, a half-Sage, forced him into an ineffectual state. He felt too embarra.s.sed to report this information.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder only said that Xiao Chen practiced a special Movement Technique and quickly fled. Since he could not catch up to him, he beseeched the Clan Head to send a few more Senior Elders to help surround and kill Xiao Chen.

Ten days later, the Xuan Clan Senior Elder saw a white figure enter a mysterious lake covered in fog. After pausing for a moment at the outskirts, he took a step in.

"He really entered the Misleading Fog Lake forbidden land that even Martial Emperors could not escape from!"

The horror on the Xuan Clan Senior Elder's face was indescribable. He could not understand why Xiao Chen risked his life like that when Xiao Chen clearly could escape easily.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder took a few more steps forward and arrived at the sh.o.r.e of the fog-covered lake. Then, he sent out his perception, filled with regret.

He really went in. Given this, even if the other Senior Elders arrive, I will not be able to kill this brat with my own hands.

Death is inevitable for anyone who enters. Since ancient times, many people have overestimated themselves and gone in. However, none of them ever came out.

A few curious Sovereign Martial Emperors only dared to enter about ten kilometers in before quickly coming out, in fear of getting lost.

As a half-Sage, Xiao Chen is bound for death; there is no other ending.

"How unfortunate! I cannot personally kill this brat and restore my confidence!"

Xuan Clan Senior Elder felt quite aggrieved over the fight fifteen days ago. A half-Sage had forced him into a sorry state, a great humiliation for him.

The Xuan Clan Senior Elder had lost to others before, even ended up in worse states than how he had been after that fight. However, those fights had all been against people older than himself. Furthermore, they had had higher cultivations. He had nothing to complain about with those losses.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 770

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