Katahane no Riku Chapter 2

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Riku Barusak more or less always believed herself to be a special existence.


She believed so from the time she was born.


That is because even from the time she was born, she possessed knowledge. It wasn´t the case of how one would be born and not know about anything, but rather, she was self-aware of memories that she shouldn´t have ever experienced and have knowledge of.


In other words, she had memories of her previous life, or something of the sort.


In Riku´s previous life, she used to be a girl without any distinguis.h.i.+ng features. She used to have some problems with her school grades, used to be bullied by the cla.s.smates, used to run away from the reality to the otaku culture, and before being ran over by a truck, she used to lead a very ordinary day-to-day life.


But Riku didn´t accept her previous world memories. Rather, she despised them.


Having some unknown person´s memories inside oneself was nasty, although it couldn´t be helped. And so, she completely ignored her previous life memories. The knowledge about things like televisions or cars was convenient to have, but she still didn´t remember most of the more useful parts of her memories. If she wouldn´t be able to remember such things, then it was worthless.


But there was a single thing that made her pay full attention to it. It was a memory about a certain game.*1


Apparently, this game was of the gal game genre…


The game was about a demon banning arts pract.i.tioner main character that together with his very intimate friends*2 was to fight the demon race that are trying to unseal their demon lord. Even so, the main objective of the game wasn´t killing off the demon race, but rather, having the main character enjoy himself with the unfolding love of the cute girls. The main character of the game was, in fact, her three years old little brother Rook.


In the game, Riku was introduced as the first harem member. At the point of time when the game started, she was the second sister who didn´t stand out. About the settings, in Riku´s childhood, her life was saved by Rook, and because of that, she started to deeply trust Rook. Or apparently so was it…


“Because at Rook´s side is where I belong to.”


While saying that and laughing, she would come forward to take personal care of him together with a big-breasted maid.


Strong in physical labor, in the starting quest, one would need to use Riku´s strength for moving a big pot and discovering a secret door. But after the second week, you get an equipment item that let the other party members to move the pots as well.*3 Basically, it means that even if Riku was not there, the story would be able to advance. In fact, other than that quest to move the pots, she doesn´t really have much use.


Even so, after correcting the demon lord´s sister, who led the demon army, at the scene when the world came to peace, right at the corner, she made an appearance. As far as it goes, Riku is a character that lives on until the end of the story.


Although she is useless.


While Riku hated her previous life memories, she was still interested in the memories about this game. The world is at peace now. The demons were active, but there has never been any moves causing big turmoil. Even so, undoubtedly, a great war will soon start. That´s why raising her own power was necessary.


Even so, no matter what, Riku wasn´t able to use the spiritualist arts. No matter how much she trained, she could only become stronger physically. At that pace, she wouldn´t be able to be useful at anything.


But even so, she had known she was going to be saved in the end.


“Wasn´t it because you had such a carefree life that you actually got careless?”


Somebody´s voice came to her ears.


Yes, Riku had been careless.


She wasn´t negligent at her training and was prepared to struggle to death with it. Right now, all she had was sheer muscle power, but perhaps after becoming an adult, while she wouldn´t be a very good spiritualist, it would at least be enough for her to be able to stay at the Barusak household. But because of her previous life memories, she had become negligent. She had supposed she would be able to keep living there safe and sound by being together with Rook.


Yes, thinking like that wasn´t something good.


“That´s right. Because that happened… Because such a thing happened that all this was no good.”


After being carried to the sh.o.r.e, she finally understood.


Because she had those memories, the herself that stupidly carried on with that overconfidence was hateful. With her previous life memories as someone that was worthless at anything, the herself that without even being aware of it became negligent was irritating.


No, was it really the herself of her previous life?


Riku started thinking about that. This wasn´t anything like the memories of her previous life. For instance, it might as well have been nothing more than a simple book that was left in Riku´s bedroom at some point in time. It was nothing more than a clump of unimportant information she didn´t directly have relation to.


In other words, it was just an another something that was completely unrelated to Riku Barusak.


Because of this mysterious something, her own life was turned into a mess.


Riku sank her nails in her forehead with strength. Blood was gradually flowing out. But after all that, this level of pain didn´t matter at all. Dark feelings started to spread, filling Riku´s heart.


It was at that time.


“Yes, then, those memories are not needed.”


A black winged man then landed right in front of Riku.4*


At this beach,which there wasn´t supposed to be anyone, an obscure figure was standing. It was a beautiful young man that had black wings, and he was looking at Riku. Glancing at his black wings, Riku laughed.


“Are you a demon?”


“No, I am a s.h.i.+nigami.”


The s.h.i.+nigami was faintly smiling. In his hands, he was carrying a weird scroll.


In the seemingly old scroll, there were very tiny letters that were written very close to each other. Riku narrowed her eyes and read the letters.


“Contract writings… One may have one wish come true. In exchange for that, one must consent in giving up one´s own soul… What kind of joke is this?”


“It´s not a joke. I can grant you your wish. In exchange, I want to receive a soul. Actually, while in a certain way it is your own soul, this soul I want is this previous life soul of yours that is parasitizing your actual soul. Souls that are capable of possession have strong attachment to the world… If you let it ripen, it´s very tasty.”


The s.h.i.+nigami licked his lips.


It was a long and red tongue that seemed more or less like a snake hunting for its prey. Seeing his scary and creepy expression, Riku started trembling a bit. But even so, she noticed she was actually attracted by his proposal.


“In other words, even if you were to grant a wish for me, I… Riku Barusak won´t be really affected, right?”


“If I were to say, the memories of the soul possessing you… Well, it will be just about the existence of that thing you call “previous life memories” all being forgotten. Your own soul itself won´t suffer any consequences. Of course, not even in the afterlife.”


“I see.”


The exact moment she had heard those words, her heart already decided what she was going to do.


As Riku got up, she looked in the drooling eyes of the s.h.i.+nigami. Seeing this, the s.h.i.+nigami perceived Riku´s resolve. While having his eyes s.h.i.+ning, he leaned forward. With a somewhat weird voice, he encouraged Riku.


“Now, say it. Do you want a bathtub overflowing with gold? Or perhaps good looks that are enough to make anyone prostate before you? Maybe dropping the hammer on someone that looked down on you?5* Ah… If you give both your souls, I will give you a special service. I will grant you two wishes.”




Interrupting the s.h.i.+nigami, Riku started to say her wish.


While looking at the s.h.i.+nigami that was blinking at what she said before with cold eyes, Riku, with feelings coming from the depths of her heart, she raised her voice as if she was declaring something.6*


“I want a place where I can belong to. A place where I can belong in which my power is recognized. I want to get a place I can belong, and for the Barusak household which threw me away… I will get revenge myself. I want to give h.e.l.l to them who didn´t accept my power.”




The s.h.i.+nigami looking bored was scratching his own cheek.


And then, he looked at Riku from head to feet.


“But you can´t use spiritualist powers, you know. Your super strength you were born with makes you unable to use your spiritual powers. If the structure of your body is not changed, you won´t be able to use spiritual power for the rest of your life. Ah, that´s right! Won´t you give your own soul as well? If you do that, I can not only prepare you a place to belong to, but also regarding the spiritual powers…”


“I don´t need it.”


Riku said with a clear voice.


Opposite from her skinny appearance, her eyes were s.h.i.+ning from ambition.


“I have this power. So what if I won´t be able to use spiritualist powers? I am myself. I will make them understand… I will do so with my own powers!!”


Riku was showing a smile full of desire.


Seeing Riku acting like this, the s.h.i.+nigami kicked a pebble out of boredom.


“What, that´s boring. You can´t find a same opportunity that easily, you know?”


“As if I would want something like this because of that. Besides, if I get too greedy, I will end up getting overconfident again.”


“Tch… Just because I was thinking I was going to get to eat both souls. Well, I guess it can´t be helped.”


The s.h.i.+nigami held her head with his hand.


Faint light similar to fireflies started to surround Riku. Her feet distanced itself from the ground and she was slowly rising up in the air. But even so, she didn´t feel scared. She just kept up like that.


“If you keep going forward, you will obtain your place to belong to. But that is if you survive until then, though. Well then, I will be taking my payment.”




The port city Perikka has always been very euphoric.


Foreign merchants minding their own profits, pirates that collected gold and silver treasures living extravagantly, the pleasure quarter that made profits by providing their services to the said pirates. The central avenue boasted of beauty comparable to the capital, but if one were to take one step inside the avenue, one could notice the alcohol smell wafting in the air even at daytime and see the figure of sailormen dead drunk.


The place Riku, who had lost everything, was driven to was this kind of port city. By that time, she had already lost the knowledge of the trade she did with the s.h.i.+nigami and of the game.


She woke up at the beach as if nothing happened and with much struggle finally reached this city.


“Atchoo!! Uuu… It´s cold…”


Since she was soaked in sea water, it couldn´t be helped that it was cold. Since there was no way there would be a towel for her to dry herself, she walked to the city as she was dripping with water.


Her beautifully tied red hair was moving one side to other as she walked. There was not even a single sign remaining that her clothes used to be gorgeous dress. The frills were torn and the cloth was so dirtied that it looked like an old rag. There was no way any person that walked by would ever think that she was of that prestigious Barusak household.


Remembering the home she couldn´t ever come back to, tears were about to form at her eyes.


“Let´s find a place to work for now…”


At the present time, Riku had neither a place to stay, nor money.


Even the seven years old Riku knew that because of her current situation, she needed to work and get money.


But there is no way the world could be such a nice place to live.


“Haa!? Why do I need to hire a filthy brat like you.”


She was bluntly rejected.


Riku was then carried by the belly and thrown out to the street. With a bam, the backdoor of the store was closed. Sucking her snot, she unsteadily got up. Leaning on the wall with her back, she looked that the firmly shut door.


“It´s really not going well…”


Riku sighed.


That was already the tenth time she was rejected.


Today, it was ten times, yesterday was fifteen times and the day before, the same number.


Something like a store that would hire a dirty frail seven years old was nowhere to be found. Riku waveringly stood up and left from where she was, starting to look for another store that seemed like it would possibly hire her.


Her belly was growling. Ever since she was thrown from the cliff, she hasn´t eaten anything. If she couldn´t at least find something to eat somewhere, she would end up dying. She didn´t really know what to do, but she certainly didn´t want to die. Such was the only feeling she was holding right now.


While she held her belly which was complaining from hunger, she turned to an alley. At thas time, she felt as if somebody was gazing at her. Turning her head back, she noticed that a group dirty pirate-like man were gathered. While they were showing dirty smiles, they were talking to each other as if there was something fun happening around the place.


“There is a brat there. Probably a girl.”


“Let´s sell her.”


“Just as I wanted some money to go drink. That´s just right in time.”


“Hey, she is looking at us, that brat.”


Noticing Riku´s gaze was on them, they put up a expression of nice people. Then, they slowly approached Riku.


“Hey, little lady, what´s the matter? Are you lost?”


“Maybe you are hungry? Let´s give you something nice to eat.”


Riku´s back muscles stood up.


Contrary to their tender voices and gentle expressions, the men´s eyes were showing an impure darkness. The looks that seemed to be licking all her body that the men were giving was more disgusting than anything. Riku stepped back while shaking her head.


“There is nothing to be afraid of, you know?”


“Come over here. Let´s go together with the grampas here. We will bring you to a place with food and beautiful clothes.”


“A very fun place.”


Riku was so scared she couldn´t say anything.


But it was dangerous to stay here. As if her instincts were being stirred up, she ran away without giving a glance back.


“Hey, don´t run away!”


“Wait there!”


“Get her!!”


Behind her, she could hear the men from before spouting insults.


As expected, the gentleness from before was only a lie. Riku was now earnestly moving her feet. Running through the alley, she rushed out to a big avenue. While grandiosely dirtying up the street´s floor whose slabs were beautifully dyed, she ran away for now.7*


If one were to talk about a big avenue, it would be about  a place with many people coming and going through.


Among the people that were dressed up with clean clothes, there were people that avoided Riku, looking at her as something unpleasant, but most of them didn´t care about some dirty orphan at all and kept walking.


Riku was pus.h.i.+ng aside and making her way through such people, deciding to be more important to get some distance from those men from before than caring about the people around at the moment. She used all her strength in doing so, and so, she had the impression that some of people she pushed aside had fallen down, but it was something that didn´t have anything to do to Riku´s situation right now.


“For now, I need to get away!”


She franticly moved her feet.


But even so, Riku was a child and the pursuing party were adults. Of course she wasn´t afraid of losing in physical strength. But the problem was that Riku was alone while there were three people after her. Moreover, Riku was now starving and couldn´t use all of her power. She couldn´t think of having chances to win.


Anyhow, if she stopped her feet, she would surely be caught. Thinking of any possible way to save herself, she started looking at her surroundings. And then, she noticed that there were some big barrels ahead. Barrels that were bigger than her stature.


“If I use that, it might work. Yes, if it is this much, it should work somehow.”


Riku rushed over next to the barrels.


Seeing them close up, they were big enough that even if Riku opened her arms wide, she wouldn´t be able to carry it in her arms.


Even so, Riku somehow lifted up the barrel. They were very heavy, but it wasn´t to be point of not being able to carry them. She had the impression of hearing a sound seemingly like what would be contents of the barrel shaking, but even so, she didn´t mind. She didn´t have the time to do so. The pursues, even now were about to catch up.


“Eat… THIS!!”


Riku threw the barrel with all her strength.


Riku made the barrel fall down amidst the crowd of people that were pa.s.sing by and it made an explosion sound. The wine inside the barrel rained down upon the pedestrians.


It was something that happened very suddenly, so not only the pursuers, but the people walking at the street were surprised because of it.




“What the h.e.l.l are you doing!? It was dangerous!”


“Who was the one that did this?!”


She didn´t have the time to involve herself with the turmoil behind her.


Without giving a glance back, she once again started to run away.


Running and running and running and after that…


“Can´t… run anymore…”


Her sight was intensely shaking.


And then, just like that, she collapsed.


Raising a sound, she fell down into garbage in the back-alley. Its rotten smell and the smell of alcohol characteristic of the place was wrapping onto her as she remained unmoving.


Even in such state, she didn´t do anything to get out of that place. Her legs that should have been used to run until exhaustion were going through muscle pain. Her stomach was empty and her throat was dried up.


Because of how she had been running and how she had thrown that barrel, all the power that she had left has been used up.


The following path for an orphan that were at the limits of exhaustion and hunger was only one.


As an outcast of the society, she was going to silently meet death.


“”Ahh… In the end, I will die…””


With her cheek touching the cold ground, she aimlessly started to think.


…And her stomach was making a painful sound.


She asked herself how many days have it been since she has been thrown away into the sea. Riku didn´t know it, but one thing she did know was that she wasn´t able to eat anything for a very long time.


In the city that gathered various savage people, the only beautiful from the outside port city Perikka, there was no such thing as generous n.o.bles doing charity around. Rather, there were more people that would kick around a child such as Riku. Being kicked certainly did hurt.


But the fact of how she had been thrown away by her dad is what hurt her the most.


She couldn´t use spiritualist powers, and so she was driven out as something unneeded. That was all there was to her parent-child relations.h.i.+p with her dad in the end. Thinking about that, she felt a pain that was as if her heart had been gorged out.


In the exterior she was full of wounds, and in the inside she was full of wounds too. It hurt so much, so much that it was agonizing.


“”If that is what is going to happen from now on, maybe dying might be more peaceful. But… As expected, it is scary…””


Even though she wasn´t going to be saved, she couldn´t help but embrace a stupid hope.


Before such stupid herself, she self-mockingly laughed.


Somehow mustering power, she turned her head upwards. Up in there, there was a radiant sky with not even one cloud.




She murmured.


She didn´t exactly know why.


That sky was… It was as if the sky was blowing away the dirty gray of the streets. That was because it was such a radiant blue sky.


She came to think that the world was beautiful.


Before noticing, tears were already flowing to her cheeks.


Without sobbing or doing any sound, it was silently flowing.


“”If I die under such sky… Then, maybe it´s fine.””


The beautiful sky made her forget the dirty back-alley that smelled like alcohol and cleared up the pain of her body and of her heart. If it was that sky, it would surely embrace and accept everything.8*


Yes, by closing both eyes here… It will surely be possible to die with this peaceful feeling.


But even so, Riku couldn´t close her eyes.


Somewhere inside her heart, something was calling.


It said that it didn´t want to give up.


Even if it was for only a little longer.


Even now it felt like fading away, but it still looked forward to that fading hope.


In such a painful reality, it´s obvious that peacefully dying is much better. There wasn´t anyone going to save Riku; there was n.o.body that would gain anything from doing so.


A person that wasn´t capable of anything was better off just dying here.


“”Even then, I still don´t want to give up after all.””


Riku raised her hand.


Mustering the last drops of power she had, she extended her hand to that beautiful brilliant sky.


If she were to be able to grasp that sky, she felt like she would be able to obtain hope. It was something that was funny to the point of anyone to hold their stomach out of laughs. But even so, she had the feeling that it was true.


Obviously, that hand didn´t grasp anything.


With all her strength used up, in an arc, her hand slowly fell down to the ground.


Or so was what it was supposed to happen.


Katahane no Riku Chapter 2

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