Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society Chapter 259

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Chapter 259. Above the Frozen Land (10)

The spears created by Ina all had their tips pointed towards Lespina. Although she looked slightly worried, she soon smiled with a calm look.

[Not a G.o.d’s descendant, but a mere human wielding a G.o.d’s power! You want to punish me? Try it!]


Ina waved her hand with a spirited shout. With that simple movement, the thousands of ice spears in the air all hurled towards Lespina.

[A simple attack like this…!]

Not wanting to lose to Ina, Lespina roused her freezing energy. Centered around Lespina, her raging freezing energy fought off the incoming spears. Ina frowned and reached out with her hands, but this time, it wasn’t so easy to steal Lespina’s freezing energy. When Lespina’s attack and Ina’s attack collided, a huge explosion erupted.

[You can’t kill me with ice!]

Lespina’s roar rang out in the midst of the explosion. Immediately afterward, a countless number of ice needles shot towards us from the foggy mist. Ina snorted and reached out with her hands. The ice needles all halted and began to grow in size. Ina performed this feat with ease and spoke to me softly.

“I can’t use this power for long. Daddy has to finish it.”

“Got it. Focus on defense, Ina. Got it?”


If Lespina’s freezing energy could be completely erased, I would have a great advantage in this fight. Because Ina used the power of the G.o.d’s true name, the pace of the fight went up. I also couldn’t wait any longer…!


At my small whisper, a red aura descended into my Chaotic Spear. Immediately afterward, I charged towards Lespina. The sword in her hand no longer carried freezing energy, but black demonic energy.

[The power of ice is only part of my power. If you thought you could beat me now, you’ll be disappointed!]



I borrowed Lotte’s power and charged towards her. I didn’t need to say anything. Now that Ina had joined the fight, I just wanted to end this fight as quickly as possible.


“Looks like you have to train your martial arts more.”

I swung my spear and smacked away her sword filled with demonic energy. In the air, divine power clashed with demonic energy and created an ear-splitting sound. Lespina’s eyes widened.

[Hero, you also have divine power… So you really were the kid that came to the Luka continent!]

“So annoying.”

I didn’t know why she wanted to confirm this, but it seemed it was true that me going to the Luka continent wasn’t the reason the Demon Lord came to Earth.

Without giving her an answer, I increased the speed of my attacks. Trishula had a 10% chance to deal triple damage to the enemy. The more I attacked, the more chance there was that Trishula’s effect would activate. Rather than a single powerful blow, it was more efficient to deal several smaller attacks.


I finally dealt an effective blow. Just like before, my spear had squeezed through a gap in her defense, and the freezing energy that appeared to automatically defend against it had been stolen away by Ina. As a result, my spear penetrated her armor and pierced through her shoulder. Her black blood scattered into the air.


Lespina’s pained scream rang out. It was so loud that the Revival members and the demons they were fighting against stopped and turned their heads towards us. Most of the demons then began to fly towards us but were shot down by Ina’s ice magic.

[Y-You… You dare to injure my n.o.ble body!]

“n.o.ble my a.s.s!”

After succeeding in injuring her once, I excitedly pushed her to a corner. Using Divine Speed once again, I poured a terrifying amount of attacks in three seconds. Trishula’s power activated, and a huge hole appeared on her armor. As her blood rained down from the sky, her scream became louder.


A martial artist was naturally used to pain, but it seemed Lespina had no depth to our martial arts. She simply used her innate power like a brute. Just like now!


An enormous amount of demonic energy emanated from her body and enveloped her. She had given up on controlling freezing energy and had chosen to convert all her power to pure demonic energy. The amount of demonic energy was similar to the Demon Army Commander Peruta had once fought in my body.

[In the end, you are only using power gained in the dungeon… I won’t lose! I will deliver victory to His Highness!]

Lespina absorbed the surging demonic energy. She had ruined the balance of power in herself and had changed herself into pure demonic energy. Her transformation could be easily seen through her outer appearance.

Her violet hair became darker, her white irises also became black, and her blue skin became brown. However, she looked much better than before. Though, her appearance didn’t really matter.

[I, Demon Army Commander Lespina El Tabac, can’t tolerate your condescending look anymore!]

“Oh, is that so?”

I retorted playfully and held the spear in my hand to the front. The chaos flames weakly blazing on my spear disappeared naturally like a candle blown out by the blowing wind.

Her overwhelming demonic energy swept over me, taking away the power given to me by the dungeon. Right, it was taking away my skills, but also my stats and levels. Plus, the power weakening my skills became stronger. I tried to use Divine Speed, but it didn’t activate. I couldn’t use my skills at all.

Then what about the skills in my pocket watch? What about items or skills contained in tattoos? I needed to test them.


[You used Frozen Roar! All enemies on the battlefield freeze in place. All allies temporarily become super-armored, recovers from all injuries, and has all abilities increased by 50%. Your chance of landing critical hits double when fighting enemies affected by Frozen Roar.]

It worked. For a moment, Lespina froze and my ability increased by 50%, no even more. That meant my Echo Ring was working. In that case, her ability… Good, I could win. Thanks to the roar, my power had somewhat returned to its normal state. Ina was also widening her eyes.

“Meanie! If you steal what’s mine, you’re a meanie!”

[Are petty tricks all you can do!?]

By giving up freezing energy, she could obtain a huge amount of demonic energy. However, that also meant that she had given her up resistance to freezing energy. Now, Ina’s attacks worked against her! Ina seemed to have felt this too, as she reached out with her hands and shot spheres of mana towards her. At the same time, I shouted Peika’s name.


[I’ve been waiting a long time!]

Like the name, Chaotic Spear suggested Chaotic Spear all sorts of energies inside, with the power of lightning now being one of them. I drew Peika’s power to the limit with the Lightning G.o.d’s power, and the materialized lightning absorbed the divine power from Trishula and radiated a dazzling light.

It would have been stronger if my stats hadn’t been suppressed, but there was nothing I could do about it. I grit my teeth and urged Lotte on. With a single powerful flap, Lotte and I were in front of Lespina.



[You won’t win against me!]

An enormous demonic energy shot up from the sword she held out. After easily fending off Ina’s attack, her energy reached me… Then, everything froze.



In front of Ina, who wielded the power of the G.o.ddess Skaði, giving up freezing energy was a foolish move! I sneered without saying a word as I shot my spear forward. Looking like a bolt of lightning, Chaotic Spear pierced through Lespina.

[Critical Hit!]

In that instant, a scythe appeared and sliced her neck. With this, I was certain that all items were working properly.

A long and deep wound appeared on Lespina’s neck, and she desperately drew more demonic energy. The seemingly endless amount of demonic energy was enough to make me fear it.



Lotte breathed out once again, but the demonic energy covering Lespina blocked Lotte’s attack and detonated. I hurriedly used Ruyue’s power to create a barrier around us, but it was instantly broken, and the demonic energy swept over us.

[Critical Hit!]



That hurt! Each particle of demonic energy contained sharp killing intent. Plus, it seemed the increased chance of receiving a critical hit effect activated, as over a 30% of my health disappeared in an instant.

At the same time, Lespina’s scream rang out. It was the reaper’s scythe that activated when I received a critical hit. I could charge forward like nothing happened thanks to being in a super-armored state, but even if I wasn’t, the scythe attack would give me a chance to reposition myself.

While she writhed in pain from the second scythe attack, I quickly took out a potion and gulped it down. Then, I checked for Lotte’s safety.

“Lotte, are you okay!?”

[Hero blocked most of it!]

Contrary to her words, she had discernible wounds in several places. With her recovery speed being one of the best among living creatures, her wounds were healing even at this moment, but she would still be in immense pain.

Seeing her act like she was unhurt, I grinned and tightened my grip on my spear. In the next moment, I widened my eyes and shouted.

“Shadow Blink!”


Get your hands off my daughter! Lespina overcame reaper’s scythe’s shock and was reaching her arm out to Ina. Just with this movement, a giant black hand appeared in the air and swooped down on Ina.

Before even a scratch appeared on Ina, I blinked behind Lespina and swung my spear. Demonic energy automatically shot up and clashed with my spear. Meanwhile, the black hand lost its power. Ina shot a giant ice spear and completely erased the giant clump of demonic energy in the air. However, I had to hurry. I could tell that Ina didn’t have much time left.

“You won’t be able to touch even a single hair on Ina unless I’m dead!”

[Then I’ll kill you first! You must have been in a hurry if you left behind your little birdy!]

I endured pain as I fought against her sword. Even though she was powerful enough to push me away, because I was withstanding it with super-armor, it felt like I was taking more damage than necessary. I could tell that I had gotten much weaker than before. It wasn’t just because I wasn’t riding Lotte. It was because I was losing more and more of my stats as time went by. I couldn’t delay things any longer.

“Overlord! Sky G.o.d’s Rage!”

I shouted fearlessly, taking out my remaining trump cards.

[You used Overlord! While the skill is active, your HP and MP triples and all stats double! When attacking the enemy, you have 10% chance to afflict a random highest rank status effect. When attacked by an enemy, you have 20% chance to afflict a random highest rank status effect.]


I could feel my entire body erupting with strength. My health and mana shot up, and my embarra.s.singly weakened stats empowered my body once again. Peruta Circuit’s spin absorbed Enigma, creating a black whirlpool that enveloped my armor.
There was more. My spear, which I didn’t think could be strengthened any more, was imbued with Zeus’ power and became longer. A dazzling golden energy combined with Overlord’s energy, an indescribable black radiance spread out. It seemed the unique characteristic of Zeus’ power couldn’t be hidden even by Overlord, as Lespina noticed it and shouted.

[So you really did come to the Luka continent!]

“Yeah, I’m that Hero! So what? Stop pestering me about it!”

Eat this and die!

I hurled my spear towards her. At the same time, Ina also released a terrifying freezing energy. Demonic energy endlessly poured out of Lespina’s body and fought against our attacks.

[With just this… WITH JUST THIS!]

Along with her howl, the demonic energy exploded. Her power, which only nullified the dungeon’s power, was attempting to affect our attacks! Without hesitation, I charged into the explosion. The only thing in my mind was ending this as quickly as possible.

[I’ll kill you!]

Amidst the cloud of heavy demonic energy, a sword popped out. I reached out with my gauntlet and grabbed it, but even with Overlord’s protection, my power was slowly leaving me. Being able to resist this power, which didn’t lose to worlds’ enemies… Lespina’s ability truly made one tremble in fear.

[In the end… You are but a dog of the dungeon! There is no way that I, WE, will die to you!]
Lespina’s appearance was quite a spectacle. Even with half of her body frozen and a spear of lightning piercing through her stomach, her eyes burning with black demonic energy showed that she still had life in her. My instincts told me that she managed to nullify the effects of stats and skills from our attacks!

Feeling her sword slicing through my gauntlet and trying to reach my hand, I grit my teeth and shouted into the communication channel.

[Everyone, no questions! Get back on the ground!]

Perhaps because of my urgent tone, everyone immediately took action. In just a few seconds, Hwaya reported back.


[Ina too!]

[I’m done!]


As soon as I heard their reports, I activated Crimson Roar. Lespina’s eyes widened, as everything in the world became covered in black flames.

[Kuak, Kuaaaaak!]


The current Crimson Roar had been transformed by Enigma. As I got stronger, Crimson Roar became weaker in comparison to my other skills, but now transformed by Enigma into black flames, Crimson Roar had a shocking effect. It felt like night had descended in an instant. However, flames were still flames, the kind that scorched everything.

By the time these flames subsided, there wasn’t anything left in the sky except Lotte, who wasn’t affected by flames, and Lespina, who was in the middle of a flickering cloud of demonic energy.

Feeling the suppression of my stats being lightened, I looked around. Lespina was in a sorry state.

[Kuhak… You were hiding such a power…!]

“This is also the dungeon’s power.”

[The dungeon’s power…!]

The moment I said these words, parts of her burning body shockingly healed itself. Strength was returning to her voice. The suppression of my stats became stronger once again. It was a terrifying change. It was like winding back a videotape.

[Ku, kukuk! You shouldn’t have said that! Do you regret it!? As long as it’s the dungeon’s power, as long as it isn’t purely your power, you won’t be able to harm me!]

With this, I understood. The skills in my pocket watch were different from normal skills and couldn’t be detected by her. However, I was still affected by Frozen Roar. She had only detected Crimson Roar. Her ability was limited to her understanding, her detection. She could only suppress what she knew.

If that was it, then this fight was over.

[Ku… Kuaaaaaak!?]

Lespina’s voice shot up. It was understandable. She must be confused as to why flames she suppressed were burning again.

[H-How!? Your flames should be…!]

“Sorry, but those flames are my power.”

I smiled. The flames burning her weren’t from Crimson Roar. They were ignited from the spear penetrating her stomach. Chaos flames.

[T-These flames…!? How? Before, I…!]


I smiled mischievously.

“That was a lie.”


Chaos flames flared up fiercely. Once ignited, nothing could extinguish them. Under the chaos flames, her consciousness slowly descended into darkness.

It was my victory.

Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society Chapter 259

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