Invincible Level Up Chapter 161

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The tens of thousand metres deep ocean region was in unrest.

Having all his attention on Gu Cang, Qin Tian had completely forgotten about the rank eight monster. Its appearance stunned him.

Rank eight monster, cultivated for thousands of years. Its intelligence is far from normal, not worse than average humans.

The dark ocean eel had stayed hidden in the darkness for a period of time, observing the situation quietly. When Yao Kong appeared, it felt a trace of fear and started hesitating on whether it should continue to hide.

However, after it found out Yao Kong's body was currently extremely weak, killing intent grew within it. Immediately, it rushed out.

Rank eight dark ocean eel, a hundred metres long with a greenish body. One could mistake it as a roaming dragon. Electricity flashed around its body.

"F**k you!"

"You're just someone that bullies the weak and fears the strong,"

"Not appearing when there are so many others just now and coming out when there's only Laozi left, really good-for-nothing……"

As Qin Tian ran, he turned his head and bawled out.

The eel was incredibly fast. With a sweep of its giant tail, it would shot out like an arrow. As for what Qin Tian was shouting, it could not understand.

All Qin Tian could hear now was the crackle and rattle of electricity. Seeing that the electric field of the dark ocean eel was about to reach him, he activated berserk.

His speed underwent a tremendous change. With eight times increase in speed, Qin Tian believed he would be able to widen the distance between them. Just as he wanted to turn his head around to check, he felt a little numb and started trembling.

"Scr*w you."

Darkness force immediately erupted and swallowed the electric currents. However, it shattered a few seconds later.

Qin Tian's heart sank, "Not dealing with it is out of the question."

He had already used up quite an amount of Qigong. If he were to carry on trying to escape, his Qigong would be completely depleted very soon, the cores would not be able to replenish fast enough.

With no Qigong, he would be no different from a dead fish.

From the eel's appearance, Qin Tian could see that it won't let him off. Not killing it shall only tire him to death.

"Really, is it because my flesh smells a bit better or what?"

Suddenly, Qin Tian halted and a 3 metre spear condensed in his hand. He waved it and shouted, "Just because I don't show my might, you take me for a sick cat?"

He thrust the spear out and multiple formless energy shot out.

Those that could survive deep in the ocean region were all huge monsters with great strength. Normal attacks were of no harm to them.

The dark ocean eel continued to chase. It did not even bother hiding, only that the electric field underwent a change.

The energy formed from his spear dissipated.

Since a long time ago, Qin Tian had always been killing groups of monsters using the Sky Piercing Lightning art. Never had he thought that one day, this would happen to him too. "Last time when I shocked others, I didn't know it was so uncomfortable. You d*gsh*t electric freak, see how Laozi deal with you……"

Snorting coldly inwardly, godly dark art activated.

Darkness force revolved around his spear, which soon covered him. "No matter how strong the electric force is, it cannot win against darkness force."

It was growing stronger quickly.

The dark ocean eel was slightly taken aback.

At that moment, it seemed to have felt a hint of fear. The electric field surrounding it became increasingly bigger, with electric force striking towards Qin Tian repeatedly.

Under the attacks, some darkness force dissipated, and Qin Tian replenished it soon after.

If not for his darkness force's devouring power, he would already become a corpse.

Although darkness force had devoured the electric force, the feeling of it touching his body was still uncomfortable. His Dantian released Qigong rapidly and the dragon-elephant force guarded the interior.

The distance between them was now a hundred metres.

At this moment, the dark ocean eel retracted its electric force and its tail was shot out. As a rank eight monster, how great would its strength be?

Immediately, the darkness force around Qin Tian shattered.

Qin Tian was stunned, not expecting it to give up using its elective field to attack and use physical force. Looks like the eel is not some ordinary intelligent monster.

Not allowing him to carry on pondering, the huge tail was going straight for him.

There was no way to dodge.

Deciding to meet it head-on, he rose his speed to the limit, "Emperor Purgatory……"

The power of the sea of purgatory gathered in his fist. Heavily, he struck his fists down the the eel's head, "Laozi will hammer you to death!"

His two fists were filled with all of his might. A hit would be able to shatter mountains.

Suddenly, the eyes of the eel narrowed. With a look like its plan had succeeded, it smiled craftily.


Qin Tian's face turned pale and cold sweat emerged as he trembled.


An enormous electric field appeared. A snake-like electric force shot out, aiming directly at Qin Tian's chest. The strike was so forceful that Qin Tian flew.

He used the remaining of his purgatory force to guard his interiors before fainting……

Even ocean monsters could be so crafty, this world is just too crazy.

Don't let Laozi live on.

Next time we meet, see how Laozi will deal with you!

Though unconscious, Qin Tian felt the appearance of two presences. They seemed like armored soldiers. Instantly, the eel was killed so easily like they were killing an earthworm. The gap was just too big……

One carried the hundred metre long eel and left.

The other chased after the direction Qin Tian flew to.

Invincible Level Up Chapter 161

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