Jellyfish Chapter 9

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TN: Before the chapter, I just want to say that I changed quite a few things about previous chapters. One, ‘Seastar Era’ was changed to ‘The beginning of the Earth.’ since Earth is also known as ‘Seastar’. Odd, I know. Two, Yan Hu Die’s name will be changed to Butterfly Yan, since that seems much more apt. Three, in the previous chapters that refer to Lord Jellyfish as Shui Mu before his real name was told to us, I changed them to ‘the jellyfish’ or ‘jellyfish’ instead. That’s it, thanks!

Chapter 9. Memories

Acquiring the examination pass, Lord Jellyfish let go of the pitiful smoking bro.

The red fox carried Lord Jellyfish on his head as he left the office, his mood was especially good, for many years he had not felt this sort of considerate care. Even if this caring treatment was because Lord Jellyfish was employed by him, he still felt happy.

The soaking wet and soft small umbrella on his head was awesome, Hua Ji suddenly felt that carrying the umbrella on his head was pretty good, not only was it pleasantly cool, it was also comfortable!

It was a pity, when Lord Jellyfish got used to the human world again, he would probably leave.

Hua Ji's emotions dipped once again, but he soon cheered up.

The 200 years spent cultivating in the human world left the red fox feeling profoundly appreciative and with an unconstrained attitude. Since there would be a day when goodbyes had to be said, he wanted to smilingly part ways, thus…… he wanted to treasure the moment, and create more happy memories than sad.

Hua Ji's emotions shifted too fast, yet Lord Jellyfish still manage to catch it.

He felt somewhat mystified, why did the little fox first become, joyful, then sorrowful, and finally…… conflicted?

What was that sort of prolonged feeling? It was a pity that the little fox's attitude shifted too fast, what he could perceive was a bit fuzzy, otherwise he could compare it with the other emotions in his memory.

Speaking up to this point, his brains hadn't been sorted out in this many years, why not spend some time tidying up?

Lord Jellyfish had many brains, every time he woke up, he only needed to use four brains and he could deal with all sorts of situations. Yet, even though he lived for an uncountable number of years and experienced, even participated in, the development of humanity, there were still some issues he still could not understand.

He did not know, some things, only when he used all of his brains would have an opportunity to arise.

That sort of state, is called love.

Lord Jellyfish's exam-taking abilities were spectacular!

The three days of exams swiftly went by. As the number of exam takers was not big, the results came out extremely quickly. By the third day, the results were out, Lord Jellyfish took first place.

Lord Jellyfish said, "Can this be counted as getting first place in the Imperial Examinations?"

Hua Ji couldn't help himself and broke out into laughter, "The quality of a real Imperial Examination top scorer is much better than this!"

Lord Jellyfish profoundly nodded his head, "En, I also think so, however, is this all there is to the examinations?"

Hua Ji looked through the information booklet and said, "No, there is still the practical exam. The so-called practical exam refers to how one would react during emergency situations, in the case of exposing one's real body and inciting the panic of the ordinary people, what should be done, and other questions like that."

Lord Jellyfish lazily said, "Wouldn't it be fine to just turn transparent?" After a pause, he spoke up again, "I am originally transparent."

Hua Ji didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, "Lord Jellyfish, could it be you don't want to assume a human form?"

"I don't want to." Lord Jellyfish said, "Turning into a human means social interaction, troublesome."

Hua Ji smiled, saying in a low voice, "That's true, it is troublesome, but when all that's left are memories, you would feel that those interactions are incomparably precious."

Lord Jellyfish blanked, he found that the little fox's mood was yet again not right, he thought for a bit before saying, "I have a lot of memories, all of them are stored in my other brains, If I want to see them again, I just have to flip through them."

Hua Ji was speechless. To Lord Jellyfish, his brains were just like innumerable USB drives, whenever he needed one, he just had to flip through them to find it. Unlike himself, his memories were too abundant and too precious, he was fearful of forgetting them, yet time, this sort of magic, was one nobody could defeat. He basically couldn't remember the appearance of that official's daughter who saved him that year.

He only remembered her pair of gentle hands, soft tone, as well as her smiling eyes.

"……Lord Jellyfish's situation is quite good."

When Lord Jellyfish got tired of staying in the human world, he would probably return to the ocean to sleep. Hundreds, thousands of years later, when he himself had long returned to the earth, Lord Jellyfish would play around in the human world like always.

"Then keep storing them like this, it's fine if you just don't view them."

The memories of the past, if one doesn't sample them, there won't be any burden.

He smiled and said, "I like the Lord Jellyfish that's like this!"

Lord Jellyfish blanked.

This wasn't the first time someone said 'like' to him.

He asked, "What is 'like'?"

Every time he asked someone this, the other person would look at him with a face full of shock and grief, not only resigning themselves to a hopeless love and despairing, but also feeling sorrow for the him who did not understand love.

Yet Hua Ji smiled and said, "Ah! That means happiness!" He revealed a broad grin, "If Lord Jellyfish feels that being with someone makes you happy, then it's 'like'!"

Lord Jellyfish seriously thought, this time's awakening he met not a small number of spirits, yet he was only willing to lay on this little fox's head, what's more even wanting to impulsively touch the fox's ears.

This should be 'like'?

Lord Jellyfish said, "En, I also like you."

Hua Ji's footsteps paused for a moment, a sort of peculiar feeling arose in the bottom of his heart, but he himself did not take any notice.

He lightly said, "That's wonderful! Lord Jellyfish likes me, that means you won't leave? This way I won't need to find a second bodyguard anymore?"

Lord Jellyfish thought about the fox's head that he lay on being occupied by someone else……

En! What's his cannot be given to other people!

He unhesitatingly said, "There's no need!"

Hua Ji was over the moon. When he left the country, he would need to hire a bodyguard, this would cost no small sum of money! Alright, the most important thing was that Lord Jellyfish would be more useful than those mercenaries who received the money but were dishonest, that little's bat's contributions could not be ignored.

"En, then I won't find anyone else, I only need Lord Jellyfish!"

Lord Jellyfish was satisfied.

The second day's examinations, Lord Jellyfish was like usual. When he took a human form, his appearance was unbelievably beautiful, causing the examiner-in-charge to be full of praises.

After the exam, Lord Jellyfish received his identification as well as a series of records.

There was even a list of recommended occupations attached to the back.

On the top of the list was undoubtedly studying. If Lord Jellyfish wanted to study, the Mystical Protection Department could help him alter his age on the records, letting Lord Jellyfish attend the College Entrance Examinations. The second on the list was becoming a celebrity.

Lord Jellyfish didn't even need whatever acting skills, all he had to do was show that beautiful face and he would be able to get the fans to chase after him.

The third on the list is the Environmental Department's Quality Tester. He only had to dip his tentacle into the water, and he would be able to detect if the water quality was up to standard.

The back had a few other recommendations, but Lord Jellyfish didn't even give them a glance, immediately choosing to enter the College Entrance Examinations.

He wanted to acquire humanity's most advanced knowledge and add them to his memory.

Hua Ji said, "If you really plan on taking up further studies, then you have to enter society using your human form, no more lying on my head!"

Lord Jellyfish said, "That's not an issue."

One of Lord Jellyfish's innate abilities, body-splitting!

That's right, releasing a little jellyfish to become a person, everything would then be solved!!

Hua Ji was stunned silly.

He forgot once again, Lord Jellyfish had many brains = =

Due to this, Lord Jellyfish specially took some time to clear out two brains, to allow that little jellyfish to function normally.

He turned the cleared-out memories into a crystal ball, gifting it to Hua Ji.

"These are the memories from when the Earth was created, you can take a look."

Hua Ji and Lord Jellyfish temporarily stayed in B city. The identity that the Mystical Protection Department created for Lord Jellyfish was that of a student studying in some school in B city. Due to reasons concerning his body, the above-mentioned student spent the years self-studying at home, this year attending the College Entrance Examinations. As of now, the time until the examinations was only one month, thus Lord Jellyfish poured all his attention into preparing for the examinations.

Hua Ji cradled the crystal ball, spending each day squirrelled away in his hotel room to watch the creation of the planet, the memories of the Earth being created. What he was seeing was what Lord Jellyfish saw as he grew from an ignorant little jellyfish, a sea creature that only knew to absorb seawater. He saw the sea erupting into vibrancy from a desolate landscape, watched the planet becoming a playground of life from a wasteland.

Hua Ji felt as if his soul had undergone a baptism.

Today, Butterfly Yan gave a call to Hua Ji to alert him.

"Fox, the cast for the series has all been confirmed, where are you? Prepare to head over for costume and make-up."

Hua Ji stewed in thought for a long while before saying, "I know. Right, I need to ask you something. I want to shoot a documentary; can our company bring it to the screen?"

"A documentary?" Butterfly Yan didn't ask any questions, he said, "This, you need to ask the old tortoise, but he's lived for so long, he'll certainly have connections. Even if it's movie theaters, there should be no problem. It'll probably be okay within the country, but outside the country would be a bit more troublesome."

"……Nothing so complicated, it's enough if it can be brought to the screen." Hua Ji said, "I remember our circle has an entertainment video that's particularly well done?"

"You're talking about Zhu Mi Mi?" Butterfly Yan said, "Do I need to help you to contact her?

Zhu Mi Mi was also a bee that became a spirit, but she was much more pitiful compared to the old bee that opened a shop, because she was still unable to perfectly retract the pair of wings on her back and so could only stay at home to edit videos.

Hua Ji said, "En, I need you to do that."

Butterfly Yan raised an eyebrow, "The price is not low eh!"

"Relax, seeing the footage, I don't believe they can resist." Hua Ji said, "After all, this is the world from Lord Jellyfish's eyes ah!"

Butterfly Yan fell into a contemplative silence.

Lord Jellyfish ah……

A large monster that lived for millions of years, what could the world look like from its eyes?

Butterfly Yan could not keep himself from looking forward to it.

……What? Worried about the box office sales? No no no, the box office sales was mere worldly possessions. The ticket prices that those cultivators and monsters would pay were much higher, insignificant paper money, what is that =v=

Jellyfish Chapter 9

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