Invincible Level Up Chapter 167

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"Rumble……" Purple lightning descended in the midst of the monsters.

With the eight times attribute increase, the heaven-defying lightning was extremely powerful.

Instant kill.

Seeing his experience bar increasing rapidly, Qin Tian could not mask his elation and a smile appeared on his face.

Using that move rose his experience by a third, four more times were needed to level up and break through to the ascension realm. In Tianyuan continent, there was never someone like Qin Tian.

His break through speed was simply faster than a heaven-defying genius.

Luo Kuang sat on a rock. Seeing the monsters around the exit fall one after another, he was shocked to the extreme. Secretly, he asked himself, "Could it be that the humans outside are this powerful?"

He was unable to understand.

This was the first time he felt curious about the outside world, a trace of yearning was born.

From birth, he had always stayed at the Dark Ocean Territory, never leaving the ocean. He never had any curiosity towards the outside world. Once in a while, he would see other humans in the form of corpses, never seeing them execute an ability before.

At the sight of Qin Tian's powerful lightning strike, Luo Kuang's heart wavered.

The desire to become stronger, the curiosity for the outside world, a seed had spurted within him……

"Brother Luo, don't just sit there."

Qin Tian received a blow. His Sky Piercing Lightning arts may kill rank five monsters instantly, but other higher ranking monsters may only receive heavy blows and wouldn't die.

How great was their physique?

Under the attack of more than ten rank seven monsters, he could not fight back and was only able to run.

"Isn't G.o.d almighty?" Luo Kuang mumbled softly. At the sight of Qin Tian in a perilous situation, he rushed forward and thrust his trident, piercing through the head of one monster.

"Such abnormal strength."

Qin Tian was taken aback by what he saw and couldn't help but speak.

The strength of the ocean tribe is simply not something a human could wield. A rank seven monster was easily killed by a thrust.

Was that something a human could do?

In Qin Tian's eyes, Luo Kuang wasn't human. Even if he was, he would be an abnormal human.

And, in Luo Kuang's eyes, Qin Tian was not human.

Facing a small number of monsters, Luo Kuang killed them easily. His face was not red and he was not panting, as if that was nothing.

After finis.h.i.+ng off the remaining rank seven monsters, both of them laughed.

Luo Kuang ran towards Qin Tian eagerly and examined pa.s.sionately. "What ability was that, how could it release lightning? Just like the dark ocean eel, truly inconceivable."

"Sky Piercing Lightning art." Qin Tian said in a daze as he thought about the dark ocean tribe's physical attacks. Although they can only attack a single enemy at one time, the force behind was great.

Such attacks, if they could damage multiple enemies, would be undefeatable.

Fast speed and powerful strength with a strong physique. Against ascension realm or even Rebirth realm experts, they were not any weaker.

It was no wonder the dark ocean king Luo Hou could cultivate his physical body to the absolute realm. The ocean tribe's physical body is terrifying.

"Can you teach me?"

Luo Kuang scratched his head and laughed awkwardly, finding what he just said very embarra.s.sing.

This was the first time he sought help from others. In the tribe, his strength was second to Luo Yue. It had always been others seeking advice from him, not the other way round.

He had been completely attracted by the huge lightning.

He itched to immediately learn it. Then, in the future during a hunt, he would no longer have to be worried of guarding the exit.


Qin Tian hesitated for a moment, revealing an expression of being in a difficult position.

Luo Kuang saw the hesitation on Qin Tian's face and continued, "As long as you teach me, I'll exchange it for anything else."

At this tribe, there was no currency. Every trades were done with items.

However, it wasn't that Qin Tian did not want to teach. The main problem was that he only knew how to cultivate Qigong, activate abilities and release it.

As for the profound mysteries of his own abilities, he had no understanding.

He also did not have other people's abilities, else he would have given it to Luo Kuang for a favor.


It was a signal. This time, it was heavier and longer.

Luo Kuang immediately shouted, "Close to 3000 monsters broke through."


Qin Tian's heart tightened.

"The scope is too huge. The range of my Sky Piercing Lightning art would be limited since the area is too small. With such a huge monster wave, those not affected may rush out when the lightning art's duration ends……" Qin Tian's heart sank as he thought of a plan.

A while ago, the thousand of monsters had already caused him to feel strained.

With three thousand……


Sounds of steps became louder and louder, the earth trembled. He could not continue to ponder.

The trembles made rocks from above roll down the canyon.

If this carries on, the canyon may actually collapse.

"Brother Luo, retreat first. Use all your strength to kill the monsters later, do not let any come near me." Qin Tian's expression changed as he said.

Immediately after, he kicked the ground and leaped up.

Purple flame aura was exuded out continuously. In an instant, a hundred thousand Qigong disappeared.

The presence of lightning surged as a huge power formed above.

Sky Piercing Lightning art, a profound ability comprehended by the rank six green thicket snake. Its power was far beyond normal lightning. Under the rank two berserk, eight times attributes increase, an even more powerful power was formed.

This time, Qin Tian wanted to do it continuously.

Sky Piercing Lightning art needed a short preparation duration, like chanting a spell.

Although it was a short five seconds, if the attack did not seize the opportunity properly, the second attack could not be released.

Facing the charge of thousands of monsters, Qin Tian did not have the confidence of doing that.

Now, he could only rely on Luo Kuang's corporation.

Only with him helping to block the attacks of the rank seven monsters could Qin Tian have enough time to release the second lightning, and maybe even the third.

"Get ready!"

Seeing the monsters appearing at his line of vision, Qin Tian roared.

"Sky Piercing Lightning art."

"Heaven defying lightning."

"Descend for me……"

Rumble……monsters fell one after another.

"Sky Piercing Lightning art!"

Another 100 000 Qigong was consumed.

Again, purple flame aura covered the surrounding and rushed above.

A huge lightning descended in the midst of the monsters.

Luo Kuang was guarding beside Qin Tian. As long as a monster rushes out, his trident would thrust out, not allowing any to live.

"Heaven defying lightning, explode for me……"


At that moment, the monsters turned mad and scattered in disarray. They let out low growls of fear. Even monsters at the back started to retreat.

"Beautiful, it's simply a miracle."

Luo Kuang shouted as he saw the monsters retreating, he became even more elated. His reverence for Qin Tian grew and he stared as if he wanted to eat him up.

Seeing Luo Kuang's gaze, cold sweat emerged and he took a step back.

Currently, the corpse of monsters had already blocked out the exit. The sight of the corpse made the other monsters fearful.

They knew that they could not rush out from this exit.

Qin Tian stared at his full experience bar and understood that he had to kill a BOSS monster, or he would not be able to break through.

"Brother Luo, is there any rank eight or rank nine monster here?"

"It's hard to say for rank nine, but there's definitely rank eight monsters." Luo Kuang replied confidently

Qin Tian nodded, "Would I be able to break through with a rank eight monster?"

To break through to the ascension realm form the rank nine spirit refining realm requires one to kill a BOSS monster . Qin Tian had already understood such a set up by the system.

Now, Qin Tian was feeling uncertain. After killing a rank eight monster, could he break through?

No matter what, he would only know after trying.

Qin Tian made a decision and asked, "Brother Luo, go in and get them to let out a rank eight monster. A half-dead one is the best."

Luo Kuang agreed immediately and entered the canyon.

In his heart, Qin Tian's position was very high. His requests needed no other consideration before doing.

Luo Kuang even wanted Qin Tian to teach that ability. With that, his tribe would definitely become stronger.

In the canyon.

Luo Yue led his tribe mates through a bloodbath.

His whole body was covered in blood, making his scaler red armor look more demonic.

The sound of thunder at the exit worried him. However, he did not become distracted. What he could do now was to not let any more monsters go, decreasing the pressure on Luo Kuang.

Against the close to 20000 monsters, with about a hundred of them, they stood on their grounds and killed.

A line of defense was broken through, monsters started to rush out.

Immediately, Luo Yue gathered his people to form a new defense line.

The more the monsters were suppressed, the greater the strength they display. As time pa.s.s, the tribesmen started feeling weakened. Many were panting heavily. Their strength had decreased a lot.


Luo Yue let out a shout and his majestic aura spread out.

The hundred tribesmen covered in blood scream, "Kill……"

Another wave of monsters came.

At this moment, a towering golden fur gorilla bellowed.

A thousand monsters let out thundering roars.

Following its command, they rushed out.

Luo Yue's mind trembled. The pressure had increased. Frowning, he cried out, "Fighters, for our wives, young and old, for our home, our tribe, let loose your powers, kill!"

"All fighters, ready yourselves!"

"Kil, kill, kill……"

Killing intent flooded the surroundings.

A rank nine ocean monster was extremely powerful, like a divine monster. The hammer on its hand swayed, piercing through the water. An intense pressure emerged as it roared.


Invincible Level Up Chapter 167

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