King of Gods Chapter 707

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Chapter 707 - Mu Yun's Defeat

As the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array absorbed the flesh and blood of a Peak-tier King, it started to evolve, and pairs of red eyes started to appear. These red eyes came from the cursed ghost-corpses; when they all gathered together, a terrifying mental energy power of hatred appeared that was enough to make the hearts of Void G.o.d Realm Kings go cold and make anyone below the Void G.o.d Realm go crazy.

Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression. The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array had reached another level, and the ghost-corpses had all undergone an evolution.


Under the control of the little thieving cat, the red eyes started to fade. With the death of the Dark Dragon King, the traitors of the Pirate Sacred Land were finally taken care of.

The Pirate Kings couldn't help but sigh; a major pirate figurehead who had ruled for a hundred years had died just like that.

"Everyone, attack together!" the Pirates reacted and started to attack Emperor Mu Yun. The Domain-level Kings charged over while the normal Kings used long-range attacks.

As Void G.o.d Realm Kings, they could live up to thousands and tens of thousands of years. It wasn't hard to gather a long-range weapon over the course of their life.

The twenty or so Kings, including the Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King, circulated their King Intent and their Magnificent Power and unleashed their attacks on Emperor Mu Yun.

"Emperor Mu Yun, the Dark Dragon King is dead. What's the point of you staying behind by yourself?" the Giant Shark King said in a low voice.

With twenty Kings gathered together, they definitely had the upper hand against Emperor Mu Yun. Amongst them, the child DemiG.o.d's Sky Sealing Palm suppressed Emperor Mu Yun's Intent and Imperial Power, weakening his strength even further.

Emperor Mu Yun was seething with anger. An Emperor such as himself had actually been forced into a situation like this?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the Peak-tier Kings, Domain-level Kings, and normal Kings attacked, Emperor Mu Yun was starting to lose. Even if he wanted to break out, he would need to pay a certain price now.

"Hmph! Although the Dark Dragon King may have died, I will kill all those I promised him I would kill," Emperor Mu Yun snickered coldly, and as soon as he finished saying this, the dark red haze started to move. The outline of a Little World started to fill the air and block the attacks of the Kings.

"Emperor Mu Yun, you won't be able to stop our attacks even if your Little World materializes."

"What's the point of doing so!?"

The Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King persuaded as they attacked.

Right now, Emperor Mu Yun was just trying to save face. After his Little World materialized, his defense and offense both increased dramatically.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Bam!

However, the battle-powers of these Kings could flip rivers and oceans. They were unparalleled inland. Emperor Mu Yun's Little World was instantly filled with holes.

"I will slay those three people even if I have to pay a price."

Being an Emperor, Emperor Mu Yun had his own pride, which didn't allow him to give up so easily. Therefore, he even used his Little World to block the barrage of attacks.

His soul and True Yuan started to boil, and a burning blood-red blade started to form in his hand. The blood-red blade was a hundred yards long and burned with a half-transparent flame that gave off a forbidden aura.

"Die!" Emperor Mu Yun's face went red with hatred as he slashed out with the blade.


The attacks of the Kings were shattered, and the giant blade sliced through Heaven and Earth. There were even sounds of spatial domains shattering.

King of Gods Chapter 707

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