Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu Chapter 54

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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 54

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54 Marionette Magic

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"Both of you, you defeated them too quickly"

"Lady Tia……"

"Everyone, step further back, you will get dragged into it."

"Kuh……yes, ma'am."

The death lizard who had begun charging some time ago was pinned down by a protection magic circle created with just one of Tia's hands.

Above her was also the flying dragon, ama.s.sing enormous magic power within its mouth. A sign of Breath.

With her current situation where she is protecting the other soldiers, she didn't have the courage to catch that as expected and so she made the soldiers fall back.

The soldiers who could not do anything showed regret in their expressions.


It appeared that the flying dragon in the sky had gathered its Breath.

Its head curved back greatly, it set itself up to spit it out.

"I don't want to be covered with whatever will be vomited out of your mouth……―――――― Power of rejection, become a wall to bend the current, stop the flow and repel all――――――"


At the same time its Breath was released, a protection magic circle was unfolded by Tia's high speed chanting.

These magic called protection magic are roughly equal of importance to body reinforcement magic in this world.

It also has the meaning of performance, but it also has the significance because it influences the other's way of life.

Basically, people study attribute magic first, then afterwards select either reinforcement magic or protection magic.

People who have chosen reinforcement magic generally take the road of magic swordsman who makes use of their body.

Elka is an example of that.

Conversely, the people who choose protection magic generally takes the road of a complete long range type of mage who ceaselessly throw magic on the spot.

Without any sort of body reinforcement, they would produce walls with magic circles and defend against opponent's attacks.

Tia is no doubt this type of person.

Rarely moving herself, she would burn, beat and stab their foes on the spot.

She would defend against an attack from their opponent and shoot once again.

That is Tia's fighting style.

Incidentally, because Glain did not really have any apt.i.tude towards magic, he was a through and through swordsman who had only learned body reinforcement magic due to his control in magic power.

Never could he show anything like ice, he could not even deploy a magic circle.

"I'm returning it, all of it."

The flying dragon's flame ball that hit splendidly rebounded together with a high-pitched noise and directly hit the dragon.

Being a fire dragon type, it would never receive flame damage, however it appeared to be no more than a little surprised.

"……I have grasped the strength of all of you. It's about time I end this as well."

Looking at the Death Lizard who still could not approach without ramming the magic circle and the flying dragon who once again began gathering its breath, Tia softly sighs and began her chant.

That is with her mouth and with a single empty hand.

"Thunderous heaven, deeply overlapping thunder clouds, like the wrath of G.o.d who trembles all, attend to the one who will be pierced to extinction by thy unchanging, ruthless eyes ――――――"(T.N. I’m not sure about this one: 雷鳴轟く天、厚く重なる雷雲、全てを震わせる神の怒りのごとく、動かぬ心、冷酷な我の眼、今貫かれ死に絶える者を看取る)

『A flash of wind, a flash enough breath to cut bodies, an invisible flash, a sonic flash, life severing blade consolidated to that flash, my wish is but one, cut my adversary――――――』

Tia's mouth spun words and her one hand lit with a magic light filled out a magic circle in the air.

Written Aria――――――A high cla.s.s technique high ranking mages utilizes at times when one could not speak the words. As a result of filling out a magic circle in the air instead of speaking it out, its speed until invocation is naturally overwhelmingly low.

In Tia's case however, she would still have time left even if she slows down her chant and let it complete together with the movement of her hand.

In this world there doesn't exist any beings who her chanting speed, be it that Setsu or Touma.



Thereafter was without a doubt an instant.

Lightning came down from the thunderclouds that appeared suddenly, piercing through the flying dragon.

An unseen blade of wind released from the magic circle bisected the Death Lizard.

These events happened in mere moments――――――

The monsters which were considered to be calamities in this world fell by the hands of a single girl.

"Parallel chanting……"

Muttered one of the soldiers.

Parallel chanting is as the name implies, a technique to chant separate magic simultaneously with mouth and hand.

It is an impossible skill if one is incapable of written aria in the first place, usable only by a handful of people.

Setsu naturally could not use it either, but Tia goes even further, being a master of  three line parallel chanting.

This time, she completed two SS rank magic while maintaining protection magic, though it was not chanting it.

It was a skill that allowed her to attain top cla.s.s power in controlling magic as well as it capitalized on her magic eye that can see magic power.

"And I’m done"

With a concluding face, Tia dusted off her hands with claps.

"Wh……My toys are…… annihilated?"

"You know by looking don't you?"

"Elka, it's not good if you don't let her at least escape reality."

"That was rude of me."

Already……were the only ones protecting Melua the magic soldier she was sitting on, Alize Ifrille and another magic soldier standing beside Alize.

There were still monsters inside her, but  even S rank were no match for them, so summoning any more than this had no meaning.

If she had a monster that strong, then she would have let it fight a long time ago.

"What are you all……Are you really human?"

"Indeed we are. Ordinary humans who could be together with the monstrous person we long for."

"I don't get it……What? Are you saying you've become that strong through your own effort……? Are you saying you worked hard and became like that……? Even without remodelling or drugs……?"

"I don't get it……I don't get it at all!"

Shouted Melua. She cut her wrist and once again created a black hole with blood.

The monsters that crawled out rushed on Elka's group in unison.


"It's useless."

In the order they approached them, they became encased in ice, cut down and torn and sliced by the wind.

"G- Go!"

Melua jumped off the magic soldier and brought out an order to attack them.

At that time the monsters were already annihilated and only corpses rolled on the ground.

"A vain struggle is it……"

Glain's sword ran and with a single sweep he made short work of the magic soldier.

The weapon which was bisected from its shoulder without being able to do anything became unable to move anymore on top of the monster corpses.

"This isn't supposed to……I still……"

"I don't know your circ.u.mstances, but……I will have you defeated here."

Glain closed his distance to Melua and swung down his sword.

Just before his sword cut her in two, Alize thrusted herself in between them.


Unintentionally, Glain stopped his sword.

He received a flashback on the days he spent with her and Setsu and hesitated.

"Kuh……Back off!"

Pulling back his sword, Glain drove a kick into her.

However, the decisive time has already been given to his opponent.

The last magic soldier who furthermore had thrusted itself before Alize had received the kick with its body as if covering for her.

The armor transmitted the feeling of dense flesh to him.

"I knew it……its inside was a person……"

The feeling at the time Glain cut a magic soldier wasn't that of cutting an inorganic substance, but no doubt that of cutting a person.

He couldn't hold that confidence――――――no, he didn't wanted to hold that confidence, but this made him change.

And so, the truth rose even more with the fact he made skin contact and experienced the feeling of flesh.

These must be the bodies of demons……likely being made to fight for the human side like Alize and were imprisoned inside such dolls.

The magic soldiers he had seen until now had identical sizes, but Glain predicted ordinary demons were inside and perhaps there may be children in there.

Anger welled up.

However, those thinking time was fatal.



Alize readied her rapier.

Glain recalled her rapier was quite polished.

He noticed Elka's voice, but his defense won't reach in time.


Melua raised her voice.

She unintentionally clutched her fist, that was how perfect the timing of Alize's thrust was.

His chest was pierced by the rapier――――――the moment that was thought, Glain's body fell on the ground.


"Please don't get careless! ……gh"

Elka thrusted away Glain by a hair's breadth and defended against the piercing sword.

Instead the rapier's point grazed her shoulder, flesh was gouged out and blood came out.

"Forgive me! How about your wound!?"

"It's just a scratch, so I'm fine. More importantly……"

"Ah……Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!"

Melua was laughing.

A laugh that was like it was letting one feel fear, like she went mad.

Alize who missed the decisive moment and the magic soldier who could not move except for twitching――――――Even though it should have been hopeless no matter how one thinks, she didn't stop laughing.

Laughing, as if she was convinced of her victory.

"Is there anything strange?"

"Aah, I laughed and laughed……Nono, I think I even saw a chance of victory with this. If I could wish for it, I would have wanted to put it a little more deeper though……"

"What in the world are you――――――"


"W-!? Unique magic!?"

Glain immediately put himself on guard.

It is because he noticed the magic Melua had used was a unique magic.

Unique magic are valuable magic in this world that isn't possessed by anyone but one person, and there are terribly powerful ones as well.

For that reason he was being cautious, but nothing happened with Melua pus.h.i.+ng out one of her hands.

Then, is it a bluff……Glain thought and he ended up feeling let down.

To put in other words――――――he lost focus.

"Glain! Beside you!"


Tia who was behind him called out.

The next moment, Glain's armor was crushed and a single cut entered that body of his.

And then bright red blood gushed out……

Without knowing what happened, Glain saw Elka swinging her sword at him.

"Now! It's time for the end of the play!"

Together with Melua's voice, Elka once again held her sword overhead――――――

――――――and swung down on Glain who was on his knees.

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Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu Chapter 54

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