King of Gods Chapter 1069 Corpse Of God

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Chapter 1069 - Corpse of a G.o.d

"What is that!?" Zhao Feng cried out in shock after seeing the image in front of him.

The earth in front of him had split into a chasm that was several miles wide. White divine light shot out from it and released a forbidden power that enveloped everything within several dozen thousand miles.

Everything that this forbidden divine light touched turned into nothingness. Zhao Feng was extremely far away from this divine aura, but his body still wasn't able to withstand the aura of this divine light.

"Xin Wuheng?" Zhao Feng immediately thought of Xin Wuheng. According to what he just saw, Xin Wuheng was the one to do this. However, how could Xin Wuheng survive the divine light if he was in the very center?


A faint golden light covered Zhao Feng's left eye as his gaze moved toward the chasm that was still spitting out divine light.

"It can even see through divine power!" Zhao Feng's expression turned into shock and joy. He finally understood how powerful his golden eye was.


Zhao Feng's gaze looked downward, but this chasm was extremely deep - over ten thousand miles deep. Zhao Feng activated the transparency ability of his left eye to the limit and finally managed to see the bottom. Although what he saw was slightly blurry, he still managed to see some things that made him feel incredulous.

"That is…?" Zhao Feng's chest heaved.

The outline of a giant palm appeared. Next to the palm was a body. However, just the size of this palm stunned him, so he had no idea how big the body would be.

"How big is it?" Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

A body lay a few dozen thousand miles underground, and Zhao Feng's left eye couldn't even see how big the body was. It could be several hundred or even several thousand miles long.

Zhao Feng could only think of the Giant G.o.d Race, ranked 15th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, that could have such a big body. However, why would there be the body of a G.o.d beneath the ground?

"Furthermore, the body isn't just a normal True G.o.d!" Zhao Feng focused his eyes.

He didn't know enough about the power of G.o.ds, so he couldn't tell what level the body's Divine Power was. However, one thing was for sure - its power exceeded normal True G.o.ds and ruled supreme over all beings in the continent zone.

This could be said to be the most shocking secret that the continent zone had ever revealed in history. No one, including Sacred Kings and DemiG.o.ds, would be able to resist this temptation. They would head toward it without hesitation even if they knew there was a 80-90% chance of death.

However, putting aside the several-thousand-mile-long body beneath the ground, Zhao Feng wasn't even able to approach the chasm.

Zhao Feng immediately used the Dark Heart Seal to see what Old Monster Xu was seeing.

"As expected, this caught the attention of the DemiG.o.ds as well!" Zhao Feng's heart shook.

The cracks in the ground pa.s.sed throughout the entire Lan Province. All of the experts on the Ling Province battlefield retreated, including all the Sacred Kinds and DemiG.o.ds. Those that were still fighting stopped and immediately retreated, whereas those with lower cultivations or speeds were turned into ashes by the power of this G.o.d.

"What's going on?" A DemiG.o.d of the Grand Imperial Hall was stunned when he sensed the power of a G.o.d. How could there be such a terrifying power!?

"There's something below the battlefield!" DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean of Nine Darkness Palace had a cold expression, and his eyes flashed with a purple light.

The non-humans also quickly retreated by several thousand miles. A half-transparent non-human with black scales floated in midair and radiated a terrifying mental energy. This person was the strongest expert of the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty, DemiG.o.d Dark Dragon.

However, the aura coming from him was nothing in comparison to the divine light.

"Could this be the reason why the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon encouraged us to attack the Great Gan Lord Dynasty?" DemiG.o.d Dark Dragon had a deep gaze. He had always been on guard against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

DemiG.o.d Dark Dragon released his Divine Sense into the ground, but it was destroyed by the terrifying white divine light before it managed to travel far.

"What is down there?" the DemiG.o.d of a peak three-star power from the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty asked in shock.

The late stage of the war between the two lord dynasties was interrupted by this sudden change. At this moment in time, everyone was completely attracted by the power of a G.o.d. None of them thought about the war at all.

In the distance, far away in the sky, DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor suddenly stopped chasing the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. Not far away from him was the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's tattered and injured body.

"How is this possible? The power of the G.o.d's corpse is seeping out?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon couldn't understand. According to what it saw earlier, the corpse of the G.o.d beneath the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was completely dead, but right now, its power was seeping out!

It had encouraged the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty to attack the Great Gan Lord Dynasty because it wanted to take over this area and find a chance to go underground by itself. If it was able to obtain the power from the G.o.d's corpse, then it would have no problem recovering back to its peak strength.

However, now that the power of the G.o.d's corpse was seeping out, the entire continent zone knew of the G.o.d corpse's existence.


Using the moment that DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor was stunned, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon turned into a plume of smoke and disappeared into the skies.

"The power of a G.o.d!" DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor's body trembled. He didn't even care about the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon anymore.

DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor had been stuck at the DemiG.o.d rank for eighty thousand years and was never able to become a True G.o.d, but the white power coming from the earth was the power of a G.o.d! This would be his last chance!

DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor didn't bother with the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon that was running away and immediately returned to the Great Gan Lord Dynasty's headquarters impatiently.

"Dammit!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon seethed with anger. Its plan hadn't worked out, and it was also severely injured by DemiG.o.d Dragon Emperor. It still would've had hope to take revenge, which was the G.o.d corpse underground, but now that it was revealed, the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty would basically know about the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's intentions. The Dark Moon Lord Dynasty and the Great Gan Lord Dynasty might even attack the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon together at this point.

This made the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's head hurt. How would it be able to approach the G.o.d's corpse? It was severely injured right now and might be killed if it met the other peak experts from the two lord dynasties.

"That's…?" The injured Black Destruction Serpent Dragon looked into the distance in surprise. It was still in the warzone, but a slim and normal female who only had the cultivation of a Great Origin Core Realm stood in front of it.

Everyone knew that even normal Kings didn't dare to enter the battlefield during the late stages of the war, and yet this person was just an Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.

"The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon?" Bai Lin also paused for a moment. She had come here due to destiny, and she didn't expect the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon to arrive as well. However, the next instant, she revealed a faint smile.

"The Eyes of Destiny?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was extremely knowledgeable and soon managed to find out the true ident.i.ty of this girl.

"Do you want to work together?" Bai Lin revealed a simple and faint smile, causing the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon to pause for a moment. Even though it was severely injured right now, it could still kill a normal Origin Core Realm cultivator with a flick of its finger. However, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon considered this proposition seriously.

"Let's go!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon circulated some Magnificent Power that swept Bai Lin into the air, and the two disappeared into the sky.

News of the G.o.d corpse appearing at the front lines instantly swept across the two lord dynasties.

Even DemiG.o.ds were unable to approach the forbidden area that was covered in the power of a G.o.d. This forbidden area appeared right in the battlefield and split the two lord dynasties apart.

The two lord dynasties sent out countless experts to guard the borders of the forbidden area, and they also sent out scouts to try to find out the secrets underground.

The two lord dynasties no longer had time to worry about the war. The true rulers of both lord dynasties were all DemiG.o.ds, and the final wish of every DemiG.o.d was to become a G.o.d and enter the ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds.

It was hard to imagine what kind of secrets were underground for there to be so much Divine Power. However, no matter what it was, all the Sacred Kings and DemiG.o.ds believed that there would definitely be fortune relating to the Heavenly Divine Realm underground. Right now, they just needed to wait till the power of the G.o.d dimmed, and both lord dynasties would be able to see what was inside the chasm.

A large part of the Lan Province battlefield was also covered by this Divine Power. Zhao Feng knew that the war would come to an end now, so he directly returned to Lan Province proper.

At this moment, Zhao Feng looked at the forbidden light from afar.


A faint golden light covered Zhao Feng's left eye as he looked at the white divine light.

"What a complex power!" Zhao Feng originally thought about a.n.a.lyzing the structure of Divine Power, but his scalp tingled just by looking at it. He didn't even know where to start. Zhao Feng once again lowered his head and looked at the very depths.

Although he could see through the Divine Power and the earth, what he saw underground was still limited and blurry.

However, Zhao Feng was still satisfied even if his sight was blurry. One had to know that, out of everyone in both lord dynasties, probably only Zhao Feng knew what was contained underground. Zhao Feng would obviously not tell that to anyone either.

"That's the head of the G.o.d corpse!" Zhao Feng managed to conclude from all the blurry images. The head of the corpse was enormous; it was hard to imagine that there was such a big species out there.

Zhao Feng stared at the head of the G.o.d corpse, and wisps of golden light started to appear from the mysterious golden ball and spread across Zhao Feng's left eye.

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng's gaze saw through the G.o.d corpse.

"There's something moving inside!" Zhao Feng exclaimed in shock.

King of Gods Chapter 1069 Corpse Of God

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