Isekai Tensei No Boukensha Chapter 1 Part3

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Chapter 1 – 3 I Started Studying

Today I am going to be taught magic. Kasan had a slightly complicated face, while Tou-san was excited.

“I am intending to teach you various things from today, but like the fire yesterday, it is becomes dangerous when you make a mistake, so be sure to do what Otou-san and Okasan says.”

“The basics are important for magic. So for the time being I will teach you mainly centring around studying books for the time being. If you get bored along the way or you do not obey what I say, the magic study is over from there. Understand?”

“Yes! I understand, Kasan!”


Kasan nods with a smile to my reply. I was wondering what the first face was when I saw it, but Tou-san interrupted my thinking as he started talking.

“Tou-san will teach you how to use a bow and arrows, and how to use a knife but it is dangerous for Tenma to use the equipment for real combat and it is still too early. Which is why will use is a bow for children and arrows with no edge to practice with, and a wood carving knife.”

Tou-san continues,

“However, Tou-san cannot teach you when I go hunting, so when Tou-san is not here, have Kasan teach you your studies, or walk around the village.”

The point is that it will be walking for building physical strength.

“Yes, Tou-san!”

I got the explanation in the morning and started studying magic in the afternoon, and Tou-san went out to make preserved food with the rest of yesterday’s wild boar.

“Listen, there are several attributes in magic; such as 『Fire attribute』, 『Water attribute』, and there is also something called 『Space-time magic』, and 『Alchemy』 can also be counted as one of the attributes of magic. I will it explain later. Do you understand so far?”


“I see, then next are the types of attributes. Basically magic has eight attributes of 『Fire』, 『Water』, 『Earth』, 『Wind』, 『Lightning』, 『Light』, 『Dark』,and 『Non-attribute』.

“By basically, do you mean that there are attributes that are not part of the basic attributes?”

To my question, Kasan laughed with the feeling that I noticed something good,

“That’s right, as with the previously mentioned 『Space-time』 magic and 『Alchemy』, the attribute of light such as 『Holy』 or 『White』 attribute, the dark attribute such as 『Darkness』 or 『Black』 attribute, the advanced fire magic 『Flame』. There is even among the water attribute, the Ice-type magic is sometimes called the 『Ice-snow』 attribute.”

“Somehow, there are various attribute.”

“That’s true. There is also a theory that, it is actually magic that is “one’s magical powers in the form of an attribute”, as the effect changes with people’s way of thinking and individual differences, it has been divided into said attributes like so.”

“The person who thought of it would have been a pretty smart or a strange person.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Well, there are not many people who think deeply and complicated about what people usually use normally and what they are looking at, so aren’t they either quite smart or warped?”

Celia was astonished at Tenma’s answer. Though there is also the unfathomable wording that Tenma used that are unlike any 3 year old, it is because he gave the evaluation that is thought of by the public of the people who advocated this theory. However, she decided that his actions unlike any 3 year old was because he was taught by the priest when he was walking around in the village. Of course, she did not ask and pursue Tenma, so that he would not lose motivation.

“That’s right, it’s as Tenma says. So about the attributes, basically it’s because there are few opportunities to see attributes other than the basic attributes, but if you put it another way, they are the representative attributes.”

“Space-time magic has something that like 『flight』, 『floating』, 『gravity』, although it can also be done with the magic of wind in respect to 『flight』. Alchemy decomposes and separates things using magic, it is not easy to use and it is difficult to learn, and thus there are not many that can use it. It is not used so much. At most, it is used to separates water from the laundry for a moment. It is also easier to dry it with wind magic~”

Unlike what I read from manga in my previous life. However, as I am longing for things like “to create various things instantly just by aligning my hands”, I decided to train for the future.

After that, I also continued studying magic until evening while listening to basic things from Kasan and sometimes even experiences from her time as an adventurer.

— Conversation of Free Gods —

God of War (hereinafter “War”): “ha~a ~ n”

God of Death (“Death”): “What’s wrong … letting out such a disgusting voice…”

War: “Excuse me! Calling it disgusting!”

Goddess of life (hereinafter “Life”): “Calm down. So, what are you doing?”

War: “I was watching Tenmchan.”

Goddess of the Earth (hereinafter “Earth”): “What about Tenmchan?”

The Goddess of Love (hereinafter “Love”) “What, what’s wrong~”

War: “When watching the small Tenmchan like this, warm things somewhat overflow from my chest…

Earth: “Ah ~, I understand ~. Tenmchan is quite cute after all~”

Love: “That’s it, right?”

Death “(Nod nod)”

Life “There is a place where the spirit is aligned with the body after all.”

God of Beasts (“Beast”): “Umu”

Life: “tte, you were there?”

War: “Ah, the God of Beasts is often watching with me.”

Love “When you are wearing that wolf’s fur and watching him, it looks that a loyal dog worried about its owner.”

Beast: “///” (TN: It shows that he is embarrassed/shy. Have you ever seen it on anime when characters feel embarrassed/shy?)

Death: “You’re embarrassed…”

War: “It’s a rival!”

Love “No, that’s different right…”

War: “Anyway, this feeling … is this what they call maternal instincts…///”

Love· Life: “”That’s wrong!””

Death “it’s different … it’s disgusting after all.”

Earth: “Ara ara~”

War: “What’s with that! Everyone is so mean!”

Beast: “… God of War.”

War: “The God of Beasts understands right?”

Beast: “… That is not maternal, you are a man so it’s paternal …”

War: “That’s so mean, I am a maiden ~~~” *Glance glance*

Everyone says towards the God of War who runs away,

All: “”””There is no way that’s true.””””

Earth: “Ara ara~”
— End—

Isekai Tensei No Boukensha Chapter 1 Part3

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