I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless Vol 8 Chapter 198

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Chapter 198

(198) Younger sister route 2

Translator: Tseirp

“ … What’s wrong? Onii.”

“Erm … how do I say this …”

Now then, how shall I break this to her?

To be honest, I should let her know but Miri was just sincerely happy for me for graduating from being jobless.

Well, after all, being Jobless is only limited to the system, I have actually been earning quite a bit.

Money from being a Peddler … it was Carol who earned those.

Money from hunting monsters … that was done in Haru’s name.

The huge profit I made in Belasra … ah I used all of it to pay tax.

What the heck, even Marina was earning money as a Street Performer so I had no idea how to explain the job I have here.

Just how many times have I had these conflicting thoughts?

“Onii … don’t tell me you’re still Jobless?”

“Eh!? How — —”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Miri averted her eyes and said as she touched her head. That was Miri’s signature gesture when she does something bad.

“The Church Priest…”

“What did you do to the priest!?”

“I manipulated him a little to get information. Nevertheless, I only got information that Onii never came to the Church so I wondered if you were perhaps still Jobless.”

Miri said ‘manipulated a little’ lightly like she was saying ‘went to town to buy some stuff’. I couldn’t get myself to be angry at her given how she acted as though she had nothing to do with it like that. No, I have to properly scold her.

“Idiot, don’t go around manipulating people.”

I chopped Miri’s head. It’s domestic violence. DV.

But Miri looked like she enjoyed it as she stuck her tongue out.


It didn’t look like she was apologizing sincerely but I let it slide since she already apologized.

“Yeah, like Miri said, I am still Jobless.”

“I see … (I thought it was impossible when Koshmar said it but it was actually true.)”

“Hn? What did you say, Miri?”

“Erm, why Jobless? Couldn’t you have changed job for free?”

“Yeah … it will be quicker once you see my status. I don’t really want to talk about it for long in front of the guild so let’s go in.”

I urged Miri to enter the Adventurers Guild.

Maybe all the Adventurers Guilds were the same as the Adventurers Guild in Port Kobe was also a tavern-c.u.m-Adventurers Guild and there was a large number of Fishermen (I sneaked a peek at their jobs) drinking even during the day.

Miri ignored those men and briskly walked to the reception counter and placed her Adventurers Certificate on it.

“I would like to apply for a party. Please temporarily transfer this person to my party.”

“Please, thank you.”

“ … Please, thank you.”

I found Miri’s honorifics lacking so I reminded her and she directly repeated after me after a beat.

The receptionist man looked at the two of us and laughed wryly.

“Understood. The processing fee will be five sense, would that be all right?”

The receptionist said so I took five copper coins from my item bag and placed it on the counter.

“Thank you. How long shall the temporary period be?”


;Is one day enough?”

“Yeah, that should be enough. One day please.”

I agreed and requested it with the receptionist man.

“Miri should enter Haru’s party tomorrow too.”

“Eh … Then wouldn’t Haurvatat become my party leader? But I was once that child’s master in my previous life.”

“Ah, I guess that would be tough.”

To give an example, it would be like a superior who switched jobs and had to work under his subordinate from his previous workplace.

“Won’t it be fine if Onii just becomes the leader?”

“No, Miri. Didn’t I already explain it to you just now?”

I replied ambiguously.

I couldn’t register with the Adventurers Guild while being Jobless and I can’t apply for a party in the Adventurers Guild if I wasn’t an Adventurer.

And I didn’t know of any other methods to apply for a party apart from doing so in the Adventurers Guild.

“You can explain later. In addition, we’ll like to request the use of the private room – – for 30 minutes.”

Miri said as she placed ten copper coins.

I see, we certainly needed a private room to talk about my secret of being Jobless and Miri being the Demon Lord. I totally forgot about it.

“Understood, this is the key to the private room. Would you like an explanation regarding the usage of the room?”

“No need.”

“These are the forms for the temporary transfer.”

The man handed us the papers so Miri and I filled them in.

“Onii, looks like you’ve already learned to write.”

Miri asked quietly.

“Yeah, it was a piece of cake.”

I replied but, in actual fact, it was thanks to the skill I had.

After that, we handed the forms in and the temporary transfer was complete.

Now that I think about it, how exactly did Miri register with the Adventurers Guild?

Being a Demon Lord … as I was lost in thought,

“Hn? What’s wrong, Onii?”

Miri noticed my gaze and asked with a smile.

“It’s nothing, I’ll ask later.”

I replied as we moved to the private room.

The private room had a table and chairs as well as a one-person karaoke box so the room was quite narrow but the walls didn’t seem that thick.

It looked like sound might still leak outside.

“It’ll be all right as long as we don’t speak in loud voices.”

“But I guess it’s better to have some insurance.”

I replied.

“[Silent Room]”

And wrapped the entire room with the 「Silent Room」 skill I acquired from Life Magic II.

With this, there would be no worries about sound leaking out.

“Oo, Onii can even use such magic. You sure have grown.”

“Don’t be so happy for my growth. Are you my mother!?”

“Yup yup, I’ve fallen for you once again.”

“Don’t speak nonsense.”

I know you think strongly of family but we’re not in such romantic love relations.h.i.+p.

“So, can I see Miri’s status?”

“Yup, it’s fine. I’ll be looking at Onii’s status after all.”

I got her permission so I chanted the status open magic.

“Status Open, Miri!”

But there was no reaction.


“Erm, Onii. Currently, Miri’s name in this world is Miryuu.”

“Ah, I see … Then.”

I smiled wryly and chanted the magic once again.

“Status Open, Miryuu.”

Miri’s status appeared after I cast the spell.

Name: Miryuu Race: Hume Job: Dark Magician Lv60★     HP: 120/120 MP: 440/440 Phy Atk: 100 Phy Def: 100 Mag Atk: 550 Mag Def: 495 Speed: 130 Luck: 10 【Equipment】 Sailor Uniform Athletic Shoes     【Skills】 「s.p.a.ce Magic III」「Darkness Magic VIII」「MP UP (Minor)」「Magic Attack UP (Minor)」「Magic Defense UP (Minor)」 【Acquired t.i.tles】 「Labyrinth Conqueror IV」   【Possible Job Changes】 Commoner Lv1 Dark Magician Lv60    

… Hn?

What’s this?

“Miri, your status seems ordinary. Well, I guess it’s in the strong category.”

“Eh? Ah … Sorry sorry. Take a look again.”

“? All right.”

I couldn’t really understand but I followed Miri’s instructions.

“Status Open, Miryuu.”

I chanted. Miri also tagged along.

“Status Open, Ichinojo.”

Name: Miryuu Race: Hume Job: Demon Lord Lv39 (24↑)     HP: 505/505 (371↓) MP: 330/330 (220↑) Phy Atk: 504 (201↑) Phy Def: 505 (2↑) Mag Atk: 2004 (784↑) Mag Def: 1550 (658↑) Speed: 251 (269↓) Luck: 30 【Equipment】 Sailor Uniform Athletic Shoes     【Skills】 「s.p.a.ce Magic III」「Darkness Magic X」「Compounding IV」「MP Absorption」「MP Optimization」「Status Forgery」「Authority of the Demon Lord」「Demon Summoning」「Magic Beast Suicide Attack」 「Power of the Moon」 【Acquired t.i.tles】 「Labyrinth Conqueror IV」   【Possible Job Changes】 Commoner Lv1 Herbalist Lv1     【Blessings】 Study of Medicine

Ooo, this time I could see her true status.

Why was that? I thought to myself and immediately got the answer.

【Status Fabrication】

She could fabricate her status using that skill. But, just now during the battle, I could see through her job as Demon Lord when I used Job Appraisal so it couldn’t deceive the Job Appraisal skill. Well, Jobless skills had always been an exception.

Nevertheless, what the heck. She’s way too powerful.

“Miri, your status … Miri?”

For some reason, Miri’s complexion was seriously pale.

“Onii … what … what’s with this status!? Isn’t this broken performance!?”

She commented so I verified my own status.

Name: Ichinojo Race: Hume Job: Jobless Lv99 (10↑) Fire Magician Lv60★ Water Magician Lv60★   Wind Magician Lv60★ Earth Magician Lv60★   HP: 444/444 (10+90+90+90+90) (x1.2) MP: 403/2416 (8+300+300+300+300)  (x2.0) Phy Atk: 394 (9+80+80+80+80) (x1.2) Phy Def: 403 (7+90+90+90+90) (x1.1) Mag Atk: 3608 (4+450+450+450+450) (x2.0) Mag Def: 3206 (3+400+400+400+400) (x2.0) Speed: 356 (4+80+80+80+80) (x1.1) Luck: 55 (10+10+10+10+10) (x1.1) 【Equipment】 Cotton Clothes Hide Shoes Iron Light Armor Asclepius’s Staff 【Skills】 「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Swordsmans.h.i.+p Strengthening (medium)」「Dual Wield」 【Acquired t.i.tles】 「Rare Hunter」「Skill Maniac」「Job Maniac」「Labyrinth Conqueror IV」「The Way of the Sword」「Peak of Apprentice Magician」「Peak of Hunter」「Peak of Apprentice Pract.i.tioner」「Peak of Pugilist」「Peak of Hammer-user」「Peak of Apprentice Blacksmith」「Peak of Fire Magician」「Peak of Water Magician」「Peak of Wind Magician」「Peak of Earth Magician」「Great Magician of the Four Elements」 【Possible Job Changes】 Jobless Lv99 Commoner Lv75 Farmer Lv3 Hunter Lv60★ Lumberjack Lv14 Apprentice Swordsman Lv40★ Apprentice Magician Lv40★ Peddler Lv6 Apprentice Spearman Lv8 Swordsman Lv60★ Archer Lv1 Apprentice Alchemist Lv37 Magician Lv67 Axe-user Lv1 Hammer-user Lv40★ Pugilist Lv60★ Philanderer Lv13 Magic Journalist Lv1 Apprentice Pract.i.tioner Lv40★ Dismantler Lv1 Apprentice Blacksmith Lv40★ Alchemist Lv33 Pract.i.tioner Lv48 Musician Lv1 Singer Lv12 (11↑) Dancer Lv12 (11↑) Artist Lv10 Magic Swordsman Lv12 Fire Magician Lv60★ Water Magician Lv60★ Wind Magician Lv60★ Earth Magician Lv60★ Samurai Lv6 (5↑) Sword Saint Lv1 Gladiator Lv1 Hammer Warrior Lv1 Blacksmith Lv10 (9↑) Boxer Lv1 Light Magician Lv1 Dark Magician Lv1 【Blessings】 20x experience point acquisition 1/20 required experience points

I just only confirmed my own status and realized what Miri was referring to.

“I know what you want to say. Why are my skills all sword skills right? All my skills are hidden in my status management.”

“That’s not the problem here. Why is Onii so strong!? Why do you have a ton of job mastered even though you are Jobless!?”

“Look at your own status. That will answer your question.”

I said.

Miri looked like wanted to ask a lot more but she confirmed her own status.

And she was once again surprised when she did so.

“Eh? I have two jobs … why?”

I didn’t check but the Commoner job has probably been added to her job column along with Demon Lord.

“It’s because of my skill. Using my skill, I can a.s.sign two jobs for my companions. And I can a.s.sign five jobs for myself.”

I explained my Jobless skill and told her that my sub jobs were Fire Magician, Water Magician, Wind Magician and Earth Magician.

Miri hesitated for a moment.

“Onii, it’s the first time I’ve seen a person with four side jobs despite being Jobless.”

And commented with the expected ironic statement.

I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless Vol 8 Chapter 198

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