King of Gods Chapter 703

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Chapter 703 - Combination

With a loud explosion, the elder in gray's Yuan Soul burst into thousands of pieces.

The Sky Locking Bow was a nightmare that perfectly countered Yuan Souls.

Through the Dark Heart Seed, Zhao Feng communicated with the skeletal Division Leader and got the ghost s.h.i.+p to collect the broken soul and flesh of the dead King and make the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array absorb them.

At this moment in time, both friend and foe were stunned. The expressions of the pirates on the Dark Dragon King's side were filled with fear as they looked at the youth with a pair of wings.

Long Beard took in a cold breath. He saw the entire process clearly; Zhao Feng killed the female in purple in just one move and disappeared the very next instant. Before the elder in gray could even react, Zhao Feng used even-faster speed, the Lightning Wings Flying Technique, and the Wind Lightning Wings Slash to destroy his physical body, then before the elder's Yuan Soul could even fly, the Sky Locking Bow ended his life.

The entire process happened in just a moment. The pirates on both sides felt an instant pa.s.s before the two Kings were slain. This lightning-quick battle caught those on the Dark Dragon King's side unawares.

"Brat… it was you that killed my adoptive father!" the Dark Dragon King's purple eyes were filled with hatred and killing intent.

The relations.h.i.+p between Lord Dark Snake and the Dark Dragon King was unusual. The Dark Dragon King was an orphan, and his bloodline and talent were discovered by Lord Dark Snake, who then raised him. The Dark Dragon King didn't disappoint him, and he became one of the strongest pirates of the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land several hundred years later.

"Sky Locking Bow!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he pulled back the Sky Locking Bow once more, and a second golden arrow shot toward the Dark Dragon King.

Although the Dark Dragon King tried to dodge the attack, he was still hit. His spatial domain couldn't materialize yet, so it wasn't much use against the Sky Locking Bow.


With a crack!, the golden arrow hit the Dark Dragon King's throat, but it shattered into pieces.

"What a strong body!" Zhao Feng couldn't help but be moved. The Dark Dragon King wasn't just a Peak-tier King, he also had an unusual bloodline.

Right at that moment:

"Hahaha… kill!" the middle-aged long-bearded man slaughtered dozens of pirates with his King-level battle-power. At the same moment, Zhao Feng unleashed a third arrow, which flashed through the air and pierced toward the Dark Dragon King's head.

The Dark Dragon King roared, but he was still injured even though he used his domain and his bloodline.

"Unique Cold Moon Essence!" the Cold Moon King waved her sword and blade, sending an ice-cold beam of light that slashed onto the Dark Dragon King.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The Dark Dragon King was pushed back, while small cracks and blood appeared on his armor.

"What terrifying offense!" Zhao Feng couldn't help but cheer. Of the three major figurehead Pirates, the Cold Moon King had the fastest speed and the strongest offense.

At this moment, the middle-aged long-bearded man also entered the fight. The Dark Dragon King had to fight three King-level experts at the same time.

The Sky Locking Bow uses too much energy, Zhao Feng's dark silver bow disappeared and was replaced by a Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning whip that flashed across the air like a snake.

Without any support, the Dark Dragon King was instantly at a disadvantage.

"Get ready to retreat!" the Dark Dragon King ordered.

A while later:

King of Gods Chapter 703

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