In The Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure Chapter 3

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In the Future, My Whole Is a Treasure Chapter 3: Marshal will not eat you

Ten days later, Capital Star.

A silver spacecraft flew over the Capital Star and landed slowly at the air station. A staff member who was maintaining order saw it from a distance and immediately stood up straight and performed a military salute.

“Which spacecraft is that?” someone saw the people around him becoming solemn and asked uneasily.

“That’s the Zhao’s spacecraft.” The man beside him whispered.

"The Marshal Zhao’s family?" The man asked in surprise.

“Apart from that Zhao family, which Zhao family will it be?” Someone answered and looked at the ship with reverence.

Lord Marshal and the Zerg Queen’s battle video is the highest viewed video online. Lord Marshal driving a small battleship into the Zerg Queen’s mouth to carry out a suicide attack, every time he watched it, his eyes turned red.

The entire air station was quiet, people watched quietly as support framework came out of the aircraft, just to take their eyes back and continue their business.

In the aircraft, Ren Sheng was on the window looking at the outside world blinking with a pair of big eyes, his face full of surprise.

Everything he saw these days was magical.

There is no spiritual essence here, only a few people here have internal energy, and these energies are quite different from the practitioners.

Therefore, he really was not caught. On the contrary, these people rescued him and treated him very good!

Master has said that the space-time cracks are very unstable. After entering them most people will die without a burial ground. One in 10,000 might have the luck to go to the completely different world, this should be a great fortune for him, right?

It’s just that there is no spiritual power here. He doesn’t know when his injuries will get better … Of course, fortunately, he is not a real person, no spiritual power is troublesome for him, however as long as there is sunshine and land, he will still recover completely in a year. However, growing up he is afraid will probably not be easy.

It took him nearly 100,000 years to grow into a young man’s appearance, but with this injury, he shrank again …… Looking at his little arms and legs, Ren Sheng let out a sign, he couldn’t even reach the chest of a tall person!

Dai Nuo observed the movements of Ren Sheng and signed.

This child eats so much in every meal, how can he not grow up even a little? And when he was eating … When the Zhao family people came to meet him, they almost suspected that they had abused him!

Furthermore, it’s the same with his brain. Everyone says that Kai’s intelligence is not very high, now it seems that this is true. This guy just doesn’t understand anything, he doesn’t know how the president of the Chamber of Commerce has taught him.

However, although this person can eat, he is still very stupid. But Dai Nuo impression of him is still somehow good – he cannot really bully a child, right?

Even if he is a little stupid, little silly; such a cute and lovely child is still likable.

Ren Sheng found himself looking at the high-rise buildings outside the aircraft and could not help but marvel. Dai Nuo thoughtfully explained it to him and finally inevitably mentioned Lord Marshal: “After you marry Lod Marshal, you will live in the Capital Star, then you can go to these places to play.”

“En.” Ren Sheng nodded his head. Dai Nuo talked with a strong accent. Apart from Master, he didn’t talk to other people. Master took offfor nearly 100,000 years, therefore he couldn’t understand many conversations, but everyone said that he is going to see the Marshal, Dai Nuo also said that all that he had eaten and drank had been given by the Marshal ……

The Marshal is a good man, and he really should thank him … but, he is reluctant to give him his own blood and he doesn’t know if he could do anything else to help, he can do a lot of things!

“Ren Sheng, you will be able to live with the Marshal in the future, I really envy you.” Dai Nuo said once again, the name Ren Sheng was a bit weird, but the child made him call him this so he at once did so. If there is nothing unexpected, then this name most likely was given to him by his Kai mother.

“I have to live with the Marshal later?” Ren Sheng looked at Dai Nuo at a loss. He just saw, this place has a lot of flowers and plants and sunshine. He especially wants to quietly put his roots into the soil and bask in the sunshine, but what if the Marshal finds something wrong?

At that time Master finally took him out once because he was eating tofu, he reached into the tofu bucket and took all the tofu out. He forced him out and forced him to keep human form and buried him ……

“Certainly!” Dai Nuo said without hesitation, saying such a Kai who could not even use a contact device will not live with the Marshal, what if he accidentally lands in some perverted hands?

“Then, Marshal, he will not eat me?” Ren Sheng who was tangled asked, if they must live together, then he will have to be more careful later. It is better to understand this before.

Eat? This shouldn’t be literal? Dai Nuo is at a loss. These days, although he did not speak any less about the Marshal in front of Ren Sheng, but in order to not mention sad things to Ren Sheng he didn’t say the status of the Lord Marshal. Now it seems that the Kai seems to be a bit unclear about the situation?

Yeah, he didn’t understand anything, maybe his father deceived him and resolutely sent him …

“You can rest assure that the Marshal will not eat you.” Dai Nuo reasoned, the Marshal is now seriously injured, even if he wants to ‘eat’ he cannot …

"That's good!" Ren Sheng looked happy.

“You are in danger out here, marrying the Marshal will let you stay at Zhao’s, it’s good for you.” Dai Nuo said.

Ren Sheng nodded in a daze. This man is always saying marry or not marry, in the end what does this mean? To marry Marshal can stay at Zhao, but if not marry then it is necessary to leave the Zhao family?

The idea flashed through his mind, but soon Ren Sheng was attracted by a large house suspended in the air. He looked admiringly at it as it passed by.

After Shen Qiu Shi became aware of the arrival of the spacecraft she changed clothes and got ready to wait at the gate. She didn’t let Zhao Peng come out. His body is very bad? If an accident were to occur, then the Zhao family will be finished.   

Of course, the Zhao family is not much better now.

The aircraft slowly landed at the entrance of the Zhao house. The sharp-eyed Shen Qiu Shi immediately saw the little face that was plastered on the window.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce once said that the child is a little small, looking at this face, isn’t he too small? She Qiu Shi is a little surprised, the aircraft door suddenly opened, the person she had sent to pick him up took the lead, the boy who immediately came down after was that boy. 

Among the psychics, Shen Qiu Shi is petite, only 1.7 meters. Unexpectedly, this young boy is actually shorter than her, he comes only to her chest!

Not counting this, his face, his hands, and feet are small, just a single look can tell that this is clearly a 12-year old boy.

However, although his size is small, his appearance is very exquisite. The white skin is pink, and it seems as if it can squeeze out water if pinched. His big eyes are full of innocence. People can’t help but have a pleasant feeling looking at him for the first time.

Just, she wanted the child to take care of her son. Now that he looks so small, can he really take care of him?

When She Qiu Shi looked at Ren Sheng, Ren Sheng felt as if his every root seems to burst open.

He actually felt the breath of the soil!

All plant spirits want a good piece of land, and the best land in the world is no doubt the soil.

Although he grew up in the place that is full of spiritual essence, later Master’s Dongfu gave him much more, but it couldn’t compare with the rest of the soil.

In the past, he was also interested in the soil because his master had given him a large grain of rice soil (?). He would follow Master to later pay him back with more essential. As a result, his Master said that the rice grain is big because of the soil. It takes millions of acres of fertile land to be refined, and if someone was to really do so, he will surely be killed by lightning.

His Master was so powerful. He lived for thousands of years before he accidentally came across a small grain of soil. If he had not given it to him, that small grain of soil would have allowed him to cultivate countless potions.

It is such a precious soil, he unexpectedly felt it in this place where there is no spiritual power? It seems to be far much more than what he originally had!

Even if the soil has nothing to do with spirituality, this is amazing!

Ren Sheng stared at an independent small building not far away, he wished he could immediately jump over.


The author has something to say:

Ren Sheng now small, with nutrition will grow up (^o^)/~

Lord Marshal is a good soil ~







Note: I would like to say here that I am not a Chinese speaker or reader. This is me only translating through MTL. So, if you notice something that is wrong please comment nicely.

This is getting harder and harder :( 

In The Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure Chapter 3

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