Isekai Tensei - Kimi to no Saikai made Nagai koto Nagai koto Volume 2 Chapter 118

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As someone mentioned in the last chapter, although Yubamensch's name is based on Übermensch (Superman in German), his name is actually a bit different, so I chose to just change the first half of it. (ユーバメンシュ = Yubamensch; ユーバーメンシュ = Übermensch) Also, the t.i.tle is actually carbonic acid, but that just sounds awkward lol. Thanks for reading~

After dissing each other's sensitive topics, Black Princess-sama, aka Biyama, and I decided to have a talk.
We walked on the main street, gathering great attention from the demi-humans.

"Hey, is that『Ichi San Kyuu』thing the one from s.h.i.+buya?" (Velt)
"Yep." (Althea)
"What about the hachiko thing?" (Velt)
"The Hachikou statue." (Althea)
"…… What about the gyaru items?" (Velt)
"I mean, those are must-have items for me, so I just ended up making them, y'know?" (Althea)

We continued walking without knowing what to talk about or what to retort to.

"You beat up Kagami, but did y'know it was him?" (Althea)
"Yeah. I didn't feel guilty at all too." (Velt)
"Hm~m, well, whatevs, that guy was a mega idiot." (Althea)
"That reminds me, did you guys reunite? Did he say anything to you?" (Velt)
"Hah? Me? Yeah, we met, but I totes couldn't keep up with him. Like, he said stuff about destroying the world, which was seriously cray-cray." (Althea)

I see. Kagami was messed up, so this woman might actually be the normal one.
At the very least, I don't think she's going to do anything crazy to the world.

"Like, are you seriously Asakura though?" (Althea)
"Yeah." (Velt)
"………… Hm~m…… it feels so weird, y'know, 'cause us two problem children reunited as an elf and a champion." (Althea)
"True. I mean, my chuuni-ness has been going up recently, and I seriously don't want to be called a champion. It was for my achievement of beating up Kagami, after all." (Velt)
"Whatevs. He dug his own grave." (Althea)
"You're actually pretty cool, huh." (Velt)
"Nah, I just never liked him." (Althea)
"I just don’t care about it anymore, to be honest." (Velt)

Unlike Kagami, she's not messed up.
However, she hasn't changed as much as Ayase and Samejima had.
That being said, she's not wavering like Miyamoto either.
While feeling that I really didn't get her, I let Biyama lead us.

"Uu~, Velt, what are you talking about?" (Ura)
"I did not think lord would even be Black Princess-sama's acquaintance. How many people does he know?" (Musas.h.i.+)
"Otouto-kun really is well-known ~." (Cleran)
"As expected of Velt-sama." (Eljiela)

Leaving aside why that’s expected of me, Ura and the others in the back are looking at us uneasily.
I was thinking about this before, but shouldn't I just tell them already? As I wondered that, Biyama stopped in front of a certain place.

"'Kay, we're here. This is my house." (Althea)

Rather than a house, it looked more like a tavern.
Like, this is totally a restaurant, isn't it? There are tables and chairs inside, and I can see people eating too.
It’s quite big, but with that counter and everything else, it looked like a normal restaurant, rather than a princess' house.
Well, there is a dis...o...b..ll on the ceiling, so I guess that counts for something.

"""""Welcome home, princess.""""" (Maids)

No, it's a bit different to a normal restaurant.
Like, there are colourful maids bowing to her!
They don't look like gyarus though, they look like normal women.
And then, once they saw us, they……

"""""Welcome home, master.""""" (Maids)

Biyama gave us a small explanation to us, who were dumbfounded.

"It's a maid restaurant during the day and a club at night. This is the first shop that I started. It's called,『Arcadia』." (Althea)

I couldn't even be bothered thinking about stuff after hearing about this stupid shop that was named after a utopia.

"O, oi, Velt, what is with this shop? Did she just make it for fun?" (Ura)
"Despite being maids, they don't f.u.c.king look like it at all." (Farga)
"I did not know that waitresses in the land world were amicable people." (Eljiela)

I mean, that's probably how you real royals see them, but don't retort to the small stuff.
People like these incomplete things too.

"Take a seat, I'll treat you. Hey, get everyone, 'kay?" (Althea)
"Certainly, princess." (Maid)

Biyama sat down on a chair around a big, circular table and ordered.

"Wait, you have!?" (Velt)
"Ha? Don't look down on gyarus. I made it 'cause I seriously wanted to drink it." (Althea)
"You're, you're………… unexpectedly amazing." (Velt)

Sensei made ramen. Samejima made karate. Miyamoto made kendo. Kagami made contraceptives.
Everyone developed all sorts of things with their knowledge from their past life, but Biyama might've surpa.s.sed everyone with the number of things she has developed.

"Um, lord………… would it be okay for me to ask you now?" (Musas.h.i.+)
"Musas.h.i.+?" (Velt)
"Um…… what kind of connection do you have with Black Princess-sama?" (Musas.h.i.+)

I guess it would bother her.
However, before I could explain, Biyama bent herself forward.

"Hah? Lord? You mean like, the master kind of lord? Ha? What's up with that!? And she's part of the s.h.i.+nsengumi too! You're a human, seriously, what the heck are you doing? And like, I only just realised, but what's up with your group?" (Althea)

Everyone puffed up with pride and answered her question.

"I, I, I am lord's loyal right arm who has overcome the wall between races!" (Musas.h.i.+)
"Hi, his lover and his future bride!" (Ura)
"His stepbrother." (Farga)
"His big sis!" (Cleran)
"His follower!" (Dorauemon)
"Velt-sama's wife. And, she is his daughter." (Eljiela)
"Abyu!" (Cosmos)

I hit my head against the table after hearing that retort-worthy introduction.

"…… Hah…… pu, ahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, what's up with that! No way! Like, what? Your elder brother, elder sister, follower, subordinate, bride, wife and child, ahahahahahahaha!" (Althea)
"Guh, you, you're laughing too much! It just turned out like this, okay!?" (Velt)
"Man~, that was great. Ah~, I laughed so hard when Kagami told me he made an evil, secret society, but you're just so blessed that it's even funnier. I can't believe you're a riajuu in your second life." (Althea)
"Sor, sorry about that, geez." (Velt)
"Huh? Didn't you have another woman though? She was like, a princess and one of the Ten something-something…………" (Althea)

Ahh, she's talking about Forna, huh. I didn't know she saw her too.

"She's my stupid sister and my stupid brother's legal wife." (Farga)
"No, wait, Farga. That hasn't been decided yet…… I still have a chance……" (Ura)
"Fufu, paapa is so popular, isn't he? Cosmos." (Eljiela)
"Kyah kyah!" (Cosmos)
"Wao, Eljielchan, you're so composed even though you came in last." (Cleran)

Hearing that, Biyama burst into laughter again.

"Oh my G.o.d, that's so funny! Like, is that girl seriously your child?" (Althea)
"No, well, it'll take way too long explaining it……" (Velt)
"What up! I'm your papa's friend, nice to meet you~." (Althea)
"Hogyaa hogyaa hogyaa hogyaa!" (Cosmos)
"Uo, she started crying! Asakura, do something!" (Althea)
"Don't get close to Cosmos with your monstrous face!" (Velt)

d.a.m.n it, she's messing with my pace. I thought we were going to have more of a serious talk, but our conversation is super lighthearted.

"Oh~, but you know, some of them are actually connected to you." (Velt)
"Ha? What's that supposed to mean?" (Althea)
"Musas.h.i.+ here is Miyamoto's grandchild, and Ura is Samejima's daughter." (Velt)
"………… Eh, no way, seriously~? ………… Uh, by the way, who was Miyamoto and Samejima again? Were they in our cla.s.s?" (Althea)
"Eh………… they were our cla.s.smates, you know?" (Velt)
"Like, I got my memories back ten years ago, so I don't actually remember all of our cla.s.smates." (Althea)

You, you little! She really asked that!
Even I………… even I remember them!

"They were our cla.s.smates, and Miyamoto was in the kendo club, and Samejima was in the karate club!" (Velt)
"Ah, ah~, really? Soz. I didn't really talk to the guys in our cla.s.s, and hard working people in clubs were in a different world to me. Well, I just barely remembered Kagami since he was a playboy though." (Althea)
"You, you're kidding~…… like, how were you able to remember me, then?" (Velt)

Like, if that's how she is, wouldn't she have forgotten about me too?
Then, Biyama started talking about it with a wry smile.

"Ahh, that's 'cause like~, well, y'know, I………… back then, I was trying to make you fall for me." (Althea)

"""""Bubuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!""""" (Everyone)

Even Ura and the others who didn't understand what we were talking about, were surprised by this.

"Gah, agaga, Ve, Velt, you, you!" (Ura)
"Lo, lord………… I, I truly would not expect anything less." (Musas.h.i.+)
"Oi, stupid brother. Give up on this s.h.i.+tty woman." (Farga)

Did you not hear her say 'back then'?

"………… I remember seeing your leopard panties when you picked up your eraser in front of me." (Velt)
"Ahaha, isn't that nostalgic? I mean, there's no way I'm gonna use leopard printed ones as a demi-human though." (Althea)
"Uwa, you're serious about stuff like that? Even though you're a b.i.t.c.h." (Velt)
"Haa? What do you mean I'm a b.i.t.c.h! Even if you include my past life, I'm still a virg…… like, y'know, doing stuff like that before marriage is…………" (Althea)
"Stop saying stuff that doesn't suit your character, dumba.s.s!" (Velt)
"Ha~? I don't wanna be told that by you, who goes around making out with natives of a fantasy world. Like, having a lover and a bride and a wife is totes cray-cray! You used to be such an innocent delinquent!" (Althea)
"A ganguro woman shouldn't be getting carried away, acting like a princess just because you made a strange culture popular in a fantasy world, that was all plagiarized from your past life!" (Velt)

To be honest, I feel like this reunion has turned out quite differently to how the other ones were.
Until now, we always started our conversation from when we died, to the stories of our second lives, and then yearned for our past life together.
That's how it usually goes, and yet…………

"Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa." (Velt)
"Fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu." (Althea)

We're having a worthless quarrel in public, like, what the h.e.l.l are we doing?
On top of that, the surrounding customers and the people outside are looking at us in wonder.

"Um~, princess, master, I have brought the drinks…………" (Maid)

The maid said that, and then presented with ice cubes in a black liquid.
It feels so nostalgic hearing the fizz of carbon dioxide and the clank of ice cubes. .h.i.tting each other.

"Wha, what is this black liquid? Is it coffee?" (Ura)
"Oi, stupid brother. What the h.e.l.l is this?" (Farga)
"Cou, could this be, the famous cooke drink?" (Musas.h.i.+)
"Wao, I haven't drunk this before either." (Cleran)
"Is this a beverage of the land world?" (Eljiela)
"Kyauru." (Cosmos)

It probably looks strange to people who see it for the first time.
They try it out, and……

"""""Gohooooooooo!""""" (Everyone)

Of course, they spat it all out in surprise.

"Wha, what is this, it was sweet, and yet it fizzed in my mouth!" (Ura)
"…………?" (Farga)
"Tha tha tha tha, that surprised me~." (Musas.h.i.+)
"Bu, but, I wonder why, it feels……" (Cleran)
"That was surprising. Ah~, no, Cosmos, you can't drink any." (Eljiela)
"Akyakyakyakya!" (Cosmos)

I haven't had since my past life, and like, my throat is dried-up from arguing with Biyama.
I drink the in one go while being held captive by nostalgia.
Biyama drained the cup at the same time as me.

"Ku~~~~~ abu." (Velt)
"Ka~~~~~~, gebo!" (Althea)

Of course, we burped too.

"d.a.m.n it, this tastes so good it me off!" (Velt)
"It's seriously amazing, isn't it!" (Althea)

It was reproduced so well to the point that it’s annoying.
The sweetness, fizziness and the super cold state. It's perfect.

"I, I need a refill!" (Velt)
"Me too!" (Althea)

For the time being, I ordered another cup.
My comrades all looked at me as if saying, 'you want another cup after already chugging a gla.s.sful?' but I drank another cup without care.

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