King of Gods Chapter 551 - Killing Move

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Chapter 551 - Killing Move

“Earth-Grade inheritance weapon – Ice Imperial Spear!”

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline and the figure of the Earth-Grade spear appeared in front of him.

This time was different from previous times; the figure of the Earth-Grade weapon kept on condensing until it started to form the true Ice Imperial Spear, not just its shadow.


The countless pieces of the Ice Imperial Spear within Zhao Feng’s bloodline quickly a.s.sembled into one piece and extended on Zhao Feng’s palm.

Usually, when the Ice Imperial Spear was split up, its aura was hard to sense, but it was the opposite when it was in this state.


The phantom figure of the Earth-Grade weapon turned into a dark-blue crystalline spear.

Ice Imperial Spear. A complete Earth-Grade weapon.

Zhao Feng felt his bloodline rise to a new level, and the power sleeping in the Ice Imperial Spear started to awaken. This was all due to Lu Tianyi’s Earth-Grade weapon; it ignited Zhao Feng’s sleeping Ice Imperial Spear.

“Earth-Grade weapon… you also have one….”

Lu Tianyi’s expression changed dramatically as his body turned cold.

The moment the Ice Imperial Spear appeared, a cold, ancient imperial aura froze the air, and even his Sky Tooth Wolf Moon Blade started to tremble uneasily.

“Ice Imperial Spear, it’s that Earth-Grade inheritance weapon!?”

The three Void G.o.d Realms stared at Zhao Feng’s Ice Imperial Spear and couldn’t help but exclaim. They knew the history and background of the Ice Imperial Spear.

Within the mysterious canyon, the auras of the two Earth-Grade weapons clashed with one another in the air.

“Intent of the Ice Emperor, go!”

Zhao Feng felt his bloodline power and Source of True Spirit deplete extremely quickly. His Ice Imperial Spear was like a bottomless pit.


Zhao Feng thrusted, and the Ice Imperial Spear radiated with a cold light as it shot forward. Everything around it was instantly frozen, and a forbidden cold spread across ten miles.

In that instant, Lu Tianyi and even the Towering Tree Yao stiffened as they were covered in a layer of frost.


Lu Tianyi managed to wave his Sky Tooth Wolf Moon Blade, causing the scarlet-purple wolf head to clash with the cold. However, everything that met the Ice Imperial Spear froze.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning flapped and Zhao Feng s.h.i.+fted a hundred yards away to evade the clash of powers.


Although he managed to dodge the attack, he was still hit by the shockwave and spat out a mouthful of blood as his face went white.

“Although I can use the Ice Imperial Spear, my True Lord Rank cultivation is a bit too low.”

A ripple of water surrounded Zhao Feng as he started to recover.

On the other hand, Lu Tianyi’s situation was much worse. He took the clash of two Earth-Grade weapons head-on.

His body swayed and blood dripped from his mouth, which was soon frozen.

“Lu Tianyi’s lost.”

The golden skeleton sighed. The demonic lord surrounded in black mist also shook his head.

After losing an arm and having his lifeforce eroded by the purple lightning already, Lu Tianyi’s life was now on the line.

“Tianyi didn’t lose in terms of strength, he was just too rash.”

The Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess shook her head and sighed. She didn’t disagree with the other two, but she didn’t have much worry on her face.

“Lu Tianyi, you’ve lost.”

Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning fluttered, and the Ice Imperial Spear in his hands was like the ocean – boundless and infinite.

“Zhao Feng, so what if you defeat me by an ambush?”

Lu Tianyi gritted his teeth and used his True Force to suppress his injuries.

Mockery appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as he heard Lu Tianyi’s cursing. He was too disdainful to explain.

Lu Tianyi lost because of three reasons.

Firstly, he was attacked by both Zhao Feng and the stone giant at the same time. It was like facing two Sovereigns at once.

The second was that he underestimated Zhao Feng’s attack. Zhao Feng slashed off one of Lu Tianyi’s arms right at the beginning, greatly decreasing his battle-strength.

The last reason was the Ice Imperial Spear. Although they both had Earth-Grade weapons, Zhao Feng’s Ice Imperial Spear was a more unique inheritance weapon, which suppressed Lu Tianyi’s Earth-Grade weapon.

All of these factors contributed to Lu Tianyi’s defeat.

“Hehe, Lu Tianyi, defeat means defeat. Is the stone giant not part of Zhao Feng’s strength? Is control not a part of strength?”

A female’s voice sounded in the air. It came from the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.


Lu Tianyi was speechless, and his face went white and red.

Indeed. The stone giant had been controlled by Zhao Feng, and that was the ability of his bloodline. Was a beast tamer not allowed to use their beasts in a fight?

Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven also came at the right moment. It could appear anywhere and was also part of Zhao Feng’s strength.

All of that didn’t escape the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s eyes.

It was because of that that even the Purple Saint Partial Spirit couldn’t help but jump out and mock Lu Tianyi after hearing what he said.

“Lu Tianyi, I’m not your match head-on, but unfortunately, this is a real life-or-death battle.”

Zhao Feng said emotionlessly.

Lu Tianyi’s battle-power was indeed terrifying. Even he and the skeletal Division Leader combined might not be his match. Furthermore, the Ice Imperial Spear could only appear for a short amount of time.


Lu Tianyi’s face was filled with hatred and unwillingness as he turned into a streak of gold light and he sped off into the distance.

Although I’m severely injured, I just need to find Elder Shui Yun and she’ll be able to heal me quickly with her skills.

Lu Tianyi thought.

He was extremely unresigned. He was far stronger yet lost to a True Lord Rank. He couldn’t take it.

“You want to run?”

The Wings of Wind and Lightning behind Zhao Feng flapped as he chased after Lu Tianyi.

In terms of speed Zhao Feng was already slightly faster than Lu Tianyi, and the latter was heavily injured.

After all, his mental energy had touched the level of a Sovereign and he had his Wings of Wind and Lightning, whereas Lu Tianyi was in a horrible state.

Wind Lightning Eye Flame!

Azure Eye Piercing Slas.h.!.+

Zhao Feng used these two powerful techniques and sent Lu Tianyi spiraling toward the ground.

“Tianyi, hold on!”

Over a dozen miles away, Elder Shui Yun led Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er in Lu Tianyi’s direction.

“Too late.”

Zhao Feng had put the Ice Imperial Spear away already, and Lu Tianyi half-kneeled on the ground. He was severely injured and his aura was weak. His battle-power was only 20-30% of his peak.

In that state, Zhao Feng was certain that, even without his bloodline and Ice Imperial Spear, he could kill Lu Tianyi.

“Zhao Feng… the person that shall die… will be you!”

Lu Tianyi gritted his teeth and took out a faint golden jade item.

The instant it appeared, an invisible soul-like feeling appeared, and Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

“Void G.o.d Protection!”

Lu Tianyi snapped the jade slip and a golden-robed figure appeared behind him. The air was instantly filled with an unparalleled aura.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng, the skeletal Division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, and even Elder Shui Yun and company felt a pressure on their souls.

“Void G.o.d Protection? Lu Tianyi has such a hidden card!?”

“That golden-robed figure seems to be the strongest Void G.o.d Realm King in the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect – Martial G.o.d Jin Huang!”

The experts watching in the outside world broke out into discussion, and the golden skeleton and the demonic lord looked at each other in surprise.

A smile appeared on the Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess’ face.

Although Lu Tianyi was strong, he wasn’t very experienced. How would the Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess not know that?

Even then, she still decided to choose Lu Tianyi as the leader of the second group.

A complete Earth-Grade weapon was Lu Tianyi’s hidden card while the Void G.o.d Protection was his life-saver.

“This Void G.o.d Protection is stronger than most others and can instantly kill a Small Origin Core Realm. Furthermore, that Zhao Feng only has the battle-power of a Sovereign, he isn’t actually one.”

The Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess’ smile became bigger.

Right at this moment:

“Jade Dragon Protection!”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he took out a jade dragon.

With a crack, a roaring ancient dragon appeared.


A deep roar from an ancient true dragon resounded across the sky. The figure of the dragon seemed to overrule the heavens and earth.


The expressions of the spectators and the Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess froze.

“That’s a Void G.o.d Protection made from an ancient true dragon’s blood essence.”

“Once an ancient true dragon matures, their battle-power easily other Void G.o.d Realm Kings….”

Many from the three sects were knowledgeable.


The two powers clashed, causing the dimension to tremble.


In just half a breath, the dragon devoured the golden-robed figure.

“Not good!”

Lu Tianyi’s expression was gray like ash. He didn’t think Zhao Feng would also have a Void G.o.d Protection that was even stronger than his own.


Lu Tianyi quickly retreated, but he was still blasted off several miles by the Jade Dragon Protection. His life or death was unknown.


Elder Shui Yun flashed through the air and surrounded Lu Tianyi’s body with a coating of water.

Shua! Shua!

Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er followed immediately after and stood on her left and right as they looked at Zhao Feng.

“Zhe zhe zhe….”

A dark mist spread throughout the air. Thirty-eight cursed ghost-corpses and a gold-and-silver skeleton appeared.

The skeletal Division Leader finally came out of the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl again.

It couldn’t help but sigh. Zhao Feng alone defeated the entire second group from the three sects.

King of Gods Chapter 551 - Killing Move

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