King of Gods 837 Changing Attitude

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Chapter 837 - Changing Att.i.tude

Next to the pond, those from Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family held their breaths as they were filled with temptation. The Green Water Sky Lotuses and the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots were legendary resources that were rare to even lay eyes on, let alone use.

The Green Water Sky Lotus had many uses while the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Root had the profound ability to create a perfect body. Comparatively, the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Root was slightly more valuable since it had that unique ability, but the overall usefulness of the Green Water Sky Lotuses was higher since they could increase one's state of existence and heal injuries.

"So many Green Water Sky Lotuses… we're rich!" A member of the Ji Family was filled with excitement as he dove into the green pond.

"Quick!" A genius from Nine Darkness Palace couldn't hold it in and reached for a Green Water Sky Lotus.

The expressions of Jiu Wuji and Ji Lan changed slightly, but they couldn't stop their subordinates.


A layer of dazzling green water appeared as a surge of water shot out from the pond.

Bam! Bam!

The two geniuses that were about to get close to the Green Water Sky Lotuses were sent flying.

Wah! Wah!

The two half-step King geniuses coughed out blood in midair.


The green flow of water in the pond seemed to have its own consciousness as a spout of water shot out toward the two geniuses.

"Help me…!" The two geniuses struggled in the air with fear.

Jiu Wuji snickered coldly as he grabbed out with a pitch-black hand and pulled his elite back, whereas Ji Lan took out a silver whip and wrapped the genius from her family like an agile snake. However, she was a bit slower, and her family's genius was engulfed by the green whirlpool.

"Arghh!" The lower half of that genius was ripped into pieces by the green whirlpool, and then his entire body was devoured.

Ji Lan felt a tremendous pulling force, and her body shook. She was almost pulled in by the power of the green whirlpool. Since that genius had already been ripped into shreds, she easily took her whip back.

Ji Lan's face was pale-white, and she let out a breath. The unknown power within the green pond definitely had the ability to devour Void G.o.d Realm Kings.

The reason why Zhao Feng, Jiu Wuji, and company didn't do anything earlier was because they felt the aura of a powerful water spirit within the pond.

Everyone around the pond was silent for a while. Those from Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family were stunned, and their feet went cold as they moved back from the pond unconsciously.

The two that were attacked just now were half-step Kings.

Jiu Wuji managed to save one due to his strong battle-power, experience, and reflexes. On the other hand, the genius from the Ji Family died, and no one knew where his body would end up. It made one's heart turn cold.

"The pond seems to have its own consciousness, which will automatically attack any targets."

"What kind of unknown power is hiding in the pond?"

Those from Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family stared at the green pond and discussed in low voices.

At this moment, the surface of the pond became calm once more, and it looked like a normal pond.

"As I thought, this pond doesn't just have its own consciousness," Zhao Feng murmured as a faint smile appeared on his face.

He and Nan Gongsheng were the first to arrive, but they had stood next to the pond and did nothing.

"Sir Zhao, may you give us a pointer or two about the pond?" Ji Lan humbly asked Zhao Feng. The shock still hadn't worn off for her.

The smiling purple-haired youth seemed to have the ability to see through and control everything in the world.

Hearing her question, both forces turned toward Zhao Feng.

"It's very simple," Zhao Feng said calmly. "Everything in the world has a spirit. After living in such a great environment for such a long time, a powerful Water-elemental Yao Spirit was formed."

Water-elemental Yao Spirit? Everyone paused as they started to think.

"Simply put, the pond itself is a living thing." Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.


As soon as he said that, a ripple of water appeared on the surface of the pond as if it was replying to Zhao Feng. Surprise flashed across Jiu Wuji's face.

The pond itself was a powerful existence, and the force contained within it was enough to rip apart Void G.o.d Realm Kings, and yet Zhao Feng, who was a measly Origin Core Realm, could see through its profundity. This made Jiu Wuji become even warier of Zhao Feng.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, do you have any way we can get the Green Water Sky Lotuses?" Jiu Wuji asked in a deep tone. He had fought with the duo before, and he knew that the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was never at a disadvantage.

"Hmm… I'm thinking…." Zhao Feng acted as if he was in deep thought, which made Jiu Wuji and company feel speechless. Zhao Feng had probably already thought of something but just didn't want to say it, or maybe he just hadn't confirmed his method yet and wanted to inspect it a bit more.

Those from Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family stood next to the pond for a while as they thought about what to do.

"We can maybe use whips to grab the Green Water Sky Lotuses so that, even if we don't succeed, there won't be any danger," an older elite from Nine Darkness Palace said, and a half-step King who had a whip stood out.

"Ha!" the half-step King exclaimed as his dark metallic silver whip became dozens of meters long and shot toward one of the Green Water Sky Lotuses.

Just as the dark metallic silver whip was about to grab a Green Water Sky Lotus:


A ripple of water shot out from the pond and pushed the dark metallic silver whip away. At the same time, a strong surge of water travelled along the whip.

Bam! Wah!

The half-step King holding the whip was sent flying, and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he instantly became severely injured. He wasn't able to stand up for a long time.

"The Water Spirit within the pond is too strong. It'll be very hard to fight against it without the battle-power of an Emperor." Jiu Wuji's eyebrows furrowed as his expression became solemn.

Those from Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family then thought of many other ways they could obtain the Green Water Sky Lotus, such as distracting the Water Spirit in the pond or using fire to counter it. Some even tried to move the entire pond away.

However, all of these methods failed and resulted in the green pond's counterattack.

"The pond itself is a living thing with intelligence. It can hear what you're all saying, so why would it just sit there and let you do as you please?" Zhao Feng mocked.

Hearing that, Jiu Wuji became slightly angry and felt that he had no face. He was an elite of the older generation. When had a junior ever talked to him like that before?

"Sir Zhao is right. In order to deal with the pond, we need to treat it as a being with intelligence and find its weakness." Ji Lan believed him, and Jiu Wuji suppressed the anger in his heart. He knew that it wasn't a wise choice to offend the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo. He had already been defeated once in his fight against them before. However, Zhao Feng's words gave them some things to think about.

"Since this pond is a lifeform with intelligence, it must have a soul… and it can't evade soul attacks." A smile appeared on Ji Lan's pretty face.

"You mean…?" Jiu Wuji's eyes lit up as he understood what Ji Lan was thinking.

Zhao Feng revealed a look of praise and nodded his head. Since this pond was an intelligent being, and they couldn't break through its strong Water-elemental force, then why not try another method and target the soul? Although the green pond was strong, that didn't mean its soul was also strong. After all, even though it had a certain intelligence, it was still just a pond.

Ji Lan and Jiu Wuji immediately teamed up.

"Purple Star Eyes!" Ji Lan's purple hair blew in the wind as her eyes seemed to turn into stars and shoot out a bright beam of Soul power. In this instant, all the nearby geniuses and elites felt a terrifying aura as an illusion charged into their souls.

Ji Lan's Purple Star Eyes specialized in the Dao of Illusion. The attack contained an illusion that could affect the soul as well as an offensive soul attack.

Weng~~ Weng~~

A ripple appeared on the surface of the green pond, which then turned into waves. It was obvious that Ji Lan's soul attacks had a certain effect on it.

"Hand of the Demonic Sky!" Jiu Wuji roared as he used this chance to attack.


A giant pitch-black hand summoned black flames and smashed toward a certain area close to the edge of the pond with enough force to destroy Heaven and Earth.


The large Hand of the Demonic Sky clashed with the ripple of green water on the pond.

Under normal situations, even though the power of Jiu Wuji's Demonic Dao secret technique was close to an Emperor's, it wouldn't be able to break through the pond's defense. However, at this moment, the green pond was affected by the illusions and soul attack of the Purple Star Eyes, so it could only use 50% of its power at most.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bo~~~~

Jiu Wuji circulated his demonic power and his domain to the maximum and finally pushed his Hand of the Demonic Sky down by a few yards. At the same time, the elites of the Ji Family and Nine Darkness Palace all attacked the green pond.

"Star Destruction!" Ji Lan's face turned red as she gritted her teeth and circulated her Soul Dao eye-bloodline techniques to the fullest.

At last, with the combined effort of everyone, they managed to push the ripple of water down by one meter, but only in the area where the Hand of the Demonic Sky was attacking.

A few Green Water Sky Lotuses were revealed. As for the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots, they were in the depths of the pond, so they would be harder to obtain. However, everyone was still surprised at just that much.

"Let's get them!"

The two forces managed to squeeze out two older elites that used whips, who tried to obtain the Green Water Sky Lotuses. However, they weren't any easier to obtain than the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots.

Although the Water Spirit was suppressed, an occasional ripple would flow across the surface of the pond and push the experts away. One of the older elites with a whip was sucked away by the whirlpool. The ripples on the pond were just barely suppressed; they continuously fluctuated. An occasional jet of water or giant whirlpool would appear once in a while.

Around ten breaths later, the combined efforts of the Ji Family and Nine Darkness Palace managed to take an incomplete Green Water Sky Lotus; they lost some petals and leaves in the process.

"I can't hold it for much longer!" Jiu Wuji's face was red, and his True Yuan was in a frenzied half-burning state. His Hand of the Demonic Sky and his demonic domain were showing signs of becoming unstable.

"I also can't hold on for much longer!" Ji Lan's eyes shook, and cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

"Go!" At the last moment, the older elite from the Ji Family managed to take several petals of a Green Water Sky Lotus, while some members of Nine Darkness Palace managed to take a lotus seed.

Weng~~~ Bam!

An enormous stormy wave formed in the green pond.

Bam! Bam!

Jiu Wuji and Ji Lan were sent flying. Blood leaked out of Ji Lan's mouth, while a pair of flaming demonic wings condensed on Jiu Wuji's back and stabilized him.

"Not bad…." A smile formed on Zhao Feng's mouth as he admired the show. The combined efforts of Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family barely managed to obtain one and a half Green Water Sky Lotuses.

"They succeeded…!" Nan Gongsheng didn't hide the greed in his eyes.

"Not good! Everyone, watch out for the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!" Jiu Wuji suddenly remembered something and his expression changed dramatically. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was known for plundering, and they might start plundering here as well.

Maybe because the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo hadn't plundered for a while, and because they had given them their train of thought, the duo was temporarily forgotten by the two leaders.

"Dammit!" Ji Lan also remembered that and realized that she had been tricked by the duo.

No matter how one's appearance changed, their att.i.tude and characteristics stayed the same. Now was a very good chance - Ji Lan and Jiu Wuji had been sent flying and were both injured. Why wouldn't the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo steal from them?

Nan Gongsheng licked his lips unknowingly, as if he was becoming excited.

"It's just one and a half Green Water Sky Lotuses," a disdainful voice came from the younger purple-haired youth. At the same time, a hand gently patted Nan Gongsheng's shoulder, stopping him from attacking.

"They didn't attack?"

"When did their att.i.tudes change?"

Jiu Wuji and Ji Lan looked at each other and let out a breath. They felt incredulous.

Next to the pond, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng just stood there without attacking. If the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo wanted to attack, no one could stop them right now.

However, from Zhao Feng's tone, it seemed like they didn't want "just one and a half" Green Water Sky Lotuses.

"Okay, it's our turn now." Zhao Feng's gaze scanned over the slightly tired forces of Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family.

Hearing that, Ji Lan's and Jiu Wuji's hearts shook. Both forces were stunned as they gazed at the calm purple-haired youth.

"What kind of method would the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo use to obtain the Green Water Sky Lotuses?" Everyone was surprised, and also expectant.

Zhao Feng took a step forward, and purple arcs of lightning flashed through his eyes as his hair blew in the wind. A purple world of illusions seemed to form in his left eye. With just one step, Ji Lan's eye-bloodline started to tremble.

"Pond Yao Spirit, hand over half of the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Roots, and I'll let you live." A dominating and cold voice resounded throughout the soul-dimension.

Those from Nine Darkness Palace and the Ji Family looked at each other. Jiu Wuji's and Ji Lan's expressions were weird. Zhao Feng's method was… to threaten the pond spirit?

King of Gods 837 Changing Attitude

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