In Regards To My 2nd Trip And My 7 Husbands Vol 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Book 1 ch 4 · ”· · ·That’s how women came to have 7 husband’s “ 4·”· · ·That’s how women came to have 7 husband’s “

“I want you to marry me.“

To the sudden proposal from the two of them blew up my mind, I raised my voice saying

“Wait!!” And Winsel had to put his hand on my mouth to stop me from disturbing the streets.


“Let’s move somewhere, for the time being, it’s not good for you to discuss such topic in this place,” Winsel said

,Vioz and Ruiz kept their eyes on each other and nodded in approvement.

I closed my mouth and I became aware of the surrounding gazes..

And eventually i was dragged into small place that resembles a bar. Unlike untidy and dirty establishments that fill this world, this place seemed to be not so bad. With 5 counters and 5 tables on the first floor, and private rooms on the second floor. We were led upstairs, which turned to be inn quarters.

In a small room with 2 bed, i sat down on one of them, while being disturbed by whole situation i gouged my brow. Ciel naturally sat next to me. Winsel took place near the exit while Vios and Ruiz sat in front of me.

Before someone could say anything, i opened my mouth.

“I don’t have plan on marrying anyone in this world.” I resolutely cleared my intentions of rejecting the proposal.


Vias asked “Then, what are you planning to do?”

“I will take the work, i don’t have a choice anyway?”

It was about a time for the dishes to be placed.

Ruiz let out a deep sigh.

It’s so rude of him to suddenly bring up this topic, even though we haven’t met for a long time, and even thought he was running around calling ‘Sakura, Sakura’ all the time, as if i was his real mother.

“I do not understand sakura at all, it is forbidden for women to work outside the public for the past five years now.”

“What??? What do i do?” I nervously exclaimed after hearing Ruiz’s explanation.

He tilted his head with the “Got it now?” emotion.

“It’s dangerous for women to wander around and be away from the home, it is not strange that they will be bought by the people even while they are at work. Of course it is a different story for a married women, so to say,do you want to work even while knowing this?.”

Of course i wasn’t thinking of walking around alone,beside the time i travelled back here and was picked up by Winsel san,no i don’t want to be taken… never.I stole a glance at Winsel and our eyes me.

Ruiz seemed to notice our eye contact and protested.
“Sakura, you are surely not thinking of that?” With all his might showing me that it is not n option anymore.

“I haven’t, i haven’t thought of being by myself at all. As i just arrived here today” I hurriedly threw of Ruiz suspicion.

“Anyway…it’s as Sakura thinks , for now it’s impossible to work on your own.”

” Well, that’s … but … there are public institutions, maybe it will be okay there?”

“Sakura, the problem is that you would have to understand not only this countries writings, but other countries too.If you have an outstanding talent then you could try thought”




“As i said it earlier, it is impossible right now”

As i was lost was words and couldn’t find my reason’s i got a  ‘That’s what i was trying to tell you’ sign from Vios.

The deep gray eyes do not

express much emotion, but they are always bold.

I remember him, 10 years younger then now, asking what is xxx with those eyes,

what are those 18 dangerous themes. I couldn’t reply to them that time.

“That’s why,please marry me!”

“I said it will not be like this! He irritated me.


Ruiz turned to Winsel

“What is going to happen to Sakura, if as you say engagement with your sun is forced. I guess it will not be okay to hire her as a guardian at Winsel’s place ,who will be responsible if she got kidnapped?

At the last words Mr. Winsel. nodded,

“Well…it’s true that..”

“I will defend her!” Ciel interrupted in high spirit.

Ruiz laughs with a snore. He also sent a fresh look at Vios.

Even though they are adult knights, how can they fight over it with little Ciel?

Sakura was trying to console Ciel warmly with her maternal instinct.

“It seems this child still needs to rely on Sakura, Why don’t you come back 10 years later?”

” It is not a question of protecting her or not, surely we will. “As Ruiz repels, Vios in a polite manner.


“Ciel i thank you, but it’s ok. You don’t have to protect me” Luiz is dissatisfied with the direction of the topic, and Vios stature gets smaller like a puppy.

I was molested only 3 times in my life, twice in the train by some perverted old man.

The first time I was stroked on my ass, the second time I was grabbed on the butt.

I could not find the culprit, as it ended within the confusion of “What happened just now!?”

When i think again about how i was touched and groped in this way,Ciel, who was sitting next to me, stood up quickly.




What’s up? As I asked, he caught my eyes full of tears and ran over to Winsel.

Mr. Winsel, who took the ciel, showed father’s face full of reason.

The knights paled, remembering who is this demon instructor.

At first, I thought there was something that hurt the boy’s heart.

“Ciel, what’s wrong?”

“… … Sakura, I will definitely will take you for myself”


Eh? what?

To me who can not understand the situation at all, Ciel repeated.


“So — you can marry them for now,but be sure to leave me place too!”

I inclined my head. I did not intend to marry either of these two people in the first place.

I rub Ciel ‘s back  while he sobs, Mr. Winsel smiles bitterly.

After that, I spun the words that tore the atmosphere.


“No, I am not a Shotakon,” Unintentionally i got mad at everyone gazing at me with expecting eyes.


But Winsel went through brilliantly and looked to Luiz and Vios. Two knights took their eyes off me and remembered the days when they were told by a demon instructor, gently diverted his line of sight.

After laughing at it, Winsel looked at me.

“Sakura, did you understand what Ciel said to you right now?”

“Well,I do not really.” Mr. Winsel drops a big bomb to me who tilts her head while floating with a large number of question marks above her head.


“I guess it was a long time already? But, in this world Only after one get married he will finally be recognized as a person — The law amendment was done two years ago. Do you know what it is? ”

Lecturing me as if i was his student he resumed.

“It is possible for same-sex marriage between men “



Mr. Winsel blow out.

Ruiz and Vios make distorted face.


“…… That’s how women came to have 7 husbands.”


Vios answers for Winsel.

“And this is the right answer” Winsel prizes. Ruiz lightly shrugged his shoulders, Ciel clung to Mr. Winsel even more.

“That can’t be true!” Voice escapes my throat.

In Regards To My 2nd Trip And My 7 Husbands Vol 1 Chapter 4

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