In a Different World with a Smartphone Chapter 212

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1/2. The RL stuff has piled up, thus the late release. And I cached a cold in addition to that, so here we are.


TLC: Airsblue
ED: Blackswordsman

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways
Chapter 212: The Two New Models and the Shield

「These are ours……」(Hilda)

Yae and Hilda let out their voices while looking up at the two frame gears standing in front of them.

Thanks to the effect of [Accel] put into the magic power slot, it's capable of bringing out an instantaneous-like super acceleration. It's also possible to make continuous attacks as well as to kill your opponents in a single draw of the sword thanks to that.

This is Yae's personal Frame Gear, [Schwertleite].

The part that looks like a shark-line dorsal fin that is stretching greatly from its back becomes a huge greatsword after transformation and serves to oppose the advanced classes. I've also made sure to apply [Modelling] on it so that the sword will be able to extend to twice its length.

This is Hilda's personal Frame Gear, [Siegrune].
Both girls board their respective Frame Gears, swing the swords, run around and confirm their movements while continuing to drive them, getting used to operating them.

『The reaction speed is superbly different from the black knight… It's really as if I'm moving my own body』(Yae)

『Don't get too carried away. The other side might have even more powerful advanced classes. Being unprepared is one's greatest enemy』(Touya)

Honestly speaking, the new-type frames are not invincible. I want to make sure that Yae and Hilda's frame can withstand that charged particle cannon at the very least, but it's probably still impossible even for their frames.

We, having finished the operational test for Schwertleite and Siegrune, then return to the castle. Upon arrival, I take Sakura and Ruby and we go towards [Silver Moon] in the castle town on foot. Apparently, the dark elf onee-san cured of Demon stiffness disease has awoken. An employee from [Silver Moon] came this morning to notify us of this.

It looks like she was fully cured, seeing as there aren't any further problems with her body and that even her appetite has returned, but I guess I will go just see her just to make sure.

The girl then immediately leaves the bed, gets on her knees and lowers her head very deeply as soon as Fleur-san introduces us. Hey! No need to prostrate yourself!

「I don't even have the words to express my gratitude for saving my life. I could have never imagined that I would be cured by His Majesty The Sovereign King of Brunhild… This Spika Frennel would like to offer her life in service of His Majesty」(Spika)

How exaggerated! No, this is not so much considering that her life has been saved, right?

「Mmn, it's okay if you don't think about it too deeply. At any rate, I'm glad that your illness has been cured. If you would like, I could escort you up to Demon Kingdom Zenoasu with transfer magic, you know?」(Touya)

I've been to the main road of Zenoasu, and it's only from the skies though. I think I can open [Gate] to that place.

「No… I don't have a place to return to that country, so… I'm thinking whether I will be able to find some work in this country since it's mostly impossible for demonkins to be employed in other countries」(Spika)

Spika-san expresses a slightly sour laugh. Might it be that she also has some reasons not to return there? I've been told by everyone that a lot of dark elves come from distinguished families in the demon kingdom though.

「Even if say "work"… You must have some kind of specialty, right?」(Touya)
「I've been enlisted in the army and employed as a bodyguard in Zenoasu. If possible, I would like to be employed in a similar field in here as well…」(Spika)

A bodyguard, huh? Doesn’t that mean that she is a considerably superior elite? Even the way this person talks is certainly soldier-like for some reason. I wonder what the heck has happened in that country for a person like her not being able to return there? Is she a criminal… no, I don't think so.

「King-sama… Can't something be done about this person's work?」(Sakura)
「Eh? Mn…. Well, it's not like she can't be employed in the knight order as well, but…」(Touya)

It's a rare sight to see Sakura being worried about other people. That's because this girl is doing things at her own pace even if they are good or bad. Spika-san also peeks at my face.

「Somehow, it looks to be an impossible thing to ask for, isn't it…?」(Spika)

「It's no problem. I will become the strength of His Majesty without fail」(Spika)

Spika-san turns her eyes to me and looks straight. I've felt a light of some sort, or rather, some kind of resolve in them.

「In that case, shall we have you try to take an enrollment test for the time being? It's not a decision that I can just make by myself after all」(Touya)
「Thank you very much!」(Spika)

Spika-san once again lowers her head. That's why I would like you to stop prostrating…

「…Good for you, right?」(Sakura)

「No need to add "-sama"」(Sakura)
「Eh? However, to hold that much respect for His Majesty's fiancee is…」(Spika)

No-no-no. It's different. This girl is not one of my fiancees even though I have a lot of them.
Spika-san nodes in acceptance when I explain Sakura's situation.

「That's how it is, isn't it? A memory loss… I'm sure it must have been harsh…」(Spika)
「Not at all. It's incredibly fun with all the various things that happen in this country. Spika-san will definitely come to like it here too. I'm sure of it」(Sakura)

Sakura says those words without any hesitation like it's something trifling. Spika-san, having heard this, makes a confused face for a moment, but shows a smile before long as if she's seeing something dear to her.

「I've been told the same thing before. …Sakura-sama, you are a wondrous person, aren't you? You resemble an acquaintance of mine」(Spika)

「No, Your honorable self is also a benefactor who saved my life. I would tarnish my family name should I forget this debt. Although it's family name which had crashed to the bottom, that much is… 」(Spika)

Spika-san suddenly shuts her mouth. She has pressed her mouth as if she has just blurted out something bad.

Well, let's take her to where Yumina is for now since the condition of her body isn't bad. I have to ask her to look at Spika-san with her magic eyes even if I think it'll be alright.

Yumina arrives in a short while. This time, Spika-san genuflects and lowers her head in respect towards the appearance of the fiancee. Yumina is also the princess of Belfast in addition to her being my fiancee, so I suppose what Spika-san does it not unreasonable.

「Please stand. Spika-san is your name, right?」(Yumina)

Spika-san, having stood up, looks straight into Yumina's eyes. After a brief period of silence, Yumina sweetly smiles.

「There are no problems. I think this person has an appropriate heart to be a knight of Brunhild」(Yumina)
「Thank you very much…?」(Spika)

Spika-san looks puzzled and shows on her face an expression that wonders what the part of having no problems at all was about while standing stock still. It seems that she has been acknowledged by Yumina.

「Then, shall I have you show me your abilities next? Please follow me」(Touya)

Having exited the courtyard, we go towards the training field at the back.

Everyone tries to stop their hands at once, seeing us who have arrived at the training field, but they once again start to train as I signal them so that they can continue without minding me.
Still, the gazes are being turned to us from here and there. Are they wondering about Spika-san? People like dark elves are a rare sight, and she is beautiful on top of that. I suppose it can't be helped.

「Now… then. Ooi, Nicola-san」(Touya)
「Yes. What can I do for you, Your Majesty?」(Nicola)

I call out to the vice-commander Nicola-san who is polishing the practice halberd on the bench at the corner right at this moment.

We go to the storehouse of weapons used for training after he has chosen a prey. Spika-san selects a sword and a shield. We then return to the training field after she swings her weapons a little in order to get used to their weight.

The match starts and a great number of thrusts aimed at Spika-san were unleashed in that same moment. That girl defends against all of them with her shield and makes a sharp thrust with her sword after slipping onto opponent's bosom.

She thrusts her sword before her fallen opponent and achieves the victory.

「It's [Shield]」(Yae)
「[Shield], isn't it?」(Hilda)

Before I knew it, Yae and Hilda had come and were standing next to me while murmuring something. That surprised me. Have they been here for a long time?
What was it about her shield? I can only see it as an ordinary shield though…

「It's a guard technique being used to defend someone rather than, say, a swordsmanship which aims at killing your opponent. A user catches his opponent's attacks by parrying them and doesn't allow that opponent to advance any further. I guess it's a swordsmanship in which one chooses to attack last」(Yae)
「What's amazing is that she shifts her position to catch the blow with her shield, ward it off and make it completely disperse its power. It might even be possible to destroy an enemy's posture which is far from not having any response. It's something difficult to do」(Hilda)

It's like beating the air wind which is a waste of effort. Is that something like that? A user defends against the incoming attacks and leads the opponent while cornering him into the situation where it's hard to switch between the next attack or defense. Having done that, the user brings him down. Certainly, I feel like it may also be possible to render the opponent incapable for battle without killing him if that method is used. Naturally, it should also be possible to kill your opponent after creating a gap.

「That means that unless one has a shield…」(Touya)
「The effectiveness is halved… no, it will be even less than that」 (Yae)

It should be possible to ward off attacks with a sword as well, though it's certain that it would likely be difficult to overtake your opponent like you would with a shield. A swordsmanship built around using shields, huh. It's certainly unusual.

「By all rights, swordsmanship that uses shields exist. The family which boasts of their impregnable defensive techniques among the demonkins is this girl's Frennel family. They are one of the five noble families advising the demon king」

Sakura mutters as she looks at how Spika-san brings down her second opponent in a similar manner. She surely knows well about it.

「… or so has been written in a book. The Frennel family is famous. Perhaps, she's also from that family」(Sakura)
「I see. I wonder again why a person from such a distinguished family would come all the way here…」(Touya)

It seems like there are reasons why she can't talk about it to other people, but let's not pry into that. It's a certainty that she's not a bad person and moreover, Yumina has given her approval. If she's trying to start her life here all over again after making a blunder she couldn't recover from on the other side for some reason, I guess that's also fine.
I've then admitted Spika-san's enrollment into the Brunhild Knight Order after having looked at her match and after Nicola-san has judged her abilities to be sufficient.

In a Different World with a Smartphone Chapter 212

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