King of Gods Chapter 1055 Disintegration And Duplication

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Chapter 1055 - Disintegration and Duplication

The Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pill was created with the bloodlines of the Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers and the pond water, which Zhao Feng had plenty of. Besides, after breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, the effect of those two resources were drastically weaker for him.

"If that's the case, I'll go back to Black Screen Corner and wait for it!"

Sacred King Dark Screen deeply glanced at Zhao Feng before merging into s.p.a.ce and disappearing.

Black Screen Corner wouldn't attack another force rashly. Furthermore, Sacred King Dark Screen was looking forward to the performance of the Hall of G.o.ds. If the Hall of G.o.ds managed to survive despite Nine Darkness Palace trying to suppress it, it would become another peak force in the continent. Forming a good bond with such a force might bring limitless benefits in the future.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath after Sacred King Dark Screen left. Even though he had become a Sacred Lord, he didn't believe that he could fight against a Sacred King.


Zhao Feng waved the armguard, and his figure started to dim as a layer of silver flashed around him.

After breaking through the Mystic Light Realm, Zhao Feng believed that he could use the Misty Spatial World to teleport even greater distances.

This time, Zhao Feng directly teleported over four cities.


Zhao Feng's figure slowly appeared as silver light flashed, and the terrifying pressure of a Sacred Lord caused Heaven and Earth to change color.

"Sacred Lord…!" A Peak-tier King next to Zhao Feng half-knelt on the ground. Their bloodline and True Yuan were completely suppressed, and they were unable to move at all.

"I haven't completely familiarized myself with my power yet," Zhao Feng said gently. "I can still increase the range of my teleportation."

Zhao Feng didn't bother with the person next to him, he just waved his arm once again. His figure then disappeared within an undulation of s.p.a.ce.

The next instant, Zhao Feng returned to the Hall of G.o.ds. This time, Zhao Feng teleported the distance of an entire province and used up all his Mystic Light Sacred Power.

"From the looks of it, I'll be able to teleport the distance of an entire province every time!"

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm made everything much easier for him. A substandard G.o.d item was indeed different; it basically meant that Zhao Feng was carrying a teleportation array around with him at all times.

At this moment, the people that were invited here by Bi Qingyue to help the Hall of G.o.ds were still here.

"Grand Elder!"

"Zhao Feng!"

Everyone stood up and looked at Zhao Feng in shock. Almost ten days had pa.s.sed since Zhao Feng chased after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, and everyone was slightly worried.

Zhao Feng walked to the front with a calm expression and sat down. He had already understood part of the situation from Bi Qingyue; Duke Nanfeng was already heading toward the Imperial Palace to report the situation to the Grand Imperial Hall. Bi Qingyue did that on her own accord, and Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

The reason he dared to chase after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and severely injure him was because he was planning to report the situation to the Grand Imperial Hall afterward. He believed that the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn't want to see an internal struggle when the lord dynasty was at war.

Nine Darkness Palace was a peak three-star force, and the Hall of G.o.ds could be considered three and a half stars. Once these two forces clashed, countless smaller forces would be involved as well, causing heavy casualties to the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

"I thank all of you for helping the Hall of G.o.ds. I shall remember this."

Now that Zhao Feng had broken through to the Mystic Light Realm, he had more power.

"Now that we are reporting this to the Grand Imperial Hall, Nine Darkness Palace won't be able to do anything to the Hall of G.o.ds for a while. This is the time for the Hall of G.o.ds to expand," Bi Qingyue stood up and slowly said.

At the same time, she told everyone the plan for expansion. Most of those present were either subordinate forces of the Hall of G.o.ds or people that had a good relations.h.i.+p with the Hall of G.o.ds.

Zhao Feng left with Sacred Lord Star Demon after Bi Qingyue finished her talk.

"Zhao Feng, you showed off this time!" Sacred Lord Star Demon joked.

Zhao Feng chased after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss for almost ten days and pa.s.sed by an entire province. The entire continent knew about this. The names of Zhao Feng and the Hall of G.o.ds reached a pinnacle, so this was the best chance for the Hall of G.o.ds to expand!

"Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss is just one of the upper echelon members of Nine Darkness Palace!"

Zhao Feng shook his head. The Hall of G.o.ds was nowhere near ready to fight back against Nine Darkness Palace, which had a million years of foundation. One had to know that Nine Darkness Palace was a four-star power at its peak.

Zhao Feng didn't continue to pursue Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss because his confidence hadn't reached that level yet.

"Senior Star Demon, I want to talk to you about the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique!"

Zhao Feng told Sacred Lord Star Demon what his intentions were. Zhao Feng had already a.n.a.lyzed the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique, but he wasn't very confident, so he wanted Sacred Lord Star Demon to help him.

Zhao Feng returned to the forbidden grounds at the back of the Hall of G.o.ds after giving the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique to Sacred Lord Star Demon. The latter also needed time to a.n.a.lyze it.

Zhao Feng immediately entered the dimension of his left eye after returning to the hall.

When breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, the mysterious golden ball in the dimension of his left eye had evolved. It was because of this that Zhao Feng managed to survive at the critical moment.

"This is…?"

Zhao Feng stopped thinking and stared at the item above the mysterious golden ball in utter disbelief.

Originally, there was nothing in the dimension of his left eye apart from the mysterious golden ball and the DemiG.o.d head. However, there were now two DemiG.o.d heads floating in the air above the mysterious golden ball. The shape of the two heads was the complete same. The power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning in them was the exact same as well.

"Why did a DemiG.o.d head containing G.o.d Tribulation Lightning appear out of nowhere?"

Zhao Feng was stunned. Although an extra DemiG.o.d head meant an extra 5% of total G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, which was a good thing, all of this was too weird.

Zhao Feng started to think about what happened when his eye evolved. Countless golden ripples were released from the mysterious golden ball, which pa.s.sed completely through the DemiG.o.d head.

After that, the structure of the atoms in the DemiG.o.d head were completely a.n.a.lyzed and recorded into the mysterious golden ball. A desolate power then appeared from the mysterious golden ball and slowly turned into a twisting black matter, and then finally into another DemiG.o.d head.

"Could it be…?"

Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something and quickly returned his consciousness back into his body.


Zhao Feng took out a normal Earth-grade weapon from the Misty Spatial World.


Zhao Feng's left eye locked onto this Earth-grade weapon and absorbed it into its dimension. His consciousness then entered the dimension of his left eye as well.

Zhao Feng moved the two DemiG.o.d heads to the side and put the Earth-grade weapon above the mysterious golden ball. Zhao Feng circulated his Intent and carefully touched the mysterious golden ball with it.

Weng~~ Shua!

The mysterious golden ball started to spin, and countless golden ripples were released from it. They then pa.s.sed through the Earth-grade weapon. A desolate aura then slowly appeared from the mysterious golden ball and condensed in the air.

Weng~~ Hu!

The black matter then started to twist, and a complete Earth-grade weapon appeared above the mysterious golden ball several hours later.

"It can really duplicate physical objects?" Zhao Feng was stunned. This scene confirmed his guesses.

Zhao Feng's consciousness then returned back to his body.

"Part of my Eye Intent and True Yuan have been used up!" Zhao Feng concluded.

From the looks of it, when he duplicated the DemiG.o.d head, he hadn't realized anything since he was trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm. This also explained why the energy from Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' clone was absorbed into the dimension of his left eye; it was because he was duplicating the DemiG.o.d head and needed power.

"The evolution managed to give me such an ability!?"

Zhao Feng was completely filled with joy.

He could already tell how terrifying this duplication ability was if he could even duplicate the DemiG.o.d head and the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

"Looks like this is the complete ability of the golden eye!" Zhao Feng said in a serious tone.

Even though it had the power of disintegration, the supportive abilities of the golden eye weren't too strong. However, it was perfect now with the power of duplication.

Zhao Feng was also trying to find the weaknesses of this new ability.

Firstly, a lot of time was required. Duplicating the DemiG.o.d head took almost ten days. Although an Earth-grade weapon only took a couple hours, Zhao Feng only used Heaven-grade weapons or Inheritance Sacred weapons.

Secondly, a lot of energy was used up in duplication. Zhao Feng was in seclusion before, so he didn't sense it, but he came to this conclusion after duplicating the Earth-grade weapon. Zhao Feng realized that Soul eye-bloodline power was used up first before the True Yuan in his body. These were both very important to Zhao Feng. If they weren't replenished, it might cause serious harm in the future.

"But with this duplication ability, I can produce my own cultivation resources!"

Zhao Feng was stunned and felt incredulous, but there was a trade-off since he needed to spend Soul eye-bloodline power and True Yuan to duplicate whatever he needed. Afterward, he would need to spend time or resources to replenish them.

"I'll put this ability to the side for now!"

There weren't too many uses in the short term. It was better to figure it out later. What was most important right now was to consolidate his cultivation!

Zhao Feng just broke through to the Mystic Light Realm and couldn't completely control his power. He couldn't even fully conceal his aura.

Furthermore, the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique successfully broke through and reached the ninth level - the Earth of Wind Lightning. Once Zhao Feng started cultivating the Earth of Wind Lightning, his strength would increase by another level.


Two dark yellow crystals appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. They were Earth-elemental resources he bought in the Lan Province War Hall with his war points.

Zhao Feng immediately circulated the Earth of Wind Lightning cultivation method of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and started to absorb the power of Earth within the resources.

Zhao Feng then circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and multi-tasked, trying to understand the Mystic Light Sacred Power and the Sacred Power Whirlpool in his body as well.

When one became a Sacred Lord, the Crystal Core within their body would shatter and merge with the laws of Heaven and Earth, turning into a whirlpool of Sacred Power.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's Sacred Power Whirlpool had four colors; blue, green, red, and dark yellow.

One would change after understanding all the power they had. The process of familiarizing oneself with their new power was extremely long, but since Zhao Feng had the inspection and calculation abilities of his left eye, he only used one month to familiarize himself with his power.

Eventually, Zhao Feng opened his eyes. At this instant, Zhao Feng felt that his Intent could merge into Heaven and Earth extremely quickly. He could summon the power of nature from Heaven and Earth extremely easily.

"This is the true power of the Mystic Light Realm!"

Sacred light and a dark yellow layer of lightning flashed around Zhao Feng's body as Heaven and Earth suddenly froze and released a terrifying force of gravity.

King of Gods Chapter 1055 Disintegration And Duplication

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