Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: The Resolve To Murder Is

We had repelled the calamity that was Yokomichi Hajime, and left the Rook Spider’s pit. Too bad there wasn’t a transfer circle there. But even if there was, we couldn’t activate it since we didn’t have the Rook spider’s core.

We continued our journey through the caves, in silence. Everyone, was silent.


I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, a big one. We couldn’t kill that piece of s.h.i.+t Yokomichi. No one even f.u.c.king helped. Only me and Mei-chan were fighting that psycho.

Like f.u.c.k, were these girls actually delusional? Especially that b.i.t.c.h Souma Sakura, doing unnecessary s.h.i.+t as always. If you got a problem, you can just go stick it up your….. But of course, I wasn’t so stupid as to blow my top over something like this right now.

Talking about how s.h.i.+t they are would come later. At least, not here. Better if it’s at a Fairy Square.

“Ah, th, that…”

While our journey continued in this gloomy vibe, Natsukawsan, who’d taken point, spoke up with a nuance of despair. s.h.i.+t, looks like we ain’t outta the woods yet.

“What, the h.e.l.l? ... Another spider nest!”

At the end of the cave, there was a hole that seemed to be the entrance to another Rook Spider habitation. This one looked larger than the one earlier.

“Momok.a.w.kun, are you sure we should head in like this?”

“We have to pa.s.s through eventually, don’t we?”

“Well... It does seem unrealistic to go back to the previous fairy square at this point”

Right now, we seriously needed a fairy square to recuperate.

Our combat potential had been slashed in half. Although not entirely paralyzed, Natsukawsan, Kenzaki-san, and Mei-chan, our vanguard team, were still afflicted with paralysis poison from that sleazebag, Yokomichi. My meds seemed to have alleviated most of the effect, but it’d be better if they recovered fully, and that took time.

Cla.s.s rep was also afflicted, but the effect was light, probably because she had a mage cla.s.s. I also got hit but... I still didn’t feel anything. Maybe because I’m a Shaman? Maybe there’s a hidden correction that grants me poison immunity?

Well, even so, I was sure as h.e.l.l not gonna use poisons on myself to find out.

Rem was also gone. Which meant that I’d also lost a valuable a.s.set. As soon as we arrive at the next fairy square, I gotta gather materials to resummon her.

“Alright, let’s stop here and get ready before we head in there”

“Yes, let’s do that”

No one was opposed. Well, not like they were enthralled by the idea either.

I mean, we were in a cave, with a f.u.c.king spider hole, and we were about to camp right in front of it. Ants or mantises could ambush us from the hole or from behind. We had no choice but to alternate between resting and keeping watch of both the front and back of the cave.

But honestly, I couldn’t rest. I couldn’t believe I was having such a hard time calming down.

“… Kotarou-kun, I’m sorry.”

After finis.h.i.+ng her s.h.i.+ft as the first on watch duty, Mei-chan said that as she sat down next to my lonesome self.

“Why, are you apologizing?”

“I, let Yokomichi-kun escape. I was, so close to killing him too”

Man, our morals sure are turning to s.h.i.+t. She was calling him with a ‘-kun’ like normal, but apologizing for not being able to kill him?

Mei-chan seemed to be regretting it, but during that opportune moment, her arm was numbed from grabbing onto that tongue, so she couldn’t possibly follow up with any fierce attack. If she still had power in her arm, she could have pulled Yokomichi over to me, I’d bind him, and then she’d crush him with her halberd.

“It might’ve been for the best, since we didn’t become murderers”

“No, Yokomichi-kun will surely come back and attack Kotarou-kun”

I wanted to deny it, but when Mei-chan said it with that much confidence, even I started to feel the same way.

“It would’ve been for the best, to finish him then and there”

That’s right, since, this Skill Eater would get stronger the more he ate. When we meet him next time, he’ll definitely have newly plundered skills.

The first time was bad enough. If he got more nasty abilities... s.h.i.+t, I don’t want to imagine how f.u.c.ked we’ll be then.

“… Mei-chan, you deliberated on it too, right?”

“On what?”

She had questioned back in an expression that made me highly doubt her moral compa.s.s, but I’m gonna pretend I didn’t notice that, and elaborate.

“Killing someone I mean”

“I didn’t. If it’s to protect Kotarou-kun, I won’t hesitate to kill, even if it’s a fellow cla.s.smate”

Man, I’m pretty sure I’m an a.s.shole for feeling relieved from her bold answer.

When Mei-chan went berserk, she seemed to lose any ability to settle things humanely. When she fought Yokomichi, she was surely attacking him with the intent to kill.

But, if she told me that it was in order to protect me, that she’d even be willing to kill others... As a human being, and as a man, It didn’t sit right with me to hear her say that. She could have just sugar-coated it like Souma Sakura.

Still, I was glad. Glad that I had someone like her to watch my back. After all, the only one I could depend on in this sorry excuse of a party was Mei-chan. In a way, I was actually really happy to have her protect me.

“I see. Thank you”

“Yeah, so, don’t worry so much, Kotarou-kun.”

Ah, She saw through me huh. Now I feel stupid for worrying.


“It’s okay. Yokomichi-kun has already killed Nagae-san. Murderer? No, he’s a cannibal, right? He’s pretty much no longer a human being. He’s like a Goma, an enemy that we have to defeat”

“You’re, right”

She was right. Yokomichi was a monster. A man-eating, blood-chugging monster. I don’t know which mad G.o.d changed his Job to ‘Cannibalizer’, but it was obvious that Yokomichi was no longer a human.

If you hesitate to kill a monster because of morals and ethics, then you’re the one whose gonna kick the bucket.

Even if I say that, will I be able to convince myself to carry out the deed?

“Don’t worry.... I won’t hesitate either. So next time, let’s kill that son of a b.i.t.c.h together.”

“Mm, thanks, Kotarou-kun.”

Once I did it, I’d probably still be conflicted. What if the things Souma Sakura said were right after all? Did I really have the resolve the kill others? Could I carry that weight? I didn’t know.

But, if someone had to bear the brand of murderer, it shouldn’t be only Mei-chan. I would bear it with her.

That, I was sure even I could do.

Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai Chapter 64

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