King of Gods Chapter 1032 Power Of The Arrow

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Chapter 1032 - Power of the Arrow

The humans and non-humans were fighting in front of Meng City. After Sacred Lord Myriad Forms left, the powerful cold started to fade away, and the Ninth Prince's forces - who were relying on their defensive array to protect the city - managed to slowly turn the tide around. Although they didn't have an advantage, they were able to stabilize the situation.

"This female from the Tie Family is so strong!" Sacred Lord Anyou was secretly shocked.

He was the one at a disadvantage after being attacked by the two Sky Shaking Golden Apes and Tie Hongling. The Sky Shaking Golden Apes could block Sacred Lord Anyou's Sacred Power while Tie Hongling used any chance to attack and perfectly counter Sacred Lord Anyou.

"But the Blood Devil Sun bloodline can't last very long. This female from the Tie Family won't be able to last much longer." Sacred Lord Anyou snickered coldly. Without Tie Hongling interfering, he could finish off the two Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

Besides, there was no need for him to give it his all. Everything would come to an end after Sacred Lord Myriad Forms returned.

However, at the same time, Sacred Lord Anyou started to wonder why Sacred Lord Myriad Forms still hadn't finished off that human prodigy yet.

"My bloodline power is weakening!" Tie Hongling knew that she couldn't last much longer. Sacred Lord Anyou was strong in both offense and defense. Once her bloodline power was used up, she would lose.

"Scarlet Jade Gla.s.s Body!"

Tie Hongling's momentum rose as a red light glowed around her. It was as if she was being reborn through flames. The snow and ice instantly started to melt as a wave of hot air spread in every direction.

The Scarlet Jade Gla.s.s Body worked with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline perfectly and could unleash its characteristics to the maximum.


Tie Hongling was similar to a jade-like fire phoenix as she leapt toward Sacred Lord Anyou. The two Sky Shaking Golden Apes also circulated their Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.

"Hmph, so the Crown Prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty is only at this level!" The Fifth Serpent Son held a green blade and clashed against the Ninth Prince. The cold environment increased the strength of his bloodline and battle-power.

"Serpent!" Green mist appeared from the Fifth Serpent Son as he suddenly turned into a large green serpent dragon surrounded by a flow of snow and charged at the Ninth Prince.

"Hmph. Draconic providence!" The Ninth Prince immediately used his draconic providence to make himself stronger as he held the ancient green sword of lightning and charged at the Fifth Serpent Son.

Elsewhere, the two non-human female prodigies fought against some of Zhao Feng's beast horde.

The Wind Wolf King had become much stronger after Zhao Feng raised it, and it was able to fight against the female eagleman with the help of a few other Wind Wolves. Zhao Feng's Black Striped Scorpions and Red-Faced Ice Snakes weren't affected by the cold environment and could actually release even more battle-power, so they were able to stabilize the situation with the low-echelon battlefield.

However, the snow and ice suddenly started to become chaotic, and a terrifying power of Myriad Forms appeared. Clouds flipped in the sky, and an occasional fire snake or bolt of lightning could be seen. The earth trembled, and the ground cracked. Water started to flow, and countless trees appeared in various places.

"That is…!? Could Sacred Lord Myriad Forms have summoned his Myriad Forms Dimension?"

Sacred Lord Anyou, who was still being pushed back by Tie Hongling and the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, exclaimed. Being a non-human, he had heard about it before. The moment the Myriad Forms Dimension appeared, the origin force that was released from within it had the ability to change Heaven and Earth.

"Zhao Feng, please hang on!" Old Ying prayed in his heart.

If the mere remnants from Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' power could create such changes in Heaven and Earth even at this distance, it was hard to imagine how terrifying the power was for Zhao Feng, who was facing it directly.

At this moment, within the rainbow-colored Myriad Forms Dimension:

"Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' strength is probably even greater within the Myriad Forms Dimension!"

Zhao Feng became solemn. He felt as if the surroundings were now repelling him. Zhao Feng wasn't even able to control the normal Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

"Little World of Wind Lightning!"

A desolate storm spread behind Zhao Feng's back and charged at the rainbow-colored barrier nearby in an attempt to break through this dimension.

"Hmph, how can the Little World of a measly Quasi-Sacred Lord be compared to the origin dimension in the Eye of Myriad Forms?"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had to admit that Zhao Feng's Little World was indeed strong, but he felt that Zhao Feng's actions were laughable.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm - World Destruction Palm!"

Zhao Feng circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning and his Sacred Lightning power into his right palm. He obviously couldn't put his hopes on the fact that his Little World of Wind Lightning would be able to break through the Myriad Forms Dimension.

At this moment, Zhao Feng used the Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm inside the Myriad Forms Dimension. Its power should be even stronger, but he didn't know whether or not it could affect the Myriad Forms Dimension.


Zhao Feng slammed down his palm. At the same time, the Little World of Wind Lightning's power also gathered.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng's scarlet lightning palm released a strong surge of power, but nothing happened to the Myriad Forms Dimension. It was as if Zhao Feng's palm was a stone sinking into the ocean as it disappeared without any traces.

However, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms suddenly cried out.

"Sii! This brat…!" A trail of blood came from Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes.

"So that's how it is. Damaging the Myriad Forms Dimension is the same as damaging the Eyes of Myriad Forms!" Zhao Feng seemed to understand.


Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was enraged. He originally thought that Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to do anything within the Myriad Forms Dimension, but just now, Zhao Feng's palm technique managed to damage his Eyes of Myriad Forms.


Now that Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was angry, the Myriad Forms Dimension started to move, and an extreme Intent filled the air. The Intent and power of different elements within the Myriad Forms Dimension attacked Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng felt like the entire world was his enemy. Every inch of s.p.a.ce contained pure power.

"Let my Myriad Forms Dimension devour the elements within your body!"

Greed flashed through Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes. Zhao Feng controlled many elements, and he had a high understanding of them. The Eyes of Myriad Forms should be able to become even stronger after the Myriad Forms Dimension devoured Zhao Feng.

"So strong! Even some late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords might not be a match for Sacred Lord Myriad Forms within the Myriad Forms Dimension!" Zhao Feng was stunned.

As expected, every descendant of a G.o.d Eye has unusual power.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, who was only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, had the power of a late-stage Mystic Light Realm. It was hard to imagine how terrifying a true G.o.d Eye would be!

On the other hand, Zhao Feng was only at the Quasi-Sacred Lord rank, but he was able to kill someone at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm and even fight against those at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm by relying on his left eye, which hadn't even fully awakened yet. This meant that Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye was a level stronger than the Eyes of Myriad Forms.

Would the fully awakened G.o.d's Spiritual Eye be on the same level as the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes? Zhao Feng couldn't help but look forward to it. However, if he wanted to witness that, he couldn't die here.

Zhao Feng's current strength wasn't enough to face Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, who had the battle-power of a late-stage Mystic Light Realm.

"If that's the case, then let me test out its power." Zhao Feng suddenly revealed a faint smile.

"Hmph. This will be the only moment you can laugh!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' face went green as he waved his hand, and an even stronger surge of Myriad Forms Power appeared within the Myriad Forms Dimension, transforming into pure elemental attacks.

Zhao Feng's sudden faint smile made Sacred Lord Myriad Forms feel weird, so he circulated the Myriad Forms Dimension and released an attack that could threaten late-stage Mystic Light Realms.


A dark silver bow and a golden arrow appeared in Zhao Feng's hands. Zhao Feng immediately poured his True Yuan into this golden arrow as the elemental attacks of the Myriad Forms Dimension were about to engulf him.

Weng~~ Whoos.h.!.+

A terrifying piercing power spread, and the image of a hundred-yard-long divine arrow formed. The attacks around Zhao Feng were instantly destroyed, and even the Myriad Forms Dimension was affected.

"What a terrifying Metal elemental power. Wait, it also contains a wisp of divine power that the Mystic Light Realm!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes felt a stinging pain. He wouldn't be scared of normal Metal elemental power, but the element of Metal radiating from Zhao Feng's arrow was simply too strong. His Eyes of Myriad Forms couldn't control it at all.

Zhao Feng immediately put the arrow onto the Sky Locking Bow and pulled the bowstring.

This golden arrow was the one that Zhao Feng had bought from the Heaven's Legacy City after giving them the blueprint for the G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

It was hard for Zhao Feng to fully use it right now, but it definitely wasn't as difficult as when he used the G.o.d Slaying Arrow last time.


The image of the arrow instantly condensed when Zhao Feng pulled the bowstring, and limitless laws and Intents appeared above it.

At this instant, the metallic weapons in the hands of the soldiers around Meng City started to tremble.

"Could it be the G.o.d Slaying Arrow…!?"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' heart jumped as a surge of danger and uneasiness spread throughout his body.

"This brat has such a terrifying treasure!?"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes squinted as the Myriad Forms Dimension disappeared.

Hu~~ Weng!

A gust of Wind Lightning appeared around Sacred Lord Myriad Forms and pushed his speed to the maximum.

"This feeling… I've been locked onto!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms felt a terrifying power covering him, and he remembered that the bow in Zhao Feng's hand seemed to be an Inheritance Sacred weapon… the Sky Locking Bow!

Beng~~ Whoos.h.!.+

A golden arrow seemed to pierce through Heaven and Earth as it shot toward Sacred Lord Myriad Forms with its terrifying metallic power.


Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes started to spin as he ran. At this instant, all the power of Heaven and Earth surged toward the golden arrow and turned into a sea of flames that tried to weaken its power.

Although Fire was said to counter Metal, this sea of fire didn't have much of an effect in front of absolute power. The golden arrow instantly pa.s.sed through the sea of fire and arrived behind Sacred Lord Myriad Forms.

"Myriad Forms Dimension!"

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms felt a stinging pain across through his entire power. He revealed a decisive look and gritted his teeth as he released the Myriad Forms Dimension again. The power of Fire that had evolved from the rainbow-colored Myriad Forms Dimension was several times stronger than Zhao Feng's perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline or his Fire of Wind Lightning.

"Laws of Yin and Yang!"

Two streaks of blood appeared from Sacred Lord Myriad Forms' eyes once more. He circulated his Eyes of Myriad Forms to the maximum; a white ball and a black ball jumped out from the center of his Eyes of Myriad Forms and appeared behind him.


A storm of destruction engulfed Heaven and Earth as an explosion sounded.

Zhao Feng had a slightly tired expression, and his left eye glowed with gold as he looked at the explosion in the distance.

"I didn't expect Sacred Lord Myriad Forms to have another hidden card!"

Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye obviously caught sight of the one white and one black ball of Yin and Yang laws.

King of Gods Chapter 1032 Power Of The Arrow

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