Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ Chapter 101

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When we got out of the gate, I could see a group of orcs advancing towards the town and figures of soldiers and adventurers trying to block them. It appears that the strength of their forces is similar, they advance and retreat in turns. Isaac-san said the situation wasn’t favorable, but the damages caused by the orcs seems to be low.
While glancing at the situation, I walked with Wald-sama and rest towards the knights――

「「《《Water Jet》》」」
「―― Hey!!」

Allen and Elena suddenly fired magic towards the orcs.
The released magic towards an advancing orc who slipped through the defenses. It was rushing towards our direction and apparently entered the two’s firing range. Moreover, the orc got blown backward and stopped moving. It seems they have brought it down properly.
I kept the two in my arms as a precaution of them rushing out, but I couldn’t prevent their magic.
The attention completely gathered at us who were the source of the magic.

「Takumi, what are you doing!」
「No, no, that wasn’t me!」

Wald-sama who walked in the front turned around in a panic. Rather, why is he getting angry at me?

「I know that! Watch the pipsqueaks properly!」

Ahh, so it’s that. But you see~

「I’m preventing them from rushing out like this」

When I show Wald-sama how I’m holding Allen and Elena in my arms, he delicately turned away his gaze.
As expected, I can possibly take any further measures, right? As for the magic, isn’t sealing their magical power the only thing left? Well, I have no intention of doing that though.

「Allen, Elena. You mustn’t fire magic while people are around all of sudden like that. It would be dangerous if the people around got dragged into it, right?」
「「Is fi~ne!」」

While thinking of cautioning them first, the two proudly puffed out their chest in full confidence…… fine you say, do you mean you won’t involve others?
They certainly aimed at an orc that separated from its group, so it’s not like they could damage the people in the vicinity. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they brought it down safely.

「Still, you mustn’t selfishly use magic at the moment」

When I told them that they can’t use magic, the two made dissatisfied faces.

「…… When there’s a suitable time to use it, I will properly ask you. Okay?」
「「…… Yess~」」

They were making too displeased faces, so when I told them that I will ask them when an opportunity arises, they were reluctant, but they agreed. I feel like if I don’t proactively search for opportunities, they will later sulk~

「Did you finish persuading them? Rather, the pipsqueaks can use magic, I see. They couldn’t use it before, right?」

Wald-sama wondered about the children using magic.
Come to think of it, Allen and Elena learned magic after arriving to Bailey, so it’s the first time he saw the children use magic.

「That’s right, I taught them in Bailey, so……」
「Doesn’t that mean that much time didn’t pass since they learned magic! Magic of such power isn’t something amateurs, much less children can do. You guys, stay out of the norm moderately please!」

For some reason, Wald-sama entered lecturing mode. Stay out of the norm moderately, he said…… even if you tell me that~
However, it’s not like they went all out……

「Wald-sama, leave it at that. The people over there noticed our presence because of the children’s magic, so let’s head there」
「…… Let’s do that」

When I looked at the direction Isaac-san was talking about, I saw a group of splendidly armored people staring at us.
Yeah, is that the group of the commander Wald-sama wanted to meet?

「Risner-dono, these people are?」

When we approached, they asked Isaac-san whom they have already met before.

「My superior and our companion adventurer」
「I’m Grunwald Ruven. You might have heard from Isaac here already, but we are on the way to the capital and stopped by the town today. It’s the state of emergency, so we came to cooperate」
「Thank you very much for your assistance. I’m Gregory Valgan. Without a delay, Ruven-dono. The magic that sent the orc from just a while ago flying, it seemed to belong to these children, but…… just what are they……」

When Wald-sama and Valgan-san finished introducing themselves, Valgan-san immediately asked about Allen and Elena. Well, it’s only natural to be curious about that~

「…… Ahh, that’s…… yeah」
「I’m adventurer called Takumi. These children are my younger siblings」
「Those children are adventurers too, but he as their elder brother is outside the norm――no, rather, he’s a nonsensical human being, so you just have to think that the children got influenced by him」
「Wald-sama!? That way of speaking is way too rude!」

I introduced myself to Valgan-san just in case and left the rest to Wald-sama, but his words shocked me.
I recognize that I’m slightly unordinary, but nonsensical…… isn’t that too cruel?

「Didn’t I just say the truth!」
「No, no, no! You could have said it differently!」
「I don’t have the time to explain it nicely at the moment!」
「That’s true, but!」
「It has been established that it’s impossible for you guys to not stand out. It would be wasteful to try patching up things after you, don’t you think!」

…… Allen and Elena are already guilty of that, so I’m not able to deny that. I can’t deny that, but~

「Valgan-dono, I can guarantee their ability」
「I, I see……」

…… It didn’t feell like it was forced at all.
I had no choice but to cerstfallenly hang my head down without saying anything.


At that time, I heard a loud war cry, and an especially huge orc appeared.
――noshi, noshi its movements weren’t that fast, but it has quite the coercing power.

「Tch! The general has come」

It’s the superior species, Orc General.

「Valgan-dono, wouldn’t it be better to withdraw the vanguard and rally up? At this rate, our numbers will get gradually reduced」

Because the Orc General appeared, the vigor of the nearby orcs grew.
The number of soldiers and adventurers that are being send flying obviously increased.

「However, the orcs would then approach the town」
「It’s fine. We have countermeasures」

Valgan-san was flustered, but Wald-sama confidently threw out his chest.
It appears that Wald-sama has a plan. I wonder what it is?

Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ Chapter 101

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