King of Gods Chapter 1027 The Entire City Taking Action

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Chapter 1027 - The Entire City Taking Action

"There's a trace of a Soul aura here!"

The first to arrive at Zhao Feng's hiding spot were the patrols outside Meng City.

A large number of soldiers gathered around the forest. The leaders of these groups were normal Emperors at most, so it was impossible for them to find Zhao Feng when they scanned around with their Divine Senses.


Zhao Feng leapt out from the forest, and scarlet lightning flashed around his body. He became bigger; he was like a metallic mountain of lightning as he released a surge of lightning in every direction.

Weng~~ Boom! Boom!

Most of the several thousand soldiers were only at the Origin Core Realm. It was impossible for them to block Zhao Feng's lightning. A wave of non-human soldiers instantly fell to the ground, and the other non-humans felt like they were stuck in mud. It was hard for them to even breathe.

However, Zhao Feng didn't purposely attack these shrimps. His target was the leaders of these patrol teams.

"Not good, an unrivalled Emperor! No, wait, a Quasi-Sacred Lord…!"

The expression of the leading non-human peak Emperor turned to shock. Normal Emperors wouldn't be able to suppress almost a thousand Origin Core Realm and Void G.o.d Realm Kings.

All the non-humans started to use their own techniques to resist against Zhao Feng's Intent and pressure.

"Quickly retreat! Everyone, that's not an Emperor! Get away!"

"A Quasi-Sacred Lord is approaching Meng City!"

Everyone fought back against Zhao Feng's pressure and started to retreat. The non-human Origin Core Realms that had been killed and the Kings that fainted were left behind. At this moment in time, no one was sure if they could even save their own life, so they had no time to care about others.

Miao miao!

At this moment, the little thieving cat jumped out from the Misty Spatial World and collected all the interspatial storage items from the non-human corpses.

"KIll!" Zhao Feng's expression was cold.

There were still five thousand elites and eight captains. Two Quasi-Sacred Lord geniuses were also on their way, so he needed to use his time wisely.

Hu~~ Weng!

After using the Lightning Wings Flying Technique, Zhao Feng was unable to be seen when pa.s.sing through Heaven and Earth. None of the non-humans present were able to even catch sight of Zhao Feng.


The body of a normal Emperor shattered into pieces. Their head and interspatial storage items were taken away by Zhao Feng.

On the other side, a blade of Wind Lightning chopped the head of a Peak-tier King off. The weaker non-humans that approached Zhao Feng were crushed to death by Zhao Feng's physical pressure without him even needing to attack.

The little thieving cat roamed around and collected the spoils of war that Zhao Feng missed out on.

Boom! Boom...

A roar sounded when Zhao Feng killed the sixth captain.

"Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you really are courageous! You actually dared to come here alone!?"

A two-star captain was the first to arrive. The Origin Core Realms and Kings in the team behind him had left a long time ago. The weakest of those that stayed behind were at least Peak-tier Kings.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly. He didn't put a mere two-star captain in his eyes.


Zhao Feng's figure disappeared once more. The next instant, he appeared among the patrol group in front of a peak Emperor. This non-human Emperor's face became filled with fear, and he instantly used his Little World and any defensive method he could.


Zhao Feng's palm immediately shattered his Little World and destroyed it. The body of this non-human Emperor also split into many pieces.

"No… the battle-power of a Sacred Lord!" The two-star captain that was about to charge forward immediately stopped moving.

Even Quasi-Sacred Lords wouldn't be able to kill a peak Emperor and destroy their Little Worlds so easily.

At this moment, the other seven captains arrived, as well as several thousand non-humans that were at least a Peak-tier King.

"Stop him!" a two-star captain immediately roared.


Eight captains and several thousand non-humans started to attack. Only those that were at least at the level of a Peak-tier King might be able to survive against this human.

The non-humans that had retreated would send a report to the upper echelon of Meng City, and they believed that Sacred Lord Anyou would come soon.

"Form the array!" The eight captains changed positions and thrust out several unique palms. A blue defensive array then formed.

All the non-humans hid behind the array and unleashed attacks toward Zhao Feng.

"Come!" Zhao Feng's expression remained the same.


A pair of scarlet lightning wings behind Zhao Feng's back spread, and a strong surge of Fire of Wind Lightning appeared.

Boom! Weng~~~

Zhao Feng turned into a streak of scarlet lightning and shot toward the non-human army.

If he hadn't cultivated a body-strengthening technique like the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng would never have taken a risk like this. However, now that Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body had reached the 6th level, all physical attacks from anyone below the Mystic Light Realm were useless against him!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A tsunami of water, fire, lightning, wind, and different types of battle skills smashed toward Zhao Feng. However, before these attacks managed to land on Zhao Feng, a surge of physical force pushed it all aside. Only a small number of attacks actually landed on Zhao Feng, but no mark or injury was left behind.

"Not good, this person has cultivated a very profound body-strengthening technique. Our attacks can't damage him at all!" A two-star captain exclaimed.

"Break!" Zhao Feng charged toward the blue defensive array and punched out with his Fire of Wind Lightning.

Bam! Crack!

The defensive arrays of the eight peak Emperors immediately shattered, and a wave of power swept toward the non-human army.

The experts behind the array all vomited out blood. Shock appeared on the faces of the non-humans.

"Human, your opponent is me!"

A black streak of light appeared in the sky. It was the prodigy from the eaglemen race.

The image of a large black eagle claw appeared, and it radiated a piercing aura like it was a peerless sword.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng didn't retreat. He charged forward with his Sacred Lightning Body.


The black light was instantly pushed back while Zhao Feng didn't move at all, as if he was Mt. Tai.

"This human's battle power is so strong!" The female from the eaglemen race revealed a surprised and fearful look. Her legs were still sore.

Eaglemen specialized in releasing supreme battle-power and killing enemies in one shot. However, she wasn't able to injure the human at all even with her explosive force. She had never been at such a disadvantage against someone with the same cultivation!

"Let's attack together!"

At this moment, a charming voice sounded as the female from the snakemen race appeared in the sky.

The female snakeman looked at Zhao Feng with a solemn expression. In the exchange a moment ago, she could tell how terrifying Zhao Feng was.

"Hehehe, are the non-humans trying to bully me with numbers?"


Light flashed behind Zhao Feng's back, and he pushed his speed to another level.

Zhao Feng didn't bother with the two non-human Quasi-Sacred Lords. He charged directly toward the captains that were trying to run away.


A one-star captain was killed by Zhao Feng.

"Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, your opponent is us!" The two Quasi-Sacred Lord geniuses roared in anger.

They didn't expect Zhao Feng to not care about them and go slaughter the captains instead. Being prodigies of the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty, they couldn't accept Zhao Feng's actions.


They immediately took action and chased Zhao Feng.

"Dammit, what is this human trying to do?"

The female eagleman had an angry expression, but there was nothing she could do. Although she and her partner both specialized in speed, they couldn't catch up to Zhao Feng at all. They could only watch him kill the remaining non-humans.

"There's such a prodigy amongst the humans!?"

The female snakeman felt helpless. She had been extremely confident before coming to the battlefield and wanted to put on a show, but the first opponent she met already made her extremely frustrated.


A surge of Intent appeared within Meng City, and a figure in black charged over.

Almost thirty captains and several dozen thousand troops moved out. At this moment in time, the clouds moved while Heaven and Earth shook. A terrifying and fierce aura swept across Heaven and Earth from afar.

"Sacred Lord Anyou and all the captains are coming!"

The female snakeman was stunned. A human had just nonchalantly come to a non-human city and killed a few people, and that made several dozen thousand experts, Emperors, Quasi-Sacred Lords, and even the city-guarding Sacred Lord come out!? Had this human gone crazy?

"Hehe, we'll end here for today!"

Zhao Feng snapped the neck of a non-human Emperor, taking away their head and interspatial storage item.

He had played enough for today. Zhao Feng came alone and killed two Quasi-Sacred Lord prodigies, as well as several captains and countless soldiers that he was too lazy to even count. Now that Meng City's entire force was taking action, Zhao Feng obviously couldn't stay.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat instantly entered the Misty Spatial World.


Zhao Feng waved his left arm, and his figure disappeared with a flash of silver.

The next instant, Sacred Lord Anyou and the Serpent Son arrived.

"That was… an item that can pa.s.s through s.p.a.ce!" Sacred Lord Anyou had a deep gaze.

"No wonder that person was so courageous that he dared to come alone. He has a treasure like that!" the Fifth Serpent Son said.

"Reporting to the general; six captains, thirteen Emperors, and thirty-four Peak-tier Kings… have been killed!"

Weng~ Shua!

A layer of silver appeared in the air, and Zhao Feng's figure appeared outside Moon Dragon City.

"Captain Zhao Feng is back!" a patrolling guard said respectfully.

Zhao Feng didn't bother with him and immediately flew toward the Ninth Prince's hall.

"Zhao Feng, you're back?" the Ninth Prince immediately asked. He wasn't worried that Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to return, he was just curious as to why Zhao Feng came back so fast. Did the non-humans find him already? However, it wasn't Zhao Feng's fault. After all, Zhao Feng wasn't a professional scout.

"I've discovered the overall strength of Meng City. There's only one person with the battle-power of a Sacred Lord in Meng City, but he's relatively strong. As for the Quasi-Sacred Lords…"

Zhao Feng talked about the overall strength of Meng City.

The Ninth Prince had a stunned expression. He didn't expect Zhao Feng's report to be so detailed. It was as if he only went to play around in Meng City.

"If that's the case, we need to gather all the captains and decide what to do," Old Ying immediately said. Meng City's overall strength was far stronger than Moon Dragon City. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had already revealed his strength and could no longer catch the non-humans off guard.

"No, gather all our troops and attack!" Zhao Feng said with a deep gaze.

"Why?" The Ninth Prince and Old Ying both looked at Zhao Feng. Their chance of winning wasn't high. It was useless if they attacked in a rush.


Zhao Feng waved his hand, and several dozen non-human heads floated in the air.

"These heads all come from Emperors. Amongst them are two Quasi-Sacred Lords!" Zhao Feng said.

Because he had acted alone and there were no witnesses, Zhao Feng had to take their heads. Adding on the fact that he had his memory replays, they could be considered proof of his deeds.

"This…" The Ninth Prince instantly became speechless.

Who had ever heard of a scout killing such a huge number of strong enemies? They were usually careful and didn't even dare to go too close. They usually just waited for the right moment to slowly gather information, but Zhao Feng had obtained perfect information and even killed a large number of enemies, including two Quasi-Sacred Lords, within two days!

The Ninth Prince couldn't even imagine what Zhao Feng had done!

"Your Highness, let's attack!" Old Ying's eyes flashed as he immediately spoke.

King of Gods Chapter 1027 The Entire City Taking Action

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