In Regards To My 2nd Trip And My 7 Husbands Vol 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Book 1 ch 3 · “- – Sakura, I want you to marry me” Book 1 ch 3 · “- – Sakura, I want you to marry me”

The knight who was grabbing my hand, glanced at Winsel with puzzlement.


“Why is Winsel- instructor is here — Um,is this girl perhaps?”


“Sakura” The person who came with Winsel-san replied to the knight tightly grabbing my hand.

One glance at his clothes, and it became clear that he is knight too. However, now it is a rose flower drawn on the necklace insignia.He is representative of the Orfen Knights, second of the three Knights orders surrounding the Kingdom. He is too was looking at me with surprised face.


Not really black,but grayish hair and eyes.

That person who seemed to have serious look on the face, dressed in knight uniform, with shiny polished shoes.

If you wonder how to compare a man to a flower, but the knight here seems to suit the lily’s insignia. Not as eye catching as a large rose, but white and clean, dignified lily flowers.


Analyzing the situation, Mr.Winsel says “Some of the knights got chosen for their beauty, and the appearance is also important for everyone of them.”


“You, you do not remember them? Its Vios and Ruiz. They had outstanding sword techniques.” Although their technique may be excellent, there is almost no memory of it in my head.

For a kitchen lady everyone is like cute sons, whether it is excellent or not.

Even though I remember their likes and dislikes, I hardly remember who was excellent either archery or in swordsmanship.

A year had passed by, but i seem to remember those names.


Four pairs of eyes looking at me.

I move my brains hard to remember anything about these boys that i attended to for a year


“What? Did you remember now?! “

With three pairs of shining eyes and somewhat dissatisfied Ciel’s line, I nodded

“I remembered!”


“You are Vios that have been scolded well by Winsel-san’s for not eating your rice properly? You are the one who hates carrots

And Ruis hates pumpkin and potatoes,crawling into my bed being afraid of the ghosts?

Both of you have grown well !”


Smiling awkwardly at my remark, two knights lowered their heads. Ciel cast a strange gaze


Winsel gave out a big lough.


When Ruiz understood that i was not going to ran away he gently released my hand.

While staring at the fingertips pulling away, he turned his eyes to the left hand connected to Ciel.

Ciel who was gripping my hand tightly was giving of a feeling of superiority.


“You are adults now i guess’…… not older than 12 years old before..yet


Vios was the only one who used the honorific language for me in that dormitory.

I felt like old lady facing the children that grew up in a blink of an eye.


Although I remember it bit by bit, Ruiz of that time had a really cute face, almost like a girls.

Now he gives of a feeling of real man thought. Both of them grew bigger, but they still left in me the shadow of that time.


“Sakura haven’t changed at all,even though  it’s been ten years already.”

“Thats because I am still 20 years old.”

How funny, half of the boys who made fun of me with “baba” word would be slightly older than me, and rest are about my age.


To escape noisy questions of the two i decided to explain it right a



“So,  Sakura,what will you do from now on?”

“I will be taking care of Ciel at Winsel-san’s home”

Surprised by my words they started to glare at Winsel.

What’s wrong? I tilted my head,


Ruiz threw disapproving sentence:

“Winsel instructor, is not it

wrong ?”


“What babysitting, i thought you were going to merry Ciel?”


“Hu~~uh? What are you talking about! Ciel is still a child and we have only met today. Open your eyes, i don’t know what gear got loose in your head but Ruiz, but that’s absolutely impossible “


I was ashamed of such remark! Ciel sorry! Ciel must surely have  younger and cuter girlfriend!

Beyond my line of sight in the storm of confusion Winsel laughs cheekily.


“Was i found out?”

“Found out what? It’s surely Ruiz’s misunderstanding !”

Sometimes boys over think things greatly i would say.


“No,I don’t mind if Sakura became the bride. I can cherish Sakura”

“Shush, i’m sorry but Ciel could you stay silent for a while, Big sister is having grown up talk right now”


“Hei,Winsel. What are you trying to press on your son!”


Couldn’t help myself in rising my voice out loud

“Please explain yourselves right now!”



“Declining fertility rate of girls?” Apparently, from around 20 years ago, it seems that in this world — not nationwide – but globally – girls are rarely born.

The birth rate of men and women was roughly 1: 1 just like in my world. However, now it is said that the proportion is 7: 1. In other words, when 8 children are born, there is only one girl among them.


If I look closely, there are certainly almost no females on the streets.Excluding children there were only two girls among around of 20 people on the streets.


“So that’s what happened?”


Ruiz looked down on me with pity.


“Like this, now it’s hard to find a bride anywhere in the country. Especially in the countryside, as girls are born, they are often bought by aristocrats or frivolous raptors,how rude Winsel-san, to take the only girl to marry into your house..”


“No, no, just wait a minute, no matter how you think about it, there is great age difference! And I am a person from another world!”


“I think if it’s Sakura, it will not be an obstacle with the age gap or world origin, as it almost the time for Winsel’s  son to search for a bride. The way Sakura thinks is really childish”


“Wait a moment, this conversation is not going anywhere, i’ll pay no attention to the first half of it, as it is laughable. But the last part of it! How dare you to say that i think like a child, when just a while ago you was the one!” And perhaps, it is not a joke from the atmosphere of everyone. Winsel-san is an adult parent, and it is his duty to find a good wife wor his child. And there is no girls of the same age as Ciel.No, I mean, Ciel is still a child! I am an adult!

And what will i do if they refuse to give me work until i agree to the marriage? Will i be searching for work again…or maybe..even selling myself away…Wait..get a hold of yourself..maybe i should say to postpone the decision and work while Ciel growing up, there is a lot of time ahead and everything could be changed. And for us it would be a win-win relationship.

My inner voice troubled me with those thoughts, what should i say to make situation favorable to myself. I am not a shotacon thought, why should i even have thoughts of marrying Ciel.


“Sakura, it was bad to cheat you in this, but i didn’t have a thought doing anything against your will. I do not mean to marry Ciel with force, if you say you do not want to do it i will understand.For the time being you could just stay as playing partners, until i find a proper girl for him  ”


” But, ”


While i was in deep thoughts,  realised that Vios took my left hand politely, while my right hand was still held by Ciel.


“— Sakura, marry me.”


Everyone, including me, were shocked by words of Vios and froze.


Ciel pulls my arm angrily,and says  “Sakura is returning home!”

Winsel san : “Hey,hey, why all of a sudden?”


Next it was Ruiz who said:

“Then I want you to marry me too!”



I made a mistake.


What is going on with these guys.

The very first proposal in my life began with a ridiculous scene.


In Regards To My 2nd Trip And My 7 Husbands Vol 1 Chapter 3

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