Immortal Asura Chapter 110

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Zhang Yan quickly took Fatty to escape, but when he pa.s.sed Long Yu, he stopped.

"You want to kill me, huh? Then how can I leave like this?" He gazed at the seriously injured Long Yu with full killing message in his eyes, "I want to kill you too! "

Long Yu was scared and the original his arrogance dismissed completely. Now he seemed to be a frightened lamb to be slaughtered, waiting the fierce tiger in huge fear. He begged in tremble, "Don't kill me, please! As long as you let me go, I can promise you everything. Please! I promise my grandfather will not find your troubles!"

"Don't kill you? That's impossible!" Zhang Yan sentenced Long Yu like the Death. Zhang Yan picked up Long Yu's sword and stabbed it into Long Yu's chest, nailing him to the ground.

After killing Long Yu, Zhang Yan left immediately. The Big Elder would send the others to pursue Fatty and him, so they did not stop and quickly fled away.

They two ran toward the depths of the Qingyuan Mountain that the Big Elder could not control, so it was the safest place for them. 

However, on the middle way not far from the Qingyaun School, they smelled something strange. Fatty puzzled, "Why there are traces of fighting here?"

"We can't be the only ones to escape. Some others must be here just now and they encountered the Big Elder's people guarding here." Zhang Yan a.n.a.lyzed.

They walked forward for a while and found some five or six bodies of the Qingyuan disciples. More and more irritated, Zhang Yan didn't expect that the Big Elder would indeed ignore the relations.h.i.+p and kill those innocent disciples all. 

Fatty also scolded, "The Big Elder not only rebelled to be the Master, but also ma.s.sacred our Qingyuan disciples! He's inhuman!"

Zhang Yan suddenly interrupted Fatty with his hand and then shouted to the forest, "Don't hide! Since you are waiting for us, then come out!"

A group of people came out. To his surprise, the head was the Elder Feng of Qingming School and the man next to him was Su Jiang, followed by more than a dozen Qingming disciples.

Su Jiang laughed out loud, "I know you will run in this direction! But you can't pa.s.s it! You will soon be like the disciples lying on the ground."

"Do you expect that we will meet again, little jerk?! You dare to kill my grandson and today I will take your life for him!" The Elder Feng stared at Zhang Yan in great rage.

Zhang Yan convinced that some disaster was impending and whispered to Fatty, "We are in big danger now! I will hold them and you took the chance to escape! You must leave here alive anyway!"

"No, boss! How can I leave you alone?! I'm not afraid to die with you!" Fatty responded aggressively.

"Stupid? We cannot defeat so many people! Their goal is me. It's easy for to slip away! I can find a way to escape without you. Do you know?"

Fatty nodded heavily, "Okay, be careful!" He turned back to the direction of Qingyuan School.

Su Jiang looked at him and sneered, "Escape? Can you? Now the Qingyuan School is surrounded by us. No one against us can leave the school alive!"

Immortal Asura Chapter 110

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