King of Gods Chapter 702

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Chapter 702 - Slaying Kings Continuously

"Zhao Feng, we're going to help the Cold Moon King. Please be more serious in the coming battle."

What the golden-haired male said made Zhao Feng nod his head awkwardly. In the fight just now, he was merely testing out his skills and figuring out how to use his spatial domain and his G.o.d Lightning Tribulation Intent instead of focusing on actually killing the opponent, otherwise their combined force had a 70-80% chance of slaying the Metallic Turtle King.

"Let's go rescue the Cold Moon King," the golden-haired male turned into a streak of golden light and flew toward her location.


A pair of Wings of Wind and Lightning fluttered behind Zhao Feng's back, and he instantly caught up with the golden-haired male.

"Zhao Feng, you're faster. Go rescue the Cold Moon King first," the golden-haired male said urgently. Although he smiled and acted confident around the Cold Moon King, he loved her from the bottom of his heart, and he knew that Zhao Feng's Wind Lightning Inheritance gave him speed greater than his own.

"Okay," Zhao Feng glanced deeply toward the golden-haired male with respect. Because of his sincerity and slight begging, Zhao Feng wouldn't disappoint the golden-haired male. Although Zhao Feng had only just joined the Cold Moon King's forces, he would give her the support she needed.

"Lightning Wings Wind Flas.h.!.+"

An arc of lightning flashed across the limitless ocean, easily surpa.s.sing the golden-haired male.

So fast!

The golden-haired male was overjoyed. Even though he was a Domain-level King, Zhao Feng's speed was way faster than his.

"Zhao Feng, it's up to you…." the golden-haired male looked at the beam of light that was travelling further and further away.

Dozens of thousands of miles away, where s.h.i.+ps of different sizes were fighting on the limitless ocean:

"Cold Moon King, let's see how much longer you can last," a dominating and poisonous voice resounded across Heaven and Earth as Magnificent Powers clashed.

In the air above the limitless ocean, the Cold Moon King's perfect figure sent out cold sword-beams like moonlight, forming ice-cold whirlwinds. The whirlwind of swords and blades covered everything within ten miles, ripping everything into shreds while blocking the enemy's attacks at the same time.

A bulky and muscular male in dark armor held a halberd and slashed out brilliant arcs. Every time the halberd moved, dark domain-level flames erupted like volcanoes.

"The Dark Dragon King is unparalleled. He shall conquer the Eighteen Corners!" cheers came from the pirates below.

The Dark Dragon King's bloodline and body were unusual, and he used his halberd to suppress others by force.

"Cold Moon chick, obediently become the Dark Dragon King's mistress," an elder in gray-robes waved a scarlet-golden whip and created countless shadow-images of dragons and snakes that swept toward the Cold Moon King's figure.

This elder was a Domain-level King, and although his battle-power wasn't as great as the Cold Moon King's or the Dark Dragon King's, his scarlet-golden whip was extremely deadly, and he had a lot of experience in a support role.

The Cold Moon King specialized in speed, swords, and blades. However, her speed was greatly restricted by the elder in gray clothes, and the Dark Dragon King had strong power. He also had a powerful bloodline inheritance that allowed him to dominate people with overwhelming force. The Cold Moon King would be at a big disadvantage if she had to keep clas.h.i.+ng with the Dark Dragon King head-on.

"Hehe, Dark Dragon King, don't worry, the Cold Moon King won't be able to last very long. She's been hit by my Soft Poisonous G.o.d Odor, which affects the soul. Even Peak-tier Kings will fall for it if they aren't prepared against it," the elder in gray clothes laughed, and he couldn't help but gulp as he looked at the Cold Moon King's perfect body.

"What's going on, my body…?" sweat started to appear on the Cold Moon King's forehead, and she felt a numbing sensation wash over her body.

King of Gods Chapter 702

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